Full Moon Fiber

This is one of the six potholders from my Farm Series.  Its made from an old curtain that someone sent me a few years ago.  I finally figured out how to use it.

All six potholders have different  images on them.

Theyre all for sale in myEtsy Shopfullmoonfiberart) and you can see them and buy them by clickinghereor on theEtsy Iconon the top of my blog.

I also have four more Barn Owl Potholders for sale.  You can find them in myEtsy Shopalso, along with all the other art I have for sale there.

Mary and Peggy with their Bingo winnings

Its been a couple of weeks since Jon and I called Friday night Bingo at The Mansion, Assisted Living Facility.

Not everyone won tonight, but everyone who wanted a prize got one.  Peggy was so thrilled with her pink bunny, that she gave her a voice and Jon and I found ourselves answering her.  Jon got avideoof their exchange.  You can see ithere.

And Mary was just as happy with her Hawk, what make screeching sounds when you pressed its belly.

We all liked the idea of the hawk and the bunny, like the lion and the lamb, getting along together.

Both the stuffed animals, along with a bunch of others, were donated by people from the Army Of Good.

As we were leaving The Mansion tonight, Jean was a little confused and needed help getting back to her room.  Jon took her arm and lead her inside.

My old worn-out pincushion on the left and my new(before the first pin went in) one on the right.  The tiny tomato in-between.

I didnt notice the worn felt or how soft my pincushion had become till I saw the tiny grains of crushed walnut seeping out of the hole.

I get attached to my pincushion, like I do any of the tools that I use for my work.  And I get a pang of sadness whenever one of my tools wears out beyond repair.

But because of Jane McMillen, that sadness doesnt last long when it comes to replacing a pincushion.

Every October, Jane shows up at theBedlam Farm Open Housewith plastic tubs of handmade pincushions, most of them stuffed with crushed walnut shells to keep needles sharp.

Her pincushions are like small soft sculptures, each one a different color and shape.  Some look like fruit, some look like flowers or chickens, or owls, even ice-cream.

Theyre all utilitarian and I own several that each have their own unique purpose.   Some holding straight pins, others needle another quilting pins.  And one, a chicken, just sits on the electrical box in my studio looking good.  (I dont think I could stick pins in her).

The day I noticed the hole in my pincushion, I emailed Jane and asked if she had anymore pincushions. I sent her a photo of my old one and told her to pick one out for me like it.  But instead, she dragged out her stash from one of her tubs and sent me photos to choose from.

I knew which one I wanted right away.  I remembered admiring it last October when I was setting up the exhibit in my School House Studio for the Open House.

Jane put my pincushion in the mail and I sent her a check.  The box came a couple of days later and in it, was not one pincushion but two.  Jane sent me a mini tomato pincushion as a gift.

I didnt use the new pincushion the first day I had it, mostly because Im just in the habit of grabbing my old one when Im sewing.  But today, I stuck the first pin into it.  And, like cutting fabric with a newly sharpened shears, the feel of that pin going in the densely packed walnut shells was really satisfying.

Jane will be back at theBedlam Farm Open Housethis October with her pincushions.

Until then you can see what Janes doing on herblog, Little House Home Arts.   Janes a thoughtful and funny writer and always has plenty of photos to go along with her words.  Shes always doing something new or working on something old.  But shes always doing

Ill retire my old pincushion,  give it a special place in my studio.  Weve been together too long for me to just throw it away.

I finished and sold mySummer SolsticeQuilt a few days ago.

Jane emailed me when I was still working on it.  She saw the picture of it on my blog and said she thought she wanted to buy it.  So I gave the approximate dimensions, the price($400 + $20 shipping) and told her Id send her pictures of the quilt when it was done and give her first choice in buying it.

Jane liked the finished quilt as much as when it was in the works.  So now its hers.

Its hard for me to even thing about a quilt in this heat, but soon enough the cool nights will return. After all, after the Summer Solstice, the days start to grow shorter again.

Jons the one who does the dog finding in our family, and Im happy to leave the search to him.  Hes much more deliberate than Id ever be and he actually enjoys it.

When we found out that Hannah, Gus mother, wasnt pregnant we talked about getting a dog from the  same SPCA where Frieda came from.

Then a few days ago, just as Jon showed me a picture of Gus before we decide to get him, he showed me a picture of Buddy.

Buddy is a year old, being treated for heartworm and living in Arkansas being cared for by Carol atFriends of Homeless Animals.

When Jon told me Bud was scared of men, but otherwise very sweet,  I didnt bat an eye.  If Jon could get Frieda to love him, I have no doubts he can win Buddy over.

I like the idea that Bud (as weve been calling him) needs a home and we want a dog.  I like that hes a year old.  As much as I love a puppy, Im just as happy with an adult dog,  already house-trained.

Bud also likes to play, so hell be a good companion for Fate.

Weve had a lot of ups and downs since we got Gus, so as much as I like the idea of Bud, Im also being a bit more cautious than I usually would be.  Theres a very good chance hell be able to be treated for Heartworm, but nothing is certain.

One of the many Boston Terrier Breeders that Jon contacted had a litter of pups due at the end of July, but superstitiously, she wouldnt even take our phone number and said Jon would have to call her at the end the month.

If all goes well, well be able to pick Bud up in Providence, RI (curiously, where Jon was born and raised) by the end of the summer.

I can already imagine him on the farm, chasing Fate and sleeping on the piles of fabric in my studio.

Jon,of course, has been writing about Bud on his blog, you can read morehere.

Fate gave Flo a half-hearted chase this morning.

Actually all Fates chasing is half-hearted.  She never really wants to catch anything.

And as you can see in the video, Flo goes along with it, for a while.  Its almost a game they play.  Fate is still afraid to walk past Flo when the space is tight.  Flo has no problem giving her a good swat on the nose.

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