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Applicant Tracking Systems

Corporate Performance Management (CPM)

Nonprofit Constituent Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Supports enterprise-wide recruiting processes from job application to hiring.

iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Suite

PeopleFluent Mirror Suite for Talent Management

Top Rated Applicant Tracking Systems

include:&32JobDiva,&32Greenhouse,&32SmartRecruiters,&32JazzHR,&32Oracle HCM Cloud,&32LinkedIn Talent,&32and&32PeopleFluent Mirror Suite for Talent Management.

on the TrustMap include:&32iCIMS,&32PCRecruiter,&32Bullhorn Recruitment CRM,&32ZipRecruiter,&32Jobvite,&32and&32Kenexa.

A complete list ofApplicant Tracking Systemsis availablehere.

TrustMapsare two-dimensional charts that compare products based on satisfaction ratings and research frequency by prospective buyers. Products must have 30 or more ratings to appear on this TrustMap, and those above the median line are considered Top Rated.

What is an Applicant Tracking System?An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a type of software used to manage recruiting operations. It is generally available as a cloud or web-based service. The hub of the software is a database of candidates. Connected to the hub are job listings on job boards and the company website, which feed candidates applications into the hub. Recruiters can post and manage job listings from within the hub. Recruiters can also communicate with candidates from within the hub via email or social networks like LinkedIn.

However, since its associated with old-school passive recruitment methods, the term ATS has fallen out of favor somewhat. Many modern vendors now refer to their solutions as recruiting software rather than applicant tracking systems, to indicate a broader feature set and a more active approach to recruiting.

Recruiting software allows recruiters to better manage the recruitment process, from recruitment marketing to job applications and hiring. It typically has three major functions:

Today, ATS may refer to the whole recruiting platform, or just the piece that stores submitted applications.

Applicant Tracking System Features and CapabilitiesATS and recruiting platforms assist with each stage of finding and hiring new employees. Basic ATS platforms aggregate and manage resumes. More advanced recruiting tools may include additional features, such as:

Integration with onboarding/talent management software

Today, its typical for recruiting software to include features around:

Email templates for communication with candidates

Notifications and alerts (particularly for interviews

Standard reports on key recruiting metrics

Recruiting is a core component oftalent management. All the platforms listed in ourBuyers Guide to Talent Management Softwareoffer recruiting capabilities as part of a broader suite that includes onboarding, performance management, compensation, learning, etc.

Recruitment ManagementThis is the core functionality that allows users to manage the recruitment process. Common capabilities include:

Analytics and reporting (to assess which approaches work)

CRM-type features for keeping tabs on passive job candidates

For a higher price, recruiting software vendors can accommodate larger companies needs. This includes:

More simultaneous users of the system

More customer support and implementation help

Advanced Analytics & Big Data Insights

Measuring the recruiting process can provide a significant competitive advantage. The hiring success rate is dependent on understanding:

Best combinations of experience and education

Which sourcing channels provide stellar candidates

What kind of approach creates engagement

Recruitment data vendors provide the big data mining solutions to understand these factors.BroadbeanandBurningGlassboth offer advanced recruiting analytics, for example. HCM and talent management suite vendors also offer more advanced analytics that can tie in later-stage information about employees, such as retention, performance, compensation, etc. to guide recruiting efforts.Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) vs. Active RecruitmentTaking a customer relationship management approach to recruiting changes the paradigm of hiring. It holds that candidates should be treated much the same way as customers. Its the job of recruiters to actively market to prospective employees, to get them interested and make sure they have a smooth experience with the company.

Most traditional applicant tracking systems (ATS) simplify the hiring process for the employer. At the same time, some make it more difficult for the applicant. This is where the candidate experience and engagement strategies of modern recruiting software come in. Presenting an attractive brand and proactively reaching out to candidates to build a relationship with them (rather than just waiting for them to apply) helps attract the best talent.

This is a slightly different approach to hiring. Tools designed for an active recruitment strategy focus on searching for and communicating with candidates who might not have applied yet, or even be actively seeking a new job yet. Software solutions likeSmashFlyact as a kind of recruiting CRM platform, to store candidates contact information and a history of past communications.LinkedIn Talentis another major player in this arena. The site can be mined for passive candidates who fit recruitment qualifications, using advanced search criteria. Other sites that recruiters can use to find candidates are Facebook, Twitter, StackOvervflow, Quora, etc. Some vendors specialize in aggregating this information to make it easily searchable, including:

Pricing for ATS and recruitment software varies depending on the focus of the vendor and the size of the company/candidate pool. Specific pricing is available by custom quote from most vendors. Costs can range from thousands of dollars per year to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, depending on the number of features, integrations, recruiting users, and applicants you need in the system.

Excerpts from TrustRadiusBuyers Guide to Recruiting/ATS Software

There are many kinds of recruiting software clustered around the HR task of finding and hiring the best people. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are designed to automate the hiring process by, for example, posting job openings, managing screening questions, generating interview requests, allowing resumes to be searched by keywords, and other administrative tasks. These tools are mainly about managing the hiring process and are focused on the resume as the centrally important hiring artifact. ATS platforms are used by companies as a way of managing direct job applications, and also by recruiting agencies for the same purpose. Some agency-oriented tools also have CRM capabilities build in to manage account relationships.

The focus of this guide is primarily on ATS tools even as they continue to evolve to meet the needs of the modern hiring environment by moving away from resume management and adding exciting new capabilities that would not have been conceivable even ten years ago.

The primary features of most recruiting / ATS platforms include:

Job requisition management: This allows job postings to be created quickly and easily

Company website postings: Jobs can be posted and displayed on the company website

Publish to social media: Software provides ability to publish postings to social media sites

Job search site posting: Software provides ability to publish postings to top job search sites

Customized application form: Present applicants with a form to capture required information

Resume management: Allowing resumes to be uploaded in bulk, and often providing some information parsing capabilities, like, for example, the ability to harvest contact data

Duplicate candidate prevention: Preventing candidates already in the system from being added a second time

Candidate search: Search capabilities allowing candidates with certain attributes such as location or competencies to be located

Applicant tracking: Tracking capabilities allow allows recruiters to assign applicants to various stages so others can see an applicants status at a glance

Collaboration: The ability share notes and evaluations on candidates

Create and delegate tasks: Ability to create recruitment process tasks and assign them to others

Canned email responses: Creation of standard email templates for communication with candidates

User permissions: Permissions allow administrators to decide which information is viewable or editable by others

Notifications and alerts: Notifications when a candidate is added or reminders of tasks to be completed keep everyone on task

Reporting: Comprehensive standard reports on key recruiting metrics such as time-to-fill

The TrustRadiusBuyers Guide to Talent Management Softwarecovered a number of suite products, which contained recruiting as a component. Indeed, recruiting has now come to be understood as a core component of talent management products. Products like IBM Kenexa and Oracle Taleo have a strong recruiting orientation as they began with that functionality and expended out to provide a full set of capabilities covering performance management, onboarding, succession management, and learning.

All of the talent management platforms discussed in the companion Buyers Guide to Talent Management, offer at least some recruiting capabilities, and this functionality has become an essential feature of the talent management portfolio.

Ultimate Softwares UltiPro and Workday are recent entrants into this space having introduced brand new products in 2014, which have both been highly anticipated. This is a mature market and incumbent products have very complete feature sets and large numbers of customers. But starting fresh with a focus on the most strategic functions like employee sourcing and mobile has advantages over adding new features to old platforms.

Although many of the biggest ATS platforms have long been acquired and integrated as components of broad talent suites, there is still a significant number of independent vendors selling this technology as stand-alone products.

Since talent management suites have largely been designed for enterprises, stand-alone vendors are increasingly focusing on the mid-market to find new customers. The mid-market is vast and these vendors should be able to thrive in focusing on that sector of the market alone.

These more focused mid-market vendors are also much faster to add required new features to their platforms. The large suite vendors like SAP, IBM, and Oracle have been, and continue to be, very focused on building effective integrations between their talent suites and back end ERP applications, which tends to consume their development efforts. Pure-play recruiting/ATS vendors are uniquely focused on recruiting, and their product roadmaps tend to be built around new recruiting features.

Although virtually all talent management products include recruiting as a capability, not all talent management products are covered in this guide. The reason for this omission is that we do not have adequate data on the recruiting capabilities of these products to discuss them here in that context. The exception is IBM Kenexa and Oracle Taleo, both of which are talent management platforms with a very strong recruiting legacy. Kenexas BrassRing acquisition in 2005 really put Kenexa on the map as a recruiting solution and, to this day, people think of it as a recruiting product. Virtually all Kenexa reviews on TrustRadius are for the BrassRing ATS capabilities. Oracles Taleo has a similar lineage and the fact that most reviews specifically discuss the recruiting aspects of the platform means that it can be included here. SIlkRoads OpenHire is a separate product (although included in the LifeSuite platform) and is also featured in the guide.

TrustRadius has begun to collect feature ratings on individual components of suite products, and a future update to this guide will include feature-rating data on the talent management recruiting components, which will allow us to discuss these products from a purely recruiting standpoint. Ultimate Softwares UltiPro and Workday will also be featured in an update.

The following table lists the vendors appearing in this guide with an indication of whether they have an SMB or enterprise focus and whether they are standalone or one component of a suite. As might be expected, standalone tools are mostly SMB-focused.

The standard ATS as a tool for managing resumes, has been under pressure for some years now as hiring organizations understand that, while tools designed to simplify the hiring process make life easier for the employer, they often present significant barriers to candidates. Job applicants are often forced to complete complex forms, or conform to a tiresomely bureaucratic process that is apt to deter the most talented employees who tend to resent such a heavyhanded approach. There is an increasing view that the post-and-pray approach to recruiting is ultimately self-defeating and that applicants should be treated much the same way as customers. The emphasis shifts towards finding passive candidates and gradually nurturing them over time. Candidates should be reeled in though engagement strategies that are commonplace in customer relationship marketing. Presenting an attractive brand that encourages engagement and attracts the best talent a slightly different approach to hiring. A recruiting platform like SmashFly has been designed specifically as a kind of recruiting CRM platform that integrates directly to ATS systems to help put this strategy into practice.

Another potential problem with ATS platforms is that they frequently use resume-parsing technology in order to sort through large volumes of resumes by looking for key words to winnow the applicants down to a manageable number. While this approach makes some sense given the very large volumes of resumes typically received in response to an ad, candidates have now been trained to game the system: They use keywords taken from the original job ad and play them back in resumes laden with key phrases likely to be picked up by these systems.

More sophisticated job/candidate matching capabilities are required.

In recent years there has been more emphasis on using more sophisticated technologies than revenue parsing to find candidates that are a good match for open positions. Mining the vast quantity of publicly available social data in order to source potential candidates is one such strategy.

Obviously, LinkedIn has emerged as a inescapable presence in the recruiting arena and, in conjunction with the vast quantity of social media data freely available to anyone with a web browser, can be mined for use as a gigantic sourcing repository to find passive candidates who may not be looking but have the skills and aptitudes you might need. From the candidate point-of-view, peer-to-peer social sites like Glassdoor, Yelp and others have also had a significant impact by providing job seekers with invaluable data on the day-to-day experience of working for a particular company.

The most recent innovations in sourcing go beyond unstructured browsing to a more data-driven approach to uncovering the best candidates. One social approach is sometimes referred to as People Aggregator Sourcing. There is an entire cluster of software vendors focused on using social data to improve candidate sourcing and matching. These tools usually extend well beyond the white-collar confines of LinkedIn to source candidates in a very broad range of fields where potential candidates have a social presence, even if its just a Facebook page. Companies like TalentBin, Entelo, Identified, Dice OpenWeb and 3Sourcing all aggregate unstructured profiles of individuals across a large number of social websites including, in addition to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, some more niche sites like StackOverflow, , GitHub, Quora, etc. The profile data collected is structured into an easily searchable database of composite social profiles on individuals and is then made available to corporate recruiters.

Additionally, most firms now understand that the ability to measure everything related to the recruiting process can provide significant competitive advantage. Once companies understand things like the best combinations of experience and education that typically lead to the most successful hires, or which sourcing channels are most likely to provide stellar candidates, the hiring success rate can improve dramatically. The ability to mine recruiting data for insight is a crucial factor in making good hiring decisions. There are now several recruitment data vendors like Broadbean and BurningGlass providing big data mining recruiting solutions.

Big Data sourcing is not the only trend transforming the recruiting technology sector, however.

: Mobile-enabled software applications have been exploding for a number of years as smartphone use skyrockets and vendors scramble to build mobile-friendly versions of their products for an increasingly global and mobile workforce. Large numbers of job applicants already use mobile devices to search and even apply for jobs, although mobile applications are still not mainstream. HR vendors, including the large enterprise vendors, have been unaccountably slow in developing mobile versions of their recruiting platforms, particularly the ability for candidates to apply for a job on a mobile device . This is starting to change with the emergence of mobile technology platforms like iMomentous, which is designed to solve this problem.

: Employers want to gather as much data as possible before interviewing, as one-to-one interviews are very time consuming and can be highly inefficient if too many unsuitable candidates make it to the interview stage. Behavioral assessments and job skill testing can help employers do a better job of matching applicants to the skills and competencies they will need for the job.

: With the proliferation of built-in webcams in phones and laptops, video interviewing is a fast-growing trend. Although it is quite possible to do this independently of any recruiting software, increasingly video-interviewing technology is being integrated with ATS software so that job interviews can be stored and linked to candidate profiles.

: Job boards have been a feature of the recruiting landscape for many years and are still critically important. Most ATS platforms can syndicate job listings to a broad range of job boards, but not all are free. There are general-purpose job boards that advertise a vast number of jobs in multiple sectors and geographies like Monster, SimplyHired, and CareerBuilder. But the real focus today is shifting away from general purpose boards towards ones with a narrower scope like niche or regional job boards that may specialize in certain vertical industries or geographies, as well as career portals on company websites and social channels. Most ATS platforms syndicate job ads to the major job boards to ensure the widest possible audience. Some platforms suggest the job boards likely to generate the best response. The biggest development though in job boards has been the emergence of job board aggregators like Indeed, which, from the candidate viewpoint, is an extremely useful way of being able to access jobs posted on all other boards and corporate websites with a single very easy to use search interface. GlassDoor and Simply Hired have also entered the job board aggregator market. Aggregation on the massive scale that Indeed has accomplished means that any single companys jobs will quickly be lost among the flood of job ads unless recruiters abandon the old tired job descriptions of the past, and create differentiated, engaging ads that include visuals and an emphasis on what its like to actually work at a company. After all, any candidates clicking on the Apply button will be routed back to your ATS without ever having seen the recruiting page of your website. Writing job ads now requires creativity and marketing sills in order to make them stand out in the crowd.

Integration with Background Checking

: Background checking is an entirely separate category and firms supplying background-checking software are specialists in checking candidates against criminal record databases. These products usually integrate with several ATS platforms, and integration with one of these services is an important pre-requisite for selecting a solution.

Although the recruiting technology market is constantly changing, it does appear that the current focus has shifted from resume management and applicant tracking capabilities, towards sourcing, analytics, assessment and interview technologies. But this does not mean that the ATS platform is redundant. In fact, many of these new trends are simply being absorbed by ATS platforms as new features.

There have been a number of strategic acquisitions in this area. For example, in the area of People Aggregator sourcing, Workday acquired Identified in 2014 and Monster bought TalentBin the same year. LinkedIn also made a highly strategic acquisition in this area last year by snapping up for $120m. Bright is not exactly a People Aggregator, but is a matching tool that goes beyond keywords by using data mining and machine learning techniques to provide better candidate matches. Jobvite has already incorporated native video interviewing capabilities directly into their ATS product and companies like HireVue integrate their video interview product with third-party ATS platforms. Workdays new recruiting platform integrates the HireVue video recruiting functionality and background checking from HireRight.

Clearly, there are many buying criteria to consider before investing in a recruiting platform. many of which are common to selecting software in other domains. For example, usability, mobility, and sophisticated reporting are all crucially important. However, there has been rapid evolution in this area over the last few years that have altered the center of gravity of these systems away from resume management or traditional ATS functionality. In this context, there are three important factors to consider which might not be quite so obvious.

Recruitment is now a standard component of all talent management suites and the advantages of integration are quite clear. Newly hired candidates can be automatically directed to an onboarding portal to complete paperwork and subsequently to a Learning Management System for required training before starting work. But the really big advantage of a suite solution for large enterprises comes from the predictive power of talent data from all the different functions with which candidates and employees interact. For example, from a recruiting standpoint, a standalone system usually provides very good metrics around crucially important things like time-to-fill and cost-per-hire. But standalone systems are less adept at providing information about the quality of hires made. For that, it is essential to combine this data with data from the performance management system and even the succession management system to determine which candidate profiles produce the best employees over the long term. However, talent suites are expensive and can be inconsistent across modules. For smaller companies, a good ATS may be a an excellent investment to dramatically simplify the mechanics of the hiring process and find better talent at a moderate cost.

As we have seen, matching strategies have become more important than ever, and development of passive candidates by building profiles based on social data is a promising avenue towards closing the skill-matching gap. For example, if you are looking for a developer with a difficult-to-find skill set, you should in theory be able to search the social web to find developers in a specific geographical area who have exhibited strong competence by writing top-rated answers on StackOverflow, contributing to GitHub, etc., along with contact information.

The core capabilities of a good ATS platform are well understood: bulk resume upload, duplicate elimination, task management and candidate communication capabilities, to name a few. But beyond these standard features, a broad range of new capabilities like video interviewing, candidate relationship management, assessments, and background checking are now being incorporated into ATS platforms and are perhaps more strategic than the more commoditized features of a standard ATS.

Pages 3-16 are available in the complete TrustRadiusBuyers Guide to Recruiting/ATS Softwareand cover

The Best Recruiting/ATS Software for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

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iCIMS is an applicant tracking software for companies of all sizes. The tools talent recruiting and management functions include a wide range of features such as social recruiting, talent sourcing and onboarding.

Jobvite is a full recruiting platform. It takes businesses through the recruiting funnel – from sourcing candidates and managing workflows to communicating with hiring managers and reporting through custom dashboards and reports.

SilkRoads OpenHire is an applicant tracking system and is a component of the Life Suite platform.

Bullhorn Recruitment CRM is a SaaS based solution that offers a full suite of features typical of applicant tracking systems: a user-friendly interface and mobile app, batch or mass communication with potential candidates via multiple channels such as email and commonly used applications (e.g….

CATS is a full-featured, web-based recruiting software that is designed to make it easy to track and hire talent. Accessible from any browser or mobile device, users can manage the entire recruiting process from creating custom job applications to posting jobs to leading job sites to generating…

Greenhouse is an applicant tracking and recruiting solution that includes a comprehensive recruiting performance improvement system. Some key features include: Applicant Scorecard, Interview Kits and Robust Analytics.

PeopleFluent provides a cloud-based talent management suite comprised of applications for Recruiting, Performance Management, Compensation, Learning, Succession and Vendor Management as well as Workforce Planning and Diversity. Available as singular products or bundled together as integrated…

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SmartSearch is the flagship web-based talent acquisition and staffing management software from Advanced Personnel Systems Inc, that, while not as broadly used as some other software suites, is capable of delivering all of the features and capabilities (e.g. integration with outside services like…

LinkedIn Talent is a recruiting software solution offered by LinkedIn.

JazzHR is a powerful, user-friendly and affordable ATS and recruiting software. JazzHR aims to replace antiquated hiring processes like email and spreadsheets with an intuitive applicant tracking system that helps recruiters and hiring managers build a scalable and effective recruiting process that…

HireRight is an application tracking and recruiting software solution offered by HireRight, LLC.

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By participating in the Safety Standard of Excellence program, staffing firms, their placed workers, and host employers can build knowledge and a mutually beneficial relationship that will identify and mitigate or even eliminate workplace hazards and exposures, ensure clear communication between the staffing firm and host employer, and clearly delineate responsibilities of each partyall intended to reduce temporary worker injuries, illnesses, and fatalities.

What To Expect From the Safety Standard of Excellence Program

Prior to registering, participating firms must review and agree to theProgram Guidepolicies.

By participating in the Safety Standard of Excellence program, companies will have access to industry best practices, guidelines and resources to evaluate and improve business operations related to temporary worker safety. This information will provide you with knowledge to make enhancements in company operations over a period of several months.

Staffing-Specific Resources Available to Participating Firms

When ready, participants will schedule an on-site consultation with a program consultant. At that scheduled visit, an on-site safety assessment and review of safety-related policies and procedures will be conducted and scored against the program best practices.

Upon completion of the on-site assessment, participants will have a consultation that will summarize findings, and discuss what to expect in the written report which participants will receive at a later date.

Once registered, you will schedule a welcome call, where you will review your corporate size and structure with a consultant.The assessment process and pricing will be discussed in full during this initial call. The full program cost is dependent on company structure, size and file management practices.Following, the staffing firm will receive a Safety Standard of Excellence proposal with documentation to sign, stating their agreement to the quoted assessment fees and payment schedule.

The application fee includes access to the programs online resources and tools. Assessment fees are separate. Assessment fees for ASA members range from $3,300 to $18,000 and are dependent upon the total number of branch offices your firm has.

In the event a firm has multiple divisions that operate under the same management, and use the same policies and procedures, the company will register based on the number of offices, including the offices within their separate divisions. The number of assessments and price will be calculated based on the total number of offices, including the corporate office. If the company has efiling in place for easy access to all office files; this will be taken into consideration within the pricing structure. In the event a firm has multiple brands or franchises that are under separate management, each brand or franchise would register and apply under that name.

To help with budgeting, the cost of assessments will be invoiced following each assessment. Depending upon your firms safety program readiness, assessments would likely start two to five months after initial application. Assessments can be spread out over some time; the exact timetable is up to you. Once the program Mark is earned, then you would want to earmark the renewal and reassessment fees for your budget occurring two years from then.

Once enrolled, you will have unlimited access to the website materials, and you would create your own timeline in terms of planning, preparing and scheduling the assessments.

If a passing grade is earned, the company that registered will earn the mark, which will have the Safety Standard of Excellence logo personalized with their company name. If the division has also been assessed a separate logo for the division can be processed for an additional fee.

Those firms that do not score at or above a 2.3 may elect to undergo additional consulting, action planning, or training to ensure recommendations are implemented, after which they can be reassessed. A fee will be charged for additional assessments.

Staffing Firm responsibilities for to temporary and contract workers placed on assignment at client locations

Staffing Firms ability to evaluate, communicate with, and influence clients with respect to temporary and contract worker safety

Staffing Firm Responsibilities for Worker Selection

Staffing Firm Responsibilities for Worker Training and Orientation

Staffing Firm Verification of Client Responsibilities for Worker Training and Orientation

Staffing Firm Evaluation of Client Safety Culture, Safety Performance, Work Site, and Job

Staffing Firm Responsibilities for Incident Management

Staffing Firm Verification of Client Responsibilities for Incident Management

Nurse Staffing Firms (Sector-Specific)

Upon registering for the Program, participants will have access to a secure program portal that contains resources and tools to assist in preparing for on-site consultation and assessment, as well as best practice resources for ongoing improvement.

Renewal assessments are required to renew use of the Mark every two years. Payment of the renewal application fee does not guarantee continued use of the Mark. Renewal assessment fees will be determined based on corporate size and structure and range from $3,470 to $16,845.

To continue using the Mark, staffing firms must renew their commitment to, and demonstration of, safety standards every two years on either Jan. 1 or July 1.

It is expected that staffing firms earning use of the Mark will show improvement in subsequent assessments. To assist with your budget planning, renewal fees for companies that are members of both ASA and NSC is $695.The renewal fee for ASA members is $795 and for companies that are not members of either ASA or NSC, the renewal fee is $1590. See program guide (link to program guide) for more detail.

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