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Amazon feedback solicitation toolFeedback Geniusis now available for sellers using Amazon UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain – in addition to , Mexico and Canada.

Seller Labs co-founder Paul Johnson wasinterviewed in June 2015about Feedback Genius and the companys other tools.

Download Driver Genius 1800164

Handling drivers is undoubtedly a difficult task, so every single software solution that can really give a hand in this respect is welcomed.

One of the applications that aims to fulfill that goal isDriver Genius. This tool was designed not only to help users back up and restore drivers, but also update or uninstall these all important system components from a single and easy-to-use interface.

The backup function is one of the features that impressed us during our tests.

Driver Genius automatically scans the computer and offers you a choice whether you want to keep the backup in the form of a ZIP archive, a self-extracting or an auto installing one.

This way, you can easily restore the drivers even if the program is not installed on the computer anymore, which is great especially when having to reinstall drivers on a fresh copy of Windows.

The update feature is also top-notch, not only because it tells you which drivers need to be updated, but also because it can take the new packages from the Internet and automatically deploy them on the system.

Accessing the Settings menu will enable you to configure a lot of options such as archive compression level or the reboot action after a driver restore. Driver Genius also provides a scheduling feature and you will be able to easily choose the interval the application will use to perform regular driver scans.

A neat function you will find in this menu is the driver virus scan you can set to take place after the packages are downloaded. You just choose the antivirus solution installed on your system and it will automatically check the archives for any malware components.

All in all, Driver Genius offers a great feature pack that coupled with its ease of use makes it very appealing to all users.


Can only restore display adapter driver and network adapter driver

Internet Connection (for driver updates)

New users can get 60 days free license code.

Driver Genius is part of these download collections:Drivers Manager

Download iSunshare RAR Password Genius 3120

The most common security option with files and accounts is the password. Since its recommended to use a different password each time, some less important ones can easily be forgotten. If its the case with files inside a RAR archive, then specialized applications like

It takes little time before you can check out the applications set of features. You meet them in quite an intuitive interface, structured with several tabs which provide quick navigation through process setup elements, such as range, length, dictionary, auto-save, and other general behavior options.

There are several methods through which you attempt to recover the lost password of a RAR archive. You pick it from a drop-down menu, with options like Brute-force, Mask, Dictionary, and Smart. All options are visible, but only become editable when selecting the attack associated attack type.

Needless to say that you first need to load the target RAR file, which is done through the browse dialog. You can initiate the recovery session with the default configuration, but its also possible to tweak the operation in an attempt to narrow down results.

The range tab is where you tell the application what characters to include in the operation, such as character casing, special symbols, space, printable, and several more. Minimum and maximum values for length can be specified. A dictionary attack lets you load a custom dictionary file. Projects can be saved automatically in case recovery takes too long.

In case you want to perform other tasks rather than waiting for the program to finish, you can use the background priority option, but this slows down the process. Events can be saved to log files. The password is displayed when detected, with a function to send it to clipboard.

All in all, RAR archives are a secure way of storing files, not just because malicious content cant get in, but they can also be fitted with passwords. In case you forget the key, iSunshare RAR Password Genius is sure to help you recover it through one of various configurable algorithms.


Passwords with only 3 or fewer characters can be recovered

New in iSunshare RAR Password Genius 2.1.20:

iSunshare RAR Password Genius 3.1.20 for Windows