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With over 125 years of experience Rudd Macnamara Ltd has the processes, materials and expertise to manufacture virtually any type of metal branding nameplate and industrial metal label, whether it is simply printed, embossed, anodised, chemically etched, laser etched or engraved. With on site sulphuric acid anodising, chemical etching and engraving plant we have solutions for any type of product identification that is suitable for harsh environments or chemical exposure at our finger tips.

Brass, Aluminium (including Aerospace specification) and stainless steels

Market leading Ano-etched processes combining etched and anodised product

Four colour process printed photographic quality images that are in the aluminium rather than upon the surface delivering exceptional durability and UV stability which is ideal for outdoor signage use

Screen print, lithographic print and digital print all under one roof

Accurate pantone, RAL or BS colour code matching

Etched and infilled elements with exceptional detail upon all three metal types

Machine engraved industrial nameplates

Items can be sheared to size, press tooled or laser profiled thus ensuring complete accuracy and within tolerance

Complex forming of metal parts and the ability to include slots, holes and studs welded to products

Multi-format software ensuring we process your standard format or drawing type

Laser marking including serial numbering

Dot peened serial numbers creating text by closely spaced dots

Gravity and high pressure die castings in brass, zinc or aluminium

Electro-phoretic and electro-plated finishes available

To discuss your metal branding nameplate or label and what we can do for you, contact us today.

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