Definition of previous

event or thing is one thathappenedor existed before the one that you aretalkingabout.

Im a lot happier than I was in my previous job.

Youreferto the period of time or the thingimmediatelybefore the one that you are talking about as the

It was a surprisingly dry day after the rain of the previous week.

He recalled exactly what Bob had told him the previous night.

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existing orcomingbefore something else in time or position;prior

takingplace or done toosoonpremature

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occurring before in time or order; prior

generally implies a coming before in time or order

adds to this a connotation of greater importance or claim as a result of being first

, esp. when used with the definite article, implies a coming immediately before

a connotation of direct causal relationship with what follows

applies specif. to something previously said or written

always connotes comparison, stated or implied, with what follows (termed

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Example sentences containing previous

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Thisscenariois not what the previous governmenthopedfor.

What heneedsto do isunderstandwhat wentwrongwith the previous ones.

Lookat the price on previous days to makesureyou aregettinga gooddeal.

Thewill be three times the size of the previous one.

For years the previous government and thetheir heads in thesandwhile the situation gotworse.

No previousexperienceneeded, norequired and no.

He is theof my life – which is myexcusefor mysorrybehaviour in my previousmarriage.

His only previouscoachingexperience was withBirminghamCity women.

What do previousabout their experiences?

Sixpreviousgradeonechaseshad brought aclutchofsilverand.

She and hissonsanddaughterby the previous marriages allsurvivehim.

Onesaidthere had been anargumenton thetaxirank the previousnight.

Previousfeaturefilms about thegulagcan becountedon one hand.

Open thechambertoinsertcapsuleand the previous onedropsinto an.

He is survived by hiswifeand a son and a daughter from a previous marriage.

He had been in thethickoffightingthe previous night.

Everything about the previousthey would do it.

In oneraidthe previouswinterhadpuncturedhislung.

Russianoilproductionisheadingfor its firstdeclinein adecadeafterincreases in previous years.

Itmarredan otherwise fineperformancefrom the centreback, who had been dropped the previousweek.

Dont use them as asubstitutefor theyou had the previous night.

Beat Jet Lag – arrive alert and stay alert

On the previous day England hadstruggledjust a little.

That his players could notimpactupon ateamwho hadwonjust one of their previouseightgames will be.

It was a loss-making business and hadseenworryingdecline inin the previous few years.

The mostnotablefeature in thereportwas ainincomeand capitalinwith the previous year.

The previous week I hadaskedher to make love to me.

During the previous few weeks, he had beenthinkinglotabout theInternet.

That experience, and the experiences of the previous week,taughtus something about both small cars and small churches.

Crudeoil and LNGimportswere up by more than 18.4 percenton the previous year.

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event or thing is one that occurred before the one you are talking about.

She has a child from a previous marriage.

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