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Momentum is our proprietary leading-edge community, content, and analytics platform. It allows brands to connect with influencers, develop authentic endorsement, and access real-time performance data as your campaign propagates across the web.

SheKnows influencers want to lend their authentic voices to create compelling and share-worthy blog and social posts that feature you and your message.

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We are a community that inspires and empowers women to explore and pursue their passions. Our platform enables all women to discover, share and create.  Our focus on quality — of content and of conversation — has earned the trust of more than 79 million women each month on our sites (comScore, September 2016) and blogs and 309 million fans in social.

Our Experts Among Us program features 20K+ demographically diverse bloggers, social media makers, professional writers, credentialed experts, entrepreneurs, and everyday hand-raisers who are eager to advocate on behalf of the brands they love.

Check out the great work were doing with our clients.

We bring your brands story to life.  Withthree video production studiosin New York, Los Angeles, and Scottsdale, SheKnows Media offers in-house creative services to help brands create custom, performance-driven, high-impact ad experiences.  As a part of our commitment to cultivating and mentoring talent, these studios are also available to our Experts as they make original photo and video content.