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Hebrew Letters, Numbers, and Their Meaning (Revised)

The Hebrew Alphabet contained special meanings for each letter, perhaps from the very beginning. For example, the word for EL combines two letters Aleph and Lamed. Aleph originally was a pictograph of an Ox, and Lamed of a shepherds staff. Together the ancient Hebrew word, EL, means Powerful Leader who keeps us together and on the right path.

REVISIONS: Research revealed that some clarity was required for the numbers and the letters for 5, 6, 7, 50, 60, 70 and 500, 600, 700. Creation, both physical and spiritual, is a merging of male and female. The physical side is a metaphor for the spiritual. And these concepts are embedded in the symbols of the proto-Hebrew letters. When this is brought into focus then another mystery is solved. The number of man is 666! The number of woman is 555. And the result of the union is 777. Also we should think of this as 6 + 60 + 600, and so forth, because that is the progression of the letters. Remember there are three phases: The conception followed by the first manifestation in the womb (growth in the womb), the comes the final manifestation when the entity is born to live forever. Though we have a physical existence now, it is not our final and only life. We are physically alive, but spiritually living in the womb. Later we will be born-again from the spirit. Then we will grow and fulfill our reason for having Life.

Man being represented by 666 is a powerful way to show those with understanding that the coming world leader, prophesied to John in Revelation, will demonstrate great spiritual power, though he will not resurrect the dead. However, this one, after all, is only a man!Whereas those without understanding will think that one is God and the Messiah!

The Hebrews considered that they were yoked to EL, who taught themhow to walk with God [EL]. The word Elah means the Powerful Leader who keeps us together and wraps his arms around us. And Elahim is the plural of Elah or Powerful Leaders who do the same as Elah. (The modern Hebrew spelling of these names, Eloah and Elohim, are a departure from the use of the ancient Hebrew vowels aleph, he, yod, vau.)

For example, the Tetragammatron, [yod, he, vau, he] is all vowels, contrary to popular opinion and practice, and would be pronounced ee, ah, oo, ah. If sung, as intended, then the change from vowel sound to vowel sound causes the mouth to naturally form transitional consonants, thus: EE, y, AH, h, OO, w, AH. To not say or sing this Name, or to make substitution for it, is considered by the Scriptures to be an abomination.

And all day long my name is constantly blasphemed. Thereforemy people will know my name; thereforein that daythey will know that it is I who foretold it. Yes, it is I.Isaiah52.

Hebrew is a theological languageand the letters themselves express a relation with the Creator that transcends any other. The letters are divided into three groups of nine letters, each group is 10 times more powerful than its predecessor. Contained within these groups is a message that tells about the creation as a process of thought, followed by a manifestation of the thought, followed by a final or Great Manifestation that was the original purpose of the Great Plan.

Involved in the process is the testing of those in the first manifestation to filter out any who succeed in overcoming the bad, death, and the negative and obtain, during their mortal life in the first manifestation, the Eternal Life while still in the flesh. These are called the FirstFruits and a High day on the 15th day of the 3rd month of the Revealed calendar celebrates their Life. According to the Torah, nofirstfruitswere to be harvested during the first seven weeks (or ages) leading up to the eighth age of right-ruling.

And from the day after the Sabbath from the day that you brought thesheaf of the wave offering, you shall count for yourselves seven completed Sabbaths. Until the day after the seventh Sabbath (you count fifty days), then you shall bring a new grain offering to Eyahuwah. Bring from your dwellings fora wave offering two loaves of bread, of two-tenths of an ephah of fine flour. They are baked with leaven: the Firstfruits to Yahua! Leviticus 23:14-17

Each of the letters contains the modernHebrew character, its numeric value, its name, the descriptive name of its ordinal symbol from the ancient Hebrew pictograph alphabet, and its meaning.

If you wish to download both Modern Hebrew and the Ancient Hebrew alphabets you can do so by clicking on the links below:

ALEPH (OX): ah,eh The dualprinciple,in the mind of the All Powerful, Wise and Understanding Creator, that represents an image of all that exists and all that does not exist, the positive and the negative, life and death.

BETH (HOUSE or TENT): b,bh The symbol of all habitations (places where things live) and receptacles. It is the symbol of anything that contains.

GIMEL (FOOT):g The activity or the motion of contained, limited existence or nonexistence. It is ALEPH in BETH.

DALETH (DOOR): d The archetype of physical existence. The conceptual planned prototype of physical existence. I am the door. whoever enters through me will be saved. John 10:9

HE (ARMS): h,e,ah The principle or concept of universal life. The female principle behind creation. The arms hold or bind, as in a covenant or as in love.

VAU or WAW (PEG): w,o,u is the archetype of male fertilization that is required for creation.

ZAYIN (MATTOCK): z The completed fertilizing act. Creation follows. Actually the proto-Hebrew is more of a plow which prepares the soil to accept the seed. Conception.

CHETH (WALL): hh The enclosure of all unevolved cosmic energy (like the mind or consciousness.) As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.

TETH (BASKET): th The symbol of the initial female energy. That gives birth to the creation.

YOD (HAND): y,i,ee The opposite of Aleph where Aleph represents concepts that could change, YOD is a symbol of what exists in a steady state, continuity.

CAPH (PALM of the hand): k,kh The archetype or prototype of receivers, or containers, from which other containers are copies.

LAMED (STAFF): l The principle of the conscious connecting link. For example, it is the shepherds staff with a hook.

MEM (WATER): m The archetype of thematernalcreative principle. The womb, where the creation waits for birth. (Born of Water)

NUN (SEED): n The archetype of all individual existences. All physical life comes from a seed or sperm and from the egg. All Spiritual life comes from spiritual conception.

SAMEKH (PROTECT): s The archetype of male fertility or sperm and the protective gonads.

AYIN (EYE): silent The illuminating principle behind the act of conception. That life either physical or spiritual comes from the same process. The (mystical) union between male and female.

PE (MOUTH): p,ph The opening from which comes all unevolved cosmic energy. For out of the mouth come evil thoughts.

The symbol of womanhood. The female side (mistranslated rib ) was taken from Man leaving Man with only the male side.

The exalted state of Aleph. The end of death and the negative. Ancient Hebrew letter pictures a sun splitting the horizon line. The sun sets on death and rises on Life.

The archetype of universal cosmic containers. The English word raise comes from this word. The symbol of a head that has been raised up to contain full knowledge.

The Spirit of Elah. Some say the Teeth Shine. But the face does shine, when full of joy and peace and the set-apart Spirit. A full smile causes the teeth to show.

The copies of All cosmic existence. They carry the likeness of their Father. He that has seen me has seen the Father.

The final attainment of individual existence as conceived at the beginning. Like the ARMS above that grasped at the time of conception, the PALM of the Hand now holds what was dreamed about, and waited in the womb, and is now manifested in Reality.

The cosmic state of fertility in Man, both in mind and body. The Father as theof Eternal Life. Androgynous Man becomes a cosmic creator. Note the change of emphasis from 6 and 60.

the interplay between cosmic energies (symbolized by male and female) leading to greater creation.

Like Pe[80] and Cheth[8] from the mouth eternal words forever shape the future.

The eternal force or archetype of womanhood as part of future creation [theor Holy Spirit is the Mother]. Physical men and woman are born-again as individual Sons in the final manifestation. The two of the proto-Man, like thetwo loaves of the Wave Loaves Offering,remain separate and equal Sons in the eyes of their Family [Elahim]

Some believe that Hebrew was the first language ever spoken. I have no reason to doubt that possibility. I also believe that Hebrew, in its best form and sound, will be restored to become the language of all for the ages to come.

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Hebrew Letters, Numbers, and Their Meaning (Revised)

I am interested in learning Hebrew, I heard in a Chuck Missler sermon that all the Hebrew letters have meanings that make up the meaning of the word they create. I read above, where you commented about and see that you disagree with that view. Also, this does seem to be impossible because all of syntax and semantics would be forced down to 22 units of meaning. However, I was wondering if you felt there was relation to a words meaning and the characters that constitute the word, could it be that the words tell us something about the characters rather than the characters the words? I guess what Im getting at is do you think it is possible there is some play of syntax and semantics within Hebrew words and Hebrew letters?

As you can see from this post, there are meanings assigned to each of the Hebrew letters including the finals. However, there are two different character sets. The Chaldean letters are the ones in use today. These were borrowed from Babylon and have no meaning associated with those letters. The meaning is associated more with the letter names and numbers and not the characters. Those meanings are more recent and are associate with a three part creation process (thought producing knowledge, set up (prototype), and final manifestation.) The other letters are the paleo-Hebrew letters that are not from Babylon. These are pictographic letters and they, in fact, do add insight and understanding about the Names and about prophecy. For example, the name Yahua consists of four letters that are ancient Hebrew vowels and not the consonants of YHWH. The Name is a power name and was meant to be sung and was later restricted from pronunciation because of the transgressions of departing from Yahua and the Torah. The letters of the Name tell the story of the Fathers hand out stretched over the Son. The second letter shows a man with uplifted arms of joy and praise as the Son was sent to earth. The third letter is a tent peg that signifies that He pitched his tent among us. Then the last letter is the man again expressing joy and praise because the Son did overcome the world and successfully completed the task He had to perform. Using the paleo-Hebrew letters causes those speaking Hebrew to continually prophesy, even without knowing.

If you attribute the same meaning to the different looking symbols, wouldnt you still derive the same interpretation as with the original symbols?

Not necessarily. The numbers contain the message 1-9,10-90,100-900 in the first example. The Chaldean letters say nothing. In the paleo-Hebrew the letters contain the message. Each message is unique.

Has anyone transcribed the manuscripts of the Bible back into the original paleo-Hebrew characters? If so, where could I go to get a copy?

Thank you so much for your response. It truly helps. Ive long believed that Yahushua was put on a tree and not a crossat least not the one the christian church idolizes. In my studies I learned that the symbol of the cross is the sign for Tammuz, so I really dont want anything to do with that. Thanks again..Elaine

Dearest Dr. Sakach, while reading your response to Calvin, a question Ive been meaning to ask you came to my mind. The Hebrew letter Tau in the ancient paleo-hebrew is represented by two crossed sticks. The meaning, as I understand it, is a mark or sign. Matthew 16:24, Yahushua speaks to His disciples about denying themselves and taking up the cross and following him. Could this once again be a wrong translation or misquote and the true meaning be hidden? Could the Tau or the sign of the Tau been replaced with the cross? It would definitely change the meaning. If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take [ my mark] and follow me. As always, your response is waited for and appreciated! Elaine

We may have lost the Hebrew idiom in the understanding of the cross. The Greek is staros, and means a stake. The context of Matthew 16 has to do with walking with or joining with. In other words pick up your walking stick and join Me on this journey. That includes following even to the point of death. The church makes an emphasis on the cross, whereas Yahushua is making the emphasis on the essential action of faith forsaking personal desires, aspirations, and wants and becoming one with Him. In other words, what is each person as an individual going to do with his or her life.

Matthew 16:24, Then Yahushua said to His taught ones, If anyone wishes to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his walking stick, and follow me. For whoever wishes to save his life shall lose it, and whoever loses his life for My sake shall find it.

Yahushua, according to some researchers, was not hung on a Christian cross but rather on either an upright pole or on a horizontal pole and hung on a tree in the Mount of Olives.

I guess Id like to ask if anyone has prayed and gone to sleep and been awaked to a loud sound of which there was no explanation and disturbed no one else sleeping a word was spoken..Go to your motherme and my mom had been estranged and before asleep I asked God if there was anything I needed to change or do in my life.and I awoke to that sound and that word but I could not even move and even though I thought to myself ok this is weird I went from that thought to amazed awe and peace but I could not move for like 2 minutes my whole body was shaking.as I looked at my hand I realized this was not an outer shaking it was an inner shaking it felt as best as I can explain like every molecule in my body was animated. It was not scary it was peaceful and amazing. and I just wondered if anyone else has experienced such and any explanation! My Daughter in law at this time were really digging into the bible and she has had dreams that we still do not fully understand. that was my most amazing experience. at another time I had three days of total I dont know peace and excitement and like almost like my feet were just off the ground and this joy unexplainable and this almost urgent need to go out and praise God with all my might!As I had a small child that would have been hard to do! But it was amazing! Ill see your comments on this before I post anything more. For between me and my daughter in law there has been dreams.Just would like your imput understanding or revelation on a possibly deeper understanding of these events!

One would think that dreams are related to the spirit and thoughts of the dreamer, right? That would imply that dreams can be related to whatever intense thoughts a person might be experiencing at anytime, including times of deep spiritual concentration. Yahua wants us to return, rest, be still, and trust. By doing this, we do not cloud up our thoughts with anxiety and frustration. He guides us on the path. And because we all start out on a path of our own making (more or less), we have to overcome some things that others have no knowledge about. The different path, experiences, trials give us unique character and knowledge. Later on, after we transformed and put in a position of helping others, we will know why we passed through these things that make up our life. I cannot tell what the dreams mean. You must ask the Father (EL) for wisdom as James the Apostle wrote.

Please, give me your insight as to the following: I have had a most unusual experience with a bar of soap and my hair forming on this piece of soap the numbers 87. Please give me your account of this number, and or any references that could lead me to higher understanding of the same. I am a deep thinker, and furthermore, I desire to keep getting to know more about my Hebrew roots. Thank you, Mari

I have no information on this number. The Hebrew letters and numbers only apply to prophecy and the entire creation processes. Use the numbers 80 and 7 and find the meanings on the page, and see if that means something.

Hi Timothy I just listened to a broadcast early monday morning on a local radio station, it was by L.A Murzulli he has a few books out and just recently a new one called The Cosmic Chessmatch it sounds a lot like what you are saying including Enoch I looked up the website and read a bit but thought I would get your opinion, his web site is your comments would be appreciated as always Robert

Thanks, Robert, I have a call in to Mr. Marzulli to see if he would consider an interview. UPDATE: He called and we will have an interview broadcast, probably next week.

Hi please explain the number 153 as recorded in John 21 about the amount of fish in the net. Thanks for your time. Shalom jimmy

Like the Hebrew, the Greek letters also have numbers associated with the letters. With the Hebrew, you would want to read the numbers as 100, 50, and 3 or as a digit sum. However, the Greek uses a sum of the letters to form a number. Several years ago a book was published that was written by Jerry Lucas, of pro basketball, and Del Washburn. It was published in 1977 and reprinted again in 1978. The title is Theomatics, Gods Best Kept Secret Revealed. That puzzles me a little and make me wonder what happened to the not so well kept secrets. Anyhow, the authors discovered a process of using the digit sums of key Greek words and phrases. They also used a combination of a word and another word or phrase and used the word as a divisor to see if they could find an even number multiplier. For example, the word for fishes in Greek has a sum of 1224. 1224 / 153 = 8. That means that the number 153 may not be a count at all but a clue. Thus the full net seems to imply that the Apostles should befishers of men. And they were casting their net on the wrong side? The Greek word the net = 153 X 8. Casting the net into the sea 153 X 20. For they were fishermen = 153 X 4. Multitudes of fishes = 153 X 16. Follow me = 153 X 12. Fishers of men = 153 X 14. But it gets even more mysterious. I am the way = 153 X 8 Way, truth, life = 153 X 8 The narrow gate= 153 X 13 I say to you that I am the door of the sheep = 153 X 37 The door (alternate spelling) = 153 X 6 Then 37 starts to have some meaning as well: The Door = 37 X 14 The door of the sheep= 37 X 83. Concerning the Greek alphabet. When I read this book years ago, I compared the Greek alphabets and found that the one used here was different version from Greek today. Somewhat like the Hebrew, the Greek here went from 1 9, 10-90, and 100-800 (26 letters). That dated the Greek to a specific period. Two Greek letters fell out of use. The authors used an earlier form of Greek that was present in the New Testament. Although the Hebrew has 22 letters, it also has finals letters that are slightly different at the end of a word. That gives the Hebrew 27 letters. Is this for real? It certainly seems so. There is a lot more in this book including a statistical analysis using randomly assigned numbers that are still within the scope of the Greek letters. This is some kind of Bible study that one does when they dont have TV.

My Brother,How are you. i would like to ask you a question on a Hebrew word Elohim is this an original Hebrew word or has it been altered also what would be the Hebrew original meaning. if i may also ask would it be singular or plural , Thank you. Brother John

The Name Elohim is a plural noun. But it is plural like family or club Different entities are members of Elohim, including Yahua (the Creator), The Father (EL), the Messengers and other beings of esteem and power. The Name actually means Mighty Ones. Sometimes it is used if reference to the mighty ones of the nations, which does not mean that the Elohim is pagan. When referring to theelohimof the nations the meaning is applies to those whom the nations think have power or are mighty gods, such as Ba-al. But these have no power. IN that case, the name reflects not mighty ones but dead gods.

I am so sorry to bother you. I have been seeking and crying out to our Creator for something deeper. I do believe that me stumbling upon your page is not really a stumble. I am going to dive into all the information you have suggested & I am beyond excited that I am again growing in the deeper things I have always had an awareness that there is something far more as I read Scripture and often I have heard a small voice directing me to places in the Bibleeven to places that I do not have in my Bible. The reason I apologize for bothering you is that 23 was the number that used to come out of all kinds of places that I couldnt help but notice as if my senses were being tweaked and my eyes diverted at times to different places that has 23. Then it graduated to sometimes 11, 23 and now for a couple of years it has been 7, 23. I have read the numbers you have on this page but I am not as intellectually minded and have been struggling to understand what these numbers may mean when put together. Could you please walk me through this? I thank you so much. Liz

The meanings of the Hebrew numbers and the system of numbers tells about the creation processes. Each level 1-9, 10-90, and 100-900 is a plain of existence and a level of manifestation. Simply put is the process of plan, prototype, final product. We are at the cusp of understanding what life is all about. The plan was created before anything else. That result was Knowledge on a high plain that can be revealed to us, should EL desire. The prototype or pattern is Man. Yahushua revealed the process of moving from flesh to immortality. The Final Manifestation is the Sons of EL, which Man will become just like Mans Brother did. Please understand in Genesis 5 both Adam and Eve were called Man. Now when we look at the combination of Hebrew numbers there are some interesting revelations concerning the Hebrew language. When we read or hear Hebrew we are hearing the Wisdom contained in the letters and numbers. For example, the combination 555 represents the female part of Creation. 666 represents the male part of Creation, and 777 represents the product of the male and female: the Sons of EL. The only way you can use numbers like 11, 23 is to convert them to 10 and 1, and 20 and 3. Then read each letters meaning and see if that means anything. The number 7, of course, has its own meaning and is part of 700, 70, 7. Mans number is 600, 60, 6, etc and is called the number of man in Revelation 13. Let me know if what you find means anything to you at this time.

I would like your opinion on the concepts offered by the following website. Basically, they espouse that the Hebrew letters have specific meanings, and the sum of the individual meanings (concepts) support and define the Hebrew word they spell out. This makes the language different than any other developed by man. It means that the language, the meaning of words, cannot change, unlike all other languages. It suggests that there are 22 letters, representing 22 concepts, and that all language can be assembled and communicated using combinations of the 22. In other words, we have 22 marbles in our brains, and everything we conceive and understand can be boiled down to the 22. Ill leave the other conclusions of the significance to you. Theyre staggering. best regards

I examined the web site and found that it was still under construction. However, there was some material that seemed to tell much about their approach. Jeff Benner who founded the Ancient Hebrew Research Center actually is more accurate than the Chronicle Project. Here is the problem that I think will prevent them from reaching the success they