s andEmploy

Written by Document Specialist (Former Employee) from Los Angeles, CA on July 31, 2016

Most enjoyable part is being independent and allowed to work at your own pace. I learned how to use the chain of command within the workplace. The hardest part of the job is not being able to satisfy customers on the spot. The most enjoyable part of the job providing customers with help

What are people saying about the leadership at LegalZoom.com?

of employees approve of CEOs performance

Written by Human Resource Coordinator (Former Employee) from Los Angeles, CA on August 22, 2012

Each day was different and received feedback from employees that I was approachable for inquiries or concerns.

frequent employee appreciation, free food, approachable ceos

no-dress code, not enough options for healthcare

How often do raises occur at LegalZoom.com?

Does LegalZoom shut down for the end of the year for the holidays?

On average, how many hours do you work a day?

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What do employees say about LegalZoom.coms culture and work-life balance?

Written by Call Center Agent (Former Employee) from Texas on March 6, 2018

It is a great place to work if you are looking to get great benefits out of your job. The management team was more like the employees they treated you like family. Your every concern was met with expectations from the job. The only downfall is you dont get a great salary until you have worked the whole year and the job is temporary

great benefits, discounts, flexible hours, and great management team

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How much does LegalZoom.com pay their employees?

What jobs are available at LegalZoom.com?

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LegalZoom CEO These Are thBiggest Legal Mistak a Startup Can Make

LegalZoom CEO: These Are the Biggest Legal Mistakes a Startup Can Make

Worlds Most Admired Companies

LegalZoom CEO: These Are the Biggest Legal Mistakes a Startup Can Make

When an entrepreneur decides to start a company, he focuses on creating the product, attracting customers and building a team. Filing for trademark, copyright or patent protection should be priorities also high on that list. LegalZoom CEO John Suh calls these the necessary evils.

When you think of law and tax, theyre the necessary evils, Suh said. Entrepreneurs just want them to be taken care of as quickly and efficiently as possible, so they can get back to the real business of building the company.

Enter LegalZoom. For a flat fee of about $300 a year, the online provider of legal documents and services aims to help first-time entrepreneurs start and run a company. LegalZoom has helped start over a million small businesses since its inception in 2001 including WordPress, Umami Burger, CoolHaus and LivingSocial.

LegalZooms CEO Suh and General Counsel Chas Rampenthal sat down with Fortune to discuss some of the most common mistakes they see new entrepreneurs making along the way.

If Im an entrepreneur, how can LegalZoom help me with my business?

Suh:We can help you start your business, and we can help you run your business. We are more specialized in the starting of a new business, but our services of running a business are growing dramatically. From 2000 to 2010, LegalZoom was a do-it-yourself online document place. We were the alternative to a lawyer. We achieved market dominance in highly specialized areas around court documents. In chapter two of our business around 2010 to 2014, we added lawyers to the mix. We created a legal plan that is now robust. Weve done over 200,000 one-on-one consultations with entrepreneurs.

Rampenthal:We partner with less than 20 boutique law firms and over a thousand lawyers. The future of the legal profession doesnt exclude lawyers it has to include them. But the legal profession also has to include the customer, and the legal profession has excluded the customer. LegalZoom needs to constantly be doing more and more for entrepreneurs, so they feel more taken care of by the legal system. People are so afraid of the system that they bury their heads in the sand and hope it goes away. You shouldnt be afraid to start a company, you should be empowered.

What are the most common issues and questions new entrepreneurs have when they come to you?

Suh:I think the essential need is that most entrepreneurs want to focus on building a product, getting customers and building their team. When you think of law and tax, theyre the necessary evils. One of the things we recognize is that we are means. Were trying to create a transparent, high-quality and easy-to-use process. Were trying to go deeper to take our focus from starting a business to help you run your business.

Rampenthal:In startups, its asking: Should I be an entity, and what type of entity should I be? A corporation? An LLC? What is best for me? That has tax consequences, governance consequences and different compliances. You need someone to make sure your business is operating within the bounds of the law and that youre filing the required paperwork every year. This is not intuitive to people who have not spent three years in law school.

Next up is when they make this their full-time work. Now, theyre worried about contracts, customers and vendors. And next would be when they start hiring employees.

From a legal standpoint, I am seeing the sharing economy is growing, and the legal issues that have been solid and steadfast for old businesses do not fit. I believe theres going to be a new classification something between an employee and an independent contractor. There are legal experts all over saying, I have no idea whats going to happen. The law is way behind right now.

What about other markets like the cannabis industry that are not so black and white either?

Rampenthal:Up until recently, weve stayed out of a lot of that, mostly because at the federal level, theres still a lot of illegality. Its an undefined gray area.

So if an entrepreneur of acannabis companycame to LegalZoom seeking legal advice, what would you do?

Suh:The one business we dont incorporate is medical marijuana.

Rampenthal:It just doesnt lend itself to people who are out there just taking a gamble. We dont incorporate enough medical marijuana businesses to make it such that we can get expertise in it and give people that level of advice.

Do you see your position changing depending on how the law evolves?

Suh:The evolution of business and the evolution of society radically outpace regulation and laws. Theyre usually 30 to 50 years behind what is commonplace, but thats what happens when you have a legal system based on precedent.

Rampenthal:Its an industry that is highly reluctant to change. You can see the way engineering has changed. You can see how medicine has changed. But you dont see anything like that in law. The only difference in the way laws practiced today versus the way it was practiced in 1880 is fountain pen to ink pen to computer to tablet, but its the exact same broken business model that doesnt work for the majority of Americans.

What are the legal mistakes you see many first-time entrepreneur making?

Rampenthal:The No. 1 mistake they make is they wait until theyre in trouble, and they scramble for a lawyer. Its like waiting until a tooth falls until you go see a dentist. Its just the wrong time. Establish a relationship with a trusted legal adviser. Whether its going to LegalZoom and paying $300 a year to have someone pick up the phone and call for advice or whether its finding a friend who graduated law school. You need a relationship with somebody whos familiar with the legal system, so that when you have a problem, its not an emergency.

Suh:You can eliminate a lot of things with a bit of preventative care. If you have $150,000 of startup capital, spending 25% of it on a lawyer is ridiculous. As a serial entrepreneur, that makes me sick. You need to get it right out of the gate, but you need to select where you want to invest your dollars. We want to give you an affordable, comprehensive start and keep in contact with you through the early stages. It doesnt cost a lot to do it right, but if you make a mistake, it can be devastating.

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Worlds Most Admired Companies

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Tina Bs review of

My husband signed up for Legal Zoom back on 10/15/2016. It was our understanding that Legal Zoom was able to create a Last Will and Testament for the flat rate of $79.00. However, when we attempted to put in our information and our wishes the program continuously would rearrange assets and leave vital assets unassigned instead of giving them to our children as we had instructed it to. After having the program for the allotted amount of time my husband then paid for an additional $69.00 to try to fix the issues that Legal Zoom was creating. After he desperately tried to create a suitable Will with both my husband and my wishes, it was clear that the Legal Zoom was not the program that they had advertised to be. After paying $148.00 the situation just got worse. We chose to hire a real attorney to produce our Wills and so my husband went on line to cancel our membership as it so clearly says in all of its advertisements and online. When he tried to cancel the membership, a screen popped up and said to call 1- after being redirected and on hold for half an hour he was told the only way to cancel it was online. He informed the lady that he could not cancel his service on line and that he was redirected to the 888 number. She flat out told him that was not true and that since he was not the first person on the account that he needed to get his wife to call or cancel online, which was not a possibility. So out of my incredibly busy schedule I called the number to cancel my service. I was transferred four times and on the phone for 45 min. This was frustrating in itself. I told the representative that not only was my husband not allowed to cancel the service but that my credit card had received five charges for $4.99 between the 12-2-16 / 3-14-17. The man canceled my service but then only was willing to refund me the past two charges to my account. This is the furthest thing from Customer Care. They did not seem to care one little bit. Not only did they advertise a service that they did not provide but they also stole money out of my account without any authorization. This is not professional or outstanding service. I am simply disappointed in a company that does not take pride in their customers and as a legal company I expected them to protect their clients not steal from them. My husband is an executive for a global company and I am a business owner, and I will be warning all of our associates and partners to never fall for this companys scam. What I did learn from this process is that if I want something legal done then it is best to go with an attorney that you can sit down and talk to face to face and that you trust. Legal matters are much to important to leave to a scamming internet company!

Businesss response – by LegalZoomon 4/4/2017

Hi Tina, we are sorry to hear that you were being charged for a service that you were unaware of. If you specified you did not want to participate in the subscription plan, thats our mistake and we would like an opportunity to make things right. Please feel free to contact a manager directly via .

MondayFriday: 5 a.m.7 p.m. PT Saturday: 7 a.m.4 p.m. PT Closed Sundays

© Copyright 2017 TrustLink All Rights Reserved.

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How to cancel a Legalzoom account – Quora

How do I cancel a Legalzoom account?

Legal Consultant at LegalZoom (2011-present)

What type of product or membership is this regarding?

It has been a few years since I worked there, but for most of the recurring service charges (such as Registered Agent Service or Attorney Review Services) you can just call their 800 number and cancel with a Customer Service rep.

This is their main 800 number and depending on if it is a Business Services, Trademark/Patent, or Wills/Trust/Estate Planning product, they will direct your call to the proper department:(800) 773-0888. You might also be able to do it via email:It takes just a few minutes by phone–and fielding phone calls for the occasional cancelation requests was part of my job there. (And, of course, be sure to jot down the name of the person you speak with for your records.)

If you mean that you want to delete your website log in info–and this is not regarding a recurring monthly service that you are being billed for–it might be possible, but if you have purchased products with them, it might not be possible since that info might need to be on record for filings, etc. I think I had one request from a caller to do that in the time that I worked there, and I cant remember, but I think it was possible but had to go through the I.T. department. (I apologize for my memory being a bit hazy regarding this–its been a few years.)

Is this answer still relevant and up to date?

If I cancel my credit card that is on file with Legalzoom, what are the consequences? Will they just terminate their service or rack up my bil…

Why did LegalZoom get sued and how can other startups in the legal domain learn from this?

Should Legalzoom be used for creating a legal trust? Why?

LegalZoom: I hired an independant contractor on an equity basis. He didnt get anything done, and after about 2 months, decided to resign. He …

What are some experiences people have had with LegalZoom?

Is it a good idea to use LegalZoom to create a very straightforward will?

How good are wills made using LegalZoom?

Still have a question? Ask your own!

If I cancel my credit card that is on file with Legalzoom, what are the consequences? Will they just terminate their service or rack up my bil…

Why did LegalZoom get sued and how can other startups in the legal domain learn from this?

Should Legalzoom be used for creating a legal trust? Why?

LegalZoom: I hired an independant contractor on an equity basis. He didnt get anything done, and after about 2 months, decided to resign. He …

LegalZoom vs Nolo An Honest Review

When youre making the decision to ditch lawyers in your life, youre still going to need assistance when it comes to filling out legal documents orfiling paperworkin court. Luckily, there are several websites offering you the help you need to fill out legal paperwork and conduct a variety of different legal procedures. At the top of the heap is LegalZoom and Nolo. Deciding between the two in your own rite could take a series of trial and error to decide which one comes out on top. Instead, you can take a look at this honest review to see which of the two sites allows you to get everything you need without having to pay the sometimes exorbitant fees a lawyer will charge you. Use this review to finally get the help you need quickly and affordably.

Legal documents are not exactly easy to fill out. This is partially because it was a lawyer who originally wrote the legal documents that need to be filled out. They had no interest in making it easy for the layman to fill out the forms properly. This is why whenever you need to fill out the legal forms you need a little bit of help. When you review the LegalZoom reviews, youll see in many of the more complicated documents, you can get help in filling it out in the form of an interview or through the support provided by the support team. This is something that is included in the price you pay. Nolo provides static instructions to go along with the documents you download, according to Consumer Reports. This leaves you in charge of figuring out what questions you have and then finding out the answer to the question. Having someone on your side is the way to go since they know the problems youre going to face and can walk you through the process a lot faster and easier than you can do it on your own.

When youre trying to decide between LegalZoom and Nolo, you should pay attention to the awards the company has received. This is particularly important when the awards have been given from recognized sources you can trust to know what theyre looking for when it comes to rating sites. According to Knoji Consumer Knowledge, LegalZoomhas been awarded several awards in major press releases. This indicates the company has knowledge when it comes to such things as digital tools for entrepreneurs, business leadership tools and great legal forms. These are all areas in which LegalZoom has received awards for the services they provide. One of these awards was awarded by the National Law Journal, a respected law journal for lawyers throughout the United States of America. This is a significant accomplishment for a website bent on replacing lawyers services in favor of a digital service.

Legal Documents Developed by Attorneys

The team at LegalZoom has made sure to utilize the services of lawyers on staff to create and maintain the legal documents they offer to customers of the site, according to Top Consumer Reviews. These are the same legal professionals on hand whenever you have a question with how to fill out the documents in question. Even better, youre not the one in charge of filling out the document when you use these services. Instead, youre going to fill out the form online using the questionnaire and the team at LegalZoom will review the document before printing it and sending it to you. This way, youll have the assurance your document has been reviewed and approved by a team of lawyers before its ever sent to you so you can use it in a court of law. When you use Nolo, they simply allow you to download the documents and give you instructions on how to fill it out. You have no guarantee you did it right.

When it comes to anything, having a lot of experience in the field is a huge benefit. This is a major feather in the cap of LegalZoom. In business since 2001, it has been close to eight years longer than Nolo has been. Both have been listed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since they were established and both have a reputation for distributing thousands oflegal documentsevery day, but when it comes to being established, LegalZoom simply has it won. The company has a reputation for not just being satisfied with being the first in the industry to offer these kinds of services. They are always looking for ways to improve their services so customers are getting the help they need to fill out legal documents and to save money rather than hiring lawyers. By this review, it would appear LegalZoom is the better choice when looking for legal documents over Nolo.

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US Legal Forms vs LegalZoom Which Online ServiceSite IBetter?

Best Credit Cards for Average Credit

Best Credit Cards to Rebuild Credit

US Legal Forms vs LegalZoom: Which Online Legal Services Site Is Better?

So, you need to file some legal paperwork, but are not sure which site to use. Were here to help. BothUS Legal FormsandLegalZoomhave excellent options and qualities, but each stands out in its own way. Weve broken out the most important aspects of each site and compared them side-by-side to help you make a more informed decision when choosing between US Legal Forms and LegalZoom.

1. Number of legal forms:No one in the online legal services space can hold a candle toUS Legal Forms vast library of legal forms. They even have a form if you need to file a complaint for misrepresentation of a Dairy Herd Feeding System, which is a pretty obscure form to need. Not to say thatLegalZoomdoesnt have a healthy amount of forms to choose from, but its nothing compared to US Legal Forms.

2. Usability:If you have no legal background whatsoever, usingLegalZoomis probably the way you want to go. They have a simple, easy-to-use interface that is especially helpful for those that dont have any experience with legal documents. Plus, LegalZoom will file most forms for you. For most documents,US Legal Formsonly allows you to download the forms and then fill them out and file them yourself, which can be confusing for those of us without a law degree.

3. Price:Its a little difficult to compare the pricing of the two sites because they offer such different things. Most of the forms onUS Legal Formsare fairly cheap, but thats because you dont get any support in filling out the forms like you do on LegalZoom. US Legal Forms does help you fill out forms for incorporating your business, and those prices are much higher thanLegalZoom. So, if you are just looking for forms, US Legal Forms is cheaper. If you need help with incorporation or filling out other forms, LegalZoom is cheaper.

3. Customer service:Both have superior customer service.LegalZoomhas a more extensive help page and more options for help, but their phone number can be confusing as it initially directs you to a paid Legal Formshas a smaller help page, but their phone number directs you straight to a human who helps you with your issues, which is a big plus in our books.

The bottom line is that if you need help filling out your forms, then you should pickLegalZoomfor all your legal needs. If you know which forms you need and how to fill them out, then you should go withUS Legal Forms, especially if the form you need is obscure or hard to find. To read our reviews of both services and compare them and other online legal services side-by-side, check out ourcompare page here.

How Do I File for Bankruptcy Online?

Online Legal Services vs. Online Legal Advice: What&…

Common Misconceptions About Online Legal Services

Id stick with US Legal Forms, theyre more affordable and still just as reliable as LegalZoom. Seems to me LegalZoom is just getting so big and well-known they can charge these fees, however there are so many other online legal services out there that can do just the same, for half the price.

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Legalzoomcom TV Cmercials

Sign up to track 30 nationally aired TV ad campaigns forLegalzoom.com. In the past 30 days, Legalzoom.com has had 1,632 airings and earned an airing rank of 581 with a spend ranking of 642 as compared to all other advertisers. Competition for Legalzoom.com includesSokolove LawBernard Law GroupGoldwater Law FirmPhillips Law FirmJim Adler & Associatesand the other brands in theBusiness & Legal: Legal Servicesindustry. You can connect with Legalzoom.com onFacebookTwitterandYouTube.

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LegalZoom LLC Formation Review

When readers purchase services discussed on our site, we often earn affiliate commissions that support our work.

When readers purchase services discussed on our site, we often earn affiliate commissions that support our work.

Using an online legal service likeLegalZoom is a reliable way to form an LLC, and its much less expensive than hiring a lawyer.

In this review, well go over the details of LegalZooms LLC formation service and explain how it compares toalternative services on the market. Read on to find out ifLegalZoom is the right choice for you.

LegalZoom offers a reliable, easy to use, and full-featured LLC formation service. Although, going with an established name like LegalZoom comes at higher cost. Incfile, for instance, provides a cheaper service that is just as reliable. Of course, the cheapest way to setup your LLC is to file it yourself using our free guide. First-time entrepreneurs who are worried about making mistakes forming their LLC will find LegalZooms services most appealing.

LegalZoom is ideal if you prefer to use a service with a brand name and dont mind paying premium prices. They are also one of the few services that allow you to create Professional LLCs (PLLCs).

A smooth, and relatively pain-free order process

Basic formation package includes a free operating agreement

Access to a wide range of products and services to help owners and managers navigate the legal challenges of starting and maintaining a business.

Ability to form a professional LLC (PLLC)

Cheaper than hiring a law firm to form your LLC

Above average prices relative to comparable online filing services

Slow order turn-around with the low-cost package (LegalZoom Economy)

Easy to accidentally sign up for expensive subscription services that auto-renew

Our recommended alternative to LegalZoom is Northwest.They provide great value and customer service,you can read our full review here.

Our free guide shows you how to form an LLC yourself.

Select Your StateAlabamaAlaskaArizonaArkansasCaliforniaColoradoConnecticutDelawareDistrict Of ColumbiaFloridaGeorgiaHawaiiIdahoIllinoisIndianaIowaKansasKentuckyLouisianaMaineMarylandMassachusettsMichiganMinnesotaMississippiMissouriMontanaNebraskaNevadaNew HampshireNew JerseyNew MexicoNew YorkNorth CarolinaNorth DakotaOhioOklahomaOregonPennsylvaniaRhode IslandSouth CarolinaSouth DakotaTennesseeTexasUtahVermontVirginiaWashingtonWest VirginiaWisconsinWyoming

Similar to most other LLC formation services, LegalZoom offers multiple tiers of service: Economy, Standard and Express Gold. In addition to forming your LLC, LegalZoom offers a broad range of premium and add-on services that business owners may find helpful.

LegalZoom doesnt rush economy orders. LegalZoom attempts to ship orders placed at this tier within 30 business days. Its important to note that this timing isnt guaranteed. In some states, such as California, economy orders may take even longer, after factoring in any secretary of state processing delays.

The economy package does not include the cost of shipping or government filing fees. State filing fees range from $50 and $250. The prices for shipping are:

Expect to pay $130 or more for an order placed within this tier.

Who should purchase LegalZoom Economy?

This package is suitable for customers who just want the essentials along with an operating agreement. Also, time should not be an issue for customers choosing this package as it may take 30 business days or more to arrive.

LegalZooms mid-tier package starts at $289, which is $140 more than the Economy Package.

LegalZoom standard includes the essentials of the Economy package,, plus a corporate kit. The corporate kit consists of:

A personalized binder for organizing essential company documents

A company seal to give your LLCs agreements and documents a more official appearance

20 member certificates customized with your companys information for other owners

LegalZoom Standard orders process ahead of Economy orders. Although not guaranteed, standard orders tend to ship within 15 business days but can take longer in the event of Secretary of State processing delays. Government filing and shipping fees are not included in this tier and are charged separately.

Expect to pay $380 or more to complete a LegalZoom Standard order.

Who should purchase LegalZoom Standard?

LegalZoom Standard includes all the essentials in the Economy package, plus some nice perks like a binder with your company name and a seal for official documents. The main benefit for this price tier is to get the documents faster than the Economy package would provide, but at a lower cost than the Express Gold tier.

LegalZooms Express Gold package starts at $349, which is $20 more than the Standard package and $270 more than the Economy package.

The real advantage of LegalZooms premium package is faster order processing. LegalZoom Express Gold orders process ahead of Standard and Economy tiers. LegalZoom Express Gold orders typically process within 7-10 business days.

Express Gold includes 2-day shipping as the standard for the business documents and materials. Next business day shipping can be purchased at a discounted rate of $7.

State and government agencies also process Express Gold orders on an expedited basis. Expedited government filing fees are not included, and areoften $50 to $100 higher than standard state filing fees.

Expect to pay $400 or more to complete an Express Gold order.

Who should purchase LegalZoom Express Gold?

LegalZoom Gold is best suited for the individuals who need to have their LLC formed as soon as possible. From a cost-savings perspective, youre better off with a lower tier or a different service.

LegalZoom, unlike other LLC formation services, does not include many features bundled into their servicepackages. You can purchase the following features in addition to the package price for an additional cost:

Operating agreement, EIN, and a license search: $199

Registered agent service: $159/year, and unlike other services, this is not included for a free year

Overall, LegalZoom is one of the more expensive online business formation services. For our own LLC, we ordered the Economy package as we feel it represents the best value out of the three offered service levels.

We had a positive experience forming an LLC using LegalZoom. Although Economy orders are advertised as taking 30 business days to complete, LegalZoom managed to complete our order in just under two weeks without any errors or issues. On the other hand, we had a below average experience with LegalZoom customer support. Also, some features seem prone to charging customers for subscription services they may not actually want. This can make for an aggravating experience having to vigilantly opt-out of services during the ordering process.

The entire order process should take no longer than 15-20 minutes. In case you are unable to complete an order in one sitting, LegalZoom emails a link to your saved answers, giving you the option of completing your order at a later time.

Once your order goes through, LegalZoom mails you a package including all LLC formation documents, paper copies of your personalized operating agreement, and the personalized corporate kit if you ordered the Standard or Express Gold package.

The economy kit included the following:

LegalZoom may be a good option if you:

Want to work with an established brand to form your LLC

Are willing to a pay extra for better premium services and features

Are not in a rush to form your LLC or are willing to pay a considerable premium to expedite your order

Need to form a professional LLC (PLLC)

LegalZoom is ideal if you prefer to use a service with a brand name and dont mind paying premium prices. They are also one of the few services that allow you to create Professional LLCs (PLLCs).

Our recommended alternative to LegalZoom is Northwest.They provide great value and customer service,you can read our full review here.

Our free guide shows you how to form an LLC yourself.

Select Your StateAlabamaAlaskaArizonaArkansasCaliforniaColoradoConnecticutDelawareDistrict Of ColumbiaFloridaGeorgiaHawaiiIdahoIllinoisIndianaIowaKansasKentuckyLouisianaMaineMarylandMassachusettsMichiganMinnesotaMississippiMissouriMontanaNebraskaNevadaNew HampshireNew JerseyNew MexicoNew YorkNorth CarolinaNorth DakotaOhioOklahomaOregonPennsylvaniaRhode IslandSouth CarolinaSouth DakotaTennesseeTexasUtahVermontVirginiaWashingtonWest VirginiaWisconsinWyoming

-LegalZoom Economy: $79 State Fees

-LegalZoom Standard: $329 State Fees

-LegalZoom Express Gold: $349 State Fees

-LegalZoom Economy: $79 State Fees

-LegalZoom Standard: $329 State Fees

-LegalZoom Express Gold: $349 State Fees

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LegalZoom LLC Review

Excited to start your LLC, but unsure where to begin?

If you dont know much about navigating the legal processes required to turn your great idea into an actual business, odds are the vague and oftentimes confusing information on your state website isnt going to cut it.

In order to streamline your research, my team and I have spent hundreds of hours studying LLC formation providers like LegalZoom. In this LegalZoom LLC review, well take a look at their pricing, features & more to help you decide whether or not their services are a good fit for your new business.

With LegalZoom, you dont need any legal training or even much computer savvy theyll take care of pretty much everything on your behalf.

You can expect quick turnaround times in terms of filing and receiving your documents. (Note: LegalZoom isnt the fastest filing service on the market, but theyre impressively efficient considering their size.)

While theyre not the lowest in the industry, LegalZooms price-points are competitive and substantially less expensive than working with a business attorney.

LegalZoom charges $40 more than other providers, likeNorthwest a formation service that will start your LLC for $39 rather than $79.

Many users have complained about billing issues. In order to avoid any headaches, we advise you to pay close attention during the checkout process.

Since LegalZoom is such a large company, their customer support can get pretty backed up at times.

LegalZoom offers three LLC formation packages:Economy,StandardandExpress Gold. Take a look at the screenshot below:

What It Includes: The Economy package basically offers the minimum set of features you need in order to form an LLC no bells and whistles. That said, youll still have LegalZooms dedicated customer support team behind you throughout the formation process.

Who Its Right For: This package is ideal for anyone who only needs very basic formation services, and isnt in a hurry to get their LLC formed.

What It Includes: In addition to everything in the Economy package, the Standard plan includes a company seal/binder, 20 customized membership certificates and a faster turnaround time.

Who Its Right For: If youre looking to expedite the formation process and invest in a branded company binder, the Standard package may be a good fit for you. However, its worth noting that many providers offer these services at a much lower cost.

What It Includes: Express Gold includes all the features of the Standard package, plus some extra perks like VIP support, express shipping and even quicker turnaround times.

Who Its Right For: If youre in a hurry to get your LLC formed and have the budget for some premium features, the Express Gold package is probably your best bet. Frankly, it provides significantly more value than the Standard plan, which is only $20 cheaper.

LegalZoom no longer includes operating agreements in their formation packages, but rather offers them as a $99 add-on.

For an extra $60, LegalZoom will obtain your EIN (Employer Identification Number) on your behalf.

If youd like LegalZoom to take care of any necessary licenses or permits required to start your business, you can add this feature for a total of $199.

LegalZoom will act as your registered agent (the party responsible for receiving/processing all legal notifications on behalf of your LLC) for $159/year.

At the end of the day, it really comes down to how quickly you need your LLC formed. If youre simply looking for an affordable plan with a standard turnaround time, wed recommend the Economy package.

On the other hand, if youre seeking expedited LLC formation and some other premium features, Express Gold actually offers pretty decent value. It really just depends on your budget and the needs of your new business.

Are all entrepreneurs happy with LegalZooms services? No. But does LegalZoom have a good amount of positive feedback for a company of their size? In our opinion, they do.

To provide you with as clear a picture of their customer feedback as possible, take a look at LegalZooms average ratings on a few popular third-party review platforms (as well as their own website) below:

Customer Reviews Section Last Updated: 6-14-18

Despite LegalZooms massive size and scale, the majority of their customers seem to be happy with the quality of their customer support and the value built into their formation packages.

LegalZoom is certainly one of the most popular LLC formation services on the market, but that doesnt necessarily mean theyre the right choice for you.

We highly recommend comparing their pricing, features and other essential qualities to some other providers before settling on one.

To round out this LegalZoom review, lets see how they compare to my personal favorite LLC formation service, Northwest Registered Agent.

LegalZoomcharges significantly more thanNorthwestfor essentially the same services. For example, LegalZooms least expensive package is $79, while Northwests is $39. Why? Brand power nothing more.

If you place their offerings side by side, youll notice that Northwest has significantly more generous packages especially considering their lower prices. For instance, LegalZooms registered agent services cost $159/year, while Northwests are free for the first year and $125/year upon renewal.

Both LegalZoom and Northwest offer expedited turnaround times. Basically, the more youre willing to pay, the quicker theyll get your LLC formed.

In our experience, both LegalZoom and Northwest Registered Agent have pretty solid customer support. Their reps are friendly, knowledgeable and dedicated to troubleshooting customer issues. You may experience a brief wait-time if you call during peak business hours, but aside from that, were pleased with both companies in this regard.

Northwest Registered Agent has formed over 100,000 businesses, while LegalZoom has formed over 1 million.

Anyone forming an LLC on a budget & need quick formation

Anyone wanting to work with an LLC formation service that has a huge brand

Can you form your LLC yourself? Sure! If youre a DIY kind of entrepreneur and dont mind investing your time into learning the process, feel free to follow thestep-by-step guideswe built.

Yes for most, no for others. Although their platform is very user-friendly, if you browse through their online reviews youll still find a portion of folks who struggled to understand everything involved. If I had to rate usability, Id give it a 4/5.

In some circumstances you can get a full refund, while in others LegalZoom will simply correct the problem or offer you credit with their company to be used on further orders.

Check outtheir Satisfaction Guaranteepage and theirTerms of Servicefor all the particulars.

No. There shouldnt be any surprises as long as you arent in a hurry, make sure and pay attention to ALL check-boxes through the checkout process.

While there is technically no such thing as 100% safe information in the digital world, with LegalZoom your information is as safe as it would be working with a major bank.

LegalZoom will answer questions about your LLC, even if its a year from now. However, its important to mention there are a couple other LegalZoom LLC formation reviews that have done their own testing too. They have also pointed out that the customer support is not as helpful as it could be.

LegalZoom gets a 4.3/5 rating in my book and is ideal if youre wanting to form an LLC with the most well-known brand. Ive personally used their services and walked away happy.

However if youd like to do more research and get a close-up of your options, use the buttons below to see the top 7 formation services.

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