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So insubordinate this morning. And you still have your collar on. Tony narrowed his eyes, let his smirk spread wide. I think I should punish you.

Steve and Tony run into each other in the middle of a rainstorm in a forest in Russia; armor broken, shields down, communication systems totally defunct. They have no choice but to patch each other up, try to make conversation, and maybe even mend things between them.

(Lots of dramatic kissing in the rain, maybe sex in the forest, beating around the bush for forgiveness, and shirtless huddling for warmth in a cave.)

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Steve finally pushes a flame war on Twitter too far.



The year is 1991 and 19-year-old Tony Stark receives a call that his father has finally done it.Hes finally found Captain America.

Steve and Tony hadnt spoken since civil war.

Steve hadnt seen their son in years.

But now everyone they love is dead and Steve and Tony have to fix things.

Set after CACW. One shot. Let see first you kick my ass, then you leave me for that nut case, and if that isnt enough you knock me up! Toni Stark and Steve Rogers are complicated, enough said. But even after the disaster that was civil war they seem to find their way back to each other. Fluff. Fem! Tony/Steve.

Your Small Hand in MinebyPurplecat7

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No father should ever have to see his own child strung up like some sick science experiment.

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Darcy Lewis/Steve Rogers/Tony Stark

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Alternate Universe – Canon Divergence

The government introduced them. But its up to Darcy & her boyfriend(s) to make it work. They have agreed to a polyamourous relationship. Darcys pregnant and they must prepare for the baby.

Also Tony is in the final stages of completing his recent project The Jericho. Buckys with Hydra, but no one knows that yet. Steve just got unfrozen like a month ago. Jane hasnt gone to New Mexico yet. And…other timeline changes can be expected. This takes place before Iron Man 1, but Ive rearranged most of the events of the MCU, so (almost) everything is happening all at once. Ive included a timeline in the notes of the first chapter.

This story will be fluffier than the last but I still expect it to turn darker as evil machinations are revealed. I will add tags and stuff as I go along.ALSOThis is a plot filled story were the smutty bits will be a part of the story. Ye be warned.

Unconventional Familybyaccidentallyonpurpose

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The Avengers are called to help with a peculiar case in an orphanage- but will they be able to handle a young Peter Parker with superhuman powers?

Tony never expected Steve Rogers to come back into his life. After a very,veryexplosive and public break-up, Steve left, and it felt like he took the team with him. It was hard for Tony to lead it, and still look for the corruption Steve said was present.

And things went into motion a hell of a lot more quickly than Tony was expecting.

Tony Starks never believed in fate, even after a brief visit with a fortune teller who tells him the name of the person hes supposed to fall in love with: Stephen Strange. But when a phone call 30 years later brings back memories of that conversation about destiny, hes suddenly overwhelmed with the need to chase after the possibility, flying halfway across the world, hot on this Stephen Stranges trail.

There was no reason to keep the phone, not when Tony didnt have his, not when Tony was gone and all keeping it would do was hurt him, but Steve held onto it anyway.

New York has four mobs ruled by dangerous men. Steve Rogers, the leader of The Sentinels, is a cold calculating man determined to raise his new son to take over his gang one day. However, his life becomes complicated when his only heir disappears. To make matters worse, he has an interest in a stripper named Tony Stark, who could add more problems to his unhappy marriage with his wife Ivanna.

James Bucky Barnes/Steve Rogers

Post-Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie)

Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 (Movie) Spoilers

When all is said and done, Tony Stark cant help but reminisce about what could have been.

Tony Stark always knew about Peter Parker. He didnt know that Peter was going to get superpowers and become Spider-Man, but he always knew about Peter because Peter was his son.

This will span from pre-Iron Man up through the rest of the MCU (eventually including Infinity War) and will be for the most part canon compliant except where Ive taken some liberties and interpreted canon a certain way.

He hated the name written on his wrist. Well, not whoever had the name, since he didnt know them…but how the name was written.

The writing was nothing like the others hed seen before, like his parents or even some of his friends…

No, his was large, slightly ugly, and scratched on like hed done it himself.

My Art for the Cap-IM reverse Big Bang challenge!

For the prompt: post-civil war (if possible) the team find out Tony is a submissive. The Accords mandate that submissives have to be controlled (or like, owned) by the team or team leader in order to continue being a superhero. Bonus point if Tony secretly craves it, but is super bratty and hates it at first, and Steve is really gentle with him.

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