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I should have bought a Sprint Stand a long time ago, it makes working on the bike so much easier. Before, I used 2 patio chairs to prop my bike up to wash it and removing the rear wheel was a pain due to the rear derailleur being at risk of damage. Now, with the stand, I remove both wheels in a matter of seconds, place my chain keeper in the rear drop, and can clean every nook and cranny of my bike, as well as easily make shifting adjustments or other maintenance tasks.

Just got off the phone with Feedback Sports. I was seeking technical and personal experience information concerning your bike stands. Your sales manager answered my questions confidently, explained the inner workings of the clamp rotation mechanism, etc. Through his courtesy and knowledge imparted over the phone I will be purchasing the Pro-elite repair stand.

Pro-tip for bike aficionados, shop owners, bike manufactures and event coordinators~ Want to show off a bike and g

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: We got this great video today from Matt, a bike commuting convert afterBiketoWorkDay2004. For all the newbies and frequent

Love to see all the smiling faces in this video…as well as all those pretty bikes hanging on our A-frame event st

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