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We always have a flair for one particular thing in our life. Be it music, writing or reading or for any other thing, which depends on the person. But, each of the talents revolves around developing one common thing- money! We all need money for everything and hence any talent that comes out is aimed at earning through it.

Few people have been earning really well, despite their common business ideas and have been living well. How is it possible only for the few, and not for all? Well, those people are the ones who chase their dreams, no matter what and their efforts never stop coming.

So, if you are thinking about starting up a business and want to find a way to finances, then read on. You can actually start a business with smaller money that you might have, only the way you precede matters.

In business financial management is very important, especially in the initial years, before you even start to reap benefits and see some profits coming your way; you need to struggle to invest a little more money and then stay calm. So, to succeed in this part, here are some tips:

Cash is the biggest asset to be handled properly in the business, if not you are sure to be flushed down the drain. Every penny that goes out, every penny that comes in needs to be calculated and taken into account. If you dont take into account the inflow and outflow, you will miss out on payments and important commitment and finally end up hitting the bottom hard, in a way as to not wake up!

Make use of many available resources to monitor your cash flow and make adjustments or changes accordingly.

This is the basic step to be taken by every business owner, you need to monitor your expenses very cautiously and carefully. No unwanted expense and no expense irrelated to the business should be done. Stick to your business plan and process first, later think about the huge office. If the plan works out well, having a smaller office and eating light initially will pave way for great success, you dont need to have a full 4-course meal each day.

Yes, business is always topsy and turvy!Is it a safeinvestment and time worthy option, might be your thoughts!! but, the one who takes risks is eligible for rewards.

Entering into a financial market to earn big money is everyones dream.  The best thing about the financial market now is that anyone can trade through online and there is vast information available on the internet about the organizations, business, political news, economic reforms and so on.  All the information you needed is available online. You need to have the patience to learn everything from the scratch and be well versed in all the matters that are important to trade in the market.

If you are an experienced trader, still you have to keep yourself up to date with the market conditions, future price change, etc.  It is an ongoing learning process. Only people who wish to keep aside some time can do good justice to trading or else you will end up losing money. In cryptocurrency market, you need not have to worry about the time as it has softwares that will do buying and selling for you and it takes the most accurate decisions. It can evaluate the situation and carry out a transaction if the market is favorable.  Crypto VIP club is one such trusted software that is used by many and you can read about atcrypto VIP club review.

Follow the below mentioned quick tips to earn money in the market

You need to be prepared to suffer small losses as a newbie to the industry.

Keep a stop-loss and follow it religiously.

Dont be discouraged, you need to be persistent to excel in the market.

You cannot be an expert in trading in overnight. It takes quite a bit of effort and time.

Whenever you begin trading, it is very much crucial to pick the right brokerage firm. Even if you are trading online, you need to choose the trusted online brokerage firm.

If you are a beginner, you have to create a cash account and not the margin account.

Initially avoid the volatile investment instruments, like options, futures, etc.

You need to concentrate mainly on high-quality stocks.

Never take a decision based on your emotions. And you should keep in mind not to get emotionally attached to the stocks or the instruments.

Always conduct a post-analysis of your trade once the transaction is completed so that it will help you to learn from the mistakes and successes.

You should not listen to the personal opinions and viewpoints of your friends, neighbors, etc. Take a decision based on your study and research.

The very thought of investment hits a person when he is done with all his financial commitments and when he feels that he has some money in hand that can be used for something like this. Investments and investing ideas are probably one of the best ways in which you can try saving some money for your future and family`s happiness for there is going to be a constant income in hand that is rotational keeping the initial investment the same. But this is not something very simple and easy for all and especially for the newcomers in such financial decisions as they need guidance and support. They need advice, a sort of back up for some source guiding them well in such decisions. By this, we do not mean to scare the beginners but is just a caution so that they start with a precaution.

Nowthis website, this blog has come up with some simple ideas and tips that can actually make this step a little relaxed and people, when they decide to follow this would definitely end up making a good investment though not a profitable one.

You have a lump sum in your hand and you invest it in a single window. Do you think this is a good option, a profitable and sensible one? no, atleast for the beginners who are very new to assess the risks hidden in every single asset that gets traded here in this field. So it is always an advisable option to diversify the investment options and this is the best, safe

Generally, the beginners who are new to this field try to gather as much information as possible before they make an entry. But all these are generally the book knowledge they would have gathered. The real test happens only after they place their first steps here. It is only now that there would be too many questions pooling their mind. This is in a way good and is expected from the novice traders. It is these questions that would give them a clarity about this field and hence it is mandatory that every trader gets this literacy before he begins his journey here.

Along with the above two, it is also essential for a trader to get all his ideas and strategies rated and checked by a financial advisor for they would be placed better to check them. Getting things inspected by them would only add value and worth to an investment.

Blockchain technology is the latest addition to the technological inventions, that the world is looking up to. Do you know all about this latest technology that is the backbone of the currency that is virtual in nature and getting so popular and going high in value in a short span of time?

If you know then thats a great move, you are being updated on the science front. If not, then you are among those who fear losses, even before you know it. Well, there is a saying, that fear conquers the greed and doesnt let you grow!! So, if you are looking for growth, let the fear die, or take a step down.

The blockchain is called so because the way it works is like adding up blocks at every step. The basic access to any cryptocurrency is through mining and gaining the reward. mining is a term used to gain access to the virtual money, where the miner (person willing to access) solves a complex computer problem, just like our mathematical puzzle and the miner will add a block to the ledger to leave a chain built. This is a chain that no individual can directly gain access to and manipulate eth blocks and currencies. This whole technological protection system is known as proof of work system.

The ledger in which the details of the miners have currencies are stored in an encrypted format, makes a note of the everything related to a currency. This was the scenario in the earlier years when this mining was the only way to gain access to the virtual money.

But, now things have changed, you can buy cryptocurrencies and trade with them, using different payment modes, like credit cards, physical money and others; though they are expensive options. The good thing about this currency is that the transaction fees are very low. They are easily transferred and transacted.

To deal with these currencies, there are 3 phases that a coin enters:

Once the coin enters a wallet, it stays there until its been transferred or redeemed or exchanged for any other purpose. There are many brokers who deal with trading using these virtual currencies and have been here over the years. But, not all are worth your money, only a few are good, like the bitcoin code, Ethereum code and few more. You canlearn even more hereabout various platforms and brokers who suit your need.

5 days after introducing the iMac, Steve attempts to convince developers that the OS X transition wont hurt much.

07:20. Product review incl. new PowerBook G3 ad at 12:20

24:00. iMac promo video featuring Jonathan Ive WITH hair at 24:37!!

40:15. Funny QuickTime demo (Steve TV)

1:01:15. Carbon demo with Avi Tevanian

1:10:53. Developers (Microsoft, Macromedia, Adobe)

Trading using auto trading software is not easy. At the end you are trusting the software with all your trading money. It is thus important that you take out time and understand how the computer system works and that it executes the trade orders based on your trading style and your risk taking capacity.

If the software is damaged then it could lead to a big loss in your account. You need to take care of some basic things before you decide to trust robotic trading software.

Backtesting is basically where the software is used to test its strategy on historic data. The backtest method shows how the strategy would have performed and if it would have been capable of generating profits. You need good backtesting software to try out the auto trading system that you use.

Which program the software is written in is also very crucial. There are many computer languages and each has its own pros and cons. The most common programing language used are C,C++,Python, Java and Matlab.

The technical indicators that the software uses

There are close to hundreds of technical indicators that are used and this lets the trader decide on which stock to buy or sell and where to enter or exit a trade. There are directional indicators, indictors to let you judge the trend of the current market etc. Robotic trading software uses these indicators to take trading decisions and thus you should be aware of which indicators are used.

The trading software could vary a lot on how easy it is to use them. Some would require you to have programing expertise while others would just want you to click and take trades. Make sure that you decide onSnapCash Binaryor any other trading software based on what your comfort level is. You could ask the trading community to understand which software works in which manner.

Location: Moscone Center, San Francisco

Landmark event in which Steve Jobs introduced the original iPod, spearheading a new era in consumer electronic.

Trading is easy if you know the right way of trading. It all depends on how the trader takes this field. It is different for different traders and everybody has their own point of view about this field and it is this that leads to the different trading experiences of different traders. There are few very easy and usual ways of trading that when taken up would definitely help a trader in achieving success here. Get thefull reporthere.

The classic and the very oldest way of trading is to start slow and proceed steadily. Being hasty and curious here is very usual and common here for all traders who come here for the first time tend to be very anxious in making some money. And it is this swift movements and decisions in this field that would sometimes lead to crashes here. There is actually no hurry when comes to trading for there are going to be opportunities present all the time and the traders can with patience and calmness take up trading here without making any simple and silly mistakes. Investments in blue-chip stocks would help a trader with good returns and he would also be able to have a stable income from such trading experiences.

The other way of trading is where traders would wait for the other traders to leave the market. It is not necessary that all traders have to have their trades here in this trading field when there are all buying options. But a few would also take up this field when the other is actually getting off from here and believe it or not at such times, there have been situations when traders were able to make huge profits. This is what and why we say that every trader has his own way of trading and that he has his own ways of designing trading strategies and plans.

So what is your trading strategy? What are your trading plans for today? Be the first to hit the market with something new.

00:00. Digital Hub strategy & demo (iMove, iDVD, iTunes, image capture)

The tagline of the Event invitation read Hint: Its not a Mac.

Location: Apple Town Hall, Cupertino

The world is going gaga over bitcoins, Ethereum, Dash and few more cryptocurrencies right now. But, not everything is in its favour and not all are against it! The welcome that bitcoin is receiving is tremendous compared to any other technological invention and at the same time, people are paranoid about it.

The digital currency is one and first of its kind and has too many myths and rumours surrounding it. Though it takes a while to break the myth, people who are interested should take up the decision seriously and start digging at it, with the confidence that the coin will give you required profit, in a short span of time; say 2-3 years.

Here are a few common misconceptions, the mental battle that any common man would face, and we have tried to solve them clearly for you.

Will the government intervene and accept the currency as legal?

Well, the cryptocurrency is currently independent and that is bringing a lot of people to it. The freedom its enjoying, without having any governing authority to question, only an association to watch its movement, the currency is gaining more power.

In the coming years, the government might start accepting the currency as legal tender, just like others. In fact, many nations have already accept4ed it as legal, and remaining few are considering it. The main point to note here is that when the currency becomes so powerful that irrespective of the government accepted, people are buying and supporting it; will surely push the governments to make it a legal tender.

They are highly volatile, is it safe to invest?

Well, yes!! Its exactly like any of your entity on the stock market, and stock markets too are volatile and were volatile many decades before too; didnt people invest and create a better future?

The answer lies within you; if you want to grow, you need to take qualitative, calculated risks and put your full effort into it. Though it might be volatile more in trading segments, the contracts that are available are good for long-term investment. There are many platforms andBitcoin Loopholeis one among the few best!

Is there any daily real case of cryptocurrency usage?

Yes!!! Many platforms have started accepting cryptocurrency as their legal tender and are encouraging others to do it. The main reason is that the digital currency has more benefits than demerits.

The low transaction cost, easy access, tough security in accessing others coins, encrypted mode of saving in the wallet and highly appreciating value are few among the many benefits that the currency is giving.

Steve Jobs NeXT presentation in San Francisco (1990)

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Keynote excerpt where Steve Jobs introduces new products and showcases his vision of the future interpersonal computing.

Steve Jobs presents NeXTs vision in Tokyo (1990)

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Excerpt of Steve Jobs NeXT keynote presentation in Japan.

Investments, especially in trading should not be taken as a fun activity; they need to be considered seriously especially when a huge sum is deposited into them. These investments should be considered from a long-term revenue point of view and it is this that would fuel a trader`s trading thoughts and interests. Trading is a good and advisable field for making long-term investments. There are of course good and bad times here which is something inevitable anywhere. Trading is beyond all these wherein a trader not only learns to invest money into some fruitful sources but also learns to swim through the tough times.Discover more hereabout this field before making any big decisions.

Steve Jobs previews NeXTSTEP 3.0 at NeXTWorld Expo (1992)

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During the first NeXTWORLD Expo, Steve Jobs previewed NeXTSTEP 3.0 and some hardware.

Steve Jobs previews Toy Story Siggraph (1995)

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Steve Jobs speaks technology and Pixar at SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group on GRAPHics and Interactive Techniques).

Note: Clips of Toy Story have been removed due to copyright infringements.

Location: Los Angeles Convention Center, Los Angeles

Steve Jobs previews WebObjects at Object World (1995)

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Following NeXTs shift from a hardware to a software company, Steve Jobs presents NeXT strategy at Object World. NeXT is near the end of the line and you can feel it in Steves lackluster performance.

06:10. OPENSTEP & dOLE for Windows NT & demo

Amazing keynote in Q&A form where Steve, still a consultant for Apple, shares his, strong, opinions.

21:15. Build amazing apps Read More

OS X Strategy revealed WWDC (1998)

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5 days after introducing the iMac, Steve attempts to convince developers that the OS X transition wont hurt much.

Investments have a lot of options and there are a lot of different windows in which a person can make his investments. One such very reliable and profitable option is trading. This is like any other option and after having afull reviewabout a particular trading website, a trader can with trust enter this field.

07:20. Product review incl. new PowerBook G3 ad at 12:20

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Steve Jobs introduces new PowerBooks before giving extensive demos of OS 9 and showing an early version of OS X.

04:18. Dragon Systems CEO (Janet Baker) Read More

Steve Jobs declares OS 9 dead WWDC excerpt (2002)

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Steve Jobs presides a hilarious mock funeral for OS 9 at WWDC 02.

Location: Moscone Convention Center, San Francisco

OS X Panther & Power Mac G5 introduction WWDC (2003)

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Kickass keynote where Steve Jobs previewed OS X Panther and introduced the mighty Power Mac G5.

09:10. OS X 10.3 Panther preview & demo (New Finder, iDisk, Expos, FileVault, Mail, Pixlet, Preview, Fast User Switching, FontBook, iChat AV) Read More

OS X Tiger & 30-inch Cinema Display introduction WWDC (2004)

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Steve Jobs previewed new features in the upcoming OS X Tiger and wowed the audience with a new stunning 30-inch Cinema Display.

00:00. Update on Apple (Digital music video @ 07:43)

11:50. Apologies G5 not at 3GHz as promised

14:01. New 20-inch & 23-inch Cinema Displays introduction Read More

Switch to Intel & Podcasting introduction WWDC (2005)

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Landmark event where Steve Jobs announced the switch to Intel processors and made podcasting mainstream.

00:00. Update on Apple (WWDC, Retail, iPod, Podcasting)

12:12. Update on Mac & OS X Tiger Read More

Historic keynote in which Steve Jobs introduced the iTunes Music Store, changing forever the way people get their music.

When Steve Jobs announced the iTunes Music Store, the shift to digital music was already started. But no existing solutions were compelling enough for users to drop their music CDs in favor of mp3s. It was a complex world of Digital Right Management and small online music portfolios. It sucked.

iPod 3rd generation were also introduced.

25:16. iTunes Music Store introduction

55:48. iTunes Music Store video iTunes (with Iann Robinson)

Location: Apple Town Hall, Cupertino

The iTunes Music Store single handedly changed the business landscape of the music industry. Its one of the most important Apple product ever introduced. (Watch Apples top 10 product announcements)

Some of the reliable trading systems in the trading field have brought in a revolution in this field and they have made a big difference here by bringing a lot of unique and beneficial things for the traders and their trading efforts.Bitcoin loopholecan also be used to have good trades in this field.

The revolutionary store allowed users to quickly find, purchase and download the music they wanted for just 99 cents per song. Steve Jobs accurately prophesied:

Consumers dont want to be treated like criminals and artists dont want their valuable work stolen. The iTunes Music Store offers a groundbreaking solution for both.

iTunes Music Store impressive growth. (click to enlarge)

Initially, the iTunes Music Store featured only 200,000 songs from the big 5 music companies: BMG, EMI, Sony Music Entertainment, Universaland Warner. Thats a far cry from the 26 millions songs available today (2013). And it only worked on the Mac until a few years later when a Windows version was released. With millions of songs in its catalog, it quickly became the best place to find music and overtook WallMart as the 1 music store in the world.

The ability to browse the entire music store by genre, artist and album combined with a free 30-second high-quality previews of every song was amazing. It let users explore music in an entirely new way, to easily find the hits they loved and discover gems theyve never heard before.

The iTunes Music Store helped Apple sell more iPods and brought the Apple brand in contact with even more people. One didnt need to own an Apple product to purchase songs.

The lessons learned with the iTunes Music Store served Apple to start many other online activities and products. Its responsible for the creation of the Apple TV. But more importantly, the creation of the App Store.

Note: The following story is an excerpt of Jon Snyders article on . Its based on the book The Perfect Thing: How the iPod Shuffles Commerce, Culture and Coolness written by Steven Levy and available on m

Between the mid-1980s and late 1990s, the media were undergoing a massive conversion from analog to digital. The music industry hated it.

Online Music Celeb: Shawn Fanning founder of Napster

Much to the chagrin of the Recording Industry Association of America, internet users quickly caught on to digital music as a free alternative to paying for albums. In fear of declining album sales, record labels filed lawsuit after lawsuit against online  for hosting digital music. Clearly for the recording industry, change wasnt easy.

In stepped Steve Jobs. The Apple CEO harbored a vision in 2002 of an online music store hosted by Apple that would be easy to use, complete in selection and reliable in performance. These factors, Jobs thought, would be enough to convince customers to pay for something they could otherwise obtain for free illegally. The store, then, would enable record labels to compete with pirates rather than pursue a futile attempt to destroy them.

But in order for online music to work, Jobs believed his store would have to allow customers to purchase music in a completely different way:a la carte.Convincing labels was hardly easy.

When we first approached the labels, the online music business was a disaster, Jobs told Steven Levy, author ofThe Perfect Thing. Nobody had ever sold a song for 99 cents. Nobody really ever sold a song. And we walked in, and we said, We want to sell songs a la carte. We want to sell albums, too, but we want to sell songs individually. They thought that would be the death of the album.

Jobs started his talks with the big players first: Warner Music and Universal. Apple flew the firms teams up to Cupertino, California. In a boardroom at One Infinite Loop, Jobs proceeded to present his plan.

Jobs first reeled in the labels with one crucial proposal: Apple would sell songs through iTunes, music-player software that was then available only for Macs. After all, how could Apple, whose Mac operating system held only single-digit market share, ruin the record business if the iTunes Store took off?

After a series of long and painful negotiations, the two labels ultimately agreed they would play, but only after Apple agreed to bake in some restrictions (aka digital rights management): iTunes-purchased songs would be limited to being playable on three authorized computers, and a playlist could only be burned on a CD seven times.

Labels BMG and EMI soon followed, and later Sony hopped on board. Apple opened the iTunes Music Store on April 28, 2003, with 200,000 songs. (Simultaneously, Apple released its third-generation iPod.) In the first week, iTunes Store customers bought more than a million songs. Six months later, Apple convinced the labels to allow iTunes to be shared with Windows users.

By now,The iTunes Store has expanded to include movies, TV shows and the App Store providing third-party software for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad customers. To date, the iTunes Store has served more than 25 billion songs!

Complete list of every full moon in 2018 includg June

Complete list of every full moon in 2018, including Junes Strawberry Moon

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Follow the topics within this article

Early this morning the seventh full moon of the year  dubbed the Strawberry Moon  lit our skies, peaking at 05:53.

The first blue moon of the year was a spectacular sight, dubbed thesuper blue blood moon. Falling on January 31, it was the product of three different phenomena: it was a supermoon, a blue moon and a blood moon. While many said it was the first to be seen in 152 years, other contested the fact,leading to a division among scientists.

Stargazers were also treated to two full moons in March: as well as the first full moon on the night of March 1, we saw another full moon on March 31. As it was the second full moon of the month, it was a blue moon  the second of 2018.

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Winter sex produces skinnier babies who never have to worry about their weight, study finds

Cancer-causing gene may have jumped from plants into humans

Not so black and white: zebra stripes do not keep them cool, study finds

Car cabin pollution scare prompts calls for new air conditioning rules

Electrifying photographs of storms… taken by a pilot at 40,000ft

Charles Darwin was an animal rights activist who campaigned for humane traps, new papers show

Vampire squid, bat caves and sloth pheromones… Inside the Natural History Museums darkest exhibition yet

HIV vaccine on horizon as jab triggers immunity in humans and stops monkeys being infected

Selfie babies: Egg clinic to match would-be mothers with donors who look like them

Nearly every GP surgery is missing a doctor, warns Royal College of General Practitioners

Mystery of Charles Darwins flying spiders solved – they harness electricity

Biodegradable plastic made from tree glue could be on shelves within five years

Worlds first test-tube rhino created to bring back sub-species from extinction

Scientists sew trackers to Asian Hornets to find and destroy nests before they kill honeybees

Cannabis is beneficial for some conditions, Chief Medical Officer concludes

Obesity epidemic could fuel loneliness, as scientists find a genetic link

Cave spiders, PTSD and free-timing – the physical and mental turmoil of being trapped underground

Birth of a planet captured for first time as gas giant bigger than Jupiter swirls into existence

Volunteers to be infected with powerful strain of flu to make vaccine better

The coming immunotherapy revolution is our greatest hope yet for defeating cancer

Air pollution causes nearly 15,000 cases of type 2 diabetes in UK each year, study suggests

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How to Master SCRABBLE Win Every Game SCRABBLE

SCRABBLE. To some its just a game, but to me its life or death. Well, not really, but it feels that way anyway. On a normal weekend, a game becomes much like Jon Thomas friendly game of death Scrabble.

When Im playing a game of SCRABBLE, my friends are not friends and my family is not family anymore. They are my opponents. They are my enemies. Okay, Im not like this all of the time most of the time I like to teach my opponents how to play. I want to spread my knowledge, but once Ive taught them everything, theyre on their own.

I got addicted to SCRABBLE about ten years ago when I won my first game against my mother (pity her soul). I couldnt stop playing, and I wanted to see how many people I could beat. When I found out there was a SCRABBLE game on the Internet throughFacebook, I quickly signed up. It was called Scrabulous. This online game was just another way for me to get my SCRABBLE kicks, until it got shut down for copyright infringement. My addiction could not be satisfied to the fullest anymore. I could no longer play ten games at a time or watch my ranking get higher and higher. But I was saved

Soon after the shutdown, Hasbro put up their own Facebook application calledSCRABBLE Beta, and what was once Scrabulous is nowLexulous. Due to the lawsuit, Lexulous has changed somewhat from normal SCRABBLE; theres eight letters instead of seven and the board is arranged slightly different. If youre not into Facebook, Lexulous has their ownwebsitefor playing.

If you want to win against all of your friends, whether on Facebook or with the actual SCRABBLE board game, you need to be a master. Id like to share some of my knowledge, along with a few cheats, tricks and strategies to all of you, so you can conquer your enemies (okay friends), and eventually, perhaps, beat me.

Dont worryyou dont have to be a genius to become a SCRABBLE master (Im certainly not). You just need to know the important factors and legal cheats to win. Im sure theres more to know about playing SCRABBLE, but these tips are going to get you one-step closer to master status.

Disclaimer: I can be pretty arrogant when it comes to SCRABBLE, so Im not really a master – I just wish I were. Id probably lose in the first round of theWorld SCRABBLE Championship, but that doesnt mean I cant help you improve your game. If youre looking to be the best player ever, I suggest you contact somebody likeNigel Richards.

OOGONIUM.QANAT.SIBILATE.CWM. These words might look like gibberish to you, but according to theOSPD(Official SCRABBLE Players Dictionary), these are legitimate words that can be played in SCRABBLE, SCRABBLE Beta, and Lexulous.

XYSTER.AA.EXEQUY.HORDEOLA. Try using these in a normal conversation without attracting strange looks. There are thousands of peculiar words out there, each with its own peculiar definition, and theres nothing better than playing one on the board and confusing your friends (or enemies).

Now, these are all words listed in theOWL, which stands for the Official Tournament and Club Word List or Tournament Word List, which is the only thing I am familiar with. So, if youre an international player using SOWPODS, acceptable words may be different. Keep that in mind when looking at these tips, because I cant help you win something Im not familiar with.

Besides playing SCRABBLE on websites like Facebook,Internet SCRABBLE Cluband others listed by theNSA(National SCRABBLE Association), you can simply make your own rules up. You can play with only words you know the definition for, with or without a time limit, or completely opposite with slang, acronyms, proper nouns, and abbreviations. You can even sip on wine and laugh while you use common cuss words and perverse language (I never do this!). But if youre like me and take your SCRABBLE seriously, theres only one way to play the official way.

To play SCRABBLE by the book, you need to abide by a strict set of guidelines and abide by them forever, because youll never improve if the rules become mutable. Trust me, I know what Im talking about. If you already know the proper rules of SCRABBLE, then by all means, skip ahead to the more interesting stuff. But for those of you who arent familiar, these rules are just the first step to becoming a master. Knowing who goes first or who keeps score isnt important (at least to me), but the following five rules are the key to winning the game.

You cannot use proper nouns, acronyms, abbreviations, prefixes or suffixes during gameplay. Also, no words that require apostrophes or hyphens can be used. Foreign words can be used as long as they are in the SCRABBLE Dictionary and are common words used in English. This is a great tactic to trick your trigger-happy challengers.

If you use all of your letters from your tile rack at the same time, you get a fifty-point bonus, called a Bingo, but this only pertains to when you actually have seven tiles on your rack (three or four letters on your rack near the endgame does not count). This is one of the main keys to winning SCRABBLE, because its mega-points and brings the most enjoyment.

If you deem a word illegitimate, you have the right to challenge that word, with a little risk involved. If youre right, the challenged player removes his tiles from the board and loses that turn. If youre wrong, they get all of their glorious points while youre stuck missing your upcoming turn. This works best with the SCRABBLE Dictionary in arms reach.

On Lexulous, you can choose to turn this option on or off when starting a game. On SCRABBLE Beta, this is not yet an option, which means you can play anything you want, just to see if its a word or not. You wont get penalized and you can keep trying until you find one.

There are plenty of bonus points available on the board, like double letter, triple letter, double word, and triple word scores. Using them is the fastest way to achieving high scores, but once they are used, they cannot be used again. A simple way to remember it is if you cant see it, you cant use it.

The pink square with a star in the middle of the board is a double word score, and only the first player gets to use it.

For further reference, the bonus squares are commonly called DLS, TLS, DWS, and TWS.

Lexulous has changed their board from SCRABBLEs format, but all of the colored bonus squares remain, theyre just rearranged a little.

The game ends once one player uses all of his remaining tiles on his/her rack. This is the one game where not everybody gets to finish, because only the winner gets the rights to that, not to mention the scoring incentive. The player who wins tallies up all of the points from his/her opponents racks and adds them to his/her score. To add even more embarrassment to the losers, they get to subtract the remaining tiles they have from their score, leaving them even worse off. This is a great strategy to think about when nearing the end of the game, especially if its a close one.

These five rules are the most important to consider, because each one is crucial to winning the game. If youre a master, youll learn how to legally twist these rules with cheats and tricks to your advantage. Some might call it petty, but it could be the only way youll win.

Oh, and another rule to consider is not playing SCRABBLE in Atwoodville, Connecticut while waiting for a politician to speak. Apparently its illegal. Id like to see them try and arrest me though.

Most think its all about how big your word is, but thats not always the case, although I do love my Bingos. There is more than just getting rid of your letters, and you dont have to memorize the dictionary either (at least not all of it, only some of it). Just like chess, there is a certain degree of strategy involved, and thats where the win lies. If you really want to be a SCRABBLE master, you need to learn patience, defense, and tactics, and all of the following tips and tricks will get you there. If not, well, I never actually said I was a master, did I? You just assumed that.

Without knowing these two-letter words, youll most definitely lose the game. These two-letters can get you out of a jam, help you get rid of excess vowels, and give you building blocks for your next turn. If youre going to memorize anything, these are the 101 words to learn.


Learning the three-letter words can help you out just as much as the two-letter ones can, but there are ten times as many, so memorizing them is out of the question (unless you can actually do that). Just knowing a few key ones will improve your game. The following are the most helpful and unbelievable three-letter words, some look like acronyms and some merely look like hogwash.


: Remember, a lot of these two- and three-letter words are intuitive. Both the English alphabet and the Greek alphabet can be spelled out. For the most part, sound them out in your head and thats what theyll look like (ex.


). Also, think of indication and expression sounds that come out of our mouths. Chances are, theyre legal words (ex.

When youre stuck with a Q on your rack, waiting, waiting, and waiting for that U on your next turn that never comes, its a good idea to learn the alternatives. There are a total of 33 words that have a Q but no U. These words are a must-know, because the last thing you want to have left on your rack at the end of the game is a ten-point Q.


The best way to get that fifty-point bonus is to know how to manage your rack. There are an endless amount of words that end in -S, -ED, -ER, and -ING. When you look at your rack, this is what youre looking for. When you see them, push them to the right side of your rack and look at the remaining letters. Unless you have all vowels or consonants remaining, chances are you can hit a Bingo. Also, try and look for less common suffixes, like -LY, -ENT, -IEST, -FUL, -ITY, -NESS, -CY, -AL, -TION, and -ITE.

Aside from suffixes, look for the common prefixes and push them to the left side of your rack. Prefixes like IN-, RE-, and UN- make it on your rack more than anything, so use it to your advantage. Make sure you dont limit yourself to just these three, look for all prefixes you can use, like NON-, EX-, TRI-, PRE-, and MIS-.

Everybody loves the big letters J, Q, X, and Z, unless they cant build a word with them. When you have one of these letters, that should be your focusconcentrate on making a word with them. Always look for a bonus square on the board to use, otherwise youre just wasting them. If youre absolutely sick of the letter, find vowels on the board that you can slap the letter next to. Think of QI, JO, XI, XU, AX, OX, EX, and ZA, but still, find that bonus square!

Besides the J, Q, X, and Z, the blank tiles are the most sought out. These wildcards cannot be wasted on a simple CAT an MOUSE. They need to be considered as the steppingstone for your Bingo. Do not waste these! The only excuse you have for using the blanks for Bingo-less words are for high scoring possibilities on the red TWS or when you have a Q and no U.

It happens to everybodythe rack of vowels. If youre against exchanging letters, try learning all of the words that are consonant-less (theyre arent many).

Also, you can use the consonants on the board to get rid of those vowels. Its the easiest way to dump them. Lets say you have a rack that contains an A, E, E, I, A, E, and U, look for an open R on the board to spell ARIA, AREA, AERIE, EERIE, AUREI, or UREA. Its basically like exchanging letters, only you get points, too!

Some SCRABBLE players can simply look at a rack and rearrange the tiles in their head (thats me), but some of us need a little visual help. The best way to finding a word is to rearrange the letters on your rack. Eventually, words will form and pop out at you. Like I said, I do it in my head, because I dont want the others to see me think.

On both Lexulous and SCRABBLE Beta, theres a shuffle button for your convenience.

Exchanging is an absolute last resort in SCRABBLE. I think Ive done it once. Only exchange letters if you absolutely cannot spell a word, or if you really, really just hate your rack. You give up your turn for this, so make sure its a wise decision. If youre winning by an enormous amount, then sure, do it. If youre losing by an extreme amount, it might be the only thing that changes your luck. If you have all vowels, in could really benefit you to exchange. The same goes for if you have all high value letters that dont mesh well. Just keep in mind, the best solution is finding something on the board. Only use this option for emergencies.

On Lexulous and SCRABBLE Beta, exchanging is referred to as swapping.

Youre so close to getting that fifty-point bonus, but only one letter on your rack is screwing you up. Well, give it a chance and be patient, dont force yourself to abandon it. Play that one crappy letter on the board, and hope that your future holds the tile you need. Always leave your Bingo possibility on your rack, unless you know it will never come to you, as in tracking (more on tracking later).

The best combination to get on your rack is RETAINS. The word itself is telling you to hold on and prepare for a Bingo. You can easily make a seven-letter word in any combination with these letters, and its easy to even build an eight-letter word with the boards help.

On Lexulous, if you use seven off your rack, you get a forty-point bonus, and if you use all eight, you get the fifty big ones.

is the seven-letter word most likely to appear on your SCRABBLE rack.

On the first turn, the highest possible score a player can get is for the word

(164 points) is the highest score possible for a seven-letter word, played across a TWS square with the Z or Q on a DWS square.

(1) First turn: MUZJIKS (128 pts), (2) Highest valued word: QUARTZY (162 pts)

is the highest possible score for a single play, scoring 1,778 points. You just have to play it right. Check out this video that shows one possibility for 1,467 points.

This is the most common way to get more points out of your playable words. A hook is when you add a letter to a word already on the board, like turning RAVE into GRAVE or RAVEL. An S is the easiest possibility, like changing HOOT to SHOOT or HOOTS. That one letter gives you a chance to a build a whole other word in the opposite direction as the already played word. You then get all of the points for your word, plus all of the points for the already played word (minus the bonus squares that cant be used again).

(1) Hooking the G in EGG onto RAVE to spell EGG + GRAVE (14 pts), (2) Hooking the L in JAIL onto GRAVE to spell JAIL + GRAVEL (23 pts), (3) Adding an S onto HOOT to spell SHOOT (8 pts), (4) Hooking the S in SCAT onto SHOOT to spell SHOOTS + SCAT (21 pts)

Using the parallels strategy comes in handy when you have a bunch of low point tiles, like vowels. You simply look for a word that you can play parallel to another word already on the SCRABBLE board. This is a great way to get points out of nothing, because you score for each new word formed. To use this tactic, sometimes its easier to try and build the word on the board and not on your rack first. Look at the words on the board and find a sweet spot, one with a high value letter or one next a bonus square that you can effectively use twice. Then, build your word from there.

When you know how to use those colored bonus squares to your advantage, you can easily get a triple-digit score in just one turn.

The TWS square is the most wanted on the board. Everybody vies for it, but most of the time its used ineffectively. Sure, when it becomes available to you, dont pass it up, but if you have all one-point letters, youre not really get the most out of it. In this case, it could be better to build your word right beside the TWS. If there are too many letters there, your opponent might not even bother with it on their turn, then you swoop in and build a parallel word, hence using it twice for mega-points. The same goes for the DWS.

You can also set yourself up for your next turn. Build words next to the TWS with an I right beside it, maybe two Is beside it. Then, you simply pop your Q in there spelling QI twice in both directions and you instantly have 62 points. The same goes for an A, where you can spell ZA twice for 62 points.

The best way to piss off your enemies is by maximizing your bonus squares to the fullest. Use a combination of bonuses, like but a K on the TLS and continue your word to the DWS.

The best possible scenario is using two TWS or DWS squares at the same time. Its nearly impossible, but just think triple or double your score and then triple or double it again!

Also, if your opponent opens a TWS up and you cant use it, try opening up another one so you have at least one chance at big points.

Again, the Lexulous board is slightly different than SCRABBLE, but the idea is the same.

Be careful of what letters you play on the middle square. If you place a vowel or an S, D, R, or T there, your opponent will have an easy time scoring a Bingo all the way up to the TWS. Also avoid placing vowels next to the DWS squares.

This is the first step to helping yourself out on the SCRABBLE board. Bingos are the most attractive way to open the board up, but when you cant do that, five- to six-letter words are a great way to provide more opportunities on the board. Just remember that it also gives your opponent more options to work with, so be careful.

There may be situations where opening the board up is not an option, so do the opposite close it! Your opponent may be a Bingo Master, but hell have a much harder time finding a spot on the board if there is less to build from. Use parallel words as much as you can so it makes it impossible to build words. However, the more you close the board for your enemy, the more you close it for yourself. Usually, its only a good idea if you have a surplus of vowels and cant get any high value letters.

A good offense is always a good defense. Dont give your opponents a chance to use a TWS or a DWS, because theyll use it. Rarely do they ever pass it up. If you have to near a high value square, try putting letters next to it that are difficult to build onto, like a Q, K, J, Z, C, U, or V. This is a good offensive option, too, because you might be able to set yourself up for the TWS or DWS if you already have a word for your next turn.

Aside from simply avoiding the colored squares, try rendering them useless. If you cant use them, dont let the other players either! Build words parallel to sweet spots with strategic letters and force them to make a parallel word to use it. Most times they cant, unless you give them all vowels and an R or L. If you have an idea for a word for your next turn, make it impossible for your opponents to steal your spot by blocking it. It doesnt always work, but sometimes its worth a shot.

An important thing to consider is which letters are used up and which ones are left in the bag. You can always adjust your game to fit whats left in the bag, giving you the upper hand. This can be quite monotonous to perform, but sometimes the best strategies are the worst ones to handle. Tracking is extremely important when it comes to the end of the game. Knowing whats on their rack could be the key to winning the game (see The End under Other Strategies).

If its too early to start tracking, try a little Poker strategy to help you out. Reading your opponents could help you out in the beginning when its impossible to tell what letters they have. If you read them right, you could effectively block them or set yourself up. If they are placing one or two letters down at a time, they could be nearing a Bingo, so you might think about blocking. If they are putting horrible three-letter words down, they could just be inexperienced and you can do whatever you want. Watch how hard they think, because the harder they think might mean having a hideous rack. Keep track of what part of the board they are eying up, and then steal their spot! Its never easy to read your opponents, but every once in a while it works.

Obviously, this is not easy (or possible) for the Facebook apps.

One tactic that can be a total Hail Mary is sacrificing. If you have an idea to set yourself up for your next turn, give it a shot. You may have a word that will get you a Bingo or a triple-digit score on your next turn if you play a certain letter first, but you always run the risk of the other players stealing that special spot before it comes back around to you. Theres a lot of reasons for sacrificing, and if you read them right, you can possibly pull it off, but if not, it could just be a wasted turn. You could even lose the game.

For some SCRABBLE players, turnover is the key to big scoring. If you think about it, the more letters you use, the more letters you get back, and the less your opponents will have. Using more letters means having a better chance to get the high value letters. If you consistently shell out five- to seven-letter words, by the end of the game you could have had sixty percent of the bag, which means you probably had the best letters and the highest score.

Bluffing is a dangerous game, but if done well, could be the most important item in your arsenal. Spelling out blatant lies on the board can only be done with a good poker face, so make sure you know what youre doing. Most Scrabblers want nothing to do with fake words and will hate you for it, so watch out. Im one of those players.

Theres always an alternative to putting down actual fake words, and thats playing words that look fake to the inexperience player, but arent. Study up on obscure words and force your opponent to challenge you. Theyll lose their turn, and youll rake in the points. Aside from obscure words, look into foreign words that are acceptable in the SCRABBLE Dictionary. The other players will fight with you about no foreign words on the board, and youll stick to your guns and tell them to challenge you.

Here are a few words that seem incorrectly spelled, but really arent:


And here are a few of my favorite words that can be spelled in many different ways.

GENIE(S), JINN(S), JIN(S), JINNI(S), JINNEE, DJIN(S), DJINN(S), DJINNI, DJINNY (def. a supernatural being in Muslim mythology)

HAJ, HAJES, HAJJ, HAJJES, HADJ, HADJES, HADJEE(S), HADJI(S), HAJI(S), HAJJI(S) (def. a pilgrimage to Mecca; one who has made a hadj)

One of the last things to consider is the endgame. If you plan it right, with a combination of tracking and a little math, you could win by just a single point. It could be a very tight score and youll need to know what they have. You could be losing. Either way, plan your last move out perfect. One time, my opponent was bragging about how he won the game, but I used all of my letters, added my score up, added his leftover tiles to mine and subtracted them from his, causing me to win by a measly one point.

Also make sure to get rid of all of your high value letters is you think your opponent will go out first. Getting stuck with a Z will lose you ten points and give the winner ten more.

Thats it! Youre on your way to becoming a SCRABBLE Master and annihilating all of your Facebook opponents. To get even better– practice! Youll never get any better if you dont practice. Also try playing other word games in your spare time, like anagrams or jumbles. I play jumbles, crosswords, and I even have a SCRABBLE calendar. I also pile up on SCRABBLE anagram books and such, just to stay in shape.

If you absolutely have to cheat online,Lexical Word Finderwill tell you your best options and where to place them, not only in SCRABBLE, but also in Lexulous, Super SCRABBLE, Literati, and more. AndScrabble Solverwill show you all of your options on your rack. Besides blatant cheating, theyre actually good tools for those just starting out in the world of SCRABBLE. I know the people I play against online use them and I hate them for it, but thats life I guess.

If you want to test your newfound Scrabble skills out, make sure tocheck out our Scrabble puzzlesand see if you can get the right answers. Also, make sure tolike Scrabble World on Facebookandfollow it on Twitter!

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didnt realize there was so much to scrabble

Great intro for the newcomer, not too devious.

Brillinat. I was surprised the plurals were acceptable though.

Check out Abble Dabble. It is a great new twist to word games, it is like yoga for the mind.

Good article. I copy and pasted the 2 and 3 letter words to my postit on my computer so i could slowly learn them throughout the days. would be cool if you could make a scrabble widget, so I can slowly learn all the 2 and 3 letter words. Wonder if it exists…

Theresthis simple widgetfor the Mac dashboard which shows you all of the two-letter words with definitions, one at a time, with a new one appearing every time you open up the dashboard. I dont think there is a three-letter widget anywhere though.

Great summary of tactics and strategies! I especially found helpful your list of words that seem incorrectly spelled but are not. Ive been trying to memorize some of the short 2 & 3 letter word combinations. Most of the time I just remember any combination that involves a J, Z or X. I am pretty new to scrabble and other word games as I just started playing Scrabble and Words with Friends online this past July (thanks to my recent iPad purchase).

I play primarily online ans usually mostly Words with Friends, and I have received a lot of knowledge and strategy from players like you. I started using a new app called Cheats and Words to further assist in my vocabulary and player development. Most of the time I use it to find out words that I could have played differently, long after a game has ended. I have learned a lot about word placement as a result.

Im glad this article helped you out! And as I explained inthis recent commentfrom another article, Im a little weary of Cheats & Words as an educational tool, because of the amount of people who would use it as just a cheating tool. But I like that you mentioned it could be used after the game has ended, to see what you could have done differently. That could definitely be useful, but I wonder how many people would actually use it in that manner?

Thats a very good question. There are probably less than more people that do.

Does anyone play WORDS on facebook? How do we earn tokens with which to gain tracking and other benefits? T

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