Tag renew

Register a Recently-Purchased Vehicle

Register a Recently-Purchased Vehicle

Sales Tax on Vehicles Purchased Out-of-State

Sales Tax on Vehicles Purchased Out-of-State

Identification Requirements for Title Transactions

Identification Requirements for Title Transactions

Disabled Persons Placards and Plates

Disabled Persons Placards and Plates

Understanding Penalty, Interest & Fee Charges

Who is Legally Responsible for Payment

Who is Legally Responsible for Payment?

You must renew your vehicle registrationby the renewal date each yearor tax and tag penalties are assessed.Not receiving a renewal notice does not relieve the registered owner from the obligation to renew the vehicles registration by the due date. Penalties will not be waived because the owner did not receive a renewal notice.

Renew your tag onlineusing the RIN printed on the front of your renewal notice.

Credit cards accepted online are American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa.Note:TheGeorgia Department of Revenuecharges a credit card convenience fee of 2.35% ($1 minimum fee) to use this service.

A tag cannot be renewed online if the vehicle

policy, which must be electronically transmitted to the state database by the insurance company.

is covered by a Georgia Fleet insurance policy or a Georgia self-insured insurance policy.

currently has a specialty license plate that requires supporting documentation in order to renew (e.g., military, certified firefighters and amateur radio plates).

Video: Save Time, Renew Your Tag Online

Video: Renew Your Registration Online

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