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Address Labels and Cover-Up Stickers

Why are rectangular labels the most popular sticker shape?

Sticker applications are almost endless. If theres a product to be sold or a message to be told, stickers and labels do it. ¬†From corporate giants to work-from-home enterprises, from large bakeries to home bakers, everyone needs stickers or labels at some point. The reason is simple: stickers are a great way to promote and sell your product or brand. Labeling your product or service is a fundamental step to growing your business. Obviously, your product or service must be good enough to win customer support, but without stickers or labels, customers wont know or remember what product they bought and liked. Theres a good reason that successful companies brand their products with labels –

While some companies print directly onto their product or packaging, labels and stickers are still the most widely used packaging product around. Overall, labels and stickers provide greater flexibility, quicker production times and lower costs than printing directly onto primary packaging like the product jar, bottle or container. Changing label or sticker specifications is also a less costly and time consuming process than changing your primary packaging.

Address Labels and Cover-Up Stickers

Labels from The Sticker Shop in Randburg, Johannesburg. Stickers designed, printed and delivered throughout South Africa. Fast production on all digitally printed vinyl stickers.

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