Oregon DMV

Welcome to DMVs Online Registration Renewal

You will need the following items to renew your vehicle registration online:

Insurance company name and policy number; and

If your vehicle requires aDepartment of Environmental Qualityinspection, you can renew online after passing the emissions test.Newer model year vehicles

be eligible to renew online without passing the DEQ emissions test.

The registration is expired 75 days or more;

A DEQ Declaration of Exemption is required;

A DEQ inspection is required but the vehicle has not passed the inspection;

Your address shows incorrectly within a DEQ area;

You moved in or out of Multnomah or Washington County and the address on your renewal reminder is wrong;

You need the stickers mailed to a different address; or

If you no longer own the vehicle listed on your Vehicle Registration Renewal form, complete aNotice of Vehicle Sale.

If youve already renewed your vehicle online, you can re-print yourreceipt.

Registration Renewal Process Involves Six Steps:

View and Print Your Payment Receipt

Oregon DMV Headquarters: 1905 Lana Ave NE, Salem, OR 97314