Malta International Airport

), is the only commercial airport in Malta that services the island.  It is also known as Luqa airport as it is situated between Luqa and Gudja and it stands where the old RAF base RAF Luqa was located.

Malta International Airport was opened as a fully operational airport in 1992 and now has a large number of passengers passing through it each year. Over the past few years, Malta airport has undergone many changes and improvements since it first opened and now boosts a very modern Terminal building with state of the art facilities helping passengers have a much better and more efficient experience.

Malta airport is located just 8 klms outside the capital city of Valletta. The close proximity to Valletta makes getting to and from Malta International airport fairly straight forward and low cost.

Passengers arriving at Malta Airport have a wide choice with regards to transfer options and the Ground Support that is now in place at the airport and makes reaching your final chosen destination on the island very easy. No matter where you are staying on the island, you will surely be able to find a form of transfer to suit your requirements and budget. The following is a list of the different forms of transport options available for passengers at the airport:

There is a number of regular bus services that runs from the airport throughout the day and connects passengers to the various villages, towns and resorts on the island. The bus services that now run from Malta airport are operated by the bus company Arriva and are a very reliable and are also a low cost way of getting to and from the airport. The buses operate from outside the airport Arrivals Terminal and you can either purchase a ticket from the machine inside the airport or pay the driver on the bus. The bus numbers that run from the airport are bus numbers:  X1, X2, X3 and X4.

Buses From Malta Airport To Valetta And Valetta To Malta Airport

The bus numbers X4, X5 and X6 all run from the airport to Valletta and then from the bus station in Valletta to the airport. The buses are very frequent and there is a bus from the airport to Valletta approximately every 15 minutes and they run from and run from 05.48am to 23.03pm (at the time of writing). The journey time from Malta airport to Valletta takes around 25 minutes depending on traffic.

Buses From Malta Airport To St Julians

The X2 bus service runs from the airport to St Julians Bay

Coach: There is a direct coach/bus service with that is operated by Terravision in Partnership with Sun Services which provides transfers from Malta Luqa airport to the most popular beach destination in Malta.  The service runs from Malta Luqa airport and provides direct transfers to Bugibba-Qawra, St Julians and Sliema.

The coach departs from outside the arrivals hall at the airport and then stops at the following destinations:

Bugibba Qawra:Which is near Qawra Palace hotel Dolmen Resort hotel, Topaz hotel (journey time 20 minutes)

Saint Julians:Which is near Le Meridien St Julians hotel Juliani hotel St Georges park hotel (journey time 40 minutes)

Sliema:Which is near the Milano Due hotel Preluna hotel Plaza hotel (journey time 60 minutes)

For more information, prices and to book a seat (always a good idea to ensure a place) on this service, please click on the banner link below.

Taxis From Malta Luqa Airport

You can catch a taxi 24 hours a day from outside the arrivals hall at Malta airport and a fixed fare program is in operation.  You can obtain a pre-paid ticket for the taxi ride to any destination in Malta and these tickets can be bought at the ticket office inside the arrivals hall. However, many people like to pre-book their taxi in advance and this is becoming a very popular options for many reasons.

There are many car hire companies that operate from Malta airport.  If there are a few of you traveling, then hiring a car is a great way to reduce your cost on transfers to and from the airport, with the added benefit of having transport for the duration of your stay on the island of Malta.  It is a great way of getting around and will allow you to have the freedom to explore Malta in more detail.

Prices for car hire in Malta are always competitive and to save you time and money, we have provided you with a link to a website that lists all the major car hire companies that consistently offer the best deals.  Obviously, you can shop around on the Internet but we think that you will find a great deal that suits your requirements and budget, at the following page: Car Hire Malta

The official company that provide airport shuttle services to and from Malta airport is MaltaTransfer. However, there are sother companies that also offer shuttle services such as ResortHoppa or Shuttle Direct.

Car Parking At Malta International Airport

There are a large number of parking spaces available at the airport for both Short Term and Long Term parking. Car parking at Malta airport is FREE for the first 10 minutes, after the first 10 minutes, the following charges in Euros apply:

10 mins 1 hours 1.50

3 hours 5 hours 3.00

5 hours 12 hours 4.00

12 hours 24 hours 6.00

The next 24 hours or part of 4.00

Any person that does not show their ticket, will be subject to a fine.

You are given 20 minutes from paying at the machine to exiting the car park.

If you believe you have lost or left and item at Malta airport, you should contact the airports Lost and Found department as soon as possible on the following telephone number:

Lost And Found Malta Airport Telephone Number: 00356 2369 6005

Malta International Airport Address: Luqa, LQA 05, Malta

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