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Direct to garment [DTG] printing is where the image is directly digitally printed on to the garment fabric.With the DTG process, we can print full colour images making it a quicker process for smaller runs. Thistype of process is really great for one off events, small quantity orders with tight budgets.

We use a commercial grade Direct to Garment digital printing machine.This provides you with vibrant prints on light and dark coloured cotton t-shirts, and the print is long lasting even after numerous washes.

We are a local independent Australian company who strive to produce professional quality and bespoke printing. We proudly print and manufacture our products in Australia.

We offer a range of customised printed products for you business or personal use to fit any budget, style and occasion.

We create a variety of items from t-shirts to vinyl stickers, doming services, golf balls to tees and towels… the list is as limited as your imagination.

We can create a custom look for your next social golf day or you can print things just for you.

See the variety of options we have available.

3D Doming transforms the look and feel of a two dimensional surface into an impressive three dimensional object that enhances the value of the product. The end result is stunning.

We have a variety of items that can be domed to give your product that sophiticated edge.

Everyone loves items custom made for them. At The Printing Circus, we can print on a variety of products and customise them for any occasion. From sporting apparel to packaging and poker chips.

We have done a number of jobs for social golf clubs and corporate days. T-shirts and apparel for corporate businesses and local sporting teams.Our service is perfect for short runs. We offer a range of products to suit any budget.