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We have had no response from Adidas customer service following problems with an online order for over 2 weeks. The telephone agents have told us that they cant do anything and have deferred to head office. They have also told us that they can call us back and that we have to keep calling them. Ive also sent emails with no response about the issue. I order many items online and this is a level of poor service that doesnt exist with other sports companies including Nike, Under Armour and Lululemon.

Adidas, doesnt care if their product, breaks or has a flaw that cause their product to prematurely crack and become useless. Customer service isnt poor, its worst than poor. Bought product from Direct Sports, notified them of the issue and they told us to notify Adidas about the issue, submitted form online explaining what happen and that was a big advocate of their product. That this item must of had a flaw or a defect in manufacturing and could they please help rectify the situation please.

A few days later get a response they were sorry that we were dissatisfied with their product and to contact . Called the number and it was Dicks sporting goods customer service. We bought the bat at Direct Sports, so I sent a email back to Adidas informing them, no response! Submitted other forms asking for help and clarification, and nothing back. Have been a big Advocate for Adidas Product, but after seeing their lack of customer care, Fact is they didnt even want to investigate to make sure they dont have real problem with a product, that could harm sales? Sad.

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Wow, I am extremely disappointed with my experience at Adidas. I ordered a pair of Ultra Boost laceless online as a V-day gift. Not only did they arrive late which I was not upset about but when I got home the package wasnt there. I thought it was a mistake so I called them all week and they assured me that the FedEx driver dropped it off. They opened up an investigation and called the driver. Of course he said he left it at the door. But the representative told me that the drivers writing wasnt very clear and he tried to write he took it to the wrong address and then back to a facility. The driver denied it however. They told me to wait 30 days while they investigate so I did. Another representative told me that FedEx has been stealing a lot of packages and that this happens often so they will change couriers. That made me feel like I had hope!!!

30 days passed and no one contacted me so I called and they tell me since 30 days passed I have to wait for an email and cant talk about this to them on the phone! So ridiculous. So now almost 3 months later I finally receive an email stating that FedEx has denied this investigation so therefore they wont give me a refund or my merchandise. I find it so disrespectful that such a big company behaves this way. And they cant even face you.

I will never order from Adidas again. They dont care about their customers. They keep thinking because theyre paying celebrities to support this brand, they dont have to treat us regular customers with respect. We choose to spend our hard earned money on Adidas for them to treat us like garbage. Now Im out of the money and the merchandise. Never again!! P.S: When I wrote a review on their actual website to warn others, they did not want to post it and emailed me that this didnt meet their review guidelines. So Basically they only post the good reviews. What a trash and deceiving company this is.

Purchased jogging pants and jacket for 4 year old and the quality is so poor, after wearing it a couple times, the fabric was so pilled, felt and looked disgusting. Bought it from store not online. Not sure I trust Adidas quality.

Found a great-looking pair of black and orange Adidas high tops apparently, straight from the companys site. Ordered March 14. After a few weeks, I asked where they were. A non-native English speaker responded with semi-intelligible language, telling me sorry and theyll will get right on it. Something finally arrived, and it was a completely different show brown and you cant even tell its Adidas. Based on everyone elses experience, Im not expecting satisfaction. I think they have no idea of what actual show I wanted, and if they do itll be a long time waiting. Just wish I could reclaim my money spent.

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I had been a loyal adidas customer until now. Long story short, my order hasnt been delivered, maybe stolen. For the past 3.5 months I have called adidas, filed claims, spent hours talking to incompetent reps. Every time I was told I will get a response back within 7-10 business days, I have never gotten any response. So after 5 filed claims, hours on the phone, 3.5 months waiting for my refund, I found out today that my claim was officially declined. So I didnt get my order, paid over $100 for it, and at this point my bank cannot help me disputing this charge cause it has been too long. ADVICE: If you havent gotten your order, filed a claim, and havent heard back from adidas, dispute your charge right away. Adidas doesnt care about you not receiving your order, it only cares about getting your money.

I just read an entire page of derogatory reviews and comments about ordering shoes from Adidas online and their customer service. I was surprised, as I have had only good experiences from ordering, shipping, and their customer service. I have ordered basketball shoes numerous times from their online store. The transactions were smooth and trouble free. Shipping was prompt and timely, and product arrived in perfect condition. On one occasion I wanted to return a pair of primeknit basketball shoes and get the same shoe in a larger size. One call to Adidas customer service produced an emailed free return label and the replacement arrived within a few days. Im sorry those people seemed to have such problems, but I have been 100% satisfied with their products and service. This review was not solicited in any way, I just wanted to show that the terrible service described on that page is just the opinion of a few.

My son saved his money to purchase a very expensive pair of NMD_R2 PRIMEKNIT SHOES. He was so thrilled to receive them and wore them the very next day. Before he even got to lunch, his foot came through the front of the shoe causing him to fall in the hall at school. How does that even happen? One of his teachers even called to let me know that he was not being crazy and that his foot just went through the shoe while he had stopped at the water fountain. She said she had never seen anything like it. He was devastated when he got home and of course we called Adidas. We took pictures, submitted claims, returned the shoes. We followed each of their process steps as directed. It is the end of March! They have had the claim started since January 17th. They have had the shoes in their possession for well over a month. We have received no response, no shoes and no refund of any sort.

This was our first experience with Adidas. We have always purchased Nike. Let me say we have had a few times where there were problems with their shoes. Even a few times where he wore the shoe and it was just not very comfortable. In all cases, we returned the product. It takes no time to return because they include a return label. Within an hour of dropping off the packaged shoes with the included return label, I am issued a credit on my credit card. Again, the credit is issued within hours. No pictures, no repeat follow-up to status with customer service, just an immediate credit. Unlike Adidas where we are counting months and still no communication or resolution. Buyer beware.

I ordered two pairs of NMDs, one womens Size and ones mens size 11.5, and they were shipped with one tracking number on Feb 11th. Got a notification they were both delivered on Feb 14th. Opened my door and there was a tiny package big enough to fit only one shoe. Opened it and only the womens NMD was inside but the packing label said both were to be in there. I dont know how a mens size 11.5 would have fit. I called customer service on the 14th and got a nice guy who probably was new. Told him that both shoes were supposed to be delivered but the box only contained the womens NMD. He put in a lost item claim and told me it would take 3-5 days for them to get back.

Called back on the 22nd because I didnt hear anything. Spoke with another nice lady. She said that it would take 8-30 days for them to get back with an answer and that she saw a claim had been filed. Called today, March 19th, because I havent heard anything. Spoke with a lady who said that an actual claim wasnt filed until the 25th of Feb and I would have to wait 30 days from that. She then goes on to say that the real claim is one filed with FedEx and they determine what should be done. Hold up so she is telling me that its FedExs fault that the NMDs werent in that box and they make a decision.

FedEx in my opinion did nothing wrong. They delivered a package on time from Adidas. Whoever packed and labeled the shoes for Shipment should be the ones at fault. When you look up the label created for Shipment it even says only one item was in the box and only one tracking number was created for both the shoes.

So now its been a month of no shoes, which were a gift, and no refund and the decision lies completely with FedEx.

I woke up at 3 am to order a pair of limited Ultraboost LTD shoes. I happen to snag a pair, and upon receiving the shoes, I noticed that the cage was cracked where the laces were. So I call Adidas and get the most unprofessional support. First off, Adidas must be just hiring anyone for their customer service because the representatives you talk to do not sound professional. Even the supervisor I requested to talk to didnt give a care in the world about my issue. All he could offer me was to return the shoes and gave me a 15% discount code.

Now mind you, they have a FULL stock release in EU and AU, yet they cant even ship me out a replacement after not making sure QA did their job before my shoes came to me. By far the worst customer service from Adidas. They showed that they didnt even want to perform well and beyond to even help me out a little bit. Super disappointed but cant do much now. Just my experience with their customer service and relations department.

My family and I have been Adidas customers for over 15 years. I recently placed an Adidas order online, and spent almost $300 with them. My box arrived today smashed, tampered with, and then re-taped with tape that said tampered evident tape. One of the tops I purchased had a large brown tape stuck on it, which damaged it upon taking it off. I called customer service, at first they said they cannot do anything about it, I would have to email corporate. I asked for a supervisor, and Ill she offered was 20% off item. I am sickened by this. They expect me to waste my time, waste my gas, repackage and label, and a box that I dont even have because it arrived smashed, all to just return it and remake another order on my time, when this should not have happened in the first place. They clearly do not care for their customers and seem very stingy. Not sure if Ill be shopping with them again after this awful experience.

Placed an order with Adidas December 5th, 2017. FedEx has marked the package as damaged and not delivered, today we are February 9th, 2018. I have called Adidas 12 times, files complains and emailed corporate and they still havent resolve the issue or contacted FedEx, they never follow up, not even with a email.

Now Adidas still have my $196 for almost 3 months, FedEx still have the damage package. And I have no idea what to do next. Please help.

I placed an order online, but the order didnt process. A page came up saying something went wrong. I checked my bank account and the money for my order was on hold. I checked my email for a confirmation and there was nothing. I called customer service. The lady asked if I was a new customer. I was. She said they go through a third party for orders and because Im a new customer I needed to call my credit card company and have them verify my identity with these people. That verification would probably come in the form of three questions. (What???)

Ive never encountered anything like that in my life. Ive been ordering online for years. I called my bank and they were just as confused. They made a point to tell me they would never verify my identity with a company like that. I called customer service again and she insisted the order did not go through and the money for the order that was in hold on my account would drop off in a couple days. If it doesnt, I can call back. This all seems really sketchy for an official site. Never again. Ill stick to Eastbay and Finish Line.

Okay, so. Ive ordered a few times from Adidas- in retrospect, I probably shouldnt have continued giving them business but thats another topic altogether. The first two times I tried ordering stuff from Adidas, it wouldnt process my order. I tried a few times to place it, and it kept saying it couldnt process my order. I call customer service, and after a 20 minute wait, they tell me my order couldnt be processed because my address was coming up as a Canadian address, which didnt make sense because I live in LA, and my address obviously shows as such. Ive placed orders through other websites to be delivered there and have had no issues so this didnt make any sense to me. Because of the numerous attempts to place an order, Adidas blocked me from placing orders for 24 hours, and my bank blocked my card for fraud protection.

I tried to order a third time, had the same issues. I decided Ill try my work address in Irvine, and sure enough it worked. So I placed two more orders there with no issues. Fast forward to earlier this week, and I place an order for some Super Copas. I already have my profile set up on their website so it was fairly easy to just open up the app, place the order, and have it shipped to my default address (which is the Irvine address.) I choose the free shipping option so I should have received them on the 21 of this month. Well as it turns out, they shipped it overnight, and I got the shipping for free except it got delivered to my parents house, in San Diego. I have no idea how they got that address, as Ive NEVER used that address for any online orders. Also, neither the package itself or the invoice contained any of my info. literally JUST my phone number which is how my brother was able to see that it was my package.

I figure Adidas just sent my order with absolutely no shipping information to FedEx and they looked up my name and got that address (still dont know how they would have if I havent lived there in years, but okay.) So I call Adidas. Half an hour later, I get helped by a representative who was driving me up the wall with his I can understand how that is frustrating, but generic customer service stuff. I explained to him my situation, and asked if it was possible for them to send me a label that we can print to send it my way, he says they cant. The most they can do for me is send me a return label to return to Adidas, then wait for them to confirm the return, then process the refund and credit it to my Adidas account, and I would have to order it again. I mean seriously? You ship a package to an address two hours driving distance from me and the best you can do is that?

And the real kicker? Sorry theres nothing I can do for you, you can email customer relations if youd like. Like WAIT A MINUTE. Ive been talking to customer service this entire time, and your other solution is for me to email customer relations? Arent you both the same thing? Like you really have a customer service AND customer relations department? What? I am honestly shocked at the amount of negative reviews on here. I didnt realize their customer service was notoriously bad to this extent, and honestly wish I would have stumbled upon this website before ordering any more from them.

Adidas, your products are great, but you HAVE to improve on the customer service end. Great products isnt enough to overturn the fact that you guys consistently lack decent customer service, ESPECIALLY when you are at fault. So now Ill be sending an email to customer relations, which, if the rest of the reviews here are anything to go by, means I wont be getting a reply.

I purchased my son a pair the end of October for his 16th birthday. He wears them to school and they are already coming apart. Footlocker wont cover since it was over 30 days and no response from Adidas. Very very disappointed in their shoes. I paid a lot of money because it was his 16th birthday and now they are trash!

My daughter LOVES Adidas, I cannot tell you how much $$ we have spent on shoes and items. She received some Adidas shirts for Christmas from someone as a gift, but were too small. I finally was able to speak to someone yesterday, and I still cannot believe the conversation that took place. The girl sounded young, and like she could care less, she told me that I could not exchange the shirts for a larger size, but that I could fill out the return request and if I was approved to return the items then they would refund the amount of purchase onto a gift card, then I would have to turn around and re-purchase the same exact shirts, only now for the full price (they were purchased on sale).

I explained that I was NOT going to return the shirts and pay extra for the same exact shirts, so she told me that after my order shipped I could call back again, and request a one-time 20% off which would still have me paying out of pocket for someone elses gift, for the SAME EXACT SHIRTS!!! Then one of the shirts was out of stock, but so I asked if my daughter could just pick a different shirt, and she told me no, or else I would lose the 20% offer if I decided to call back and request it. So they do not allow you to exchange items, but instead return items, then force you to buy the same exact items all over again, only for a higher price, WHAT KIND OF PRACTICE IS THIS???

When I asked the girl to explain to me Adidas policy and the reason behind this, she replied she didnt know, she just worked there, (as it sounded like she was probably on her phone at the same time). I explained to her that we have spent a lot of money on shoes and such, but after this I would more than likely never purchase another Adidas product again, she replied ok. I STILL can NOT believe this is how they handle things, it is like this business is run by a bunch of 10-year-olds, playing store who have NO COMMON SENSE!!!

I ordered shoes on November 15th as a Christmas present for my daughter. I had been searching for the NMD pink Adidas shoes and thought that I found them on the website. Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong color and my daughter was not happy with the color on Christmas morning. My initial conversation with a customer service rep was on December 26th. At that time, the customer service rep told me that I was just outside the time I could return the shoes but because it was Christmas, corporate would send me an email with information on how to return the shoes. I really wanted to exchange the shoes but I was told that I needed to return the shoes and reorder separately. I patiently waited for an email to come from corporate, but it never came.

I called back on January 8th and held again for over 25 minutes for a customer service rep. This customer service representative said that for some reason my file was still pending and had not been reviewed by corporate. After holding for quite some time, I was put on the line with Brittany, a corporate supervisor. She stated that I could not return the shoes because it was past the 30 day mark. The number of days between November 15 (when I ordered not received) and December 26th is 41 days.

The corporate supervisor Brittany was quite rude and unhelpful on the phone. She stated that Adidas has been really busy and thats why corporate did not respond to my initial request with the first customer service rep made 12 days prior. The conversation was not helpful or informative. I ordered these shoes as a Christmas present and promptly tried to return them the day after Christmas which totals 41 days. Brittanys solution for me as a customer was to call back, wait on hold again 20 minutes or more, and try to speak with a different corporate supervisor. Ive sent in an email to their corporate office but I know I wont hear back from them.

I ordered a MICOACH SMART SOCCER BALL for my son on 12/15 with a promised delivery by Christmas by the Adidas website. The status of the ball was still at preparing shipment on 12/22, so I called with concerns of it not arriving in time. I was told they would contact the warehouse, but the item would not make it by Christmas. Later that day, I got an email saying it shipped and a FedEx tracking number with a delivery date of 12/27. It then changed to 12/28, and then changed to pending. The Adidas site says it shipped 12/23, but now the site also says my order was returned on 12/28? I called 12/30 and customer service says they are out of stock and they canceled my order! What kind of business is this?

I bought a backpack for Xmas gift on 12/13 today is 12/29 and still NOTHING. I called twice, on HOLD for more than 40 min each time. Terrible customer service, they said today, Sorry, dont know when it will ship. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??? Is this so hard to get a gift for your son! TO HELL! I dont care if you are ADIDAS, you ARE TERRIBLE!

I purchased a $100 gift card, I somehow lost or misplaced the card and I couldnt get a hold of CS due to the holidays. I called the CS number about 20+ times on business day and it keeps saying they are unavailable due to a meeting. Ive been calling since 7 am and it is now 10 am. I just want to cancel the damn card. SMH. Worst customer service in my life.

My daughter purchased a pair of Adidas Original NMD from champs. Less than two weeks after arrival the shoes torn across the top. Not even a daily worn shoes. I have emailed Adidas multiple times to file a defect claim and I have heard nothing back from them. These are expensive shoes that my daughter worked very hard to earn. I cannot believe that they would just take someones money, give them a less than issuable product and not even attempt to make it right.

If I could give this company zero stars, I would give this company zero stars. They have horrible customer service. I called twice on my order to cancel. Each call taking an hour Which is absolutely ridiculous. First, they did not even want to honor the coupon Code on their website. Their website does not work well. I am eventually got a coupon to work. (Someone that I knew really wanted Adidas shoes for Christmas.) After my order being on hold for a month and Christmas near, I decided to cancel my order. You would think after calling twice and spending two hours on the phone with customer service reps that they would actually cancel it. But no, they send the order anyway.

Considering I canceled the order twice a week before it sent You think they would cancel it. I received no confirmation cancellation email, nothing. The Customer service agent obviously did not do his/her job. Obviously theres no communication within the company. This company wasted my time. Will never buy from them again. I wouldnt even wear Adidas shoes if I received them free wouldnt want to wear their brand. Worst customer service Ive ever experienced.

Apart from a very glossy website which sucks you in to believe it is a normal well run international company I cannot think of a good word to say about Adidas! Placed an order on 11th December. Received no email confirmation. Money was taken from our bank account two days later. No shoes ever arrived. Customer services Cannot email without an order number. Tried email direct to Head Office, no reply. Phone calls are useless, no one answers Twitter useless, no one replies. At a loss to know what to do They have stolen 127.98 of our money! We are not an exception shocked to see so many similar stories on this site. They are an absolute disgrace.

I love Adidas and their products, always have and always will. With that said, the customer service has been a nightmare. The average wait time to contact a live agent is over an hour. How is this even possible for such a huge company? Unacceptable. Their recording says to contact them through Live Chat, theres no such option available. My main complaint is from a transaction from December 1st, 2017. m charged my account in the amount of $259.20. I did not make a purchase for $259.20 on or around that date. I had made purchases for the same amount several times and was credited appropriately for those transactions. The Adidas agent told me to report it as fraud.

I reported the charge to my bank and they said Adidas stated they over-credited my account from June. Adidas has never over credited my account. As of December 21st, 2017, I am currently waiting to speak to another customer service agent. I have been on hold for 58 minutes. This is one issue I am having with . Another issue is obtaining a return shipping label. Good luck getting a hold of an agent that knows how to send a shipping label to you. Have you ever noticed when Adidas credits your return that they short change you a penny? Ive noticed this on several return credits. Sneaky. Im still on hold, wish me luck.

Updated on 01/10/2018: This is a follow up review from my December 21st rant regarding a $259.20 charge to my credit card from m. I was given credit from my bank, not Adidas. After writing several emails to the customer service department at this is the reply I received yesterday, January 9th, 2018. Thank you for reaching out and we apologize for the trouble. Unfortunately, due to shipping back an empty container for your return of order number **, a recharge to your account was issued by our IT team. Sending an empty package for a refund does result in the revoking of your purchasing privileges from You are always welcome to shop with us at any of our retail locations. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Okay, What? An empty package? And no one from Adidas thought to notify me! Thats fantastic customer service. I have sent back all their items, in their box, with their return shipping label. How on earth does my return package arrive empty? I logged onto my account and pulled up my order hoping to retrieve the return shipping information, the weight of package. No luck, because it automatically starts a new return with a new shipping label so the old label is obsolete. This is definitely a first. I am exhausted and bummed of how a large and reputable company is handling this.

I did call a customer service agent today, he was nice. Dont get me wrong. The customer service agents are polite, they do the best they can with the information they have. The company behind the service agentswell Let the below reviews speak for themselves. I am now wondering how I can retrieve the UPS return shipping information to prove my items were indeed inside the package when I dropped it off at the UPS hub. That is where I am today with my saga. Since I have been banned from the website, I have more time to read, exercise, spend time with family and friends, and walk my cat on a leash. Thank you, Adidas. Oh, and if anyone has been through this exceptional experience, please feel free to offer some advice. Wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2018!

I ordered 4 pair of shoes from Adidas. I didnt get but 3 pair of the shipment and Christmas is in a few days and my order says still in progress which means hasnt even been shipped yet. I called them and was on hold over an hour. Then the lady said couldnt cancel order, I ask to speak to a supervisor. Was on hold 30 more minutes then another lady came on and put me on hold another 20 minutes. Then the supervisor came on and said I cant cancel order. I can only deny the order 3 times and then they will be shipped back to the company and in 30 days after that I will be refunded. She was very rude when I told her my daughter wont have shoes for Christmas and every other company sent out orders within a week to my house that I had ordered from.

She said This is irrelevant to us and I ask for her name and identification and she spoke over me and loudly to the point of trying to shut me out and then hung up on me. You do not speak over a customer and try to dominate them with your voice over theirs and you do not talk down to them and you do not hide your

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