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Hello, Friends!!! Are you Kroger user? Then you should be taking a chance to win $100 gift card per month and 50 fuel bonus points ( 50 fuel points) just by giving your time and opinion toKroger Feedback Surveyat m.

This post will show you step by step guide, rewards & prize, requirements & rules and much more about the surveyKroger Customer Satisfaction @

It is also useful for the new and other customers that, they may not have known about this supermarket chain stores. So, thishelps them understanding DOs and DONTs with other precious precautions and feedback.

Kroger customer satisfaction surveyallows you to share all your experience including employees and staff behavior or coordination, price and products, quick services, order reliability and all experience you have had at their stores and supermarkets. As they are one of the leading supermarket chains all around the United States, they keep eyes on customer satisfaction and convenience.

If you are a regular Kroger user the must be giving your time to help them treat you better. In respond they give you free fuel points, grand prizes and much more as a reward likegift card balance.The retailers provide youKroger fuel points surveyas a reward and many other prizes for your precious time and view. So, here is the step by step guide for completing the survey with prizes, terms & conditions and other useful information needed to complete the survey.

With around 2,792 stores and outlets locations, Krogers supermarket chain is Americas largest retailers chain by revenue. They are providing their services since 1883. Kroger is a multi-departmental store which has around 786 convenience stores, 326 jewelry stores, 37 food processing stores, 1,360 supermarket fuel centers and 2,122 pharmacy outlets are there. They are serving all around the United States of America.

Books and Movies, Deli and Bakery Products, Floral, Fresh Produce, Fuel, Health and Beauty, Meat and Seafood, Money Services, Natural and Organic Items, Pet Care, Pharmacies, and Medicines are available at Krogers Supermarkets at a single stop which makes the customer to be at the supermarket chain stores. The retailers also offer the costs of the products very low and the discount to very high.

As the supermarket retailers know how important the customers are for the future and development of the stores. So, they offer 50 fuel bonus directly into your loyalty card for your opinion and feedback in the improvement of the company. The company also offers grand prizes and rewards other than this 50 bonus points reward. The supermarket offers a chance to win $100 gift card and has announced $5000 as grand prize. As you may have doubts on this, whether they really give the prizes and rewards or not. So, they also use to publish the name of winners per month.

Does someone really won the prize or is it just fake?

Many of you might be unsure about this, but they really have announced the official winners and gave them the prize money $5,000 and the gift card worth $100 to the winners. The last time winner Van Wye said that I simply did it to get the 50 fuel focuses each week, Van Wye said. It was stunning. I enter sweepstakes a great deal, however, has never won anything. VanWye said she got the news by telephone from a lady who works with Kroger advancements in Newtown, I continued inquiring as to whether she was joking, Van Wye described. I even got back to her a few days after the fact to inquire as to whether I had truly won.

In further, we have also published a name of winners of the sweepstakes and the grand prize.

Kroger Customer Survey Rules & Requirements

You need a device like PC, laptop, mobile etc. with internet access. Because there is only one way to reach the customer satisfaction survey and that is online.

You should be having receipt of your last visit to their stores or supermarket chains. As the store code written on the receipt is must be required when you proceed with the customer satisfaction survey.

You must be 18 years year more than 18 years older and should be the resident of the United States (other than New York, Florida & Rhode Island) or Columbiana District.

Basic knowledge of English or Spanish to complete the customer satisfaction survey easily.

You can take surveys as many as you can per day but you must need different receipts and vouchers to enter again.

Kroger Feedback at Step by Step Guide

You must follow some steps and instructions to complete their customer satisfaction survey. The step by step instructions are provided here very genuinely, you can easily complete and get a chance to win sweepstakes and $5000 grand prize by following the provided steps below.

Open the official websites customer survey page . The picture below is official feedbacks page. When you will be at their feedback site, the site will be like this.

Feel up the basic requirements they are asking for like date, time and entry ID on your visit receipt at the supermarket store.

When you will enter the customer survey site you will be asked few questions related to your experience at their supermarket chains outlets and stores. You just have to answer that question with honesty.

The questions are just basic and related to your experience at the Kroger store. The questions you could be asked can be following.

You will be aware of their terms and conditions with their 50 bonus points offers and other basic information. After that confirmation for the store outlet, you have visited. Answer in YES or NO.

Department of which you have purchased. Example: Deli, Meat, Bakery etc. You have to choose for the department you have bought the products.

After that, you will be asked about their overall ratings on your experience. You will be having options to choose from Highly Satisfied, Satisfied, Neither Satisfied Nor Dissatisfied, Dissatisfied or Highly Dissatisfied.

Next step, you will be asked various questions regarding friendliness, employees behavior, check out time, price, cleanliness, easiness at the store, sale on products, produce department freshness and products being stock and will be same options for dairy, deli, bakery department and all other departments you have chosen before. You will be having same five options to choose.

Then you will be asked for anything intended to buy. You have to answer YES or NO.

Then you will be asked if you will visit their stores in next 30 days or visit their stores whenever you will need groceries next time. And then, agree and disagree for employees.

Then you will be asked why you were satisfied or dissatisfied with your experience. And they will demand a specific answer in words.

Now, after completing it you could be asked for additional problems or feedback you wanted to give related to any department.

The official survey is over there, now you would be asked which a number of visits this was in last 30 days at Krogers store or supermarket chain.

Then you have to give your email address (optional).

And you would be asked to take parts in SWEEPSTAKES. Please answer YES. Even if you dont want to. Win and give the lottery to me! 😉

And in the last 50 bonus points will be added to your loyalty card.

In the end of the steps to complete the sweepstakes and bonus prize, you will be asked about your Name, Address, Email, Phone Number, Age Confirmation.

There are also some rules with terms and conditions to win the sweepstakes offered by the supermarket chain. So, here are the rules you must have a look at before applying for their grand prizes and gift cards.

Ones age must be 18 or older than eighteen when you are applying for entry.

One must be the resident and Citizen of the USA. It excludes New York, Florida & Rhode Island while includes District of Columbia.

You have to visit the store with your receipt and the code within 7 days after completing the feedback customer survey.

One prize is only available for one person at a time.

If you do not have the receipt you should be carrying the postcard with you.

For more rules, Terms & Conditions please visit their official sitesTERMS & CONDITIONS FOR KROGER SWEEPSTAKES.

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Winners

It is noticeable here that if the winner is not present the grand prize or the gift cards will be given to the next or substitute winner. The winners will get to know by telephone, email or postcards.

Kroger customer service 1-800-KRO-GERS (1-)

If you are facing any problems or anything regarding Krogers feedback you can call them on the number provided for customer service.

We hope we have directed you in very convenient and reliable way. We have provided this data and information records with proper and appropriate inquiries and searches. This information related toKroger Feedback Survey, Prize & Rewards and all other records are absolutely genuine. For more data and records please visit our official website at You will get to know other free food and prize-winning offers there. Good luck for your grand prize and have a good day!!! 🙂

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