The average negligent hiring jury award is over $600,000.

Conducting a thorough background check not only facilitates smart hiring decisions by providing a complete picture of the applicant, but can also significantly reduce an employers risk of negligent liability.

Putting the wrong person on your staff can open the door to work-related crime and violence which can lead to costly litigation.

BackTrack provides the pre-employment screening background checks to help insure your new employee has the potential to be an asset and not a threat.

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A Pre-Employment Screening Background Check Report can give your managers the critical information they need to make the best hiring decision. If you make the decision to ignore pre-employment screening background checks, you are risking more than just hiring a less qualified candidate. You are investing time and money to interview, hire and train a new employee that is unlikely to succeed.

BackTracks full suite of employment screening and assessment services include:

Our comprehensive background check reports include all the important searches.

5% of job applicants test positive for drugs. Add Drug Testing to your standard package

The Immigration Reform and Control Act mandates employers to verify employment eligibility.

With assessments like PRADCO and Criteria Corp, managers can develop and retain employees.

Properly excecuted exit interviews help determine what impacts turnover and how to lower it.

The average negligent hiring jury award is over $600,000. Are you ready to get started?

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