dominggus da silva

On this date in 2006, CatholicsFabianus TiboMarianus RiwuandDominggus da Silvawere shot in the Central Sulawesi capital ofPalufor inciting murderous anti-Muslim riots six years before.

The riots in question occurred in Poso, a hotspot ofChristian-Muslim conflictthat over 1,000 lives from 1999-2001. According to theJakarta Post(September 25, 2006),

Tibo, Marinus and Dominggus were convicted of leading a Christian militia that carried out a series of attacks in May 2000 in Sulawesi, including a machete and gun assault on an Islamic school where dozens of men were seeking shelter.

Though a2001 treatystabilized the situation, tension remained, occasionally flaring into violence.

The 2001 death sentences of Christian activists also remained, a legacy of the open conflict. Small wonder that their execution triggeredfurther unrest, not only in Poso but in Silvas hometown in predominantly-Christian West Timor. Andaftershocksfor months to come themurdera month later of a prominent Christian cleric, for instance quelled by security forces sweetened with abit of goodwill rebuilding.

Jakarta ignored international as well as domestic clemency appeals in carrying out the executions, including from the European Union and the the Vatican. The latters argument may have been somewhat compromised under the circumstances by Pope Benedict XVIsjust days before of a 14th-century Muslim-bashing text.

Apart from the humanitarian objections, others more specific to the case wereraised in vain: that the trio executed had not been witnessed killing anyone personally, and that the sentences were disproportionate to that received by anyone else convicted in that eras violence.

But such contentions were easily outweighed by the simultaneous progress of theBali Bomberscase, with the imminent likelihood of a triple-execution of Muslim militants and the prospect of political fallout if only one faiths martyrs were let off the hook.

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