ICE Resin Jewelers Grade Clear Casting Epoxy Res 8 oz Kit




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ICE Resin Jewelers Grade Clear Casting Epoxy Resin 8 oz Kit

ICE Resin Jewelers Grade Clear Casting Epoxy Resin 8 oz Kit

ICE Resin Jewelers Grade Clear Casting Epoxy Resin 8 oz Kit

Jewelers Grade crystal clear Ice Resin.

Kit Includes: 4 oz. bottle Part A Resin, 4 oz. bottle Part B Hardener, 8 one ounce mixing cups and 8 stir sticks.

ICE Resin is a clear resin that never fades, yellows or chips.

Its safe to use indoors and is the ideal use for projects you want to preserve.

Use to make pendants and jewelry components.

Ice Resin takes 6 hours to harden and 3 days to cure.

Can be colored with opaque and transparent pigments.

We recommend that you warm the Part A resin by setting in a sink of hot tap water for about 40 minutes. This will make it easier to measure and eliminate bubbles.

All I can say is that Ice resin is so easy to use and leads to such beautiful results that I am now obsessed with the idea of putting resin on EVERYTHING. I keep thinking, Ill bet you could resin THIS!

I bought the resin to complete the wooden tile pendants project featured in the video tut. My two daughters (preteen/teen) and I made at least ten pendants to give away to their teachers at the end of the year. Each one turned out to be its own artistic masterpiece. More importantly, theres something both challenging and relaxing about getting the resin onto the pendant, watching it flow slowly to the edges and dome up. Its kind of hypnotic!

Great experience, great product. Cant wait to use it again. On something. ANYTHING!

Review by Professor / (Posted on 6/3/2013)

I made wonderful resin pendants as gifts. The results were stunning. Ice Resin is self-doming which adds to beauty of this product.

Follow the directions and youll get wonderful results. The best pieces of advice were from Beadaholiques own video where you get tons of tips and tricks.

Utilize patience for the best results.

Review by AZBeader / (Posted on 7/14/2012)

This was the first casting resin kit that I ever purchased and I have been hooked ever since. What I really like is that this kit comes with everything needed to get started, it has the mixing cups, stir sticks and easy to follow instructions. Once this resin has cured its crystal clear and really hard.

I love looking for new molds and items to cast with this resin.

Review by Figo / (Posted on 3/21/2012)

This resin is outstanding for jewelry because it is completely clear, self-doming and it doesnt get a dimple in the center after curing because it is an epoxy resin. Other products are easier to use but they just dont hold a candle to ICE resin for clarity and durability.

Review by Dj SharkLady / (Posted on 3/20/2012)

I used this resin to fill in some bezels that I had made.You can top off the product and make a dome effect if you want to. (I did) It is clear as glass when dry. You must watch for bubbles after you pour. Follow the directions to a t.

Review by Nan / (Posted on 3/20/2012)

Youre reviewing: ICE Resin Jewelers Grade Clear Casting Epoxy Resin 8 oz Kit

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