Specialist Hobby

We offer a range of resin products to ensure you get the most suitable material for your project. Whether youre creating detailed models or embedded paperweights, or looking to complete a moulding and casting project, our specialist & hobby section has various products for a wide range of projects and requirements.

Resins designed to be applied onto bar, counter and table tops to give a optically clear resin surface, can be used to embed objects to give a glass like finish.

Materials suitable for canvas coverings, designedto apply a clear topcoat onto a canvas to give a clear protective coating.

Casting kits range from just resins on their own or a complete setup for the complete novice or experienced user.

Water clear casting resins designed to be used for floral casting and embedding, which can embed a wide range of products to give that natural water clear look.

Food safe silicone is suitable for Ice, chocolate, candy and specialty foods can be cast or moulded into decorative shapes by using silicone rubber.

Polycraft resins are fast curing colourless resin designed especially for use in variety of applications such as Artwork, Furniture and Jewellery. Polycraft resins are low in colour and high in UV resistance, has excellent water resistance, chemical resistance, mechanical properties with excellent clarity to give the water clear look.

A Choice of materials commonly used to cast and replicate body and life casting.

Catergory of materials used for moulding and casting pen blanks.

Special effects materials commonly used in the movie and studio productions through-out the industry.

Surfboard build and repair materials for fixing your own surfboard dings, chips and cracks.