Complete list of every full moon in 2018 includg June

Complete list of every full moon in 2018, including Junes Strawberry Moon

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Early this morning the seventh full moon of the year  dubbed the Strawberry Moon  lit our skies, peaking at 05:53.

The first blue moon of the year was a spectacular sight, dubbed thesuper blue blood moon. Falling on January 31, it was the product of three different phenomena: it was a supermoon, a blue moon and a blood moon. While many said it was the first to be seen in 152 years, other contested the fact,leading to a division among scientists.

Stargazers were also treated to two full moons in March: as well as the first full moon on the night of March 1, we saw another full moon on March 31. As it was the second full moon of the month, it was a blue moon  the second of 2018.

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