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Eventually, the content on this page will reside within the Employee Portal that will be launched later this year. Legals web page in the Employee Portal will focus on agreements (contracts, statements of work, memoranda of understanding, facilities requests, etc.). Please excuse any missing or broken links while we work through the transition process. If you have questions about the content on the legal page(s), please contact Tina Nipko, (480) 731-8893.

The Office of General Counsel is implementing a new contracts process that is currently being piloted at Chandler-Gilbert Community College and GateWay Community College. It will soon expand to include Estrella Mountain Community College and Phoenix College. Later this year, CLM will be deployed to all the colleges and the District Office. This is in preparation of delegating some signature authority to the college and to streamline the contracts approval process. All of this fiscal years agreements have been entered in the newContracts Lifecycle Managementsystem. You can log in using your MEID/password to check the status of any agreements you may currently have in process.

In the meantime, below are instructions on how to seamlessly get agreements through the system.

Please review theWritten Contract Standardsto determine when MCCCD needs to enter into a stand-alone, written contract.

agreements should be initiated by an MCCCD employee. Suppliers sh​ould work with the college and/or department that initiated contact to keep the lines of communication clear. If a question should arise on the contents of the agreement, Legal Services will work directly with the supplier to finalize the language but the final agreement will either be attached to the approved requisition or emailed to the college contact, not the supplier.

For agreements where MCCCD pays via Purchase Order, supporting documentation should be scanned and attached to the requisition. Supporting documentation should include the agreement with all terms and conditions (references to online terms and conditions should be included–not just a URL or hyperlink), quote and/or invoice,Privacy and Security Questionnaire for Screening(use your MEID/password to log in), and any documentation required to meet Purchasing guidelines (i.e., competitive quotes, sole source justification, official function, etc.). Check the Legal Review box in FMS when creating the requisition.

For agreements where MCCCD does not pay (or an alternate payment source will cover the expense such as a ProCard), all documentation (including the privacy questionnaire) should be provided in an email toLegal Services.

Signed copies of agreements are either attached to the approved requisition (and sent to the supplier along with the PO) or emailed to the college contact for distribution and follow-up.


In instances where MCCCD signs first, the counter-signed copy should be returned

For auditing purposes, every agreement must include a

Privacy and Security Questionnaire for Screening

(use your MEID/password to sign in).  Agreements will not be accepted without an accompanying privacy form.

In addition, some sup​pliers must provide Certificates of Insurance. Make sure the certificate names


Please ensure the supplier uses the legal acronym and/or full name of the institution.

No other combination of letters or words is acceptable.

Contract for Work Materials and Equipment

Maricopa Learns Through Service (MLTS)

Vehicular Field Training Agreements

Contracts(FY15-16, FY16-17, FY17-18)

Contracts for Professional and Other Services

Instructions for Completing a Contract for Professional Services

Amendment to Contract for Professional Services

Contract for Services(download) REVISED March 2018

Contract for Work, Materials, and Equipment(download) REVISED March 2018

Professional Services Contracts vs. Employment Contracts

Independent Contractor Analysis Worksheet

Insurance Requirements (see alsoRisk Management)

Requirements for External Certificates of Insurance

Insurance Certificate Decision Steps

Indemnification & Insurance Agreement

License to Use Marks – Non-Commercial

License of MCCCD Works for Third-Party Use

License of Third-Party Works for MCCCD Use

Contract for Work, Materials, and Equipment

Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement

MCCCD Employee Microsoft Users Acceptance Contract

International Memorandum of Understanding

International Memorandum of Understanding

Facility Use Agreement State Agencies

Facility Use Agreement State Universities

*Note: The Facility Use Agreements are password protected. The password has been provided to the individuals at each college responsible for facilities use.

Permission to Use Photograph & Quote

Authorization to Release Education Record

Documentation of Loan of Property Form

The following database contains all of our Clinical Experience Agreements, Joint Appointment Agreements, and Vehicular Field Training Agreements.

Please use the request form above for new agreements. For reference only, the following sample agreements are available for download.

Faculty/Staff/Student Confidentiality Agreement

The following are resources for Arizonas Conflict of Interest laws including applicable statutes and hypothetical examples, how those laws apply to MCCCD, how to determine whether or not to contract with current or former MCCCD employees, and how employees are subject to State conflict of interest laws and what they are required to disclose upon accepting employment with MCCCD.

Applying Arizonas Conflict of Interest Laws

Contracting with Current or Former MCCCD Employees

Maricopa Employees Subject to State Conflict of Interest Laws

Disclosure of Substantial Interest Process

(formerly known as Service Learning or Community Partner Placement Agreements)

Experiential Education Partnership Agreement

Experiential Education Partnership Agreement for Public Entities

Experiential Education Partnership Agreement -Student Employed by Agency

This program is available for full-time Governing Board approved employees and specially funded employees. See theCreative Pathways websitefor program information and additional forms.

The following documents are available on theOffice of Public Stewardshipwebsite. Both versions of the form can be completed electronically.

Administrative Regulation on Official Functions

Official Function Form – Adobe Acrobat

Membership Payment Worksheet – Adobe Acrobat

Membership Payment Worksheet – MS Word