Serial Number Labels with Your Custom Text (PN-70-193

Serial Number Labels with Your Custom Text

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Serial Number Labels with Your Custom Text (PN-70-193)

Label preview proofs were promptly emailed for our approval. Serial labels feel strong, durable and look amazing too! They do indeed add a professional quality to the servers we sell. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Pricing / Quantity Discounts (Automatically applied to your shopping cart)

1-3 business daysSelect Material/Background

SelectWhiteMatte Silver (+$0.05)Matte Gold (+$0.05)White and Blue (+$0.03)White and Red (+$0.03)White and Green (+$0.03)White and Orange (+$0.03)Matte Silver and Blue (+$0.07)Matte Silver and Red (+$0.07)Matte Silver and Green (+$0.07)Matte Silver and Orange (+$0.07)Matte Gold and Blue (+$0.07)Matte Gold and Red (+$0.07)Matte Gold and Green (+$0.07)Transparent Vinyl – Clear Labels Or Add Lamination to Labels (+$0.05)— Specialty Materials —White Temperature Resist -58F (-14C) to +230F (110C) (+$0.19) $25.00Silver Temperature Resist -58F (-14C) to +230F (110C) (+$0.19) $25.00White Satin Aggressive Adhesive Vinyl (+$0.19) $25.00Select Height

—- Imperial Units —-0.2500 (1/4)0.3125 (5/16)0.3750 (3/8)0.4375 (7/16)0.5000 (1/2)0.5625 (9/16)0.6250 (5/8)0.6875 (11/16)0.7500 (3/4)0.8125 (13/16)0.8750 (7/8)0.9375 (15/16)1 (+$0.15)1.2500 (1 1/4) (+$0.19)1.5000 (1 1/2) (+$0.27)—- Metric Units —-5 mm6 mm7 mm8 mm9 mm10 mm11 mm12 mm13 mm14 mm15 mm16 mm17 mm18 mm19 mm20 mm21 mm22 mm23 mm24 mm25 mmSelect Width

—- Imperial Units —-0.2500 (1/4)0.3125 (5/16)0.3750 (3/8)0.4375 (7/16)0.5000 (1/2)0.5625 (9/16)0.6250 (5/8)0.6875 (11/16)0.7500 (3/4)0.8125 (13/16)0.8750 (7/8)0.9375 (15/16)11.0625 (1 1/16)1.1250 (1 1/8)1.1875 (1 3/16)1.2500 (1 1/4)1.3125 (1 5/16)1.3750 (1 3/8)1.4375 (1 7/16)1.5000 (1 1/2)1.5625 (1 9/16)1.6250 (1 5/8)1.6875 (1 11/16)1.7500 (1 3/4)1.8125 (1 13/16)1.8750 (1 7/8)1.9375 (1 15/16)2—- Metric Units —-5 mm6 mm7 mm8 mm9 mm10 mm11 mm12 mm13 mm14 mm15 mm16 mm17 mm18 mm19 mm20 mm21 mm22 mm23 mm24 mm25 mm26 mm27 mm28 mm29 mm30 mm31 mm32 mm33 mm34 mm35 mm36 mm37 mm38 mm39 mm40 mm41 mm42 mm43 mm44 mm45 mm46 mm47 mm48 mm49 mm50 mm51 mmType label text line by line

Layout proof(s) will be sent by email (+0.00)

Layout proof plus physical hard copy shipped$29.99

Serial number labels made with hard to destruct premium quality vinyl. All labels we produce are manufactured on a professional digital equipment utilizing specialty indoor and outdoor durable materials with strong adhesive to ensure that your serial number labels last for the lifetime of your equipment.

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Your serial number labels can be printed in full colorusing text of your choice. The label text can consist of your business name, contact details, equipment description, serial number, or any other information (includingmultiple serial number fieldsincrementedby any valueindependently of each other). You may select among different label backgrounds we provided above to indicate which material and color scheme to use (White, White and Blue, Silver, Silver and Blue, etc.), but the custom text you provide for the label can be anything you choose and does not need to follow our examples. Serial number(s) can contain prefixes, suffixes, letters, dashes and other properties (e.g. ABC-0001, ABC-0002, etc. or A-100-AAA,A-100-AAB,A-100-AAC, etc.).

Choose Label Background in the

menu above. Please keep in mind that label text content shown on the label background choices is just suggested layout and you are free to specify any text you like.

Type a text of your choice for your serial number labels in the field provided. Use ENTER / RETURN key to begin a new line or to leave a blank line as necessary. For serial number, specify the starting serial number (For serialization we will auto-increment the starting number by 1 unless you specify otherwise in special instructions). Multiple serial numbers can be specified with different increment value if necessary.

Our minimum order requirement is just 100 serial number labels for each unique design. We offer quantity discounts for larger volumes as shown in the Quantity Discounts table above. Volume discounts are calculated and applied automatically to each unique serial number label design placed in your shopping cart.

Within a few minutes of ordering (during normal business hours) you will receive a layout proof for your approval by email. You will have an opportunity to request changes to the layout during the proofing process and before your custom serial number labels move to production stage.

Your custom serial number label layout will be designed

using our best judgment for maximum text legibility and aesthetic appearance.

By default the text will be center or left aligned against the background.

The exact spelling, text case, and punctuation you specify during ordering will be used as your custom text in the serial number label design, therefore please double check the text you specify to ensure accuracy.

We will honor requests for changes from our standard layout design outlined above (e.g. changes to text alignment, blank lines, etc.) at no additional cost. Please include any such instructions in the Order Comments during the checkout.

You will receive the serial number label layout proof in Adobe PDF format for approval or for requesting modifications to the layout. If further changes are requested we will make the modifications and email another proof for approval.

We honor most customization requests that deviate from our standardserial number labellayout design outlined above, e.g. different alignment, blank lines, colors, etc. Please include any such instructions in the Special Instructions during the checkout. If the customization request is too complex we will notify you and offer you other alternatives. You may also email us a draft label layout in an email attachment by replying to your order confirmation email (sent to you after the checkout). For the draft we can accept most common document formats including but not limited to: Adobe Illustrator AI, EPS, SVG, PDF, JPEG/JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, OpenOffice/StarOffice Microsoft Word, and many others.

Self-adhesiveserial number labels, printed in full, color on a specialty, indoor and outdoor durable vinyl with strong adhesive.Vinyl labels are provided in sheet form.

Rectangular Custom Labels 2 x 4 max.

Metallic Rectangular Custom Labels 1 x 3 max.

Rectangular Custom Labels 0.5 x 2 max.

Custom Tamper Proof Destructible Labels 1.5 x 0.5