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I am having a heck of a time doming my pieces. Ive noticed on some of them especially my hard tile molds that when I take them out they are higher on the sides and lower in the middle. This of course makes it almost impossible to dome. I have tried to add a little resin in the middle before popping it out of the mold but that only creates a slight raise in the middle regardless of how little of resin I use. I have checked my table with three different levels and have a dedicated spot on the table that is level from what those levels say but still issues with doming. Sometimes when I take them out of the mold and get them ready to dome when I pour the resin I notice that it will gather to one side of the resin and not the other causing spillage. But the strange thing is that I can have two small pieces side by aide and they will dome on different sides of each other. One will dome good on the right while the other one will dome good on the left. Ive tried moving them around from each other and move them to the completely opposite side of where they started and still dome on the side they started. Im getting frustrated BC its not coming out good and it doesnt work to try to do two pours. Help! Could my own mold be in level? And if so how do u fix that?

Sorry to hear things arent going well for you!  Heres a couple of my thoughts:

It sounds like you are casting pieces in molds, then trying to dome the pieces after they come out of the molds?  When casting resin in a mold, the resin will rise up around the surface of the mold to create a ridge.  I cant necessarily explain the physics of this, but it has to do with the surface tension.  Keeping your mold level is important, but even if it is, you will continue to get this ridge.

Have you watched this video on our you tube channel?

It describes how to get a shiny finish using a doming resin once resin charms come out of a mold.  It also goes along with the principal of workingwiththat ridge along the edge.

no I know about that ridge and I sand that down slightly so its not uneven and I accidently over pour. What Im talking about is the whole remain piece. I can have two molds side by side and they come out of the mold uneven. The best way to describe it is picture a tile resin piece that just came out of the mold. Now take two corners diagonal from each other and twist ur soft mold. Thats what I mean I will have two corners diagonal from each other be level while the other two corners will be higher than the others. Its almost like urs the mold but I dont know how to fix a mold that is not level itself. I know the plastic ones can get tweaked a bit but how do I fix that?

It sounds like your mold is misshapen.  Either try to rework the mold get it warm with a heat gun to make it flexible, or you may have to get a new mold.

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