Giving Effective Feedback

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Part of The Leadership Excellence Series. This module provides suggestions for offering feedback to others on their performance. Includes a script and a PowerPoint presentation.

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Kroger Feedback Survey Guide

Kroger, the retail chain, values feedback from its customers. Therefore, if you are a Kroger customer, you are offered a chance to give feedback about your shopping experience. You actually get to give the feedback by taking part in the Kroger customer satisfaction survey which is also known as the Kroger feedback survey. At its core, the Kroger feedback survey is made up of a series of questions that you, as a Kroger customer, are expected to answer. You answer the questions on the basis of your recent Kroger shopping experience. Through the feedback received from the customers who take part in the survey, the Kroger management team is able to identify areas where things are going well. They are also able to identify areas where improvements need to be made.

Why you need to take part in the Kroger feedback survey

There are 2 key reasons for you to take part in the Kroger feedback survey.

Firstly, Kroger feedback survey participants are entered into monthly sweepstakes draws. In those draws, some lucky participants get to win grand prizes of $5,000. The prizes are awarded in the form of Kroger gift cards. This means that by sparing a few minutes to complete the Kroger feedback survey, you could position yourself to win a $5,000 gift card. Others get to win $100 Kroger gift cards. $100 is still appreciable, especially if all you have to do to earn it is answer a few questions about your shopping experiences.

Secondly, by participating in the Kroger feedback survey, you get a chance to tell the Kroger management team how you, as a customer, would want to be served. You get a chance to tell the people who manage Kroger stores about your shopping experience, and about areas where you think improvements can be made. This too is important, especially if youd want to be served better in the future.

Eligibility for you to take part in the Kroger feedback survey

To be eligible to take part in the Kroger feedback survey, you just need to have shopped at Kroger in the last one week (7days). You need to have the Kroger receipt and the receipt needs to be one with a survey invitation. In the survey invitation, you will find an entry code. That is a code you will have to enter at the Kroger feedback site, in order to proceed with the survey.

The steps you need to follow, while participating in the Kroger feedback survey

To participate in the Kroger feedback survey, you (obviously) start by going to the survey site: m. So you enter into your browser. Your browser then loads that site.

Once you are on the Kroger feedback site at (, you enter some details from your Kroger receipt: namely the date and time on the receipt, as well as the entry ID indicated on the receipt. Then you click on the Start button, in order to get the survey going.

You answer all the survey questions, and at the end of the exercise (which shouldnt take more than a few minutes) you are entered into a sweepstake. That is the Kroger feedback survey sweepstake: where you could win a $5,000 Kroger gift card (grand prize), or a $100 Kroger gift card (first prize).

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Request for Customer Feedback

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Request for Pickup of Repaired Merchandise

Second Request for Renewal of Service Agreement

Response to Request for Service on Expired Warranty

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Worldwide Wholesale Floor Coverings

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Teaching Strategies The Essentials of Giving Feedback

Provided by the K-12 Teachers Alliance

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Print This PageTeaching Strategies: The Essentials of Giving FeedbackBy:Jordan CatapanoJordan Catapano

As an English teacher, I spend hours each day grading student work. I realized a while back that theres actually twoteaching strategiesI could use to grade: The quick way or the long way. The quick way is to read through the students writing and assign a grade to it immediately. The long way is to read through the students writing, pour over the details of their ideas and their articulation, providetargeted feedbackin writing, and then assign a grade carefully based on arubricor other set of prescribed criteria.

I have calculated that grading the quick way would take me less than a quarter of the time that I spend on the longer method. But I firmly believe that part of my job as an educator is to make sure I have a solid pulse on the production and quality of my students work, and that I offer feedback to them so they can continually improve.

But heres the problem: Is it worth the time? If we devote so much time to giving feedback to students in any subject, does it actually deliver any kind of value to their learning? We have to use distinctto make sure that were aware of the types of feedback that were giving and that we are training our students to make the most of our advice.

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If we arbitrarily approach grading an assignment, we might be providing the wrong kind of feedback that fails to benefit students in the way we imagine.  Think about the two general forms of feedback we might give: Summative and formative.

Summative feedbackis the kind of feedback given to a piece of work that is considered an end. This might normally come at the end of a unit, end of a semester, or end of the year. Summative feedback generally justifies a grade or compares performance to standards. If a student receives a B, for example, then the feedback is designed to provide information related to the forming of that grade. Areas students performed well in are pointed out. Areas of weakness are commented on. However, the feedback is mostly informative by nature, and not designed to provide students with Next time you should kinds of formative suggestions. It is more of a report than a tool.

Formative feedbacksobjective is to point out areas of weakness or strength,andto encourage a focus on future improvement. The feedback shows students important areas to learn from and treats the feedback as a tool that should be utilized on students next opportunity.

The danger arises when we provide summative feedback on formative work. The question to ask ourselves when providing feedback is, What do I expect students to do with this information I give them? If the answer is To see why they got that grade, then you want to give summative feedback. If the answer is So they can improve for next time, then formative feedback is required.

Much of the feedback I give students comes in the form of comments in the margins of their writing. But there are many ways we can give feedback to students. Here are a few pros and cons to the most common ways we consider giving feedback.

Margin Comments.We often squeeze feedback into the margins of student work. This can be perfect for targeting specific portions of their work. It can also limit what we say if theres very little room for anything to be written down. Also, students might not necessarily keep physical copies of work for as long as might benefit them and once its gone, its gone.

Grades and Grade Books.Grades themselves are a form of feedback; theyre a direct statement on how well students achieved a degree of mastery in relation to a standard. But how clear are the messages grades give? A letter, by itself, doesnt say much unless students have been clearly trained to identify what they mean. Also, grades might be the only thing parents see or students keep. If you have an electronic grade book, consider what features might be useful for communicating more about the assignment and outcomes.

Conferences.Instead of relying on written comments, sometimes thorough, personalized feedback can best be provided in a conference setting. Here, you and another student sit together, review their work, and have a conversation about the outcome. This stands the chance at being much more thorough than other feedback forms, but how much students actually remember may vary. Plus, this takes lots of time to give to an entire class.

Rubrics/Standards.Rubrics are the classic grading tool for showing students the range of standards and where exactly their work falls on the scale. Rubrics can be excellent for making sure students are graded on an identical standard and for communicating those standards, but they can lack personalized, specific information that can help individual students.

Public Examples.Sometimes its worth it to hold up a piece of student work and tell the class its awesome. But teachers can also create generic examples not ones that any student wrote and comment on them. Then students can compare the public example to their own work and ascertain for themselves how well they believe they did.

While were talking about feedback, consider what tools might be available for providing digital feedback. Its a shame if we spend hours producing feedback only to have it lost by students. But if you have a digital forum for communicating back to students, then that feedback could be permanently stored and accessed for future reference.

But heres the really important part. So far weve only talked about what the teacher does. Thats secondary. Whats more important is how students respond to the feedback they receive.

To make sure students respond in the best way possible, there are two critical elements that we must train our students on: Reflection and goal-setting. And we must give them time in class to do them.

Student Reflection.First, students must be given time in class to review the feedback they receive. Encourage students to review their own work in addition to looking at the feedback provided. Encourage students to look at the grade, the rubric, and the standards all together so they get a clear sense themselves of how the performed. It may be helpful to have students respond to the feedback by writing down self-perceived areas of strength or weakness, or even composing a short paragraph where they self-assess their overall performance. Perhaps even provide students an opportunity to look at other previous assignments as well so they get a more comprehensive view of their progress.

Student Goal-setting.On formative work, it is essential that students take the feedback they receive and leverage it for their improvement. In addition to just reflection, have the students each set a small, reasonable goal for their next opportunity. This will allow students to respond to their feedback by identifying one particular area they would like to incrementally improve on for next time. After a years worth of doing this, they will doubtlessly understand their work and progress better. And once they receive feedback on their next assignment, part of their reflection could be on how well they performed on their goal area, too.

Effective feedback does not mean that we comment on every single aspect of their work. Trying to provide too much feedback takes too much time for teachers and overwhelms students. Instead, here are a few simple tricks to make feedback more effective:

Always find at least one positive thing to say about a students work.

Focus on just one to three key areas of performance to help you and students stay focused on the most significant aspects.

Longer and fewer pieces of feedback are better than shorter and more.

Dont just point out weaknesses, but give Do this instead kinds of formative advice.

Return feedback as quickly as possible timeliness better ensures students remember doing their work and the feedback makes more sense.

Always offer an opportunity to speak directly with students if they have any further questions about their work. Or invite them to speak with you with a friendly little See Me.

Help Them to Accept Feedback in the Long Term

Learning how to effectively use feedback to better oneself is a critical, lifelong skill. When we take the time to provide appropriate feedback and train students to regularly meditate on it, then students learn how to improve themselves in much more than just your class.

As you move forward with your year, make sure to regularly consider what kind of feedback is necessary, what forms your feedback might come in, and how you might allot class time to train students how to use it. After all, if students are spending hours on homework and youre spending hours grading it, somebody better learn something, right?

What do you do to make sure feedback is maximized in your classroom? Tell us your tricks in the comments below!

Jordan Catapano is a high school English teacher in a Chicago suburb. In addition to being National Board Certificated and head of his schools Instructional Development Committee, he also has worked with the Illinois Association of Teachers of English and has experience as a school board member for a private school. You can follow him on Twitter at @BuffEnglish, or visit his website.

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Characters await guests who visit Toy Story Land at Disneys Hollywood Studios. (Matt Stroshane, photographer / Courtesy Disney)

Matt Stroshane, photographer / Courtesy Disney

Woodys Lunch Box is a quick-service food and beverage location serving tasty meals and old-fashioned soda floats in Toy Story Land at Disneys Hollywood Studios. (Matt Stroshane, photographer / Courtesy Disney)

Walt Disney World Resort guests take aim and score big playing the virtual midway games of Toy Story Mania!(Matt Stroshane, photographer / Courtesy Disney)

Matt Stroshane, photographer/ Courtesy Disney

Matt Stroshane, photographer / Courtesy Disney

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