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Previous Inhabitants- Burn the fourChrysanthemum Bannersof the Imperial Japanese Army. Lara may use the torch or a Fire Arrow to ignite these victory banners of the Imperial Japanese Army.

Previous Inhabitants 1is the chrysanthemum flag in the gun bunker (before Lara slides through the crack in the wall).

Previous Inhabitants 2is the chrysanthemum flag on the main bunker buildings roof. Burn it before jumping down.

Previous Inhabitants 3is the chrysanthemum flag just above Lara when she first enters the bunkers big main room. Howver, she wont have much of a chance to ignite it until the enemies are dealt with. Lara can shoot this banner to set it alight from the ground floor or the rooftop.

Previous Inhabitants 4is the chrysanthemum flag on the crane above the army truck thats parked near the Endurance Overlook day camp.

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