Eli-Dome Polyurethane Doming Resin Kit

Eli-Dome is a water clear resin that provide a glassy finish and is UV stable. The resin is free flowing and self levelling, offering excellent surface penetration and providing a 3D lens on the surface of your component.

The resin can be used to cover emblems, decals & stickers logos, key fobs & signs, promotional items and automotive badges.

The kit comprises all the items needed to begin doming:-

2 x pre-filled resin cartridges (each cartridge contains 25ml resin and 25ml hardener)

1 x resin applicator gun (re-usable)

6 x disposable bayonet static mixing nozzles (6.3mm x 17 element)

We also supply separate pre-filled cartridges and nozzles as accessories, please select from the options.

Please see Eli-Dome Doming Resin Kit instructions PDF below for detailed instructions.

Eli-Dome Polyurethane Doming Resin Kit

Eli-Dome Pre-Filled 50ml Cartridges x 2 (+-51.44)

Eli-Dome Spare Nozzles (Pack of 10) (+-61.34)

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