Download EnGenius Locator 102

A handy and reliable tool for managing device IP addresses from EnGenius products in a simple and fast manner without having to directly deal with them

EnGenius is a company that excels in creating powerful access points, client bridges, adapters and phone systems that offer wireless connectivity. The devices can be used in any kind of environment, home or business for indoor or outdoor activities.

EnGenius Locator is an utility that helps you locate devices which are designed by EnGenius. With it you can scan your surroundings and locate ECB3500, EAP3660, EOC1650, EOC261, EOC5610 devices and change their IP addresses without having to access their firmware GUI webpage. In case you need to, the application also allows you to reset them to their default address.

The previously mentioned devices are high power wireless access points, universal repeaters, bridges and one of them even has an incorporated smoke detector.

EnGenius Locator displays a more than comprehensive interface that makes it easy for just about anyone to use it. It provides easy to access features which enable you to search for the devices, change the IP settings and restore them to factory defaults.

When a device is found, the application displays in a table information about its name, operation mode, IP address, system MAC address and firmware version. Its important that you get to view the firmware version of the devices because the application only works starting from a certain one and up to the latest. This way, youll know from the start if you can change the IP address of your device without wasting any time.

In closing, if youre looking to change the IP addresses of your EnGenius ECB3500, EAP3660, EOC1650, EOC261, EOC5610 devices without too much hassle, then you can certainly use EnGenius Locator.