Kroger Feedback Survey Guide

Kroger, the retail chain, values feedback from its customers. Therefore, if you are a Kroger customer, you are offered a chance to give feedback about your shopping experience. You actually get to give the feedback by taking part in the Kroger customer satisfaction survey which is also known as the Kroger feedback survey. At its core, the Kroger feedback survey is made up of a series of questions that you, as a Kroger customer, are expected to answer. You answer the questions on the basis of your recent Kroger shopping experience. Through the feedback received from the customers who take part in the survey, the Kroger management team is able to identify areas where things are going well. They are also able to identify areas where improvements need to be made.

Why you need to take part in the Kroger feedback survey

There are 2 key reasons for you to take part in the Kroger feedback survey.

Firstly, Kroger feedback survey participants are entered into monthly sweepstakes draws. In those draws, some lucky participants get to win grand prizes of $5,000. The prizes are awarded in the form of Kroger gift cards. This means that by sparing a few minutes to complete the Kroger feedback survey, you could position yourself to win a $5,000 gift card. Others get to win $100 Kroger gift cards. $100 is still appreciable, especially if all you have to do to earn it is answer a few questions about your shopping experiences.

Secondly, by participating in the Kroger feedback survey, you get a chance to tell the Kroger management team how you, as a customer, would want to be served. You get a chance to tell the people who manage Kroger stores about your shopping experience, and about areas where you think improvements can be made. This too is important, especially if youd want to be served better in the future.

Eligibility for you to take part in the Kroger feedback survey

To be eligible to take part in the Kroger feedback survey, you just need to have shopped at Kroger in the last one week (7days). You need to have the Kroger receipt and the receipt needs to be one with a survey invitation. In the survey invitation, you will find an entry code. That is a code you will have to enter at the Kroger feedback site, in order to proceed with the survey.

The steps you need to follow, while participating in the Kroger feedback survey

To participate in the Kroger feedback survey, you (obviously) start by going to the survey site: m. So you enter into your browser. Your browser then loads that site.

Once you are on the Kroger feedback site at (, you enter some details from your Kroger receipt: namely the date and time on the receipt, as well as the entry ID indicated on the receipt. Then you click on the Start button, in order to get the survey going.

You answer all the survey questions, and at the end of the exercise (which shouldnt take more than a few minutes) you are entered into a sweepstake. That is the Kroger feedback survey sweepstake: where you could win a $5,000 Kroger gift card (grand prize), or a $100 Kroger gift card (first prize).

Enter Kroger Survey

Give your feedback on your recent Kroger buying experience

Kroger Survey Website: CLICK HERE to ENTER

Gift Card Sweepstakes rules: Kroger Survey Rules

Good Luck at winning the grand prize!

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kroger shops are committed to providing its customers value items and high quality items from well-known famous brands in addition to very own Kroger branded goods. Kroger stores wish to still offer affordability products and excellent services and so are requesting customers to give their feedback and help Kroger shops enhance a lot more.

Kroger Comments Customer Satisfaction Study

Kroger Comments Study is the chance to inform Kroger all about your purchasing encounter whilst likely to among Kroger or Kroger brand stores. With 2,419 Kroger brand name stores in 31 US claims, Kroger Business provides food products, department stores and valuable jewelry stores so that you can shop for the whole family members. In case you are a Kroger customer, give your feedback and you will definitely be placed into the reward draw to win the $5,000 grand reward or 1 of 100 at first awards of $100 Kroger shop Existing Card.

wwwkrogerfeedbackcom – Make $5,000 Kroger Present Card

Give your truthful feedback and you will certainly be assisting Kroger to create your take a look at much more appropriate the next time you visit the local Kroger shop in addition to have the opportunity to earn $5,000 Gift Card. What far better method of take meals shopping compared to a little bit of extra cash ready to spend at a Kroger store.


Kroger has been giving away Kroger Fuel Points Balance for free since last year. Every week you get 50 fuel points & a chance to win the big reward of $5,000 Kroger Gift card. How? The answer is through Kroger Feedback Customer Satisfaction Survey which rewards you with 50 Kroger fuel points balance for your feedback. Plus you get a chance to win the Lucky draw of $100 or $5,00o shopping card.

Kroger introduced their Kroger feedback customer survey last year when the company started taking feedback from its valued customers.Tell Kroger about your experience & share your thoughts on the services provided to you during your last visit. You can share any problem you faced or any event that made you happy and you can even give comments on the way that employees treated you. All of this will be noted by Kroger because they wanna make sure that your next visit goes amazing. You can take the feedback survey every 7 days & get free 50 Kroger Fuel Points balance, $100 Grocery card / $5,000 Kroger Gift Card & Kroger Digital Points.

Just like Kroger Sweepstakes, Walgreens has also launched the survey $3000 cashsweepstakes. You may wanna check that out if youre a Frequent Walgreens Shopper.

How many gas points do I have at Kroger Feedback Rewards?

Why We Love Kroger Feedback (And You Should, Too!) 😛 Furthermore, everyone loves to win Free Stuff & Kroger is rewarding anyone who enters the Kroger feedback survey with 3 Prizes.

Tell how your experience at Kroger store, as a result, you might be the next Lucky winner to win the $5,000 Kroger shopping card. 🙂 Anyone with a Kroger purchase receipt can enter the Kroger survey and win 50 Fuel points plus an entry in the Krogerfeedback monthly sweepstakes for one of 100 $100 gift card and one $5,000 gift card Grand Prize.

Kroger Customer Survey Sweepstakes Rules / Eligibility

To enter, you must be a legal resident of The United States & the District of Columbia.

Be over the age of 18 to enter the Kroger Feedback Survey.

Kroger feedback starts on 1st January 2018 and ends on 31st March 2018 so make sure to enter within that time.

You must enter the survey within 7 days of your visit.

the entrant must not be related to the Sponsor in any way.

You can only win 1 prize in the entire sweepstakes period.

You can enter multiple times in the survey but every entry must have a sperate survey code or postcard.

Read theOfficial Kroger Monthly Sweepstakes Rules

After reading the rules, its time to enter the survey. There are 2 ways through which you can take the feedback survey & win the prize.

Online Purchase Receipt Required

Mail Purchase Receipt Not Required

Enter Online at Kroger Survey Website

First of all, visit the official survey website at

Take a look at your purchase receipt & enter the Date of your visit, time of your visit & the 15-digit Entry ID printed on your Kroger purchase receipt.

On the next screen, start answering all the questions regarding your last visit to Kroger store.

Likewise, rate your satisfaction with Kroger services on a scale of 1 5, where 1 means Highly Satisfied & 5 means Highly Dissatisfied.

After answering the questions, enter your Loyalty Card number or an Alternative ID to receive the 50 Kroger fuel points.

Then, check the boxes to enter the monthly sweepstakes for $100 Gift card or $5,000 Kroger Gift card and

if you like to receive special promotions, coupons and invitations to participate in future research.

Enter your personal and contact information so that you can be contacted if youre the winner of the grand prize.

Finally, press the submit button to receive your Kroger fuel points and 1 eligible entry into the monthly Kroger sweepstakes.

Good Luck in winning the fuel points and gift card. Meanwhile, you wait for the Kroger winners names to be announced, Take thebk feedback free WhopperSurvey & win a free meal on your next visit.

To enter Kroger Feedback customer survey without making any purchase at the Kroger store, follow this postal mail method. Youll receive one entry in the Kroger sweepstakes with 1 envelope sent. To mail your entry,Hand-print the following things on a postcard and mail it toCustomer Survey Monthly Sweepstakes, PMI Station, PO Box 3547, Southbury, CT 06488-3547

Thats it! all you have to do is follow either of the above methods & get 1 eligible entry in the sweepstakes. However, youll only receive the 50 Kroger fuel points by entering via the Online Method.

First and foremost, you will be asked to confirm the Kroger Location that you visit.

Then, you will be asked to rate your Kroger Shopping Experience on a scale of 1 to 5.

In the next question, you will be asked to rate certain aspect of the Kroger store including

The freshness of the fruits and vegetables

In the next question, you will be asked about the quality of the items you bought & the price you paid.

Furthermore, you will be asked to answer 2-3 open-ended questions in which you can give personal comments and share honest opinions on different aspects.

Then you will be asked to enter the Kroger loyalty card number to receive 50 bonus fuel points balance from Kroger

At last, you will be asked to enter the sweepstakes and sign up to receive the Kroger promotions & offers.

Then, you will be asked to enter your contact & personal information such as your name, complete address and telephone number.

Upon completion, press the submit button to receive 50 Kroger fuel points balance & 1 entry in the monthly sweepstakes for $100 / $5,000 gift card.

Kroger Feedback Winners, Notifications & Random Prize Drawings

The winners will be notified by Telephone, email and/or postal mail. In case the winner does not respond to the notifications, the prize will be given to an alternate winner.There will be 3 random drawings on the 10th of each month following the entry period announcing

There is a limit of one prize per person which means you can only win the grand prize once during the whole Kroger sweepstakes. Here are all theprevious KrogerFeedback Winners.

Richard S. (Grand Prize) 350572 Dallas

Sharon R. 110260 Atlanta

Audrey M. 110320 Atlanta

Lavonte D. 110412 Atlanta

Roselyn M. 110433 Atlanta

Jalexious L. 110453 Atlanta

Cyndi G. 110463 Atlanta

Thelma F. 110465 Atlanta

Sandy P. 110467 Atlanta

Richard N. 110480 Atlanta

Michael M. 110485 Atlanta

Janice R. 110619 Atlanta

Lucille L. 110620 Atlanta

Philip S. 110635 Atlanta

Joan S. 110675 Atlanta

Cynthia L. 110680 Atlanta

Shannon H. 110696 Atlanta

Herbert B. 210407 Central

Erin R. 210677 Central

Haskell P. 210710 Central

April C. 210894 Central

David A. 210905 Central

Monica H. 210921 Central

LeAnn R. 210923 Central

Susan H. 210928 Central

Jeffrey D. 210946 Central

Crystal R. 210946 Central

Rhonda M. 210961 Central

Kim S. 210984 Central

Linda D. 140305 Cincinnati/Dayton

Riju K. 140353 Cincinnati/Dayton

Jason P. 140435 Cincinnati/Dayton

Tom H. 140909 Cincinnati/Dayton

John F. 140946 Cincinnati/Dayton

Lisa A. 160128 Columbus

Scott H. 160215 Columbus

Karen F. 160268 Columbus

Mitzi A. 160514 Columbus

David C. 160518 Columbus

Michael S. 160623 Columbus

Ruth D. 160891 Columbus

Brianna P. 350451 Dallas

Bic W. 350456 Dallas

Ambef L. 250338 Delta

Bobby H. 250345 Delta

Marcia F. 250414 Delta

Marvin M. 250419 Delta

Bobbie C. 250465 Delta

Heather S. 250623 Delta

Renate E. 250637 Delta

Melody S. 250638 Delta

Marie N. 6150083 Dillon

John S. 6150087 Dillon

Stan C. 7010220 Fred Meyer

Jean K. 7010424 Fred Meyer

Melissa P. 7010449 Fred Meyer

Barbara M. 7010649 Fred Meyer

Steve R. 7010656 Fred Meyer

Dianne M. 6600034 Frys

Clyde H. 6600060 Frys

Mukesh M. 6600060 Frys

Willie W. 6600069 Frys

Elise A. 6600618 Frys

Vickey K. 6600670 Frys

Marcus B. 340156 Houston

Brian C. 340327 Houston

James S. 340359 Houston

Robert G. 240276 Louisville

Kendra B. 240355 Louisville

Norman G. 240409 Louisville

Joan W. 240711 Louisville

Rita S. 240768 Louisville

Margie A. 240774 Louisville

Stephen H. 240785 Louisville

Ashley S. 240785 Louisville

Karen N. 180419 Michigan

Amy S. 180442 Michigan

Siobhan H. 180444 Michigan

Ilona J. 180461 Michigan

James T. 180465 Michigan

Suzanne F. 180630 Michigan

Jim S. 180637 Michigan

David K. 180686 Michigan

Richard H. 180729 Michigan

Kathryn C. 290334 Mid-Atlantic

Whitney R. 290524 Mid-Atlantic

Stacey H. 260530 Nashville

Sherry B. 260562 Nashville

Debbie T. 260581 Nashville

Patti P. 260884 Nashville

Courtney D. 7050852 Quality Food Centers

John F. 7030068 Ralphs

Andrew S. 7030086 Ralphs

Anita C. 7030117 Ralphs

Penny H. 5340375 Roundys Wisconsin

Yvonna R. 5340893 Roundys Wisconsin

Melissa D. 7060080 Smiths

Angie S. 7060182 Smiths

Joseph F. 7060277 Smiths

Alyssa M. 7060351 Smiths

Robin B. 7060413 Smiths

Official Kroger Survey sweepstakes Rules 2018:

Official Kroger Survey Winners 2018:

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About Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey Kroger Monthly Sweepstakes

Kroger Customer Survey Sweepstakes Rules / Eligibility

How to Enter Kroger Feedback 50 Fuel points Survey? Step by Step Instructions

Enter Online at Kroger Survey Website

How to Enter Feedback Kroger Without Purchase through Postal Mail

Kroger Feedback Winners, Notifications & Random Prize Drawings

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Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey Headquarters

The Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey, found at is an online questionnaire designed by Kroger that tells the company how happy its customers are with products. Your information is used by the company to make changes wherever changes are needed. This survey is done online for your convenience.

If you want a voice, it is important to take these surveys. It is your way to communicate with the company and tell them your feelings, both good and bad. The company wants you to tell them because they need to know what needs to be changed or fixed. If many people take the survey and they all say the same problem happens, the company knows this is a widespread problem and can work to change it. It gives your voice power and you will know on your next visit, it should be better. You can also enter a sweepstakes. There is one grand prize a gift card worth $5,000. There are also one hundred other prizes of a gift card worth $100 each.

Kroger is a neighborhood grocery chain who offers a variety of services and items to make your everyday life just a little bit easier and a lot more special. From your favorite name brand grocery items to Kroger branded items that rival well-to-do products, Kroger offers something for almost any occasion. To keep your family healthy, Kroger boasts of a pharmacy service complete with flavoring options for tiny medicine takers.

Kroger also carries a variety of deli selections for on the go dinners as well as bakery items for special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries. Whether you are celebrating a milestone or just making a grocery run, Kroger is your go-to stop for all things home and family.

How to Participate in the Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

Have access to a computer and Internet access.

Be able to read English or Spanish.

Have your recent Kroger receipt that contains an invitation for the survey.

Be 18 years of age or older to participate.

To take the survey in Spanish, click on the blue hyperlink that is in the approximate middle of the page. Otherwise, proceed to step 3.

Enter the date, time and entry ID number from your receipt. You can view a diagram for help locating this information. Click Start when ready.

Answer questions. These questions are meant to rate your experiences, find out where you shopped, etc.

Enter the sweepstakes by following directions and entering your contact information.

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Official Rules:

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes Winners:

Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey Privacy Policy:

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The right place where your feedback and opinions are certainly important. We always do our best to ensure it is heard by the right people.

We collect more than 500 leading brands and stores online customer satisfaction surveys from all over the world.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Headquarters Office

94 Moo 10 Tumbol Nongkwai Aumphur Hang Dong Chiang Mai 50230 THAILAND

Enter Kroger Feedback Survey

Current Top 6 Survey Sites as of July 2018

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US, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland and Australia only

PayPal Cash, Amazon, iTunes gift cards

PayPal Cash, Amazon, iTunes gift cards

PayPal Cash, Amazon, iTunes gift cards

Kroger Feedback ( $100 Kroger Grocery Gift Card or $5,000 Grand Prize

We have various types of grocery stores, pharmacies, health care products centers, gift stores and food stores individually and it is highly impossible to get everything under one roof. They are located far apart and you are forced to travel from one store to the other.

But with Kroger, all this is possible and you can save yourself from the pain of going around. You name it, the store has it!

Top 3 best paying survey companies that pay cash:

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Be it food, groceries, medical drugs, gift articles, beauty care products or anything else, Kroger houses them all and you would never return empty handed.

The store is always busy with customers and every new day there is a new product, offer or a service that you can avail at the store.

Apart from buying whatever you want at the Kroger store, there is something else too that you should know about the company. Kroger gives a lot of importance to its customers and they go to any extent to bring new products to the customers and keep them happy. For this, you must give your feedback to them. Talking to each individual customer is highly impossible and the staff might not have enough time for every customer.

To facilitate this, a customer satisfaction survey has been created by the company and you must take the survey and provide your valuable feedback for the store. All you would need is to log onto and answer the Kroger feedback survey.

Another interesting or rather exciting thing about this survey is that,you can win a $100 Kroger gift cardora Grand Prize, consisting $5,000 in Kroger gift cardsabsolutely free if you take the survey. This is absolutely true and there are many people who have won themselves this card. A free gift card worth $100! You cannot ask for more.

TheKroger feedbacksweepstakes is based on the customer satisfaction survey and the company picks up a total of 359 customers randomly and gifts them with the grocery card. You have all the chances of being one of the lucky winners. The best part about the Kroger customer satisfaction survey sweepstakes is that you neednt struggle much for it. A computer and an internet connection will help you in winning the sweepstakes and get a grocery gift card. Before you start answering the questions, go through the rules and conditions that apply to the customers. You can begin answering the survey once you read everything. But here are a few things that you must have with you while you are sitting for the survey.

How to Enter Kroger Feedback Survey?

Visit finish all the short questions and win the lucky $100 Kroger Gift Card or $5,000 Grand Prize.

Your receipt is very important because it has all the details about your transaction and your purchases.

The date and time of the purchase in the Kroger store.

The store number (This information is for the company because there are many branches of Kroger and they need to know from which store you made the purchase)

If any of the above details are missing from your receipt, contact the store immediately and take their help. Without these details, you are not eligible for answering the survey or for winning the $100 Kroger grocery gift card.

All the customers should know that they cannot get the gift card without filling up all the questions in the survey form. Once you fill it up and submit, you would be competing with almost thousands of other customers for the gift cards. Out of these thousands, only 359 are picked up and that too randomly. These winners will win the $100 grocery cards. There is a huge process behind this and you must wait patiently until the company declares the winners.

is the website and you must have your receipt even to enter into the website. If you have any doubts, you can ask the store staff to help you out. They would be more than happy to do it. You can buy products at any Krogers store and take the customer satisfaction sweepstakes survey. This is applicable for any kind of a purchase you make at the store. You can buy medical drugs, food products, groceries, gift articles, flowers, movies, games or avail finance services, phone services, insurance services for pets and many more. All the email addresses of the customers are not revealed to a third party and you can be rest assured about the safety of your information.

But remember to read through the sweepstakes rules before you answer the survey. The official rules are the same for every customer and never attempt to fill the survey form without reading them. So shop today and give yourself a chance to answer the survey and give your feedback to the store. If you are lucky enough, you can win the grocery gift card and shop for more products at Krogers. Visit to finish all the short questions and win the lucky $100 Kroger Gift Card.

Beneficial Survey : 100 ($100) Kroger Gift Card and one grand prize of $5,000 Kroger gift card.

Limit one prize per customer

Timeline 1st January, 2017 to 31st December, 2017

For more details about the Kroger sweepstakes rules and participation requirements, please check out:Kroger Sweepstakes Rules and Requirements.

I would recommend Krogers in Sherman, Tex. For the friendly employees and reasonable prices

Always get good service, however tenderness of steaks need attention, Every steak I have bought usually ends up made into soup .except for thje flat iron

I highly recommend the Krogers store at 711Gallatin Rd, Nashville,Tn. They were fast and friendly, very helpful and kind. I went in to pick up a bakery order, which was ready and on time, no long wait in the check out line . I will return any time

I had a very good experience and service. Henry was the cashier he did a great polite job..

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