Previous Balance financial definition of Prevus Be

Method of calculatingfinance chargesbased on the account balance at the end of the previous month.

Anaccountingmethod in whichinterestowed on a good or service is calculated based on what is owed at the end of the month. Mostcredit cardscalculate cost and interest on top of thebalanceat the end of the previous month. Payments on instruments that use the previous balance method are due at the beginning of the month.

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According to these documents, the Sindesarkhurd Mining Development Project of HZL, which was at an advanced stage of planning for the production of 81 million tonnes of geologically proven ore reserves of zinc, lead and silver, clearly indicated in the

sheets of the company, was not considered in the valuation of Hindustan Zinc Limited during the initial stake sale to Anil Agarwal- run Sterlite Opportunities and Ventures Ltd ( SOVL).

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, requiring adjustments in applied charges.

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because of the combined venturi forces from the two separate lip openings.

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