Magnetic Name

If youre tired of seeing your companys uniforms full of pin holes then it might be time for you to consider switching to magnetic badge fasteners. Ours are truly the Cadillac of reusable magnetic name badge holders.Imprint Plus signatureare powerful, lightweight, affordable, and reusable. They hold your name badge in place no matter how active and busy you are. The badge magnets set the bar for strength and durability, and have earned top safety rankings.

Magnetic name badge fasteners are recommended for front-line staff and can be used in conjunction with our printable name badgeinsert sheets.

Our rare-earth magnetic badge fasteners are crafted from the highest quality neodymium in the world. This means that your neo magnet name badge stays firmly in place through almost any material, even outerwear. The permanent magnets naturally adhere to the steel badge plates through your shirt or jacket lapel. For aluminum badge plates, we include acomplimentaryadhesive steel piece that sticks to the back of your badge plate and attracts the magnetic badge fastener.

Super strong:Magnetic badge fasteners will hold badges through shirts, jackets and even winter coats

No damage to clothes:Magnets eliminate holes in clothing, thereby reducing uniform and dress wear replacement costs

Natural hold:Magnetic badge fasteners cling to metal name badges organically and without adhesive

Polished look:The reusable magnets give badge an overall tidy appearance; fastener is completely concealed

Keeps name badge intact:No adhesive means no marks or residue left on the badge plate; promotes true reusability

Options for aluminum name badge compatibility:Steel adhesive plates are aFREEpiece that allows your aluminum plate to work with the magnetic badge fastener

Encased magnet:Our signature magnetic fasteners features a smooth-to-skin encasement that makes badge-wearing more comfortable

Dimensions: 1.7 x 0.52 / 42.31mm x 13.21mm

No encasement makes this badge fastener more cost-conscious

Imprint Plus name badge sizes

Dimensions: 1.0 x 0.5

Designed to work with the trickier name badge shapes and sizes

Works with: SQ, XS, SM OV, THIN OV and more!

Dimensions: 1.09 x 0.93/ 27.65 x 23.72mm

Imprint Plus name badge sizes

For steel name badges, the magnetic badge holders will adhere organically

For aluminum name badges, please order your magnetic badge fastener with an adhesive steel plate

Each magnetic badge fastener is available with or without a steel plate

Please note: Magnetic badge fasteners are not recommended for use with pacemakers.

Imprint Plus is the industrys leading supplier of name badges, reusable badge holders, and name tagfasteners. For more information or for help ordering reusable magnetic name badge holders please contact our badge experts: