End of Year Gift Bubble Tags

Can you believe it? Its already coming up on the end of the year! Each year I try to do some sort of sweet present for my graduating students. This year, I snagged these GORGEOUSbubble sticks from Walmart! I saw a ton of teachers oninstagramgot them as well, so I made agift tagfor this quick end of year gift for my littles.

If you dont have a Walmart near you, I found somebubble sticks on Amazon.

I created the tags in rainbow colors and black & white.

You can also print them black & white and onbright Astrobright paper! This is always a fun and bright way to use black & white printables.

You can either tie the tag on with string (I would use cardstock for this) or tape/glue it around it (use normal printer paper for this and I useddouble-sided tape).

ClickHEREor the picture below to snag these bubble tags!

Need some more end of year ideas? Check out myEND OF YEAR COUNTDOWNEND OF YEAR STUDENT CELEBRATION COUNTDOWN, or myPinterestboard for more great ideas to end the year with a BANG.

I puffy heart LOVE these Jen thank you for sharing! My students will enjoy these!

Oh I love this, perfect addition to my bubbles!!!!

I am not a teacher. How can I download these tags? They are for my second graders end of the year gift.

You will have to create a Teachers Pay Teachers account to access these tags, then hit download and they are yours!


i love love love these! found the bubbles at walmart too and did a search for bubble tags and stumbled upon your site!

i am planning on using the bubbles for my students at the end of ESY. is there any way that you could change year to summer for those of us who are working ESY?!

Do you still have the think sheet that is shown on Pinterest?

Im unsure which one you are referring to. Would you be able to comment with the link of the pin?

[] Sparkling in Second and School Is a Happy Place both provided FREE labels to attach to your bubble []

[] loved this idea of bubble sticks and it was well within my budget. I got the tags from SparklingInSecondGrade! I bought a pack of Bubble Sticks, 6ct from Walmart for $3.88, and luckily they sold individual []

[] 20. Tell your kids how proud of them you are with the sentiment You blew me away and some bubbles. []

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10 Free End of the Year Student Gift Tags

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