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We got our start when oil industry leaders stood in the gap to provide capital for fledgling energy companies to grow and expand. We began as the bank for businessand we are still the bank for business today.

Our community is our livelihood. For that reason, we believe in giving back every day and in many different ways.

Our financial advisors take a holistic approach to your financial future, enabling you to identify all the capabilities you need to build your portfolio and help you with lifetime decisions.

Bank of Oklahoma is part of BOK Financial (NASDAQ: BOKF), which traces its roots to 1910. BOK Financial is a strong and stable partner with more than $30 billion in assets and 4,700 employees in 10 states, with services throughout the nation.

Graduating high school or college and starting out on your own can be an exciting and sometimes scary time. Here are a few ways you can achieve your goals and make it on your own.

If youre changing jobs or careers, were here for you. Learn about some ways to make your job switch easier.

Even if your kids are young, its never too early to start saving for college. Learn the basics of college savings, starting with how much youll need.

Whether youre buying a starter house, a dream home or a vacation cottage, there are ways to make buying a home an easier and faster process. Well show you how.

Its never too early or too late to start saving for retirement. Here are some ideas and tips that may help you grow your nest egg.

Inflation can erode your savings if your money isnt profiting from interest or investments. To keep your funds growing, consider first how best to diversify and preserve your wealth.

Managing your mineral rights can be a challenging endeavor. With limited time and experience, you might find yourself leaving money on the table.

You and your family should keep what youve worked so hard to build. Take measures now to safeguard the future of your assets and ensure your peace of mind.

Taking your first steps toward opening your own business can be exciting and sometimes stressful. Here are a few ways you can achieve your business goals and make it on your own.

When youre ready to grow your business, were here for you. Learn more about financing your business expansion today.

Dont let market changes put you or your business in a tough position. Learn how to minimize risk and protect the vitality and fluidity of your business and its transactions.

As a business owner, it makes sense to decide when the right time to step out of the family business and how youll do it.

Leaving a legacy involves educating the next generation on the values and responsibilities of wealth management. Find out more, through our free online resources.

Summer a time to slow down. Wear the flip flops. Get out the shorts and swimsuits and live in the moment, knowing that youve planned ahead for the big things. Now you can take time to enjoy the little things. Our goal is to help you plan for life, so you can make the most of your money and your summer. Long Live Summer Memories.

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Drenen Financial Services

Drenen Financial Services was founded by Walter Sonny Drenen

and has been in business in the greaterWestfield communitysince 1977,

Serving thousands of highly-satisfied clients primarily throughoutMassachusetts and Connecticut.

Even the best laid financial plan can be completely undone by taxes and changes in tax laws, taking with it any gains and profits you made in your portfolio, personal income, or business (if you have one).If you have a separate accountant and financial planner, they may not have all the knowledge, experience, and information you need to provide you a comprehensive plan that helps position you for the lowest taxes and the safest, highest returns.

Thats why the Drenen Financial Services philosophy is that tax mitigation and financial planning go hand-in-hand.We are a full-service firm, catering to clients personal and business needs for tax preparation, financial planning and investments, and business services. We haveover 3,000 active clients, including individuals, families, and businesses and file over 2,000 tax returns each year.

At Drenen Financial Services, we treat our clients like the family and friends they are, with friendly, warm, and attentive service. We take the time to get to know our clients, to ask the right questions and listen, so we can carefully craft a comprehensive tax and financial plan to meet their needs and goals.

In addition to our knowledge, experience, and accuracy, we pride ourselves in our resourcefulness and creativity.We often find mistakes other tax preparers and financial planners miss and help our clients take advantage of little known tax laws and unique investment opportunities.

As a result, we have many more strategies and tools at our fingertips to:

Walter Sonny Drenen, is a Licensed Investment Advisor Representative (IAR) and is able to discuss and/or sell financial advisory services and products, including insurance and securities.Currently licensed in MA, CT, VT, FL, SD, WA. Moving or new, out-of-state client? Walter Drenen can obtain licenses, as required, in any state our clients reside. Please inquire.

Drenen Financial Services, Inc. is an independent firm not affiliated with Money Concepts Capital Corp.

Sonny is both an enrolled agent and a financial advisor, which means he is both a tax preparer and a financial planner.  When working with clients he is able to bring both skill-sets to the table and take a comprehensive and customized approach for each clients unique circumstances

Freda has been with DFS since 2006.  As an Enrolled Agent and Tax Planner, Freda prepares over 600 tax returns per year and specializes in complex cases and IRS representation.

As a Divorce Financial Analyst, she helps couples to have an accurate assessment of their finances and come to a successful and fair financial

Drenen Financial Services became a 2-generation family business when Matthew (Sonnys son) joined the company in 1998. Matthew is one of the main tax preparers, preparing hundreds of personal, business, and corporate tax returns each year.

Stosh is celebrating 20 years with Drenen Financial Services in 2014. During tax season, he prepares all types of tax returns and has a large following of clients who return to him year after year.  Stosh enjoys the time he spends with clients, helping them feel at ease, and providing advice on how to minimize their taxes in future tax years.

Lynne is the Office Manager at Drenen, and she serves as Sonnys Administrative Assistant on any Money Concepts-related work.  Since 2007, Lynne has been keeping the office running and humming like a well-oiled machine and been instrumental in the companys growth.  Before Drenen, Lynne was a Licensed Insurance Agent for personal, home, and auto insurance.

Maria Hart is our Receptionist and the newest member of the DFS family, having joined the company in October 2014. Previously she was a Receptionist at Litchfield Hills Surgery Center. Maria has a BA in Sociology from Framingham State University and a MS in Criminal Justice from Westfield State University. Maria really enjoys the family-friendly atmosphere at Drenen and the great relationships between clients and staff.

Elaine has been with Drenen for 2 years and is now joining DFS full-time.  She brings 40 years of bookkeeping and 15 years of QuickBooks experience, along with her Associates Degree in Accounting from Holyoke Community College. Elaine loves hearing the sigh of relief from new clients as she helps them get their books set up and organized, knowing she is making their businesses and lives better.

We are now accepting applications for:

Money Expert, Radio Show Host, Author

We protect those in higher-income tax brackets with larger portfolios, estates, and inheritances from overpaying in taxes with a combination of tax mitigation strategies, tax-sheltered investments, and other creative solutions.

There is much more strategy involved in college planning than just putting money into a college fund. Even if you are not sure if your child is going to college, its important to plan as if they are. Its never too early to plan, but if your child is in high school, its even more important to put a plan in place quickly.

We help bring calm and peace of mind to individuals and couples who are contemplating or moving through divorce, in valuing and separating their assets and liabilities and determining the best tax filing strategy during the transition.

We have a passion for giving back to the community and offer a 10% discount to active duty police, fire, EMT, and military personnel. People in these fields often have pensions, and we are able to help you plan for whats next after you retire from service.  In addition, you want to make sure your families are protected in case anything happens to you, and we can help you do that.

We work with other service professionals and firms, such as attorneys, financial planners, accountants, real estate agents, architects, and others to support you, provide complementary services, and give your clients a full-service experience. Wed love to get to know you and work with you.

We work with real estate brokers and agents and their clients, as well as work directly with investors such as landlords, flippers, and other long-term property holders.  Each type of real estate investment has special tax provisions, and we help to mitigate those tax liabilities, so that you can retain more profits from the purchase and/or sale.  Call us before your transaction so we can help you do it the most advantageous way.

There are specific issues that medical and dental practices face that need to be taken into account when it comes to tax time that other accountants and financial planners may miss.

Restaurants and caterers are businesses that deal with a lot of cash, part-time help, and inventory. Accurate bookkeeping and tax planning is important to preserving what youve worked so hard to make.

Whether for yourself or your family, we can put a financial plan together that will help meet your goals, so you can confidently know what you can spend to enjoy life now and have a dedicated saving and investing strategy for retirement and other long-term goals.

There are many aspects to business financial planning: looking at profitability, funds to reinvest and grow the business, and personal earnings goals. If you are looking for investors or a bank loan, you also need to have a solid business plan that others can invest in.

We can work with you and your attorney to make sure your financial plan matches your wishes and your assets are protected to the greatest extent possible during probate. Well also put a plan in place that will meet your loved ones needs and goals well into the future.

Its never too early or too late to plan for retirement. If you havent started, you can start small. For those with long-standing financial plans, its important to review them regularly, and its a great idea to get a second perspective. We can review an existing plan or create a new one for you.

There is much more strategy involved in college planning than just putting money into a college fund. Even if you are not sure if your child is going to college, its important to plan as if they are. Its never too early to plan, but if your child is in high school, its even more important to put a plan in place quickly.

Divorce is never easy, but having a plan makes it easier, giving you knowledge, comfort, and peace of mind. A divorce financial plan can help you come through the divorce as financially intact as possible and give you the foundation for the next stage of your life. We can work with you individually or as a couple.

We can look at your current portfolio, even if its currently with another company, to give you asecond opinionand make suggestions for improvements. Because we are also tax professionals, well approach your financial plan with a strong tax mitigation strategy that most other financial planners fail to take into account. Because youll save and keep more money from taxes, youll have more to invest, and therefore, your portfolio will grow faster.

Just starting to invest?  Great!  Well help you start out right.

We offer Variable, Fixed, and Index Annuities. If you have annuities, we can review them and make sure they are the best type for you.

We can help you set up a new 401K retirement plan or roll-over an existing one.

We also offer both Traditional and Roth IRAs.

We can open new accounts or transfer existing brokerage accounts. For those whod like more hands-on help and oversight, we can manage your account for you or put you in a managed portfolio.

We have access to a wide variety of mutual funds to choose from. Do have your eye on a particular fund? No problem!  We can research it for you.

As part of our college planning services, we can discuss if a 529 plan is right for you. Whether your child is 1 or 18, make an appointment to talk with us about your college funding options.

We provide Life, Disability, and Long-term Care Insurance. Whether you have insurance or not, come in for a free review. New insurance products are now available which may better suit your needs.

We offer a myriad of Non-Traded Real Estate Investment Trusts as well as traded REITs. While this type of investment is usually more risky than a traditional stock/bond portfolio, investing a small portion of an existing portfolio into alternative investments such as a REIT may actually reduce risk and increase returns.

There are exciting opportunities to invest in oil and gas right now for qualified investors, and new products become available all of the time. If youd like to add something different to your portfolio, talk to us.

Drenen Financial Services, Inc. is an independent firm not affiliated with Money Concepts Capital Corp.

We can prepare and file any kind of personal, business, or corporate return, no matter how complex. During tax season (January through April) we also offer evening and Saturday appointments for your convenience.

Do you need us to make a change or check another preparers work? If you receive an IRS or state notice, we can also review and amend any returns you may have prepared elsewhere.

It can be challenging and complicated to file your taxes during and after the divorce process. We can help you determine the best filing strategy before and after divorce.

We utilize every legal strategy available to us to reduce your taxes. Tax planning looks ahead and forecasts potential tax events. We come up with strategies to minimize them before they happen.

If you are facing an audit, we can help you prepare and represent you during the audit itself.

Do you owe back taxes and penalties? We can help you establish a settlement and/or a repayment plan.

Starting a new business? Not sure if the business should be a LLC, S-Corp, or a different kind of legal/tax entity? Will you be filing sales taxes? We can answer these questions and help you get set up properly.

Buying or selling a business?  Need help determining if its a profitable, viable business?  Want to know the market value and a fair price? Or perhaps you need financial projections for a business loan.

We offer full-service bookkeeping.  We can set up your books, maintain them for you, and train you and your staff on QuickBooks, too.

Sonny Drenen is a knowledgeable and entertaining speaker who can present on an array of tax, financial planning, and business topics for your group. He is a member of the Hartford Springfield Speakers Network.

To discuss your event and to book Sonny, please contact:

Ive used Drenens tax services for many years. Theyre friendly, confident people that make you feel comfortable. They work hard to get you the maximum amount on your returns and stand behind the returns they file for you. If you have questions or problems, they always take time to help. I wouldnt use anyone else.

Sonny and Matt have been great! I have appreciated their prompt and professional service especially in difficult times. After using their services for well over 10 years, what I appreciate most is their friendship!

We have been coming to Freda for many years and have been beyond satisfied for numerous reasons.

Working with Sonny Drenen (Drenen Financial Services) on my business and personal tax preparation changed my whole outlook on tax time. I no longer dread it. Sonny made me feel comfortable and at home on my very first visit, and he helped me develop the tools I needed to easily organize and track my tax documentation throughout the course of the year, making end of the year tax preparation a breeze. Plus, I know with Drenen Financial Services expertise, I am always getting the maximum refund possible.

My wife and I have been clients of Drenen Financial Services for over 15 years. During that time we have had Sonny do all of our tax returns and those of our children as well. They have always been accurate, friendly, and very helpful in filing our returns. I will always recommend their services to anyone that wants top-quality advice and service at a very fair price. They have become more than our tax preparers, they have become our friends.

For new and current clients, please call the office to make an appointment for a consultation or tax return preparation.

Not sure what kind of appointment you need? We will pair you with the right team member.

Mon-Fri 9 am to 5 pm. Evening and Saturday appointments also available.

Get Your $15 Refer a Friend Bonus Download Referral FormFor those long distance or unable to come to our office, we can work by phone and email remotely. Call us!

Walter Drenen can obtain licenses in any state our clients reside.  Please inquire.

Are you an active-duty first responder: police, fire, EMT, or military personnel? Ask about our 10% discount!

Please message us if theres anything we can do for you.

Mortgage Payoff Learn how to save thousands of dollars in interest on your mortgage. Traditional IRA Calculator This helps you

An Enrolled Agent (EA) is a federally-authorized tax practitioner who has technical expertise in the field of taxation and who is empowered

89 South Maple Street, Westfield, MA 01085

Evening and Saturday hours are also available by appointment.

General Resources and Financial Calculators

All securities throughMoney Concepts Capital Corp.MemberFINRA/SIPC.Drenen Financial Services, Inc. is an independent firm not affiliated with Money Concepts Capital Corp.

Types of Investments

How Your Credit Score Impacts Your Financial Future

Choosing an Investment Professional

Understanding the Brokerage Account Transfer Process

FINRA Securities Helpline for Seniors

Required Minimum Distribution Calculator

Think of the various types of investments as tools that can help you achieve your financial goals. Each broad investment typefrom bank products to stocks and bondshas its own general set of features, risk factors and ways in which they can be used by investors.

Learn more about the various types of investments below.

Banks and credit unions can provide a safe and convenient way to accumulate savingsand some banks offer services that can help you manage your money. Checking and savings accounts offer liquidity and flexibility. Find out more about these and other bank products.

A bond is a loan an investor makes to an organization in exchange for interest payments over a specified term plus repayment of principal at the bonds maturity date. Learn how corporate, muni, agency, Treasury and other types of bonds work.

When you buy shares of a companys stock, you own a piece of that company. Stocks come in a wide variety, and they often are described based the companys size, type, performance during market cycles and potential for short- and long-term growth. Learn more about your choicesfrom penny-stocks to large caps and more.

Fundssuch as mutual funds, closed-end funds and exchange-traded fundspool money from many investors and invest it according to a specific investment strategy. Funds can offer diversification, professional management and a wide variety of investment strategies and styles. But not all funds are the same. Understand how they work, and research fund fees and expenses.

An annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company, in which the company promises to make periodic payments, either starting immediatelycalled an immediate annuityor at some future timea deferred annuity. Learn about the different types of annuities.

Funding college begins with savings, starting with how much to save. Learn the many, smart ways to save for college, including 529 College Savings Plans and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts. Well help you navigate your college savings options.

Numerous types of investments come into play when saving for retirement and managing income once you retire. For saving, tax-advantaged retirement options such as a 401(k) or an IRA can be a smart choice. Managing retirement income may require moving out of certain investments and into ones that are better suited to a retirement lifestyle.

Options are contracts that give the purchaser the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a security, such as a stock or exchange-traded fund, at a fixed price within a specific period of time. It pays to learn about different types of options, trading strategies and the risks involved.

Commodity futures contracts are agreements to buy or sell a specific quantity of a commodity at a specified price on a particular date in the future. Commodities include metals, oil, grains and animal products, as well as financial instruments and currencies. With limited exceptions, trading in futures contracts must be executed on the floor of a commodity exchange.

Federal regulations permit trading in futures contracts on single stocks, also known as single stock futures, and certain security indices. Learn more about security futures, how they differ from stock options and the risks they can pose.

These products include notes with principal protection and high-yield bonds that have lower credit ratings and higher risk of default than traditional investments, but offer more attractive rates of return. Learn about their features, risks and potential advantages.

Life insurance products come in various forms, including term life, whole life and universal life policies. There also are variations on thesevariable life insurance and variable universal lifewhich are considered securities. See how insurance products may fit into an overall financial plan.

It Pays to Understand Your Brokerage Account Statements and Trade Confirmations

Be Mindful of Data Aggregation Risks

Updated: Job DislocationManaging the Financial Impact of Unexpected Job Loss

Required Minimum Distribution Calculator

Investor Complaint CenterFile a complaint about fraud or unfair practices.

Whistleblower Tip-Line866-96-FINRA or

Small Firm Helpline833-26-FINRA () (M to F 9-5 ET)

Office of the OmbudsmanReport a concern about FINRA.

File a Regulatory TipTo report on abuse or fraud in the industry.

Were the CFPB

Browse answers to hundreds of financial questions.

Have an issue with a financial product?Submit a complaint

Answer ten questions and see your financial well-being score, along with national averages.

See national survey results on financial well-being and how it relates to other factors in a persons financial life.

Explore our national survey data and think about ways to empower families to achieve higher financial well-being.

The TILA-RESPA integrated disclosure rule replaces four disclosure forms with two new ones. We have resources to help you comply.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is a U.S. government agency that makes sure banks, lenders, and other financial companies treat you fairly.

CFPB is warning consumers that someone using a CFPB staff name is calling consumers to assure them that a fake prize theyve won through a lottery or sweepstakes is legitimate. This is a scam.

We offer clear, impartial answers to hundreds of financial questions.

Find the information you need to make more informed choices about your money.

Cant fix a problem with a financial product or service? Submit a complaint. Well work to get you a response from the company.

Financial matters can be complicated. Get the facts you need to make choices about money, credit scores, mortgages, and more.

For the big financial decisions in your life, we offer free tools and resources to help you reach your goals.

to consumers from our enforcement actions

will receive relief because of our actions

get timely replies when we send their complaints to companies

Figures are updated quarterly. Last update on 06/04/2018

Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection Issues Statement on the Implementation of the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act Amendments to the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act


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Pay Life or Disability Insurance Policies

Estate Planning & Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts

Nonqualified Deferred Compensation Plans

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Succession Planning & Wealth Transfer

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Once youve built your investments, build something that matters even more. We can help you plan for that.

You can research our firm withFINRAs BrokerCheck.

Thinking about life insurance? Wondering about retirement? Our planners and calculators can help you see where you stand.

Does your company offer a Principal 401(k) or 403(b) plan? Dont miss out on the benefits.

From planning for many of lifes big events to saving more money, our helpful articles put you in control of your finances.

Simply put, your goals are at the heart of what we do. Its what motivated Edward Temple to start our company in 1879. Its what continues to drive us today. We believe everyone can make progress with the right partner.

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Welcome to the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Councils (FFIEC) Web Site.

The Council is a formal interagency body empowered to prescribe uniform principles, standards, and report forms for the federal examination of financial institutions by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (FRB), the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), and to make recommendations to promote uniformity in the supervision of financial institutions. In 2006, the State Liaison Committee (SLC) was added to the Council as a voting member. The SLC includes representatives from the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS), the American Council of State Savings Supervisors (ACSSS), and the National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors (NASCUS).

Maintained by theFFIEC. For suggestions regarding this site,Contact Us.


Set realistic financial goals and put them into action with the help of aprofessional who is a member of the Financial Planning Association.

Financial planners listed reflect FPA CFP® Professional members who have created a profile. If a CFP® professional is not listed, this is not reflective of membership or certification status.


Choosing a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®) professional is as important as choosing a doctor or lawyer; its a very personal relationship. Many CFP®professionals specialize in working with certain types of clients, such as small-business owners, executives or retirees. Some specialize in certain areas of planning such as retirement, divorce or asset management. We recommend you interview at least three CFP®professionals to find the right one that best serves your needs.

Evaluate your full financial picture or work with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®) professional to help you navigate your own numbers to determine what makes sense to you.

Work with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®) professional who is required to complete extensive training and continuing education and can help you with big picture planning as well as portfolio management. A good resource for finding a CFP® professional is the Financial Planning Associations website, .

The best approach is to work with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®) professional who will provide a customized plan to help you understand the risks and provide a roadmap for a successful retirement.

The best approach to determine how fast you can and should eliminate debt is to work with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®) professional. These individuals are highly trained and specialize in improving the financial well-being of single professionals, couples and families.

If youre looking for broad-based advice about various aspects of your financial life, hire a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®) professional. These professionals must pass an extensive exam and meet other education and ethics requirements to gain the credential.

The Financial Planning Association (FPA), a professional membership organization for the financial planning community, is a good place to find a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP®) professional. FPA member planners can help people assess their financial health, set realistic financial and personal goals, and develop comprehensive plans to meet those goals.

FPA offers resources designed to help individuals understand the importance of financial planning and the value of objective advice from a financial planner. Below are a selection of these helpful resources. Visit our Planning for Life Events page for more helpful resources.

What Im talking about is your financial mission for yourself and your family. No one starts a vacation without a destination. No one starts a…

Last month we looked at several common investment abuses, such as misrepresentation, unsuitable recommendations, and excessive trading. Now we…

Retirement is different now than it was for previous generations. Retirees used to be able to count on a solid pension, full healthcare…

Have you ever worked at a job that gave you access to more of something than you could ever want?You might be a pizza lover, but let me assure…

For many people in retirement, their greatest fear is ending up in a nursing home. Being able to live independently or, barring that, getting…

Long before Bernard Madoff was arrested and charged with securities fraud, many Americans would often be invited to free-lunch seminars to…

What steps can you take during the emotionally-draining and uncertain divorce process to financially plan for relocation? In concert with…

For many people, the grocery bill is one of the largest flexible budget items. Everyone needs food and water to survive, but after meeting this…

Identity theft is an increasingly worrisome topic for many. With more than a million people affected by identity theft each year, the below are…

It was marital bliss then life happened. Now you are getting a divorce! It is a stressful and emotional time and there are important decisions…

The Financial Planning Association®(FPA®) is the largest membership organization for CFP®professionals in the U.S. and also includes members who support the financial planning process.


FinAids custom calculators can help you figure out how much school will cost, how much you need to save and how much aid youll need.

The most popular calculators are theCollege Cost ProjectorSavings Plan Designer (Flat Contribution)Expected Family Contribution and Financial Aid CalculatorandLoan Calculator.

Savings Plan Designer (Flat Contribution)

Savings Plan Designer Chart (Flat Contribution)

Savings Plan Designer (Percent of Income Contribution)

Prepaid Tuition and 529 College Savings Plan Calculator

Level Payment Calculator (Amount)Level Payment Calculator (Percent of Income)Inverted Level Payment Calculator (Amount)Inverted Level Payment Calculator (Percent of Income)

Expected Family Contribution (EFC) and Financial Aidor

Loan Calculator(Standard and Extended Repayment)

Loan Payment Chart Generator (Rates vs Fees)

Loan Payment Chart Generator (Balance vs Rates)

Income Sensitive Repayment Loan Payment Calculator

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No-Fee Equivalent Interest Rate Chart

Loan Default CalculatorCollection Cost Impact Chart

Student Budget CalculatorFamily Budget Analyzer

Award Letter Comparison Tool (Simple)Award Letter Comparison Tool (Advanced)

Privacy guarantee:None of the information you enter in these calculators will be saved, and no record of your sessions will be stored anywhere.


Paperwork demystified — find forms and instructions here. Tips on filling out the FAFSA and maximizing eligibility.

Ask the Aid Advisor for personalized help. Read the financial aid FAQ and glossary for other answers.

Dozens of tools for calculating college costs, loan payments, savings, and the expected family contribution (EFC).

Get online info about testing, college admissions and jobs.