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Kroger Feedback Survey Participate at

? Before entering there is more things you should know about

We recommend you to go through the below post to know more about the offers and rewards what you get when you take the

Every big companies in USA, have this kind of options to knew more about their quality of their service from the customers. So Kroger also had this feedback option which you could participate at .

In exchange of customers opinion, kroger will reward them with gift cards and other coupon codes. Also you could get a change to participate in sweepstakes to win grand prize.

The Kroger Company founded in 1883 is a retailer which is Americas largest supermarket chain by income. Products sold by Kroger Co are mostly all the products you would find in a Convenience store. Every big company want to monitor their quality of services from their customer.

Krogerfeedbackis a customer satisfaction website where the customer gets to air their views and not only improve the quality of products and services offered but also gets an opportunity to win a Grand Prize of $5,000 in Kroger gift cards or 100 First prizes consisting of $100 Kroger gift card.

Additionally if you are a Kroger Plus Card member you get 50 fuel points for filling out the survey that is at the bottom of the receipt which translates to discounts on Kroger gas. So we recommend our visitors to participate in any of the survey bykroger feedbackfor their customers.

There is some basic requirements to participate inkroger survey. We recommend you to look at the below instructions before participating inkroger customer feedback survey.

You must be aged 18 years and above.

You must be a legal resident of the U.S BUT not residing in Florida, New York and Rhode Island.

You must not be an employee or affiliate of the company.

Your immediate family members must not be working for or affiliates.

You do not require to have purchased a product to win.

You can only do one survey per receipt at .

How to Submit Kroger Feedback Survey:

Did you understand the requirements for participating in the survey? So now lets take up somekroger feedback surveyfor customers. Below we had listed step by step guide on how to take customer survey.

using your internet enabled device.

By referring to your receipt enter the date, time and entry ID (at the bottom of your receipt) and press start.

Enter store number, terminal number and operator as asked.

Answer the next questions as honestly and precisely as possible. They will only take about 5 minutes to complete.

At the additional space, write comments about the quality of your experience.

If you wish to enter the sweepstakes you will have to provide personal information like your name and address. If you do not wish to enter simply state that in the form.

If you are a frequent visitor of Kroger, then you probably know about what Kroger ad really means. Every week, Kroger keeps on informing about Kroger weekly ad on their Kroger outlet. These are special offers promotion on various products at Kroger. We recommend you to visit any of near by outlet.

DISCLAIMER:We hereby declare that we are not by anyway officially related to Kroger or any of Kroger website. This is just a guide to help the users on the steps to enter survey and we hold no responsibility of the users action and we dont hold any authority towards the official website of the company. This is posted towards a firm declaration of the statement that this article and website is solely for the educational purpose only and we are not registered or linked with Kroger Inc in any manner.

We hope these information about kroger feedback survey should help you. So when you participate on survey, be honest while answering the questions. Because your honesty would help kroger to improve their quality of service. Submit your feedback survey atand enter a chance to win sweepstakes by Kroger Inc.

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Taking this survey is a joke. You have to jump around trying to find it. .

Im done with this complicated website! It isnt worth it anymore. You can keep your 10 cent a gallon discount. I can save more by buying at Walmart.

I feel I am getting the runaround! I can no longer pull up the site where I can actually complete the survey to get fuel points. Publix is building a new store in this town as I write this. I look forward to them being open as we will definitely start shopping there!

Yes it is a hassle to find the coupon survey I want. Another complaint I have is I dont get coupons by mail anymore. That seems to have stopped when I began getting on line coupons, which I have dropped for several weeks now, but now I dont get any coupons. On line coupons are spotty because I never re3member expiration dates or quantity to buy.

Locating the correct site to take the survey for fuel points is a pain in the rear, there are so many sites coming which do not have the survey .

100% agree! Hurts Kroger employees who you want to acknowledge!

Agree been looking for survey crazy. Daniel Devling and Jen C. are awesome. Why would you ask people to take survey then make impossible to find.

agree going to the store tomorrow to tell GEORGE, i couldnt rate him a 10 couldnt even get to the site to take the survey

Hi William Countiss: Thought I would tell you you can find the survey link on the bottom of the Kroger website. Took me a while to find it myself at one time. Its under ONLINE SERVICES on the lower right.

this feedback has changed and is frustrqting to use. before all I had to do was type krogerfeedback in and tqke survey to earn 50 fuel points, whats up with all the jargon?

So true. Also, one Kroger site for a gift card puts your name and number out (sells) to SOLICITORS, they start calling before you finished completing. Now trying to figure out how to remove my name and STOP.

Your more recent promotion of surveys in general and team members specifically will end up in text books to illustrate commercial and time wasted will surely encourage many to reevaluate respect for your operation,and become an inexpensive marketing tool for Safeway,Walmart and others. Great going

I agree with Merrick. Before, all I had to do was type and could easily access the survery.

Now, I try numerous options available to select from without success. Why complicate the procedure? Ron

I have tried to get what used to be a simple contact to the feedback survey now I get dozens of other survey sites and cant open the one for my satisfaction Why could y ou not leave well enough alone

Very Pleased with the Fantastic Customer Service provided by Victoria/Wine Tasting and Chuck/Murray Cheese Bar. Both are very knowledgeable with their products and are always very friendly and make us feel very welcome. Always like their kindness and attention they both always give us.

We had very help from a employee at Ralphs in rancho cucamonga on baseline and haven she was a great help her name is shelbe and works in the meat dept.

Very Pleased with customer service with Victoria/Wine Tasting and Chuck/Murrays Cheese Bar. Both are very knowledgeable with the products and are very friendly. Always like the kindness and attention to us as Kroger Customers.

Great store everything is always well stocked and employees are very friendly.

The trip to Kroger was very good trip. Service was very good.

You have changed things AGAIN., I have no need for a comment at this time. I am just filling in space to make your AI happy. Why do you want a comment? I have no need to leave a comment at this time. You asked for this, I did not.

Im not able enter the numbers after purchase in order to get pints on my fuel

I love shopping at Kroger, since I retired from Krogers 9 years ago

Miranda Austin was the cashier. She was very pleasant and efficient. I have been a Kroger customer for many years and have always been happy with the service and products.

i am not able to fill pout survey for fuel points

Kroger staff has completly screwed up the fuel survey online connection.can u fix simply.

I spent over 2 hours again, trying to get into sign up for fuel points. I will think about this when I shop again

I think the car will go past Kroger and stop at Walmart. I DONT NEED TO FIGHT THESE FUEL POINTS ANYMORE.

Leslie Ann was extremely helpful to me today. Its very rewarding to know that she remembered me from a week ago and was proactive in helping me in the wine section. Very pleasant, warm and friendly. Great customer service.!

I will no longer be shopping at any stores owned by Kroger. I just found out that Kroger made the decision to no longer sell magazines that feature assault rifles. I believe it is poor business when a decision is made to censor media. For starters the people doing the censoring, do they really know what an assault weapon is, plus why not censor other publications that I find offensive. Maybe I am an atheist and find religious publications offensive. This is similar to what Hitler did in the 1930s with his book burning. Kroger is just treading on dangerous ground and I will no longer patronize their establishments. I live in Michigan and shop in Eagle River, Wi. I will be posting fliers in the area making people aware of your unethical practices. By the way I have never bought a magazine about assault rifles. That is my choice not to.

Your site is no longer customer friendly. I have to go through so many different areas that I waste so much time to gain fuel points. At one time it was so simple to bring up the correct site and get it done. What has happened to the previous manner of completing the survey. It wasnt broke, so why try to fix it by complicating it!! So frustrating. I suggest your PR people need to go back to the drawing board and make it consumer friendly.

Kroger: What have you done to the links to the actual survey? Everything searched gets you to the page on how to do it (which is written in terrible English, by the way). You are making it very hard for people to claim their fuel points. This is strike 2. Strike 1 was removing the 10% senior discount on Kroger brands.

For those reading these comments: I finally found it and theres a note on it for the survey! How ridiculous is that? Put directions to the survey ON the survey itself, which you cant find in the first place!

my cashier Krishan was very friendly and polite. A very pleasant personality.

I agree its very hard finding the right site to fill out the survey and Im just about to say forget it.

every time I post a comment this page puts me right back to an error message, asking for comment again. This frustrating I just was looking for the site where I could do the survey, but its hard to find. I think Ill just quit trying.

No more surveys for me (a previously loyal customer). This is one giant headache to even find the site.

Finding the Correct site for the survey is a pain in the rear!

Finding the right site if I didnt know better you are doing this Kroger.

Why is it so dam hard to take survey can not get there

I shop at Kroger but for some reason when I have purchased the 6 items and save, it does not always credit the item with the cents off. I might some but not all 6 to get the sale price.

Agree totally; Kroger is my favorite grocer but will reconsider and use Walmart fuel cards before going around the world to get fuel points.

I want to participate in the survey, but it is quite impossible. Why cant this be simplified and why o why are there so many other sites that say Kroger Survey, but are not part of Kroger. Please get a capable 14 year old to redo your website!!

You got my 15 minutes and I could not find the survey. How about a big red button that says enter survey here.

Way too confusing. Guess Ill head back to Safeway. They keep things simple and have Monopoly. I was trying to help out my 92 year old mother with this and now she is very disappointed.

wouldnt let me take the survey.

I have grown up with Kroger Stores. I have seen many changes over the years that I have been shopping.

I buy all of my food products, pet food, laundry items, Love the sweet isle, home baked goods, my husband loves the cookies, meat dept. is fabulous deals, I could not afford not to shop here. But the most important thing for me is the cleanness floors, shelfs easy for me to reach for what I want and enough of the products on the shelf.

This doesnt happen by it self., you have the great opportunity to employ topnotch people, they know what they are supposed to do. I have made many friends at the Kroger I go to. I visit one friend, Jim in the pharmacy at the Avon store, he is so good to his guest, he has many friends. Check out is so easy, and plenty of smiling employs to help you with your shopping. I just love it..I dont know what I would do without having a Kroger Store in my neighborhood.

Good selection and staff always very helpful.

Wish they had more handicapped parking.



You have changed the site for fuel points cant find it , not worth the trouble .Guess Ill start going to walmart

and get my groceries, there fuel is as cheap as Krogers.

Couldnt get to the survey. Maybe you are false advertising 50 fuel points. Very annoying.

I tried for the last hour, to get the 50 fuel points , but it keeps coming up with with other crap. A few weeks ago, I had no trouble, So why the big change ?

Store was very busy restocking, particularly in the produce dept. So many carts being emptied it was extremely difficult to negotiate. Milk/juice shelves not pushed to the front.

Customer survey forms not available.

Something has changed, I use to submit points all through the month and neve had any problems. Now I can not even get on the right page. Somebody changed something and need to change it back.

I am now a returned customer at the Ralphs Market on Old Grove Rd, in Oceanside. Thanks to Andrea, store mgr, who listened to my concerns and was very courteous and understanding while resolving the issue. Andrea, you are the best, you ROCK! I now look forward to shopping at Ralph;s Market on Old Grove Rd. in Oceanside. CA.

Very difficult to fill out the survey for fuel points these days, why ????


I was at the Kroger at 2301 Rayford rd today and I wanted to get the deal for pies for 2.49 each with a digital coupon. I didnt know how to use an app and I asked a worker named Khloe if she could help me. She was so kind to me and didnt act like I was some stupid old lady. She spent about 25 minutes with me and was so sweet. She helped me so I could buy my pies and also set me up with a new card because my old one wasnt working. This girl deserves a pat on the back. Stores need more people like her.

Why have you made it so difficult to fill out survey for fuel points?????

not even worth the aggravation to find a site with the entry form. this is ridiculous to post 20 different sites and a lot of jargon to try to enter

not worth the aggravation to try to find the form to enter this survey. why not make it simple and just post the form required, rather than 20 different sites and a lot of gobbly gook.

I was unable to complete the survey as the computer did not let me continue. Dollie, two Kellys, Michele and Miles are your best advertisement for customer satisfaction.

I have been a Kroger customer at the downtown store for many years. Always happy with my customer service. Brain was my last check out clerk and as always very friendly and fast. Having been in retail I know the importance of changing the layout of the floor but this change has me chasing to find a product and taking away time from my day. Having a large household this is not is not helpful. Please no major changes for a while.

I have been a Kroger customer at the downtown store for many years. Always happy with my customer service, Brian was my last check out clerk and as always very friendly and fast. Having been in retail I know the importance of changing the layout of the floor but this change has me chasing to find a product and taking away time from my day. Having a large household this is not helpful. Please no major changes for a while.

This is ridiculous!!! Ive tried to do the survey but you cant get to it. You keep getting rerouted to the exact same information above.

Stores great, but whoever is in charge of the survey and sweepstakes lets say they need to find a job that they know how to do. Bad PR folks!!!

Easy to find product,clean store,good prices and friendly checkout

This is ridiculous, I used to always do the survey for fuel points, now you cant even get in it. What in the world did l do to it? forget it too much hastle

Hi, we had another wonderful Hope for the Holidays donation from Smiths this past Christmas. Our Community Food Bank is grateful beyond words for the support and generosity of your organization, not just on this occasion but every week, every month of the year.

I have been the manager of the Virgin Valley Community Food Bank for fourteen years, the help and assistance afforded me and our organization is truly phenomenal. For the majority of these years Alan Rasmussen and Craig Demos have be the store managers, they are always willing to eagerly help me with any and all of my requests. Illustrations of these two men going out of their way to accommodate the needs of our community are numerous and extremely appreciated.

this is hard to do wrong year . You cannot call in anymore get all the survey for what this is hard

I love shopping at Kroger. There are other stores close by in my community but Kroger always is clean & has what I need. However, Trying to find the right survey can be challenging & I hate having to put in all my info at the end. When I put in my rewards number, you should know who I am.

Make it simple for us Kroger if you want feedback. Thanks, Margie

Im tired of trying to enter the survey each week to earn fuel points. It takes me too long to locate the form. Are you deliberately trying to foil any effort to earn these points?

I am having a difficult time getting on the right web site to take the survey

I agree. It use to be so easy to do the survey. Now almost impossible. Why not just do away with it instead of making everyone mad.

It is very frustrating to use the new survey site. I cannot take a survey nor can I acknowlegde excellent employees!

Nice to see you made changes to your web siteNow you cannot get to the site

take me to the survey, this site is annoying!!!!

Cant find the correct site. Too many sites claiming to be the correct site for the survey and they are not! Finding the site is a real pain!

Why do I need to do a survey, to get the points plus findings this site was problem. First it took me to a site that ask for make personal information including my birth date stating I could win gift cards and other prizes. I used one of your web links that took me to that site but once it asked for birth date I deleted all my information.

Did this reply and it still did not did not let me take the survey.

Confusing, confusing, confusing. What a pain in the rear. Not worth my time

Brianne, cashier and Michael who bagged my groceries were extremely polite and customer friendly.

This is totally BS!!! I cant get into your survey site for the fuel points. This is really making me wonder if you even offer the survey any more. Ive gone on every site for Kroger and none of them offer the surveyIm done!!!

I have tried to get the survey and am giving up. If you want us to do this why do you make it so complicated.

Why in the hell are there so many feedback sites! Way too many. Why dont you have just one? I have spent the past 30 minutes or so trying to log in to at least one site but not able to. Plus why should I have to download some kind of PDF form or something on to my computer just to do survey? Never had to before today.

great store low prices and good location

could not find the right site kept taking me back to the beginning

Why cant I just go to the survey to earn the 50 points. Can not find the right link, I GIVE UP!!!

I can never find the link to enter, I GIVE UP!!!!!

This website for fuel points is ridiculous. It gives you 50 place s to bring up the survey and then still doesnt let you enter your information.

I shopped at Kroger in Humble, Texas today and the ID number on my receipt was so dim that I could not take the survey. I was very frustrated today because Heritage Leg Quarters were advertised for 49 cents a pound and when I arrived at the store today around noon, Saturday (which we all know is a busy shopping day), there were no bags of leg quarters out. I asked the employee that was stocking the meat about the advertised leg quarters and was told the store was out. I could accept that, but not his scowl and unfriendly attitude. Poor planning and employee with an attitude. Nothing else to say.

In New Mexico your known as Smith not Kroger.

Unable to get into the survey. Any suggestions.

I cant understand why Kroger has stopped selling Shell gift cards, isnt there a relationship with Shell to get discount on gas?

I was unsuccessful in connecting to the survey on this website.

What is the fastest way to get to the site????? There are way tooooo many other junk sites and online surveys, et.d and when I go to Kroegercom and a the question about survey, it says, not o n this site, so try another one.

What is happening.it use to be so easy. I think management has changed over last few years at Kroeger and I dont like it!!

it is a pain whoever thought this up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it is way to difficult to get into the feedback survey for fuel points. Also there should be a method for people to get fuel points that do not have computors. Lost points because cannotr get into do the surveys.

cannot enter survey if there is NO ID numbers on the reciets for a whole week


What is the deal , it jump all over the internet, I never can find it. to fill the survey. No matter where you click. it take you all around the bush.

This entire Survey is a joke! I am done shopping at Kroger.

Just been hoping for help w/pharmacist tampering (called Kroger over 5 times). Not looking for anything free, except professional service & accountability.

This survey is a joke! I dont want anything FREE or a DISCOUNT..!!! All I want is to know WHY Kroger stores in Henrico, Virginia are OUT of STOCK 9 out 10 times we shop for Popsciles SUGAR FREE, orange, cherry & grape..???

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