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Free and affordable legal help and assistance for the low-income in the U.S.

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Top rated US attorneys and law firms provide a NO-obligation, FREE initial consultation to answer your legal questions and concerns. They will inform you of your rights and instruct you on what is the best course of action for your legal case.Some legal matters may be solved with only the guidance from an attorney without actual legal representation.

Find Free Legal Forms and Free Letter Samples ready to be used, including:Power Of Attorney,Contract Templates,Bill of Sale,Free Hardship Letters,PreNuptial Agreement, Divorce Forms, and others.


Check out these page forFREE LEGAL AIDand assistance for low income people in your State. Free bankruptcy lawyers, divorce, immigration and other civil matters.

There are situations in which people could obtain free legal aid in the United States:

CRIMINAL CASES- The U.S. Constitution guarantees free legal help for individuals charged with a crime who cannot afford a criminal defense lawyer. In such cases a public defender will be appointed to represent the person, or the court may appoint a private attorney who will be paid with county funds. The defendant also have the option of representing him/herself.

PERSONAL INJURY CASES- Personal injury lawyers will generally agree to represent a client on a15 to 50%contingency fee basis, only and if money is recovered.

Attorneys and law firms who participate in the pro bono program may be able to represent low-income people who qualify for free legal services,(usually 125 percent of the federal poverty level).

Some pro bono programs and free attorney legal services include:Free Bankruptcy Lawyers, Domestic Violence, Divorce, Child Custody, Termination of Parental Rights, Individual Rights, Public Benefits, AIDS/HIV, Elder Law, Education, Immigration, Housing and Consumer Rights.

The pro bono (free of charge) program can represent individuals whos situation match the following criteria:

Free Legal Aid Program- Non-profit legal services providers in Counties throughout America are dedicated to helping low-income individuals and families in civil legal cases. Only non-criminal cases are accepted. The disabled, the elderly, victims of domestic violence, enlisted in the military or in other special circumstances may be eligible for help even if their income is a little higher than 125% of the federal poverty level.

Social Justice or Civil Rights Issues- The local bar association or private organizations such as The NAACP legal defense fund, The American Civil Liberties Union, The National Womens Law Center, The lambda legal defense and education fund (gay and lesbian rights), The Natural Resources Defense Council can help individuals or families with cases dealing with sexual harassment by an employer, abuse by a partner or spouse, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, housing discrimination, employment discrimination, or environment pollution.

Americans with Disability Act- Violations of the Act involving employment, accessibility, and reasonable accommodation.

Housing Discrimination- When a person is denied housing based on gender, race, religion, national origin, color of skin, familial status, or handicap.

Landlord Tenant Issues- Cases involving private landlords, such as eviction and termination of rental contract, illegal lockouts, failure to make repairs or provide essential services, failure to refund deposits.

Housing Counseling- The program provides foreclosure assistance and training for first time homebuyers.

Consumer Issues- Violations of the Fair Debt Collection Law, Wrongful repossessions.

Immigration issues- Assistance for victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and other crimes with adjustments of their immigration status.

Social Security Disability Issues- Most SSD claims are initially denied. People have a better chance of collecting by having a free legal aid or low cost lawyer handling case such as, Unemployment benefits, Disability Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Temporary Assistance and others.

Family Law Issues- Many courthouses have established family law centers, where trained staff provide free legal aid and help non-lawyers with cases involving domestic violence, divorce, child support, child custody and other family law issue or small claims.

THE PRO BONO PROGRAMS OFFER FREE LEGAL AID ASSISTANCE IN:New York, New York -Los Angeles, California -Chicago, Illinois -Houston, Texas -Phoenix, Arizona -Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-Detroit, Michigan-San Antonio, Texas -San Diego, California -Dallas, Texas -San Jose, California – Jacksonville, Florida -Indianapolis, Indiana -San Francisco, California -Columbus, Ohio -Austin, Texas -Memphis, Tennessee -Fort Worth, Texas -Baltimore, Maryland -Charlotte, North Carolina – Las Vegas, Nevada – Denver, Colorado – Miami, Florida – Seattle, Washington – Portland, Oregon – Minneapolis, Minnesota – Tampa, Florida and other cities in the US.

If pro bono or free legal aid programs cant help you, try some alternatives like contacting a low-fee lawyer through a lawyer referral service in your town. Or consider hiring a lawyer to work only on a part of your legal case and do the other parts yourself. This is called unbundled attorney legal services (when lawyers provide help with just a portion of your legal problem.)

Tax Attorneys-These lawyers specialize in Internal Revenue Services Tax problems which includes back taxes owed, wage garnishments, IRS Tax liens, installment agreement programs and IRS offer in compromise.

Personal Injury Lawyers- These attorneys will fight to get you the compensation you deserve if you were injured at home, on the job or somewhere else like being hit by a driver on the road.

Criminal Attorneys- These lawyers defend your rights if you are being accused of a crime or felony.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers- these attorney are knowledgeable about the medical system, medical negligence, and wrongful death. They are experts in getting compensation for those huge medical bills, the loss of a breadwinner, and the suffering and anguish over the loss of a loved one.

DUI Attorneys- These lawyers defend individuals who got arrested for Driving Under Influence of drugs or alcohol. A DUI charge can have serious consequences, such as time in jail (24 to 72 hours for the first offense), losing the drivers license, losing work, hefty fines to pay, length of program requirements and more.

Bankruptcy Attorneys- These attorneys provide assistance to people who are looking to file for Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, helping them to start over and get back in control of their financial future. Some legal aid programs offer very low cost or evenfree bankruptcy lawyers assistancefor the low income.

Litigation Trial Lawyers- The Litigation Trial Attorneys will instruct and provide legal recommendations and guide through any litigation process involving: Administrative Law, Breach of Contract, Civil Forfeiture Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation, Workers Compensation Defense , Real state litigation, White collar crime litigation, State planning and administration litigation, Complex Commercial Litigation, Condemnation and Eminent Domain Litigation, Environmental Litigation including asbestos litigation, False Claims Act Litigation.

These tips on how to avoid getting into debt may seem too obvious for most, but still many people fail to follow them until it is too late and now the only solution is to file for bankruptcy:

Dont let the availability of credit lead you to create extravagant habits and lifestyle

Shop as carefully when you use credit cards as when you use cash

Dont use credit unless it is extremely necessary and its use worth the additional cost and high interest you will have to pay

Evaluate each use of credit to make certain that the extra cost is offset by advantages in that specific situation

Dont use credit or credit cards to buy things you dont really need

Use credit only as a pre-planned part of total money management

Dont live above your means by taking on commitments for monthly payments that exceed the money youll have available to make those payments

Dont let your accounts become delinquent, make all your payments regularly and promptly

Dont sign anything you cant fully understand, seek the assistance of a financial professional when thats the case

Ask for a written statement of the terms and conditions of all credit and financial transactions

Make sure the provision for you to pay off the loan ahead of schedule is made if you feel it is necessary

Let your creditor know when unexpected circumstances will affect your ability to make your payments

Pay off higher interest credit cards first.

Write a hardship letter to credutors asking for a interest rate and loan reduction

Protect your credit rating by checking it at least twice a year for inaccuracies

Dont borrow money from an unlicensed dealer or financial institution

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…Because everyone has a right to learn.

Learning Rights Law Centerisa legal services nonprofit that fights for a childs right to education.Learning Rightsassists low-income familiesby providing free legal counsel and advice, advocacy, direct representation, education, training and policy work.

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Available in English and Español, e-Tiger offers intensive special education self-advocacy training for parents who want to learn to be more effective at IEP meetings and in obtaining special education supports and services.

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We need our volunteers not only to supplement our staff but to bring a creativity and vitality that is necessary for the growth of our organization.

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Law Offices of Eloche P Ukeje

Law Offices of Eloche P. Ukeje is a full-service litigation law firm focused on providing quality legal services to businesses and individuals.  Nearly several years after its inception, the firm provides legal services to clients throughout Southern California and its neighboring cities. The firm prides itself on an aggressive and tactful approach to litigating disputes. The firms attorneys also embrace the opportunity to help each client avoid the stress and cost of litigation by providing prospective counseling on potential liability.

Law Offices of Eloche P. Ukeje is a law firm focused on cultivating relationships with its clients based on each clients individual needs.  The firms attorneys pride themselves on their integrity, creativity, and efficiency in obtaining favorable results both in and out of the courtroom. Through this approach, the firm aggressively represents its clients through difficult situations and effectively seeks client-driven results.

Our firms mission is simple and sums up the goals of our attorneysexpert and effective legal representation. In todays legal system, far too many attorneys simply make a deal, close the case, and move on to the next matter.

It is this assembly line approach to providing legal service that we reject. Our attorneys do not strive to achieve the quickest and easiest resolution at any cost.

Providing Experienced Representation

Choosing the right attorney is critical when dealing with a difficult legal situation. We at the Law Offices of Eloche Ukeje are dedicated attorneys with the experience that is necessary to properly handle your case.

We offer integrated legal services to individuals, families, and small businesses throughout Los Angeles and Southern California.

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The Legal Aid Society of Orange County and Community Legal Services of Southeast Los Angeles County offer a wide array of services.  Our services follow a three-tier model.  All services are scheduled through our intake center, the legal advice hotline.  Services include:

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