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FeedbackPanda is the digital assistant for all teachers.

We manage your course, student, and feedback records and generate feedback based on templates which are then fully customizable. Allowing teachers to provide helpful feedback and quality teaching.

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Course notes easily retrieved to help you quickly prepare for your next lesson

Know your students better and build deeper relationships

Templates ready for your personal touch for Feedback that reflects the unique Students performance

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FeedbackPanda is so amazingly helpful. It really has taken the stress out of doing feedback. I feel so much more organized, and I really like being able to go back and read all of my feedback for a particular student.

Feedback Panda is very easy to use and navigate. I feel organized and Im working smarter and more efficiently. Im sorry I didnt start using Feedback Panda 200 classes ago, but its never too late to start! 5 stars for Feedback Panda! They just added the feedback cloud which gives you access to a TON of pre-written feedback that you can edit. Saves me even more time!!!! I finished my feedback in record time today. Thank you Feedback Panda!

It dramatically helped the efficiency of my work, and also, to keep my students profiles organized. It is AMAZING. I could not be more grateful than that. Thank you so much for inventing a version especially for VIPKID. Im immensely grateful!

When I think about how much time Feedback Panda saves me each day, I am amazed that not all teachers use it. It is a lifesaver! The creators are super responsive and helpful, too. THANK YOU!!!

I cant say enough amazing things about Feedback Panda! It has cut my feedback time down from over 10 minutes to 1 and even less than 1! You can customize and change your templates as often or however you chose. Your students are saved each time you create feedback for them so you can easily track who youve seen and when. LOVE THIS PROGRAM!

Feedback Panda is best bang (bang da) for your buck!

I just started using it today and it saved me so much time on my feedback!

I LOVE FEEDBACK PANDA!! It lets you know if youve taught a student before!!!! (As long as you have the feedback for them saved). I am on day 7 of the free trial and have already purchased the $10/month package

Oh my goodness. I am so excited. I just entered todays classes even though I already wrote feedback by hand. SO NICE!!! This is amazing!

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