How to Clean Dry Erase Boards 10 surprising tricks

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How to Clean Dry Erase Boards: 10 surprising tricks.

It is the bane of every teacher and public speakers existance dry erase marker stains that wont come off your dry erase board. EXPO & Quartet make  greatdry erase board cleanersthat get rid of stubborn stains, but if you dont have any on hand, there are a surprising number of products found in nearly every home and maintenance supply closet that should do the trick.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers are better than natural sanitizers at cleaning your dry erase board better atkilling germs on your handstoo.

Of course, once youve used coffee grinds to scrub off dry erase marker stains, you have to turn around and clean off the brown coffee residue. Still, works in a pinch!

Do you have any tips and tricks for keeping your dry erase board looking new? Wed love to here them. Share your advice in the comments.

Non Acetone nail polish remover worked fantastic. had old perm marker on it and it just washed away and did not seem to harm the board at all. I am glad the GF had a bottle on the bathroom sink. (not going there!)

Haha! That stuff really comes in handy even if you dont paint your nails, doesnt it?!

Alcohol worked great for me. No rubbing required. Removed dry erase marker stuff that had sat there for 2 years. Finish was unmarred.

The whiteboard eraser had done nothing.

Those erasers always seem to fall short on actually erasing, dont they? Two years impressive!

i can personally say for myself the alcohol was working but then i added some toothpaste and that sure did work!!

The toothpaste worked great for me. I had blue dry erase marker on a laminated score card. Now I know I should get rid of all my blue markers!

Glad the toothpaste trick worked for you, Lisa!

I wouldnt recommend using toothpaste as it usually contains tiny beads that can scratch the board causing long term damage.

Tried all of the above, + Wesleys White tire cleaner, straight bleach, corn starch. None of which worked. 🙁

Oh no! Thats some bad luck! Toothpaste has worked well for so many others!

Yup, didnt work for me either. Ordered a new board.

Something you might try is an actual old school rubber pencil eraser.

Not the kind on the pencil but the matchbook sized ones.

The friction creates a little heat and then it comes right off.

It does require a little elbow grease on big areas, but for small spots its awesome.

Mr Clean Magic Eraser took off permanent marker that someone used by accident.

Deodorant and non-acetone nail polish remover work too.

Great to know! White boards are no match for this experienced crowd of users!!

Its my understanding that using rubbing alcohol permeabolizes the surface so that any subsequent writing penetrates and will not come off.

Yes! I tried the rubbing alcohol trick and now the new marks will not come off when I try to erase them. So frustrating!!

Little man used the wrong type of marker on his board. After reading the comments, I tried some regular old Crest and it came right off!

Oh little manha! Glad regular old Crest did the trick for his board!

If you just have a few lines of percent marker and not a situation that the entire board is messed up there is a quick and super simple solution. Use a dry erase marker on top of the per entry marker line and then erase, bam the percent marker is gone!

In graphic arts and my print shop there is a spray we use called speciality film cleaner. Its used for cleaning film negatives used to make printing plates.

It not only removes the old stuff but makes the surface like new and new markings come off easier.

Wow thats great to know, Tim! Thanks for sharing!

I tried the Toothpaste thing and it worked , but after writing again it was getting permanent and I cannot apply toothpaste every time so , please provide me a permanent solution for this ,

Toothpasted worked a charm thank you!

I used the purple dry erase from a new set of Crayola dry erase markers to diagram some facial studies for my drawing class. In the previous two weeks I had used all the rest of the colors on other demos, all on my same large white board (approx 3ft x 4ft). However this time, when I went to erase at end of class, it would not wipe off. At all. period. I tried: dry paper towel, wet paper towel, dry erase cleaner, dry erase cleaner/conditioner, glass cleaner, multi-surface cleaner, 409, vinegar, alcohol, mineral spirits, goo-gone, magic eraser, tooth paste, white marker and coloring the purple with another color and wiping off. NOTHING! The purple is still there, strong as ever. I will give hairspray and acetone a chance tomorrow but not holding my breath!

My call to supplier Dick Blick, resulted in them offering me a new set of the markers. Huh? The markers arent broken! How about my ruined white board?

Well you didnt buy that from us so we cant repkace it; we will give you a $15. coupon

Please try a liquid call thinner buy from hardware shop.. i always do that to clean my board..for stubborn stain

I recall reading that to remove permenant marker from a dry erase board, you should write over it with permenant marjar and then quickly wipe with paper towel. So maybe if you use the same purple marker and then wipe. Let me know if it works please.

Try Wrights Silver cream. I used it like I was cleaning silver. Worked like a charm.

When I was in college I got to know the Janitor, she cleaned all the boards twice a week with a mixture of water and dial soap. It worked great for the stains on the cheat boards. I do not know how much dial dish soap to water but she made it by the gallon and just refilled her sprayer.

I sure hope this helps, you next year during the school year.

Thats a great pro tip straight from a professional cleaner! Thanks for sharing, Susan!

I tried all of the above. Nothing worked. I was ready to buy another whiteboard. But I was cleaning my kitchen and decided to use a degreaser called Purple power and worked nicely.

Baking soda and vinegar worked great together.

I used Comet powder cleaner worked great, but after writing on it, the writing will not come off.

I used Norwex Cleaning Paste with damp sponge. A little elbow action added and it did the trick. Call a Norwex rep.

Peroxide didnt work at all for me; it even made that spot harder to get clean. Vinegar and water was pretty good, but still some stubborn spots and then toothpaste worked perfectly! Ill just start with that next time.

Something you might try is an actual old school rubber pencil lead eraser.

Not the kind on the pencil but the matchbox sized ones.

The friction creates a little heat and then it comes right off.

It does require a little elbow grease on big areas, but for small spots its awesome.

Plus with the fine control you have with it, you can put draw a rival sport team logo on a coworkers whiteboard and they will have no way to get it off unless they know to use an eraser.

Once your board is clean rub a little turtle wax on it. It fills in the pores and scratches and keeps the boards cleaner longer (experienced teacher speaking)

Thanks. I was wondering where the second half of the solution was. I will do this next. I finally managed to clean my board with Wrights Silver Cream that I happened to have.

The dry erase marker decided it did not want to come off the board at all. I used just about everything then got a SOS pad after it and it came right off. Yay!

I use a s.o.s soap pad and a little water and if you want also use hand sanitizer with it ! I do it works good for me

3M liquid cleaner wax folks. Itll have the board looking like you just bought it. And minimum effort I might add. Like it was made specifically for that. Youre welcome 😉

I tried 91% rubbing alcohol didnt work. Windex didnt work. baking soda didnt work. Then for some reason I thought of the Wrights Silver Cream I had under the kitchen sink. Worked like a charm!!!

I use a little lemon or orange essential oil on a paper towel. A couple drops does the trick. No scrubbing. Good as new and it doesnt eat away at the white board finish.

Just tried Comet and some elbow grease worked pretty well. Vinegar did nothing.

Tooth Paste is the magical cleaner for everything!

You can write over the old marker (or perminate marker) it works great without hurting the board.

How to keep dry erase bords shiny and clean? Use car wax. Apply with a wet dry rag. Let it dry. It will be filmy and dull. Wipe with a clean soft dry rag til all wax is removed. Bord should be clean and shiny.

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onHow to Clean Dry Erase Boards: 10 surprising tricks.

onHow to Clean Dry Erase Boards: 10 surprising tricks.

onHow to Clean Dry Erase Boards: 10 surprising tricks.

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onHow to Clean Dry Erase Boards: 10 surprising tricks.

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