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Child-Directed Website Request Form

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Your privacy is important to us at theMattel family of companies. This privacy statement describes theinformationMattel collects from you, through our interactions with you and through ourMattel Services, and how we use that information. It also describes what informationthird partiescollect from you, and how we and they use that information. Key terms are italicized and underlined(like this) and can be found in theDefinitionssection. This Privacy Statement provides examples of data we collect, how we use it, and choices you can exercise; these examples may not be exhaustive or exclusive.

This statement applies toMattel Services, includingMattel Sites, apps, mobile apps, online services, and connected products.Mattel Sitesare also subject to theMATTEL TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Other terms, end-user license agreements, or additional rules may apply. Each time you useMattel Services, you agree to this statement. If you dont agree with all the terms of this privacy statement, please do not useMattel Services.

We want you and your family to have fun using our services and urge you and your family to follow common sense when disclosing personal information, both through our services and anywhere else.

We at Mattel pride ourselves on helping bring delight to children around the world and take our responsibility to children seriously. Please visit theMATTEL CHILDRENS PRIVACY STATEMENTfor specific details on our childrens privacy practices.

Child/children (kid/kids).Individuals who are not of legal age to consent to the collection and processing of their personal information.For most areas of the world, those are individuals under 13. In the European Economic Area (EEA), they are individuals under 16. We adhere to local definitions of children for Mattel Services located in jurisdictions where the age is different.

Information.Data we collect. It includes, in alphabetical order:

Automatically collected information.Informationautomatically collected when you useMattel Services, including information to facilitate your experience and help us understand our visitors, like yourdeviceinformation, information about the network you are using to accessMattel Services(such as preferred language or online sites or services visited before you visit a Mattel Service), and content (including ads) that you see or click on.

Device information.Informationabout the device, browser, or app you are using to access a Mattel Service, such as operating system, browserinformation, Internet Protocol (IP) address, Universal Device Identifiers (UDID), and similar information.

Interest or demographic information.Information about a users favorite games, colors, Mattel characters, and similar preferences; orinformationabout a visitor or user, such as gender, age, education, profession, occupation, or other information.

Location information.Information that allows you to be precisely located, such as through GPS coordinates on a mobile app.

Login information.Information to identify and validate a user to allow access to a Mattel Service. Forchildren, this is usually a user name and password. For adults, this is usually a password plus somepersonal contact information, like an email address.

Order information.Information provided to purchase a product orMattel Service, including details necessary to fulfill the transaction, such as products ordered,payment information, andpersonal contact information.

Payment information.Credit card numbers or other financial institution-issued information provided to complete a transaction, including (as applicable)personalcontact information.

Personal information.Information that identifies (whether directly or indirectly) a particular individual, such as the individuals name, address, email address, device identifier, telephone number, or assigned identifier. When anonymous information is directly or indirectly associated with personal information, this anonymous information also is treated as personal information.

Forchildren,personal informationalso includes photos, video, and audio of thechild.

Personal contact information.Information that allows us to contact you directly, such as your full name, email address, home address, telephone number, mobile number, etc.

Survey information.Answers to surveys or questionnaires voluntarily provided.

Social sign-on information.Login informationand other information (such as friend lists) from a social network that a user chooses to share with Mattel to access aMattel ServiceorMattel Site.

Third-partyprovided information.Data shared with theMattel family of companiesthrough athird party.

User-generated content.Information you post or upload, like reviews, comments, videos or pictures, or social media interactions. Read more atUser-Generated Content.

Interest-based advertising.Targeted ads for products and services that, based on your activities, are likely to be of interest to you.

Mattel family of companies.When we refer to the Mattel family of companies in this statement, we mean:

Mattel Sites.Websites offered by theMattel family of companies. SeeMattel Services.

Mattel Services.All online services offered by theMattel family of companies, including websites (MattelSites), apps, and connected products. Read more atMattel Services.

Third party.A company unrelated to theMattel family of companies, including third-party sites that we link to, or third parties that operate online stores or mobile app stores. Read more atThird-PartyPartnersand Third-Party Technology Partners.

Third-party partner or third-party service provider.Athird partythat Mattel has engaged to help it provideMattel Services, including agents, vendors, service providers, and others.

Third-party technology partners.Third parties whose technologies we use to offer content, understand our users, and deliver advertising.

Mattel Servicesare online services offered by theMattel family of companies, including:

Connected products. Check specific connected productFAQSfor info on features, whos responsible for privacy, and what information is collected.

You may have to interface with athird partyto make a purchase, download an app, or use a connected product.

You may have the opportunity to connect an app or connected product through a wireless service.

We offerMattel Sitesthat feature games, information, shopping, and other interactive and static activities from theMattel family of companies.

SomeMattel Sitesor areas of sites are intended forchildren, and some are intended for adults. Learn more about sites forchildrenand specific practices for them at ourCHILDRENS PRIVACY STATEMENT.

You do not have to share anypersonal contact informationto use mostMattel Sites, but mostMattel Sitesfor adults and teens contain special sections and privileges for members who register.

We offer opportunities to purchase products in our online stores, apps, or through other media or business partners. Online stores are often part of a largerMattel Site.

Customers must be over the age of 18 with a valid payment method to make a purchase.

When a customer places an order online, we will send a confirming email message.

We may also send an occasional email featuring a special promotion or product that may be of interest to customers.

Any customer who prefers not to receive an online order confirmation or promotional email may indicate this preference on the online store order form.

If you do receive marketing or promotional emails from us that you would rather not receive, simply follow the unsubscribe instructions included in each message.

You can also change your communication preferences inMATTEL COMMUNICATIONS PREFERENCES(except for American Girl) or inAMERICAN GIRL COMMUNICATIONS PREFERENCES(for American Girl only).

Please note that a request to unsubscribe from marketing or promotional emails will not affect transactional emails (such as those related to a purchase, paid subscription, or product registration).

EnhancedMattel Servicesmay be available to you or on behalf of yourchildfor a monthly or other fee with someMattel Services.

Only a parent or guardian can registerchildrento participate in enhanced subscriptionMattel Servicesor certain community features atMattel Services.

To register yourchild, we will ask you to provide yourlogin informationin addition to your contact details and credit cardinformation.

We may offer you the option to be billed automatically for subscription service fees.

If you elect to automatically renew a subscription, we or our trustedthird-party partnerswill retain your registrationinformation, including your credit cardinformation, so we can process your request.

We offer a variety of fun and engaging apps featuring our brands. In some cases, apps may be available through a Mattel Online Store, but most often when you download or purchase an app, or make an in-app purchase, you do so through a third-party mobile application online store. VisitLINKS AND THIRD PARTIESfor more information.

Please note:Use of apps may be subject to an End-User License Agreement (EULA) in addition to our standardMATTEL TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

Mattel offers parents andchildrena variety of products that connect to the internet. We sometimes work withthird-party partnersto offer connected products.

Some connected products, like connected baby monitors, are purely for parents use.

Use of connected products typically requires downloading an associated app.

Privacy practices for some connected products are the responsibility of athird party.

We provideFAQSand other information to help you understand specific connected product features (for example, whether they collect voice or visual data), whos responsible for privacy, and whatinformationwe collect.

We may communicate with you on your mobile device. To receiveMattel Servicesthrough a wireless connection, visitors must provide their consent and confirm their understanding that they will be charged by their carrier to send and receive messages according to their applicable service plan. You may be asked to reconfirm such agreement.

Standard messaging rates will apply unless otherwise indicated; if premium rates apply, visitors will be notified before registration.

Mattel is not responsible for wireless service charges, such as messaging fees, associated with accessing or connecting toMattel Services

We collectinformationto allow you to register to use aMattel ServiceLogin informationis often all we need to register you.

We collectpersonal contact information.

We collect otherpersonal informationabout you, such asinterest or demographic information, etc.

We collectuser-generated contentwhere aMattel Servicegives you that option.

We collectdevice informationautomatically collected information, andinformationthat helps you accessMattel Services(such aslogin information, Wi-Fi network name, etc.).

We collectinformationfrom you and about you to provide you withMattel Services. Theinformationwe collect depends on the specificMattel Servicesinvolved.

Automatically collected information.

A ship-to name and address when you make a purchase and ask us to send it to you or to someone else.

The email addresses, user names, or otherinformationabout friends to whom you wish to send an e-card or invite to participate in an offering onMattel Services.

Informationabout yourchild(such as yourchildspersonal informationandpersonal contact information, includinginterest or demographic information).

Informationthat allows us to confirm that you are the parent or legal guardian of yourchild, including your age.

Please visitABOUT COOKIES AND TECHNOLOGIESfor more information on technologies used to collect your information automatically.

We Collect Information That You Share Voluntarily

You can use many of ourMattel Serviceswithout sharing anypersonal contact information. If you choose, you can sharepersonal contact informationpersonal informationlogin informationinterest or demographic information, orsurvey informationabout you or yourchildwith us when you:

Make a purchase at one of our online stores (seeWE COLLECT ORDER INFORMATION).

Sign up to receive information and offers.

Respond to a survey or questionnaire.

Postuser-generated content. Special rules apply; read more atUSER-GENERATED CONTENT.

When a customer puts an item in a shopping cart, places an order or requests a catalogue online, we collectorder informationassociated with the transaction. This may includepersonal informationabout yourchild.

Customers may register when they place orders to conveniently complete an order and place future orders. When registered customers return to the Site to place subsequent orders, they can identify themselves with theirlogin information.

We Collect Information Automatically When You Access a Mattel Service

We collect someautomatically collected information, includingdevice information, to provide you with appropriateMattel ServicesorMattel Sites(for example, in your language) when you use or visit them.

We collectinformationfrom you to serve your needs, manage our content and advertising, operate efficiently, and improveMattel Servicesand products.

We collectinformationto do what you ask us to.

We collectinformationto provide you information onMattel Servicesand products that you or yourchildmay be interested in.

We collectinformationto supportMattel Servicesand operations.

We collectinformationto improveMattel Services.

We collectinformationto improve our products.

We collectinformationto offer you content.

We collectinformationto advertise to you.

We collectinformationto maintain security.

We collectinformationto protect our legal rights and the legal rights of others.

To give you updates about your order status.

To fulfill your free or paid subscriptions.

To notify winners in contests and sweepstakes.

To send you recommendations onMattel Servicesof interest to you or yourchildren.

To send you recommendations on products of interest to you or yourchildren.

To send you marketing communications.

To analyze and measure the effectiveness of our advertising.

To maintain the security, integrity, and quality of our products andMattel Services.

To protect the legal rights of others.

We may work withthird-party partners, includingthird-party technology partners, for some or all of these purposes. You can learn about some of thesethird partiesby visitingABOUT COOKIES AND TECHNOLOGIES.

We may combine allinformationwe have collected to better understand your needs, improveMattel Servicesand operations, manage content and advertising, send you offers and information, and better serve you.

If under the laws of your region we need to get your consent to collect theinformationfor a particular purpose, we will do so at the time we collect theinformation.

We sometimes getthird-partyprovided informationabout you and combine it with otherpersonal informationthat weve collected.

We may collect authenticationinformation.

We Collect Information from Other Sources

We might getthird-partyprovided informationabout you from commercial sources. We may combine thatinformationwith otherpersonal informationabout you that weve collected.

We may also collect authenticationinformation(for example, to verify that you are an authorized credit card holder).

We shareinformationwe obtain within theMattel family of companies,and with ourthird-party partners.

We share somepersonal contact informationwith third parties for marketing purposes with your consent.

As is customary with catalogue businesses, we share mailing addresses (but not email addresses) with other catalogue companies whose products and services may be of interest to you. Where required, we obtain your consent first. We give you the opportunity to opt out.

If you providesocial sign-on information, Mattel sharesinformationwith your social network.

We shareinformationabout usage and interests that we obtain through cookies and technology withthird-party technology partners, and obtain consent if required by applicable law. Find out more aboutYour Choices and Controls.

We share anyinformation(includingpersonal information) we obtain as necessary to satisfy a legal request or subpoena, protect property or personal safety, when a Mattel business is bought or sold, or as otherwise permitted or required by law.

We shareinformationthat we obtain within theMattel family of companies, and with ourthird-party partnersfor them to fulfill their tasks on our behalf.

Except as described in this Privacy Statement, we do not sharepersonal contact informationthat we receive online from or aboutchildrenwith other companies outside theMattel family of companiesfor their direct marketing purposes.

Sharing with Our Third-Party Partners

We may share yourinformationwith a variety ofthird-party partners. They:

Provide database and server maintenance and security.

Help us process and fulfill orders or requests.

They also provide other similar services to theMattel family of companies. We require third-party partners that accessinformationto safeguard theinformation.

Sharing with Third Parties for Marketing Purposes

We share certain names and mailing addresses of catalogue recipients withthird partieswhose catalogues may be of interest to you. Where required, we obtain your consent first. You can opt out at any time.

With your consent, Mattel sharespersonal contact informationwith outside companies that offer products or services that may interest you.

We will remove your name from the list we provide to outside companies if you contact us. Please visitMattel Communications Preferences(except for American Girl) orAmerican Girl Communications Preferences(for American Girl only).

If you providesocial sign-on informationto log in to aMattel ServiceorMattel Siteinformationis shared with your social network, such as the fact that you logged in to a Mattel Service or Mattel Site, or your activity on theMattel ServiceorMattel Site. We may send messages via the social network to communicate with you.

Sharing with Third-Party Technology Partners

We shareinformationabout usage and interests that we obtain through cookies and technology withthird-party technology partners, and obtain consent if required by applicable law. Find out more atYour Choices and Controls.

Sharing to Protect Legal Rights and Fulfill Legal Obligations

If Mattel believes that anyones behavior in anyMattel Servicemay damage us,Mattel Services, or any person or property, we may disclosepersonal informationto prevent such harm. In that case, we might try to identify the wrongdoer, contact them, or bring legal action against them.

We may disclosepersonal informationif we believe that the disclosure is required or permitted by law, or in response to a legal request or subpoena.

Mattel Servicesmay link to or use other content from the internet. We do not control the data collection practices or terms of use of anythird-partysite. Thethird partys privacy policy and terms of use apply to those sites.

Your computer or mobile device settings may allow you to block or partially block other content, but those settings may not be effective in all cases.

You may be able to order or register through athird-partyvendor. Thethird partys privacy policy and terms of service apply to activity conducted with the third-party vendor.

We work withthird-party partnersto offerMattel Services.

Mattel Servicesmay connect with other content from the internet that we do not control.

We may link to social media sites or sites that sell our products.

We may link to otherthird-partysites or services that we think you may find of interest.

We encourage you to carefully review the privacy policy and terms of use of the third-party providers, as they are not covered by this Privacy Statement, and Mattel is not responsible for them.

You may be able to alter settings on your browser, device, or other software to block those third parties. Sometimes those settings may not be effective.

When you place an order or register on aMattel Servicewhere transactions are handled by a third-party vendor (for example, PayPal), those transactions are conducted through the vendors website.

You should be sure to review thethird partys website terms and conditions and privacy policy before submitting anypersonal informationor engaging in any transactions through the third-party site.

Mattel is not responsible for any transactions made with third parties, or for their content, terms and conditions, or privacy policies.

Third-Party Partners and Third-Party Technology Partners

We work withthird-party partnersto offerMattel Services. We ask them to carefully handleinformationthat is entrusted to them.

We also work withthird-party technology partnersto provide content, understand our users, and deliver advertising on ourMattel Sitesand onthird-partysites. Read more atAbout Cookies and Technologies, and find out about tools are available to help you control some of these technologies at theThird-Party Technology Listand the Mobile Third-Party Technology List.

You may be required to register with and log onto athird partymobile app store before you can download or purchase a Mattel app or make in-app purchases using a Mattel app.

When downloading a Mattel app, or using a Mattel app with online features through your mobile platform, the app provider will typically also collect certain device and app-relatedinformation. Mattel does not control the requirements or policies of app stores; you should review the privacy policy and terms of use of the mobile app stores before downloading or using any app and check your device settings for control options.

We respect your choices about receiving promotional offers and updates from us. You can change what communications you get from us inMattel Communications Preferencesor inAmerican Girl Communications Preferences.

You can make choices about yourpersonal informationthat Mattel has in theMattel GDPR Choice Portal(except for American Girl) or theAmerican Girl GDPR Choice Portal(for American Girl only). Parents can access theirchildrenspersonal informationand make choices about it using theParental Access Form.

Your device may allow you to block or manage push notifications,location information, in-app purchases, or ability to access the web.

If you want to stop receiving promotional updates or product information at any time, you can change yourMattel Communications Preferencesor yourAmerican Girl Communications Preferences. Our mailings and email will also include information on how to opt out. Email opt-out requests will be processed in 10 business days. Postal mailing opt-out requests may take longer.

Your Choices and Control About Your Personal Information

If you want to access, update, or delete yourpersonal information; withdraw your consent to our collection or use of yourpersonal information; object to our processing of yourpersonal information; or request a portable copy of yourpersonal information, you can access theMattel GDPR Choice Portal(except for American Girl) or theAmerican Girl GDPR Choice Portal(for American Girl only). You can use these portals to make choices about information that Mattel has about you.

Parents can access their childrens data and make choices about how Mattel uses that data, including updating or deleting the data, using theParental Access Form.

Use your built-in mobile device settings and controls to:

Manage or restrict in-app purchases.

Manage camera, microphone, and photo reel, album, or gallery permissions.

Block navigation to the web by turning off network access on the device or turning off the browser.

Access to or availability of controls may vary depending on your device.

This section summarizes ourChildrens Privacy Statement, which you can review for complete details.

A special note for parents and legal guardians

We take special steps to protectchildrenas defined in this Privacy Statement. Please help us protect yourchildrens privacy by teaching them never to providepersonal informationwithout your permission.

We do not collectpersonal contact informationfromchildrenatMattel Servicesdirected tochildrenwithout the consent of a parent or legal guardian, except in limited circumstances authorized by law.

We collect someinformation(like IP address, mobile device UDID, operating system, etc.) automatically and use technology like cookies to provide functionality and support our operations. We obtain consent where required.

We do not ask for morepersonal informationthan is necessary for achildto participate in an activity.

We take steps to preventchildrenfrom posting or publicly disclosingpersonal information.

We use monitoring and filtering technology in an effort to preventchildrenfrom postingpersonal informationwithout parental consent atMattel Servicesdirected tochildren.

We may require visitors to provide birthdate or geographiclocation informationbefore accessing aMattel Serviceor providingpersonal information.

Parents can access and ask us to update or delete theirchildrensinformationby using theParental Access Form.

For moreinformationonchildrens privacy, please review our completeChildrens Privacy Statement.

You may be able to post or uploaduser-generated contentonMattel Services.

SomeMattel Servicesmay offer you the opportunity to uploaduser-generated content.

Not allMattel Servicesallow you to postuser-generated content.

Social sharing atMattel Servicesdirected tochildrenare structured so that nochildrenspersonal contact informationis shared between visitors unless parental consent is obtained.

We do not access your device, camera, microphone, contact list, photos, videos, or audio files unless you consent.

Some of our connected products will not be fully functional if you do not enable the camera or microphone.

Registration of the user, or of a parent on behalf of achildforchild-directedMattel Services, may be required to activate theMattel Serviceor access all features.

Special rules may apply to social networking activities. Be sure to carefully review any additional posted rules, as well as ourMattel Terms and Conditions.

We strive to maintain the security ofinformationbut cannot guarantee thatinformationsecurity measures are failure proof.

We strive to protect theinformationyou provide to us when you use ourMattel Servicesthrough commercially reasonable means.

We and our agents and affiliates use encryption or other security measures to protectpayment informationduring transmission and adopt internal procedures to safeguard thisinformationin our systems.

We require ourthird-party partnersto follow industry-accepted best practices to safeguardpersonal contact informationand otherinformationthey handle.

Please be aware that while we work hard to protect yourinformation, no method is 100% secure.

We cannot guarantee security procedures of third parties.

We recommend that you learn about and use tools, habits, and practices to protect the security of you and your family. For example, we recommend that you use unique passwords that are hard for others to copy or guess.

Mattel Servicesand servers are governed by U.S. law, which may have different privacy requirements for yourinformationfrom where you live.

Our servers are in the United States and the United Kingdom. We may also use cloud services.

We use Standard Contractual Clauses for transferringpersonal informationfrom the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland to non EEA-countries.

Your use ofMattel Servicesis subject to the collection, transfer, processing, and use of data in accordance with this Privacy Statement.

Do not useMattel Servicesif you do not agree to this Privacy Statement.

Mattel Services, the servers that makeMattel Servicesavailable, and databases where we houseinformationmay be located in countries that may have privacy laws that differ from where you live.

Servers forMattel Servicesare located in the United States and the United Kingdom. We may use cloud services whose servers may be anywhere in the world.

For users whose use ofMattel Servicesresults in the transfer of personalinformationfrom the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland to non-EEA countries, we rely on Standard Contractual Clauses.

By usingMattel Services, the transfer, collection, processing and use of data will occur as specified in this Privacy Statement, ourMattel Terms and Conditions, and any other terms provided at the time of collection.

If you do not consent to the transfer, collection, processing, or use of this data according to these terms, do not use the Services.

We will update this Privacy Statement from time to time by posting it here.

We will not change how we handle previously collectedinformationwithout providing notice. If appl