Kirsten Product Labelling Nameplates

Craftsmanship describes the beautiful or impressive quality of a product that has been made using an extensive amount of skill.

At KIRSTEN we thrive because of this enduring, basic human impulse and the desire to complete each project as well as they can be done – and sometimes even beyond.

We go far beyond just the process of simple product labelling.

A world ofconstant changerequires continuous application of state-of-the-art machinery and technologies, managed by a professionally trained team of employees and allMade in Europe.

Founded in the 50s and combined with aninventive approachto make the impossible possible, KIRSTEN has established itself as the leading company within thehigh qualityproduct labelling industry.

More than16materialsprocessed with more than20cutting-edgetechnologiesand processes make each single product unique, exclusive and above all of an unprecedented quality.

Real metal scripts made by our extremely sophisticated electroforming process.

As thin as 0.02 mm or up to 0.10 mm for a pronounced 3-D look. Intricate details no other metal script can achieve and a wide range

of colours will make Transcript A.T. product labelling distinctive

An understatement for your high end branding concepts.

Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass, Pewter and more…

Etching, Printing, Embossing, Debossing, Bending, Anodizing, Stamping, Varnishing, Laser-Cutting, Engraving, Chrome/Gold/Nickel-Plating, Combining with other materials and more…

At KIRSTEN the most solid yet versatile branding tool

Natural materials are not only a promise for the future but also

help support KIRSTENs commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

Natural Stone, Leather, Cork and Wood are only a view examples of how nature and high end branding can be exquisitely combined.

3-D Doming offers almost unlimited possibilities.

Whether fully domed or partially only, whether printed or embossed, whether tone-on-tone or multi-coloured, whether metalic foils or regular, soft or hard, whether applied by hand or fully automated.

3-D resin coated nameplates offer a most versatile range of applications always with your high end reputation in mind.