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Nowadays in market assessing customer feedback and suggestions for the betterment of the organisation is very important. Kroger does the same. Kroger is a retail chain company that also uses customer feedback to count on the progress and areas to work on. The Kroger Feedback website is thus made for bringing into fact all the review from the customer.

Any customer of Krogers who has purchased any goods from their outlet is free for logging into the website and letting the management know about their views and feedbacks. Well, but why would one do such things? Indeed the customers have a prize to win at last. Kroger has linked up the feedback site to a sweepstake as to anyone giving the feedback gets registered and are up in the chance for winning the grand prizeĀ $5,000 in form of gift card. The hundred lucky ones getting registered in sweepstake can get a gift card worth $100 each. Fascinating indeed!

It is the pretty simple procedure and qualification. If you have been at a Kroger shopping site and bought something, at least in last seven days, you will receive a receipt that will ask you for online feedback. The invitation is like a request that is printed on the Kroger generated a receipt. You can visit the site and give your insights just within the seven days of the assignation of the request. Search for an entry ID on the Kroger receipt to enter for the website, if you have received it already that means you are qualified.

First of all google the address or the URL link to the site. Ones your browser shows the address link, you just need to put on the entered ID given to you on the receipt and then you are ready to be a part of the survey site for next seven days.

First of all, put in the login ID details and then fill up the date and name as mentioned in the receipt that you have received. After putting in all the details, click on the start button to initiate the Kroger process straight away.

There are a set of questions that are asked in the site, ones you have answered to all the questions in your truest sense you are done with the process of the survey. Ones you complete, you are a part of the sweepstake and thus can easily be on your way to win $ 5,000 gift card else be the lucky winner to get $100 gift card too.

A number of purchases wont increase your chance of winning.

In total three drawings are done. Each drawing starts first on 10th of the month and then follows as needed. All drawings are conducted by some great judgemental organisation so that there is no breach.

The grand winner will have to complete eligibility criteria and clear an affidavit within a particular time period after winning the drawing. If a winner is not a major that is above 18 years of age then his parents or guardian will be paid instead of him or her. If a winner gets disqualified, then next potential winner gets to win the prize.

I filled out a krogerfeedback survey, using an entry ID number:

Part of that survey required entering my phone number which I did. HOWEVER- I dislike giving out my phone number (I only gave it because I promised the employee I would give a very positive feedback which she REALLY DESERVED, as do all the pharmacy folks. I would appreciate it if my number is not used at all. Thanks very much

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