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According to Whois record of Nextmd.com, it is owned bysince 2017. Nextmd was registered withresides in Seattle, USA and their email is .

Earlier, Nextmd owners includedQSI Management LLCofQSI Management LLCin 2016 andNextgen Healthcare LLCofNextgen Healthcare LLClater that year,QSI Management LLCofQSI Management LLCin 2013 andQSI Management LLC 795 Horsham Rdin 2012.

The current Nextmd.com owner and other personalities/entities that used to own this domain in the past are listed below.

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On behalf of nextmd.com owner Whois Privacy Service

On behalf of nextmd.com owner Whois Privacy Service

NextGen Healthcare Information Systems, Inc 795 Horsham Rd

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