More on 3D Coins and an Illegal DIY ProductioMethod The Doming Block

Love it or hate it, the U.S. Mintsforthcoming 3D coinseems to be capturing peoples imaginations. And while we previously looked at the cool production methods behind making coinshereandhere, reader Dan pointed out that we were remiss in not mentioningDon Everhart, the U.S. Mint Sculptor responsible for turning Cassie McDonalds baseball design into reality:

Numismatic websiteCoin Newshas a feature up on Everhart, where you can see shots of him sculpting as well as the CNC mill they use to cut the steel blanks.

As for the rest of us who dont have access to such technology, there are DIY ways to make domed coins: Hobbyists and tinkerers use something called a doming block to hammer coins into sweet bowl shapes. Check out how the woman behind theEpbot Geekery, Girliness, & Goofing Off blogturned these pennies into buttons:

A jewelry-making blog called Rings & Things provides more details in theirHow to dap and dome metal jewelryarticle, where they show you this sweet necklace made from a Canadian penny:

This guybanged quarters into domes to pimp his yo-yo designs:

AndInstructables user Seadraggin runs down, step by step, how he turns quarters into snap buttons:

Its on that last Instructables comments section that a party-pooper points out the illegality (at least in the U.S.) of all this DIY fun:

Defacement of currency is a violation of Title 18, Section 333 of the United States Code. Under this provision, currency defacement is generally defined as follows: Whoever mutilates, cuts, disfigures, perforates, unites or cements together, or does any other thing to any bank bill, draft, note, or other evidence of debt issued by any national banking association, Federal Reserve Bank, or Federal Reserve System, with intent to render such item(s) unfit to be reissued, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than six months, or both.

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Rain Noe is a writer and industrial designer based in New York City.

The statute you cite only applies to bank notes (paper money). The Federal Reserve issues banknotes while the US Mint issues coins.

I know this story is a year old, but I have to tell you that making jewelry out of coins is not illegal in the USA. It is only illegal if you change the coin and then try to market it as a coin. I called the Philadelphia mint and talked to a woman who said that also applies to paper money….

But they dont want you melting down pennies and selling the copper and zinc because those raw materials are worth more than the pennies are worth.

Typical government: create something that costs more to make than it is worth, then write a law to prevent people from capitalizing on the fiscal irresponsibility.

What Joe said: Otherwise all the machines that squish your pennies into ovals with whatever kind of landmark youre visiting stamped into it would be equally guilty.

Fear not, crafty DIYers. The statement about the illegality as stated pertains to paper currency. There are Federal laws regarding the defacing of coins for the purposes of fraud, however there are exemptions for the use of coins in art. From e-how:

Federal statue 18 USC 331 states that [w]hoever fraudulently alters, defaces, mutilates, impairs, diminishes, falsifies, scales, or lightens any of the coins coined at the mints of the United States … shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both. The key word in this statute is fraudulently. To sustain a criminal prosecution for defacing a coin, the prosecutor must prove an intent to defraud. An example of defacing with the intent to defraud is removing precious metal from a coin or changing the denomination of a coin.

The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) contains an obscure set of rules regarding nickels and pennies. Code 31 CFR 82.1 states, Except as specifically authorized by the Secretary of the Treasury (or designee) or as otherwise provided in this part, no person shall export, melt, or treat: (a) Any 5-cent coin of the United States; or (b) Any 1-cent coin of the United States. However, the next section, 31 CFR 82.2, specifically allows that the prohibition contained in Â82.1 against the treatment of 5-cent coins and 1-cent coins shall not apply to the treatment of these coins for educational, amusement, novelty, jewelry, and similar purposes as long as … the treatment makes it clear that such treatment is not intended as a means by which to profit solely from the value of the metal content of the coins. Read together, the defacement of coins for artistic and entertainment is not illegal as long as the intent is clear and the consumer is not misled.

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Doming block – definition of Domg blocky The Free Dictionary

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To go below the surface of water or another liquid:

We watched the leaky inner tube slowly sink.

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The road sinks as it approaches the stream.

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The exhausted runner sank to the ground.

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The claws sank into the flesh of the prey.

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A place regarded as wicked and corrupt:

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She sank her teeth into the challenging project.

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a feeling in the stomach caused by hunger or uneasiness

– a descent as through liquid (especially through water); they still talk about the sinking of the Titanic

settlingsubsidingsubsidence- a gradual sinking to a lower level

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founderinggoing under- (of a ship) sinking

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with sinking heart con lamortenelcuore

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Domingo Lunes Martes Mircoles Jueves Viernes Sbado

Dominguez Channel Watershed Advisory Council

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If you want us to establish the datas accuracy.

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You have objected to our use of your data but we need to verify whether we have overriding legitimate grounds to use it.

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The International Harbour Masters Association

The aim of the IHMA is to unite those responsible for the safe, secure, efficient and environmentally sound conduct of marine operations in port waters into one professional body to further the objectives of IHMA.

Worldwide there are approximately 3,000 merchant ports and the work of the Harbour Master can vary widely from country to country and from port to port even within the same country.

The International Harbour Masters Association is the professional body for those with responsibility for the safe, secure, efficient and environmentally sound conduct of marine operations in port waters.

With members in more than 50 countries, the Association brings together Harbour Masters and all those who hold a managerial position in aspects of the control of marine operations within a port.

On 7 August the Unifeeder Group, the largest pan-European feeder and shortsea operator, announced from Aarhus, Denmark, the signing of agreed acquisition by DP World.

At the end of July IMO reported that Mauritius had become the 15th  signatory* to the Jeddah Amendment to the Djibouti Code of Conduct the instrument developed and adopted by countries in the Western Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden.

Join the worlds premier professional body for harbour masters. As an IHMA member, you will receive access to:

The IHMA forum – join the discussion

Details of your fellow members, including their contact coordinates

IHMA has Non-governmental international Organization Consultative status at IMO

As a specialized agency of the United Nations, IMO is the global standard-setting authority for the safety, security and environmental performance of international shipping. Its main role is to create a regulatory framework for the shipping industry that is fair and effective, universally adopted and universally implemented.

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Copyright 2018 International Harbour Masters Association

Join the worlds premier professional body for harbour masters and receive up-to-date information on the industry and access to the members area of the website.

Become a sponsor of the IHMA today and reap the benefits for your business:

Instant access to your services and products for your existing and potential customers

Access to the key decision makers on marine operations in Ports the Harbour Master

The opportunity to showcase your services and products at an international congress every two years

Be a part of the future of a vibrant, respected, professional and influential maritime organisation…IHMA

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, ex vix insolens oportere accusamus, mea nulla aliquip virtute id, et commodo debitis voluptua mel. Vel ut doming scaevola, habemus gloriatur elaboraret ei pro.

OMC International (OMC) is a specialist company providing consulting services and operational systems to the international maritime industry.

How and with who will the ship of the future communicate?

This is the question that industry, ship owners and managers, ports, nautical service providers, university and research projects will seek to answer in this biennial EHMC seminar.  The day will include live demonstrations of industry products and a visit by boat within the Port of Gothenburg that will also take us around the harbour area.

The Swedish shipping industry has recently been labelled a role model for the global shipping community because of the work being done to reduce emissions.  The Port of Gothenburg is not only Swedens, but moreover Scandinavias most important gateway for goods, cruise and passengers.  The hinterland includes three capital cities – Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm and almost 3o per cent of Swedish foreign trade passes through the port.

For further details please contact the EHMC Secretary, romers.

The 2017 seminar was a first in the history of our Committee, as it was held in the Moroccan port of Tanger Med. This was a consequence of the previous seminar in 2015, which was held in Marseille and where we reached out to our North African colleagues who are Harbour Masters, Port Captains and their deputies.

Tanger Med has built a leading hub port on the south shore of the Strait of Gibraltar. Beginning service in July 2007, the Tanger Med port is now operating amongst the worlds leading ports.

Le program complt du jeudi et vendredi 11 et 12 mai, sminaire EHMC, Tanger Med

The full program for the Thursday and Friday 11 and 12 May 2017, EHMC seminar, Tanger Med

On the occasion of the 2015 seminar in Marseille, we reached out to our North African colleagues who are Harbour Masters, Port Captains and their deputies.

Le sminaire biennale de l EHMC est un vnement sur deux jours qui permet aux Commandants des port Europens de se rencontrer pour se connaitre et changer sur des sujets dintrt commun.

le Marin, lhebdomadaire de lconomie maritime

Le gigantisme cause commune des commandants de ports europens

lAntenne, les transports au quotidien

Presentation; Grand Port Maritime de Marseille –

Improve weather forecasts, more accurate navigation positioning, use of tugs, information to masters, improve experience

Presentation; The container ship market in 2015

Ultra-large box vessels: scaling effects in the container trade

senior analyst liner shipping and ports,

Laccueil dans le port des grands Porte-Conteneurs

Presentation; pilotage Marseille Fos

Piloter les plus grands navires dans le port en toute scurit avec deux pilotes et la mise en œuvre du PPU

Presentation; Bigger container vessels; more P&I claims?

Replies from; the ships side, statistics, lessons learned & port installations

Theme; Port expansion, challenges and opportunities

Improving weather and wind forecasts in ports

Text version; Improving weather and wind forecasts in ports

Presentation; The Mariners Handbook

What is the maximum draught that can fit into the port?

Full program EHMC seminar, in English

The full program of the seminar, 28 May, and the technical visit on 29 May

Programme complte du sminaire EHMC, en Francais

Le programme complte du sminaire le 28 mai et de la visite du port et cocktail le 29 mai

Presentation brochure Marseille Fos; Global Port & Multi-Activities

Adapting to changes; ships using LNG as fuel, reporting through a Single Window

Andreas Mai has hosted a triple E-event in which one day knew the EHMC seminar, a second day was dedicated to the Green Efforts project and a third day to an ESPO MAS meeting. The EHMC Seminar was about;

For LNG marine fuelling and bunkering there is without doubt a very fast growing interest; studies by class societies even show a parallel in the development of LNG as a fuel with the changeover to oil as a fuel some 100 years ago (see for documentsunder the heading LNG). One may easily loose the overview these days of all developments, feasibility studies and political demands.

The implementation of the EU Reporting Directive in June 2015

Same applies to the implementation of the reporting directive that can be viewed as a compulsory introduction of electronic communication in the European maritime world.

LNG Infrastructure Development in European ports

LNG as a fuel for ships, Activities in the ports of Bremen

Bjela König, Port Development Bremenports

Bjela König, Port Development Bremenports

Simultaneous LNG bunkering and passenger operations

Capt. Henrik Cars, Harbour Master Port of Stockholm

LNGissues to be considered by Harbour Masters

IT in ports -supporting business processes – since the 70s

Directive on reporting formalities, implementation in Germany

Uwe Kraft, deputy harbour master Bremen/Bremerhaven

Data collection and reporting esp. for smaller companies

Please find here the full program for the EHMC seminar on 17 April 2013.

The participants that registered for the EHMC seminar on 17 April so far.

EHMC seminar and Bremen events April 2013

Flyer with all information about the events, venues, hotel and travel. Digital version.

The Safe Port; information and education

When and how can Harbour Masters consult the SafeSeaNet system?

UK Certificate of Competency for Harbour Masters

Bachelor and Master degree for ex-seafarers aiming at a higher university degree

EHMC and the ESPO Maritime Affairs & Security Committee

EHMC film on Safe Mooring the Missing Link, improving the mooring process

IHMA Nautical Port Information Project

How do we improve IHMAs professional standing, members involvement and members benefits

The IHMA constitution sets out the establishment of a region of the IHMA, the committee role and authority, its formation and management.

On 7 August the Unifeeder Group, the largest pan-European feeder and shortsea operator, announced from Aarhus, Denmark, the signing of agreed acquisition by DP World.FIND OUT MORE

At the end of July IMO reported that Mauritius had become the 15th  signatory* to the Jeddah Amendment to the Djibouti Code of Conduct the instrument developed andFIND OUT MORE

The Unifeeder Group becomes part of the DP World Group

On 7 August the Unifeeder Group, the largest pan-European feeder and shortsea operator, announced from Aarhus, Denmark, the signing of agreed acquisition by DP World.

At the end of July IMO reported that Mauritius had become the 15th  signatory* to the Jeddah Amendment to the Djibouti Code of Conduct the instrument developed and adopted by countries in the Western Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden.

Vesuviuss big daddy supervolcano Campi Flegrei near Naples threatenEurope

Two thousand years ago Mount Vesuvius destroyed Pompeii. Today, a larger, far more deadly supervolcano lurks on the other side of Naples. If it erupts, Campi Flegrei could wipe out all life in Europe. So why are British scientists battling the Italians for the right to poke at it with drilling rods?

The Campi Flegrei caldera is a supervolcano. While a new eruption here would be more likely to result in the creation of another Vesuvius-like cone, the worst-case scenario could see it obliterating much of life in Europe

It begins with a swarm of 1,000 small earthquakes that ripple under the pavements of Naples. Air-conditioning units fall from the sides of buildings and tiles slip from the walls. Inside the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanologys control centre, a bank of screens indicates that the quakes arent being generated by the giant Mount Vesuvius, which looms over the city.

These quakes are coming from something far bigger, from one of the largest and most dangerous volcanoes in the world: the Campi Flegrei caldera. Vesuvius, which destroyed the Roman city of Pompeii, incinerating and suffocating thousands, is nothing more than a pimple on the back of the sleeping dragon of Campi Flegrei, an active four-mile-wide sunken volcano. A call is quickly put through to Civil Defence and the Italian Ministry of the Interior: the city must be evacuated immediately.

A short distance away, the ground around the ancient town of Pozzuoli is stretching, swelling, doming. Fumaroles vents emitting columns of steam rich in CO2 open up in the broken Tarmac. Four-and-a-half miles below the surface a bolt of magma has escaped the main reservoir and is rising upwards, changing and solidifying. As it reaches groundwater, its converted into a sponge-like stone. As the water boils away it feeds critical amounts of gas into the sponge, and the pressure builds until finally it explodes like a malfunctioning boiler.

The view across the Gulf of Pozzuoli – much of the Camp Flegrei supervolcano lies beneath the sea here

Hundreds of billions of cubic feet of volcanic rock blasts up into the atmosphere: an explosion 200 times greater than that of the Icelandic Eyjafjallajökull volcano, which brought chaos to Europe, grounded planes in the UK for a week and is said to have cost the world economy in excess of 3 billion.

Back on the streets of Naples, its too late to run. Bumper-to-bumper traffic comes to a halt as drivers grind on their horns. They watch helplessly as a boiling black cloud of hot gas and rock rolls over the horizon at hurricane speed, suffocating everything in its path. In this area inhabited by millions, built in one of the most dangerous volcanic regions on earth, all life is over.

The Campi Flegrei caldera is a supervolcano. Although theres no picture-postcard volcanic cone, hidden beneath the seemingly placid landscape lies a volcano of immense power. While a new eruption here would be more likely to result in the creation of another Vesuvius-like cone, the worst-case scenario could see it obliterating much of life in Europe.

In this eventuality the Earths surface would swell and crack and a series of small eruptions would cause the four-mile-wide caldera floor to collapse into the larger magma reservoir, which would in turn push more magma to the surface.

The last time the ground gave way like this, 39,000 years ago when the caldera was formed, it created the cliffs that the postcard town of Sorrento stands on now volcanic deposits over 300ft deep. If the same kind of eruption happened today, this part of Italy could cease to exist, and the ash clouds would blot out the Sun and lower the Earths temperature. Life in the UK as we know it would end. We would lose our livestock, crops and three-quarters of our plant species, plunging us into a new dark age of rioting, starvation and perpetual winter.

Now an international team, including scientists from the UK, wants to drill down inside the caldera to try to better understand exactly why part of it has risen 10ft since 1969. The area at the epicentre of the swelling has seen whole streets of houses crumble and collapse. The threat is imminent. The last time the ground rose like this (between 1430 and 1538) there was an eruption that caused the formation of a new volcano.

Geophysicist Renato Somma at an abandoned building destroyed by sulphurous deposits from the caldera

Key to the operation is British volcanologist Chris Kilburn, from University College London, who lived in Naples for 20 years. Hes part of a long tradition of UK volcanology, which stretches back to the grand tour of the 18th century, when Sir William Hamilton provided some of the first scientific observations of Vesuvius. The UCL group are now world leaders in rock physics especially in understanding how the Earths crust deforms and breaks which makes Kilburn a vital member of the drilling team.

Right now we may well be in another period of uplift, he says. If it occurs as before, we might expect another 60 years worth of unrest, and possible earthquakes and eruptions, with two or three more episodes and uplift to occur in the next ten years. We have to presume we have a few more decades of unrest, and if this is going to be the case, then we have to get more data about the volcano now.

Kilburn and the other scientists work may well be crucial if the people of Naples and the rest of Europe are to avoid another Pompeii scenario. Yet despite the urgency, the mayor of Naples has just dramatically halted the project. Drilling was to begin this month on the site of the old Bagnoli steel mill, on the eastern part of the caldera, but was stopped following the very public objections of a sole local scientist, who has warned that the drilling itself could actually trigger an explosion that could destroy the city.

The people of Naples seem to be damned if they do and damned if they dont, but is it really possible that one simple drill hole could cause an eruption that could end life as we know it in Europe?

Renato Somma, of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology in Naples, pushes the Fiat through the gears as we wind our way through the grounds of a hotel and health club built on the side of the Solfatara crater. Once fashionable, the hotel was used by U.S. Naval officers until a rise in the ground of 6ft led to an earthquake that damaged the base, and saw the U.S. Navy relocate 20 miles away from Naples.

The road runs out, and Somma stops the car beside an abandoned earthquake-damaged building. To our right the hill continues upwards. To our left is a five-a-side football pitch and the valley below. The only curious thing is the colossal plume of steam energetically billowing upwards from behind the pitch. We walk alongside the ground and duck under a loose section of wire fence, watching the steam as it swirls in the wind.

The area where scientists want to drill towards the magma

Suddenly the Tarmac ends and yellow and white volcanic stone cracks underfoot like stale bread. A few steps further and we hit a wall of sulphur, which rolls over us in invisible waves, collecting in our throats and turning our stomachs.

Where once there was green hillside theres now an atrophic scar of sponge-like volcanic rock. At the lowest point of the scar gurgles an inhospitable pool of boiling muddy water, where bubbles of gas rise to the surface and pop like blisters. Somewhere below, magma and water are meeting and making CO2, which filters through the sponge and prevents any kind of plant or animal life from living here.

I tell Somma Im disappointed theres no lava: you see a volcano, you want lava its like a Martini without the olive. He laughs.

This is even more dangerous than the lava flow, he says. Below here we have a risk of hydromagmatic eruption when the magma and water meet you have a more explosive pressure than with magma alone.

Theoretically, if Campi Flegrei explodes, much of the vibrant metropolis of Naples could look like this one day. Somma points out that the site is well monitored, the data fed back to the institutes control centre in Naples. Infrared cameras surround the larger Solfatara crater behind us, while gauges measure the levels of CO2. If these shoot up, and the seismic monitors are detecting earthquake swarms, its probably time to start thinking about putting the kids in the car.

OK, says Somma, youve seen this; now youll see what the locals call the monster. You have to see the monster before you go to the control room!

We trek back to the earthquake-damaged building beside the car. It turns out to be an abandoned indoor swimming pool. Somma is excited: Since the earthquake the monster has grown inside the house!

Hes right. There is a monster. Its as if hell has crept up through the foundations, pushing aside heavy stone floor tiles, bleeding through holes in the walls. Urchins of luminous green sulphur, muted moss-coloured sponges and blooms of red, green and cobalt blue are digesting the building. The sulphurous steam pouring from the hot rock below has deposited a mineral coral and left the air inside dead and sauna-like. Sparrows, which came in here to roost, lie dead on the ground from CO2 poisoning.

Water gushing from a fumarole in the caldera

Giuseppe De Natale, the softly spoken volcanologist leading the drilling project, walks along the bank of 60 LCD screens and explains that each one displays a feed from sensors around Campi Flegrei and beyond.

Tidal gauges measure the true level of the seabed in the Golfo di Pozzuoli; seismographs measure the heartbeats of the volcanoes, picking up any quakes. The line on one of the monitors trembles up and down; these are relatively shallow quakes. If a serious seismic event were to occur, it would be De Natales job to crunch the data and advise the Italian Ministry of the Interior on whether to evacuate the city.

There is always a possibility of further eruptions in our lifetime, says De Natale.

The problem is that Neapolitan people are conscious of Vesuvius, but few of those who live in this area know about the caldera, or that all of this land is volcanic. Vesuvius is small compared to the caldera, and in my opinion the caldera presents a greater risk. Vesuvius is surrounded by a lot of people, but has nowhere near the population density of Naples.

The monitoring activity at the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology

De Natales plan is to drill to a depth of two-and-a-half miles using a team from the International Continental Scientific Drilling Programme (ICDP) and their InnovaRig, a state-of-the-art semi-automatic modular rig that can switch drill heads mid-flow to read temperatures and take core samples and gas readings, before switching back to a plain old rotary drill head to continue the job of boring down through rock. Drilling no deeper than two-and-a-half miles will put the drill head around two miles above the magma reservoir.

This far down, the rock is no longer heated by water (which doesnt exist as a liquid at this depth), but solely by the magma. Measuring the rocks residual temperature will therefore give the scientists a better idea of the depth and size of the vast magma reservoir below.

De Natale explains that there are four major benefits to drilling, all of which will help the people of Naples avoid a similar fate to that of the unfortunate people of Pompeii.

First, it will greatly improve scientists knowledge of what has happened here in the past, and of the eruptive history of the caldera. Second, they hope it will help them to solve the riddle of what has caused the doming and uplift around Pozzuoli is it pressure from magma and water, or is it expanding rock?

Third, by drilling down they will be able to measure the temperature of this expanding rock and place sensors to obtain a three-dimensional view of the Earths crust.

Finally, it will enable them to remove samples of the rock for testing at a state-of-the-art UK facility. If the doming begins again in earnest they will need to know more about the properties of this rock and how it might behave under different kinds of stress: cracking or subsidence can lead to eruptions.

Soil and rock samples will be flown to University College London, where Chris Kilburn will go to work providing data for new computer models that will recreate the conditions in which the caldera was formed, and should help to predict eruptions.

Calderas have the potential for large-volume eruptions, so its convenient that we understand the relationship between the caldera, the magma and the crust in between, he says.

Campi Flegrei is also flat. And most of the eruptions occur somewhere within a four-mile area. You dont know if its going to be the left side, the right side, the north or the south.

Short-term precursors, like swarms of seismicity or deformations in the crust, may only happen a few days before the eruption, and even then we cant tell whereabouts the eruption is going to occur. This is why dealing with a caldera is one level of complication greater than dealing with a volcano, where the cone is above ground, simply because we have much less of an idea where the magma is likely to come out.

The only thing standing between the 25-strong team of scientists from the ICDP and the pilot hole they need to drill are the complaints of a solitary scientist, geochemist Benedetto De Vivo. Though his arguments arent well supported by the wider scientific community, De Vivo maintains that even a 1,700ft-deep pilot hole could wipe out Naples, and his fears of catastrophe have been widely publicised in the Italian press. Fearing a public backlash, the mayor of Naples has delayed the start of drilling on the site in Bagnoli pending further technical reports.

I ask De Vivo if he really thinks the drilling would cause an eruption. The drilling could cause an explosion not an eruption caused by the supercritical fluids, and could trigger small-magnitude earthquakes. This has already happened in other similar projects in other parts of the world.

Drilling triggered an eruption of a mud volcano, Lusi, in Indonesia, says Dr Dougal Jerram of Durham University. It was very similar to what happened in the Gulf of Mexico over-pressurised material was drilled through, which caused an eruption of that material at the surface. It was hot mud and water, which is a different kind of thing. The difference is that if you drill into molten rock, it doesnt necessarily come to the surface.

If you look at Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland, they have GPS instruments recording all around the volcano. Prior to the eruption those instruments moved specifically to suggest swelling in the shallow parts of the crust which was this magma getting close to the surface, building up and it erupted some time later. Obviously in examples like Campi Flegrei, prior to an eruption of a moderate size, you would see signals on the ground to indicate a kind of swelling.

In the recent past Campi Flegrei has had periods of subsidence and bulging would you go and drill very close to it or drill into it? Probably not. But if the system is very stable, like at the Solfatara, its quite clear that its actively de-gassing. Youve got fumaroles at the surface and you have pressure being released. If you release the pressure in a carbonated drinks bottle, when you shake it up and try and get it to explode again, it doesnt do so quite as violently.

Uli Harms, head of scientific drilling at the ICDP in Potsdam, helped design the state-of-the-art drill that would be used for the second stage of drilling in Bagnoli. Harms once drilled into an unexpected pocket of magma during a project in Iceland in 2009. Far from creating a new volcano, the magma simply came into contact with the drill mud and turned into glass. He says that magma will no more run up a drill hole than water will run up a straw when you place it in a glass of water.

The hole has a tiny diameter, and is pressurised with a kind of mud that lubricates the drill head. It is not an open hole, nor can it be widened to make a volcanic conduit or something like that.

But people have to be clear that the risk in Naples is not the drilling; the real risks are the two volcanoes themselves, Vesuvius and the caldera. They really do pose much more danger.

De Natale is adamant that now we have the technology to help us understand volcano activity, we should use it: the drilling should go ahead.

I live in Naples myself, he says, and like most people here could not imagine having to abandon this land. But we have to be aware of the danger lurking beneath our feet.

The people of Pompeii never had that luxury.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider: Designer Mike Brinker reveals how he made Lara Croft a multi faceted character

Rise of the Tomb Raider Interview: Lead designer Mike Brinker highlights importance of multi-faceted protagonists

Sarri, Emery and Co arrive suited and booted for southern Premier League managers meeting

Chelsea need more firepower, Tottenham desperate for new blood and United fixing up the defence: The problems facing the top sides ahead of the big Premier League kick off (and what they can do before Thursday)

CCTV footage of Ben Stokes brawling with two men before he takes off shirt to cushion head of floored rival is shown in court as injuries of England cricketer and opponent are revealed

Transfer news LIVE: All the latest from the Premier League and Europe as Paul Pogba pushes for Barcelona move

Anthony Joshua doesnt want to fight Deontay Wilder: Lennox Lewis accuses AJ of avoiding blockbuster clash with WBC champion

Cristiano Ronaldo urges former Real Madrid team-mate Marcelo to join him at Juventus and continue their success

Leicester say they will NOT sell Harry Maguire to Manchester United despite being in the market for new defenders

Raiola is trying to get Pogba out of United just two years after pocketing 41m but how does the self-confessed extremist operate?

Ollie Pope will bat at No 4 on England debut against India as captain Joe Root labels him an exciting talent

Manchester United stars rock up for training… but wantaway Paul Pogba is driven in through different entrance as he tries to force Barcelona move

Harry Maguire and Toby Alderweireld are in Man Uniteds sights as Jose Mourinho targets a defensive stalwart… but which one should the Old Trafford club sign?

Chelsea pay 72m release clause for Athletic Bilbao goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga as he prepares to fly to London to complete stunning move

Real Madrid to unveil Thibaut Courtois as new keeper on deadline day as Chelsea seal Kepa Arrizabalaga deal

Manchester United insist Paul Pogba is NOT for sale this summer and deny midfielder has asked for a pay rise amid strong interest from Barcelona

Wolves in talks with Oleksandr Zinchenko after agreeing 16m fee with Manchester City

I spoke to him when his Liverpool move fell through: Olivier Giroud reveals he and Eden Hazard tried to convince France team-mate Nabil Fekir to join Chelsea this summer

Kylian Mbappe, Presnel Kimpembe and Alphonse Areola greeted with tickertape and the national anthem as PSG welcome back World Cup winners

Manchester Uniteds summer signing Fred spotted out house-hunting ahead of Premier League debut on Friday

Chelsea flop Tiemoue Bakayoko set for AC Milan move with Mateo Kovacic on his way to Stamford Bridge

Everton increasingly confident of signing Chelseas Kurt Zouma on loan after talks with Yerry Mina stall

Olivier Giroud vows to fight for his Chelsea place as he reveals team-mates presented him and NGolo Kante with mock World Cup trophies

How the world-record goalkeeper transfer fee has increased, from Phil Parkes to Gianluigi Buffon, Alisson and now 72m Kepa Arrizabalaga

Sergej Milinkovic-Savic is worth MORE than Manchester Uniteds Paul Pogba because he is much stronger, claims Lazio president as he reveals they rejected a 99m offer last summer

Jorginho shows NGolo Kante how to play Sarri-ball by pointing where to run during friendly against Lyon as Frenchman makes Chelsea return

Paul Pogba tells Manchester United he is desperate to leave for Barcelona and has ALREADY agreed 350,000-a-week contract with La Liga giants

Jose Mourinho has shut down the belief of Manchester Uniteds players, says Rio Ferdinand: There is too much negativity coming out at the moment

Manchester United stars rock up for training… but wantaway Paul Pogba is driven in through different entrance as he tries to force Barcelona move

Arsenal will change from Puma to adidas in new 60m kit deal that doubles their money from 2019

Liverpool v Torino, Chelsea v Lyon RECAP: Relive the action as both sides continued to prepare for the new Premier League season

Kepa Arrizabalaga nearly joined Real Madrid but Zinedine Zidane blocked the move now he is set to be Chelseas new No 1

Chelsea 0-0 Lyon (5-4 on pens): Eden Hazard scores winning penalty as Rob Green stars in shootout after goalless draw in the International Champions Cup

Transfer news LIVE: All the latest from the Premier League and Europe as Paul Pogba pushes for Barcelona move

A proud club turns into a franchise: Stan Kroenkes Arsenal buy-out means tradition is kicked into touch

Former World Athletics Championships gold-medallist Nicholas Bett dies in car crash aged 28

Chelsea need more firepower, Tottenham desperate for new blood and United fixing up the defence: The problems facing the top sides ahead of the big Premier League kick off (and what they can do before Thursday)

Cristiano Ronaldo offered Real Madrid return as Juventus are invited to 2019 Bernabeu Trophy to honour his nine trophy-laden years in Spanish capital

Liverpool 3-1 Torino: Roberto Firmino, Gini Wijnaldum and Daniel Sturridge goals see Reds end pre-season in winning fashion after summer signing Fabinho misses early penalty

Wolves in talks with Oleksandr Zinchenko after agreeing 16m fee with Manchester City

Real Madrid to unveil Thibaut Courtois as new keeper on deadline day as Chelsea seal Kepa Arrizabalaga deal

Manchester Uniteds summer signing Fred spotted out house-hunting ahead of Premier League debut on Friday

Jorginho shows NGolo Kante how to play Sarri-ball by pointing where to run during friendly against Lyon as Frenchman makes Chelsea return

Chelsea pay 72m release clause for Athletic Bilbao goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga as he prepares to fly to London to complete stunning move

Bayern Munich star Jerome Boateng tells Jose Mourinho he is no longer interested in Manchester United move

Arsenal takeover Q&A: Stan Kroenke set to assume full control after 600m offer to Alisher Usmanov so why are Gunners fans so concerned for the future at the Emirates Stadium?

From fearless sports moguls to history makers… Sportsmails breakdown of the growing American influence in the Premier League including Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool

Raiola is trying to get Pogba out of United just two years after pocketing 41m but how does the self-confessed extremist operate?

Jose Mourinho goes out for a bite to eat as he ponders who Manchester Uniteds next transfer will be ahead of deadline day on Thursday evening

Cristiano Ronaldo urges former Real Madrid team-mate Marcelo to join him at Juventus and continue their success

Naim Atom: The hifi that will change the way you listen to music

Its eye-wateringly expensive at $2,999, but Naims Uniti Atom is a revelation, an integrated amplifier than makes it easy to stream music at a quality youve probably never heard before.

Apples new iPhone X is a glimpse into the future

After a day with the iPhone X, while Face ID isnt perfect, and the notch is an annoyance, the iPhone X is a glimpse into the future of phones and the best handset of the market by a long way.

Shinola hopes to banish Beats with the best looking headphones around

They arent cheap, but Shinolas $595 foray into headphones are the perfect accessory for design obsessives looking to upgrade their listening habits.

The best Android handset out there: Google Pixel 2 review

With the Pixel XL, Google has created a handset that is not only the best Android device out there, but arguably matches the iPhone 8 in terms of design and feel.

Apple Watch Series 3: The smartwatch that liberates you from your phone

Apples Watch will free you from your phone – while making sure you dont suffer the fear of missing out. Its a huge step forward, and a compelling reason for the average user to buy a smartwatch.

iPhone 8: Why a lack of X appeal shouldnt put you off

While the iPhone X may have stolen the headlines, in fact the iPhone 8 could be the sleeper hit of Apples new range, offering the same power as the X but with features and a design users trust.

Is it really worth paying 280 for Nintendos Switch? MailOnlines verdict

While the design is impressive and easy to use, the game line up is disappointing.

The $1,000 wireless speaker that really IS worth the price: Naim Mu-so Qb review

Naims incredible Mu-So Qb takes you back to the good old days – where the music captivates and enthralls, rather that simply being something in the background.

The best all in one wireless speaker youll ever hear: Naim Mu-so review

It might not be a name familiar to the US market, but Naim is a legendary British brand hoping to make a splash with the American launch of its $1499 Mu:So speaker.

The hi-tech $2,000 spin bike that really could change your life

Pelotons hi-tech bike lets you stream live and on demand rides to your home – and its one of the best examples of fitness technology out there – at a price.

Imagine how upsetting it must be to be uprooted every few days: Fury as police tells residents to find empathy for 200 travellers who invaded their village just days after being moved six miles down road

Murdered midwifes body was found wrapped in a duvet cover in shallow grave with masking tape over her face and EYES, court hears – and cause of death may not be known for six months as experts analyse her neck

Saudi Arabia carries out a rare CRUCIFIXION on a Myanmar man accused of stabbing a woman to death in her home

Guys, why are you single?: Scientists reveal the 43 most common answers to explain why men struggle to find a girlfriend

From better sleep to a flatter stomach and a more sculpted face: The 32 (very) surprising results of spending ten-days on a high-fat, no carb diet

James Bulgers father and uncle win right to challenge killer Jon Venables life-long anonymity after he was twice jailed for child porn offences

Woman is left fighting for her life after horrific sex attack in childrens play area – as man is quizzed on suspicion of attempted murder

Chris Eubank pictured putting his OWN parking ticket on 160k custom Bentley during London shopping trip

Utterly pathetic amateur cricketer who cost young player, 23, his maiden century by throwing ball over the boundary is banned for nine matches for bringing game into disrepute

Why did BBC radio star leave in middle of show? Mystery as Vicki Archers co-host carries on her final show without her after she went off air unannounced – just hours before she was found dead

Mother rakes in 70,000-a-year from her home by selling cut price Louboutins to celebrity fans – and she only needs to work TWO HOURS a day to earn more than her husband

The 10 sex lies men tell: Expert Tracey Cox reveals how to tell a harmless flattering fib from a dangerous untruth that could put you at risk

Remainers stick the knife into Boris Johnson as they pile in to demand he apologise for comparing women wearing the burqa to letterboxes or face being kicked out of the Tories

Revealed: How smitten groom Prince Harry kept thanking Meghans makeup artist on their wedding day for making her look like herself

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Gold Filled & Gold Plated Decorative Oval Bezel Cups

Gold Filled & Gold Plated Decorative Round Bezel Cups

Gold Filled & Gold Plated Oval Bezel Cups

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Artistic Wire Tarnish Resistant Silver

Head Pins, Crimps, Crimp Covers, Wire Protectors, Tags etc.

Gold Filled Head Pins, Crimps, Crimp Covers, Wire Protectors, Tags etc.

Gold Head Pins, Crimps, Crimp Covers, Wire Protectors, Tags etc.

Silver Head Pins, Crimps, Crimp Covers, Wire Protectors, Tags etc.

Larvikite ( Norwegian Moonstone) Beads


Barrelling Units, Compounds, Magnetic Polishers, Grinders

Clamps, Vices & Measuring Equipment & Scribers

Pendant Motors & Accessories, Polishing Wheels

Pendant Motors, Pendant Motor Parts & Stands

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Setting tools, Gravers & Burnishers

Wax & Wax Carving Tools & Equipment

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Chain, Decorative wire, Gallery Strip

Tools and Jewellery making materials

Job Role Jewellery Website Administrator Bellore Rashbel Hatton Garden, London A full-time Website Administrator is required to join a busy and a vibrant team. We are a one-stop jewellery supply shop, selling raw materials, bullion, tools, semi-precious beads …


ANNOUNCING PANTONE 18-3838 ULTRA VIOLET, PANTONE®COLOR OF THE YEAR 2018 Pantone the word renowed authority on color has announced color of year 2018.A dramatically provocative and thoughtful purple shade, PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet communicates originality, ingenuity, and visi…



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