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Boruto Chapter 25 has been released!

Click For Boruto Chapter 025 Spoiler Preview:Kawaki wields a strange power which Kara wants to exploit. Will Boruto find some way to save the boy he is connected to?

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Boruto Chapter 24 has been released!

Click For Boruto Chapter 024 Spoiler Preview:As Kara continues to plot, the young boy their plans focus on begins to make moves of his own

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Boruto Chapter 23 has been released!

Click For Boruto Chapter 023 Spoiler Preview:Team Konohamaru are being challenged by Koji, will the mysterious Kara member prove too much to handle?

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Boruto Chapter 22 has been released!

Click For Boruto Chapter 022 Spoiler Preview:Does Ao still have some tricks up his sleeve, or has time finally run out for this missing ninja?

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Boruto Chapter 21 has been released!

Click For Boruto Chapter 021 Spoiler Preview:Team Konohamaru must complete their mission but the elder ninja Ao now stands in their way, can they beat this modified man?

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Boruto Chapter 20 has been released!

Click For Boruto Chapter 020 Spoiler Preview:Ao has revealed his evil intentions and his minigun!? What!?

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Lifeline Chat

Lifeline Chat is a service of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, connecting individuals with counselors for emotional support and other services via web chat. All chat centers in the Lifeline network are accredited by CONTACT USA. Lifeline Chat is available 24/7 across the U.S.

Please review and agree to theterms of service, and enter your zip code. Then, click on the button START CHAT when it appears.

There may be a wait time to connect. To speak to a counselor now, please call the Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

1.First, youll see a wait-time message while we connect you to a crisis counselor.

2.If demand is high, you can always look at our Helpful Resources below, or call the Lifeline at 1-.

3.A counselor will answer your chat.

4.This person will listen to you, understand how your problem is affecting you, provide support, and share resources that may be helpful.

Explore these resources while you wait.

Anyone who is depressed, going through a hard time, needs to talk, or is thinking about suicide can use the chat. The chat counselors are here to listen and support you through whatever difficult times you may be facing.

The Lifeline Chat service is available 24/7. If you have trouble connecting to the chat service we encourage you to call the Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

The confidentiality and security of chats are ensured through the Lifeline chat software provider, which uses the same encryption and data protection standards required by major financial institutions to transact business with each other. All of your communications are securely encrypted from your computer to ours.

If a user is reported to Facebook for posting suicidal content, the content is reviewed by the Facebook Safety Team. If appropriate, Facebook will respond directly to the user via e-mail indicating that someone on Facebook is concerned about their safety and encourage the user to call the Lifeline and/or enter a confidential chat session with a crisis counselor. If the user chooses to enter chat, he or she will be redirected to a site hosted by the Lifeline. Security controls, including encryption and authentication, are in place to ensure the protection of any information submitted via chat. Additionally, the user who is given the opportunity to chat does not have to disclose any identifying information.

If the service appears offline or busy, please call the Lifeline on 1-800-273-TALK (8255) we are available 24/7. If you or someone you know is in danger or needs immediate medical attention, please call 911.

CONTACT USA has been offering help to those in need through online chat since 2010. Crisis Chat has been a nationwide project that aims to improve access to mental health care. Crisis Chat has linked existing certified crisis call centers around the United States on one website platform, creating a service that will eventually route website visitors to the crisis center that serves their local area. Crisis Chat has also provided essential emotional support and crisis intervention services to millions of people who are depressed, despairing or thinking about suicide.

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Troubleshooting steps: Try entering another zip code.

Troubleshooting Steps: To speak to a counselor now, please call the Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Since about 20,000 people visit our chat page per month, there is a possibility that you will wait in a queue. Our busiest times are between 10:00 pm EST 2:00 am EST.

Get stories from people who have been through a crisis and found hope.

The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is funded by the federal Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) and administered by Vibrant Emotional Health.

Cary High Athletics

High School Sports is more than just a fun part of the High School experience. Studies have shown that High School Sports develops a Well Rounded Adult. Athleticsteaches teamwork, cooperation, and builds confidence. Wake County provides less than $900 total yearly for all our student-athletes, for ALL of our 35 Varsity and JV teams.

The IMP Club, through fundraising efforts, provides more than 60% of the CHS Athletic Department Budget. 98% of the money raises goes directly to support the student athletes (i.e. facilities maintenance and repair, uniforms, etc.)

The IMP Club needs your help to support the fundraising efforts – training is provided.

Get INVOLVED – come to the next Club meeting to see how YOU can help – its FUN!

Next Meeting: August12th @ 7pm,Fieldhouse at Cary High

2018-2019Officers:President: Dee JonesVice-President: Mary HillSecretary: Sarah MuscarellaTreasurer: OPENAthletic Director:Mike Dunphy2018-2019Board Positions/Committee Chairs:Membership Committee Chair: Patricia BerkowitzConcessions Committee Chairs: Susan Cairns

Sponsorship Committee Chair: Cindy HuntSpirit Wear Committee Chair: Michelle MendelWebsite Committee Chair:Ken Kinsey

Assistant Website Chair: Ed MazzaAssistant Treasurer:Allison OwenOpen CommitteePositions:Assistant Membership Chair: OPENSports Program Committe Chair:OPEN

Assistant Sports Program Chair: OPEN

Assistant Fundraising Committee Chair: OPEN

Assistant Spirit Wear Chair: OPENHelp Wanted!

Organize meeting minutes and submit at following months meeting for approval

Maintain official Club membership roster

Other minor administrative activities

Make and record deposits if Deputy Treasurer cannot do so

Record transactions using QB Online

Prepare monthly balance sheet and income statement

Send reports to coaches during seasons

If you have interest or would like to find out more about the roles, please contact Dee Jones, IMP Club President/acting Treasurer or Mary Hill, IMP Club Vice President.

For those of you new to Cary High who are interested in playing football this fall, here is a list of To Do items before you show up for workouts/practices.

1. Register on under2018 Football(You will need a parent to create an account on goimps because you are not yet 18 yrs old)

2. You must have a valid Wake County Physical Form completely filled out by you, your parents and a medical doctor. Here is a link for the physical forms:Wake Physicals(Your Middle School physical forms cannot be used, only the doctors portion is OK as long as the date of the physical has not expired.)

3. Get registered forFootball Camp at Mt. Olive University(see info below, for 10-12 graders only)

4. Check the practice schedule forFootballand start attending summer workouts.

5. Bring tennis shoes and cleats to workouts everyday.

6. We start summer workouts at 7 AM, you need to check-in at the field house on Cooper Field by 6:45 AM.

7. You do NOT need to bring water bottles, we will provide that for the boys.

8. Get involved with theCaryFootball Clubto help make the necessary preparations for Gamedays!

9. Interested in joining the Imp Club? Check out the link for attending montly meetings about Cary High Athletics.Cary Imp Club

10.Mandatory 1st day of practice will be Monday, July 30th at 7 AM. (Check-in starts at 6:30 AM)

11. If you are interested in purchasing your own helmet please emailCoach Wilkes.


For as little as $50 per student (or $70 per adult) you get admission to ALL HOME:

BASKETBALL, WRESTLING, GYMNASTICS, Lacrosse, Soccer, Baseball, Softball, Tennis,and Track Events for the entire school year!

Over 100 regular season home games for the school year

NoCASHnecessary to enter games when you have yourAll Sports Pass

Compare the savings!! – Entry fees if paying cash for home games:

$5 per person for all other Sports Teams

(Sports Passes not valid for Scrimmages, Endowment Games or Playoff Games)

Click on thislink to purchase your All-Sports Pass

CHOOSE the All Sports Pass that best fits your IMP Family:

Single IMP Student Sports Pass$50.00

Family Sports Pass (Parents and ALL Children)$195.00

Senior Citizen Single/Couple$50.00 / $80.00

**Prices online slightly higher to account for transaction fees**

All Sports Passes also have an added advantage! If you are a parent of an IMP Athlete, your All Sports Pass purchase provides you with a voting membership in the Cary IMP Club, a nonprofit organizatin whose sole purpose is to provide fundraising activities and financial support for the Cary High Athletic Department.

25 home games at$5 a ticketfor afamily of 4 would cost you $ 500

If you purchase anAll-Sports Family pass you would save $ 305

(A Family Membershipincludes parents and all children living in the home)

Cost Analysis for a Student All-Sports Pass

25 home games at$5 a ticket would cost you $ 125

If you purchase anAll-Sports Studentpass you would save $ 75

**Prices online have been adjusted to account for transaction fees.**

For more information about this program please contactename);ename);Ken Kinsey.

tax-exempt, 501(c) non-profit corporation.

© 2018 SportsEngine, The Home of Youth Sports and

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Queensview Medical Centre

Information about the doctors surgery opening hours, appointments, online prescriptions, health information and much more

The surgery address and telephone numbers


Welcome to Queensview Medical Centre website

Monday 9th July the practice is experiencing problems with our phone system our phone providers are working on the problem. updated 8.25am

Important changes to repeat prescription ordering, this is a Nene Clinical Commissioning Group initiative.All Practices in Northamptonshire will also be changing over the next few months. This initiative is to reduce over ordering which costs the NHS hundreds of millions of pounds every year.

Patients need to re order by using online ordering via website or smartphone app or ask your pharmacy for the right hand side of your repeat prescription that you can use to order the items you need, then drop this off or post it to the surgery. Thank you for your co-operation.

Find out information about medical conditions and diseases through our patient information leaflets as well as keep up to date with all the latest practice news and developments. You can also allow the nurses to collect travel information by using the Travel Form

We are always looking to improve our services so please fill in our patient survey or leave some feedback on our contact page. We hope that with your help and co-operation we will be able to make this website a better portal for all your online need

Avoid A & E if you have a minor injury contact

This year GP Surgeries are advising their patients that they have a named GP. Patients are registered with the surgery as a whole, and one of GPs will be named as your usual GP on your medical record. You may of course request to see the GP of your choice. If you would like to know the name of your named GP please ask at reception.

Phone 111 if you require medical help that cannot wait until the surgery opens on the following day.

Self-care advice and when and where to seek appropriate treatment/advice from other NHS Services.

This is available in leaflet form and as an interactive tool on

We want to help you manage your own health and stay fit and healthy. To help you do this three health guides have been produced which are available to view electronically:

Tax rise need to help pay for 20bn NHS boost says PM

These are external links and will open in a new window

Tax rises will be needed to pay for the boost in NHS funding announced by the government, the prime minister says.

Theresa May conceded the public would pay more, but promised this would be done in a fair and balanced way.

The government also says economic growth and a Brexit dividend will help cover the costs of the increased spending, which will see NHS Englands budget increase by 20bn by 2023.

Labours John McDonnell called the funding model not credible.

He – and others – have been critical about whether there will be the savings from Brexit that ministers are claiming.

But in a speech in London, Mrs May insisted it would free up money.

Some of the extra funding I am promising will come from using the money we will no longer spend on our annual membership subscription to the European Union after we have left.

However, she added that taxpayers will have to contribute a bit more in a fair and balanced way to support the NHS we all use.

In return, Mrs May said the NHS had to play its part to ensure every penny is well spent.

She has asked NHS England boss Simon Stevens to work with senior doctors to come up with a 10-year plan, looking at productivity, staffing and key areas such as mental health and cancer survival.

It must be a plan that tackles waste, reduces bureaucracy and eliminates unacceptable variation, Mrs May said.

At the weekend, the government announced the NHS England budget would increase by 3.4% a year on average over the next five years.

That means by 2023 the budget will be 20bn higher than it is now, once inflation is taken into account.

Currently, NHS England spends 114bn a year.

But the plan does not include other parts of the wider health budget, such as training, stop-smoking clinics and other preventative services, so the overall health increase might be lower than 3.4%.

The average annual rise since the foundation of the NHS in 1948 is 3.7%.

The plan also means more money will be given to the rest of the UK – about 4bn – although it will be up to theWelshandScottishgovernments to decide how that is spent.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said the boost in funding was agreed with the Treasury on the basis it would come from three sources – Brexit, economic growth and the taxation system.

Like the prime minister, Mr Hunt did not spell out what that could mean for taxes.

Economic growth would mean the size of the public purse would grow, which leaves more for public services.

Referring to Brexit, Mr Hunt the savings wont be anything like enough.

In fact, some have questioned the very idea of a Brexit dividend with the Liberal Democrats even asking the UK Statistics Authority to rule whether the government is right to claim there is one.

The Conservative chair of the Commons Health and Social Care Committee, Sarah Wollaston, said the concept was tosh.

And Paul Johnson, director of economic think-tank the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS), said the only way the rise could be paid for was by an increase in taxes.

He said the financial settlement with the EU, plus the UKs commitments to replace EU funding, already uses up all of our EU contributions for the next few years.

Media playback is unsupported on your device

Jeremy Hunt tells Today there will be an increased burden of taxation to fund the NHS

Analysis: By Hugh Pym, BBC health editor

It was a significant funding announcement – few at senior levels in the NHS in England disagree with that.

But as the dust settles after the weekend, several unanswered questions are still hanging in the air.

What about the areas of health which are not covered? What about investment in hospital buildings and equipment? How will it be paid for?

Ministers say there will be more details in the Budget in the autumn.

There will be a desire to keep any rises to a minimum given the Conservative Party manifesto at the last election said its intention was to reduce taxes on businesses and working families.

The IFS has looked at how much could be brought in and what the options are.

The manifesto ruled out a rise in VAT, but that does not exclude extending the range of goods the tax is applied to.

A commitment has also been made to reduce corporation tax.

Income tax and National Insurance are the two biggest sources of tax revenue to the government.

The IFS says adding a penny to the basic rate of income tax would raise 4bn, while 1p on all the main rates of NI would bring in nearly 10bn.

Changing the thresholds at which different rates are applied is another option.

Work on the plan will get under way almost immediately, with final proposals expected towards the end of the year.

Four main areas of the NHS will be looked at:

The plan will build on the five-year strategy Mr Stevens set out in 2015.

A big part of that was shifting care out of hospitals and into the community.

Mrs May is known to be keen to see a specific stress on mental health and improving cancer survival rates this time.

In her speech on Monday, the PM recalled her own reliance on the NHS for help when she was diagnosed with type one diabetes, saying: I would not be doing the job I am doing today without that support.

Meanwhile, councils have questioned why the funding announcement did not also include more money for social care and public health, which covers everything from stop smoking services to obesity prevention.

Both are considered essential to the sustainability of the NHS, but the increase announced only applied to front-line NHS services such as hospitals, GPs and mental health care.

Councillor Izzi Seccombe, of the Local Government Association, said: Without essential council services, which help people live healthy lives in their own homes and communities, the NHS cannot thrive.

The government said plans to reform the system will be published in the coming months.

NHS plan: What we still need to know

The NHS needs more money – but how much?

NHS: PM to look at multi-year funding plan for health service

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In a hurry? Heres what you need to know this morning

Hunting for wrecks from Henry VIIIs French battles

Will EU healthcare for tourists survive Brexit?

Would you quote Rick Astley in your out-of-office?

Stopping ex-IS fighters getting to Europe

The fight to end fashions silence on its waste problem

What happened to the boy who chased away the lions?

A first look at the story of this dysfunctional family

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In need of help? Choose your country below:

If you are in crisis, reach out for help. Text REASON to 741741.

Find additional support and services through these resources and advocacy organizations:

Suicide prevention:American Foundation for Suicide Prevention(Talk Saves LivesVIDEO)

LGBTQ youth suicide prevention & crisis intervention:The Trevor Project

Suicide prevention advocacy:American Association of Suicidology

Sexual assault:RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network)

For men who have experienced sexual abuse or assault (18+):1in6

Depression:National Institute for Mental Health

Anxiety:Anxiety and Depression Association of America

Substance abuse prevention and education:DARE

Drug abuse and addiction:National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens

Alcohol abuse:National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

School Counselors:American School Counselors Association

Mental Health:Mental Health America

Gun Violence:American Public Health Association

13 Reasons Whyfollows teenager Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) as he returns home from school to find a mysterious box with his name on it lying on his porch. Inside he discovers cassette tapes recorded by Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford)his classmate and crushwho tragically died from suicide two weeks earlier. On tape, Hannah explains that there are thirteen reasons why she decided to end her life. Through Hannah and Clays dual narratives,13 Reasons Whyweaves an intricate and heart wrenching story of teenage life that will deeply affect viewers. Based on the best-selling book.

13 Reasons Why Season 2 picks up in the aftermath of Hannahs death and the start of our characters complicated journeys toward healing and recovery. Liberty High prepares to go on trial, but someone will stop at nothing to keep the truth surrounding Hannahs death concealed. A series of ominous polaroids lead Clay and his classmates to uncover a sickening secret and a conspiracy to cover it up.

This show is rated MA for mature audiences, it covers many issues including depression, sexual assault and suicide. If you are struggling, this series may not be right for you or you may want to watch it with a trusted adult.

This website does not provide a complete list of organizations or health professionals who can offer help for those considering self-injury, suicide or who are otherwise in need. Its for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Netflix does not endorse any of the organizations or health professionals listed herein. If you think you may have an immediate need, immediately reach out to your doctor or local emergency hotline (e.g., 911) or go to the nearest emergency facility. You matter.

Find how to get help with paying bills rent mortgages debtand more

Many people need help paying bills or debt in todays challenging economy. Or they need free items, such as food, clothes, or other supplies for their household. Families often need assistance so that they do not have to decide between paying their mortgage, credit card debt, food, rent, utility, or medical bills on a monthly basis.

Find information on assistance programs, charity organizations, and other resources that will provide you help. The organizations may offer assistance for paying bills, pass out free stuff, or provide counseling type services among other programs. Agencies will also show you how to save money as well as provide some tips and methods to pay the bills when money is tight. When you and your family are facing a financial hardship, you need to reevaluate the situation, set priorities, and look for emergency assistance.

Find information on programs that offer a number of ways to get help with paying bills. Assistance is available for everything from debts to energy costs, free food, housing, and much more. Resources available that may help with these payments include:

Landlords continue to increase rental rates to their tenants and many households struggle to keep up. They often need assistance includingrent help.

Help with medical billsand find access low cost health care centers or insurance policies.

Freemortgage helpis available as well as foreclosure prevention or counseling services.

Debt helpcan reduce credit card obligations and other payments, such as medical debts.

Grants and other forms of financial aid canhelp with electric billsand energy expenses.

Help with taxes, including income and property.

Lawyers provide pro-bono andfree legal adviceto low income families as well as seniors..

Cash assistance can be provided from the government as a form ofpublic assistance.

Those are eight of the primary expenses that consumers need help paying in todays challenging economic environment. Or find an extensive list of how to get help and save on other bills, such as groceries, health insurance and child care expenses to name a few. Many of these services are also targeted at helping single parents as well as the vulnerable, such as elderly or disabled. Also find additional sources of free government grants andlow income assistanceprograms.

Many states, counties, cities, and towns offer support to struggling households and administer financial help. The resources are listed below.

Find information on federal, state, and localgovernment assistance programs.

There are numerouscharity organizationsthat can provide emergency assistance for paying bills, rent, food, and that offer support for other basic needs.

Community action agenciescan help the low income as well as unemployed overcome poverty or even find a higher paying job.

Programs can provide help for senior citizens, including food, free medications, and housing. More details onhelp for senior citizens.

Short term help may be offered to families living in poverty as part ofchurch assistance programs.

Select your state belowto find a comprehensive listing of all emergency as well as long term financial assistance programs offered in that state. Based on various conditions, households can receive rental assistance, food, free medical care, and energy bill assistance among other resources.

If you need housing assistance, such as free mortgage help or foreclosure prevention counseling, find how the federal government as well as lenders are offering support. Bank of America, Citigroup, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, state governments, and many others are providing mortgage help along with foreclosure prevention services to millions of struggling homeowners.

It is available in an effort to help them keep their homes and stop a foreclosure from occurring. Many states also operate localgovernment mortgage assistance programs, offer foreclosure mediation, and provide grants to help homeowners with paying their mortgages. All of the financial help or free mediation services will help prevent or stop the foreclosure process on a home.

An estimated 15% of the population is considered to be food insecure. This includes many children, senior citizens, and disabled among others. Luckily there are many places to turn to for free food or hot meals. There are pantries, programs for lower income senior citizens such as Meals on Wheels, and charities that focus on helping children. The organizations will offer assistance in an emergency and also direct the client to longer term benefits. Find a detailed listing offood pantriesas well as government assistance.

With the increasing cost of medical bills, prescription drugs, and even dental care, it can be very difficult to keep up with these bills. While there are some assistance programs for families living in poverty (such as Medicaid), many middle class families struggle. There are resources that can help reduce, or even provide free medical care. Resources range from discount cards to affordable clinics, charity care, and much more.

Each program is different. They can cover a portion of health insurance premiums. There are dozens of resources that help pay for, or provide discounts on, prescription drugs. Patients can also use third parties, such as medical billing advocates, to help ensure they are receiving the most competitive price on their care. Many other options are available as well, and findaffordable or free medical care.

Many government programs, community action agencies, charities, and local non-profit agencies provide housing and short term rent help. The support provided to tenants also involves stabilization services to help the family keep their current home or apartment. Funds can pay back rent, security deposits, and help tenants avoid an eviction. Learn more onrental assistance.

There are several government programs as well as resources offered by utility companies or charities that can help individuals pay their utility costs. There may be payment plans or money for heating or other energy bills. Qualified individuals may even be able to get free weatherization improvements to their homes to help them reduce the amount they need to pay on their monthly bills. Read more onenergy assistance programsthat are administered by your local utility company.

Or find a more extensive listing of government, non-profit, charity and local utilityelectric bill assistanceprograms. There are many resources available. Priority is often given to a household with a child, disabled member, or elderly resident. Options to save money on energy bills or to prevent a disconnection can include weatherization, cash grants, and various low income assistance programs.

Millions of individuals go onto eithershort or long term disability. A health care crisis can impact many otherwise hard-working people, including veterans, seniors, or individuals that have always been fully employed. The amount of cash assistance available from SSI, an employer, or a state government is often very minimal. There is often a need for further financial help.

Whether the disability is physical or mental, there are a number of programs that provide financial assistance. Using a combination of loans as well as grants, there is help for transportation needs, including cars or free rides. The disabled can also get low cost medications, assistance paying for utility or medical bills, food, and housing. These additional resources will be in addition to any SSI benefits. Many government and non-profits offerdisability helpas well as referrals.

There are many organizations that offerfree items year round. What may be provided to a low income family or someone living on a fixed income (such as a senior citizen or individual with a disability) will change throughout the year. Some government agencies will offer money for paying bills, transportation costs or housing needs and other charities help by offering free household stuff, such as furniture, to the needy. Some of the support is financial in nature and other charities may offer material goods. Find how to getstuff for free.

Students need to have the items they need, whether it is a uniform, clothing, books, or other goods. Adding this extra expense to their other ongoing monthly bills can be difficult. There are programs run by churches or charities that offerfree school suppliesto low to moderate income families that may not otherwise be able to afford them for their children.

There are a variety of grant programs that operate year round. Some provide financial help while others just offer the material goods that a family needs. The funding will come and go, but based on the agency, there may be grants to pay for expenses ranging from energy bills to transportation, rent or housing costs, medical needs, and much more. Some of these programs also provide free supplies to the applicant, and examples of those may be household goods, furniture, and more. Find information ongrants to help pay bills.

Attorneys from non-profit law firms can provide legal assistance. This service is for very low income families as well as senior citizens. The advice from a lawyer can help prevent evictions and they offer free foreclosure prevention assistance. There is also representation for civil problems, free advice on mortgage delinquency solutions, and legal help for utility service disconnections. Information onfree legal advice.

With all too many homeowners continuing to fall behind on their mortgages, one additional expense that is often difficult to pay is the annual real estate tax expense. If left unpaid, this too can lead to a foreclosure. You can contest your property tax assessment to lower your annual bill. The success rate of doing this is very high due to the regulations in place in many local housing markets. Find how toreduce your property taxes.

Payday loans, peer to peer lending, and low interest Credit Union loansare one option. Learn the truth about the various types, including the pros and cons to using them. There may be some limited situations in which borrowing money can be a great option to provide you short term help with paying bills. Read more onpayday loans.

Families that are struggling due to past challenges can also get financial assistance fromloans for borrowers with no credit. Charities, private lenders, and even some government programs may provide these funds. Borrowers with limited or poor credit scores may also quality for this form of financial aid.

There are also no-interest loans available. This is generally offered to a borrower instead of a grant. The cash is available for paying bills, car repairs, housing costs, debt reduction, and more. The funds will eventually need to be repaid, but the interest rate is zero and other fees are often waived. Find more details onfree loans for families.

If you are saying to yourself I need help, then the information you find on needhelppayingbills will provide you the resources as well as contact information you need. There are many charities as well as government resources that offer assistance with paying bills, debt, mortgage help, and more.

Need Additional Help With Bills?Send us an email @nclude your email address and state. It is needed to send a reply to your request. Or visit or register in the community forum (link below) and we will reply to your message there.

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Hopsin – I Need Help

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