Polyurethane doming resins

clear doming resin, potting and encapsulating compound, thermal compound, epoxy, Polyurethane, silicone

clear doming resin, potting and encapsulating compound,thermal compound,epoxy,Polyurethane,silicone

Fongyong Profile ,clear doming resin, potting and encapsulating compound,thermal compound,epoxy,Polyurethane,silicone

is a professional manufacturer of resins, who has devoted to

the R&D of Resins for a long time. We regard our customers

as treasures,and set our business objective as to offer the

best quality of products and service to our customers, in

order to satisfy all of the requirements of our customers.

We get abundant experience on the manufacture of epoxy,

silicones, acrylic and polyurethane . Our products encompass

excellent weather resistance, good Chemicall stability, sate

and user friendly. We also committed to develop product with

better adhesion properties, higher mechanical strength, and

better dielectric properties.As requested, we also offer

customized products with specific colors to satisfy

Our R&D Dept. not only concentrates on the development of

new products, but also plays the main role of solving the

specific needs of our customers as well. We are proud of our

achievements that we have solved numerous of particular

problems for our customers and got satisfied responses from

them. Our experienced R&D team is ready to take any

challenge to provide our best technical knowledge for

customized product sand to satisfy customers most stringent

We have a wide range of products which could not be listed

thoroughly on this catalog.If the products you need do not

be recorded here, or you are not satisfied with the products

you are using, you have any problem on adhesion, sealant,

coating and insulating etc , please do not hesitate to

contact us. We would be more than happy to answer all your

inquiries, and to respond your specific project requests.

Chung Chang Rd, Su-Lin, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C.

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for Electronic & Electrical resins series

It can resist least 15 KV even at 1 mm thickness.

Good adhesion properties to most materials.

Cured products exhibit good resistance in high

4. Good protection of design secrete

Cured products perform high-durometer, not easy to

good fluidity, low temperature curable

low temperature curable, good adhesion properties

fast cure, short term high temperature resistance

screen printable, good adhesive to glass

fast cure short term high temperature resistance

non-sag, good heat resistance (180oC)

low viscosity, high transparency, for metal surface

high elongation strength, impact resistance, good

good electrical properties, low reactive energy,

UL94V0 approved, high voltage resistant, high

high voltage resistance, high thermal conductivity,

suitable for high volt ignition for motor-vehicles

good softness, for very tenuous lines potting and

UL94V0 approved, soft potting, suitable for

cold-resistance, good flexible, suitable for

Easy handle, electronic & electrical components

216-2, Chung Chang Rd, Su-Lin, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Taggedclear doming resinClear doming resinsDomed coatingdoming chemicalepoxyEpoxy doming resinsPolyurethanePolyurethane doming resinspotting and encapsulating compoundPU doming resinssiliconethermal compound

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