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With Spectrum, you can extend the power of Cloudflares DDoS, TLS, and IP Firewall to not just your web servers, but also your other TCP-based services, keeping them online and secure.

Cloudflare launches Spectrum to protect the internet beyond the web

When it launched back in 2010, Cloudflare was all about speeding up websites and protecting them from hackers. Today, with the launch of Spectrum, its taking a major step to move beyond the web and into protecting – and potentially speeding up – other parts of the internet.

Cloudflare launches Spectrum to protect almost anything connected to the Internet

For roughly ten years, Cloudflare has made a name for itself by protecting websites against malicious floods of traffic. Now, the company is extending its DDoS safeguards to other services connected to the Internet – like games and email servers, and internet of things (IoT) devices.

Cloudflares Plan to Protect the Whole Internet Comes Into Focus

The internet infrastructure company Cloudflare is adding an Internet of Things security service to its already long list of offerings. And though it that may seem unrelated to the free DDoS mitigation or expanded web browsing protections the company already provides, its another incremental step that helps reveal a clearer picture of the companys overall approach to security.

Abusing Linuxs firewall: the hack that allowed us to build Spectrum

Today we are introducing Spectrum: a new Cloudflare feature that brings DDoS protection, load balancing, and content acceleration to any TCP-based protocol. CC BY-SA 2.0 image by Staffan Vilcans Soon after we started building Spectrum, we hit a major technical obstacle: Spectrum requires us to accept connections on any valid TCP port, from 1 to 65535.

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Data Center Operations, Bass Pro Shops

Matt, any chance that this will be rolled out to long time pro users such as myself? 🙂

@gatewayyWere trying to figure out whats the best way to do that. From the feedback today, it sounds like the preferred way would be a monthly fee to cover the cost of the IPv4 address. Stay tuned.

Data Center Operations, Bass Pro Shops

@thedanigrantI appreciate the update. It would be nice to not have to expose the main interface for application servers while the rest of the domain is behind CF. 🙂

As a Cloudflare user and someone who runs a lot of servers this will be amazing! Hopefully a monthly cost instead of the Enterprise requirement would be great.

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