Manage and Delete Cookies in Internet Explorer 11

Hello and welcome to VisiHow. Today Im going to show you how to adjust the Cookie settings Internet Explorer 11.

The first thing were going to do is open the Internet Options

There are two ways to do this. First is by going to Tools and then selecting Internet Options.

The second way to access the Internet Options is by opening the start menu and going to the Control Panel

Click Network and Internet, then click Internet Options.

We have a few different tabs, but we are going to click on the Privacy tab.

Cookies are very important because some websites wont allow you to access them if you are blocking all cookies, and some will not function properly, keep this in mind if you choose Block All Cookies. Cookies are very useful because they remember your details. For example, if you use internet banking and you visit your bank, the cookies will remember that you have visited the site and allow you easy access. If you have cookies blocked then you will have to enter security details every time. Cookies also remember your preferences in order to provide you with a more bespoke service. If you have particular favourites, or you have the weather for your location, cookies will remember this and show things that are relative to you.

The other alternative is to Accept All Cookies, which allows you to be tracked by everything

Some of these may be malicious, tracking your information or recording things. Its good to have a balance. You need some cookies, but it is also good to retain some of your privacy. If you allow all cookies you are basically allowing everyone to see everything you look at and everything you do.

I would suggest, middle of the range, Medium-High

Medium-High says it blocks third-party cookies that do not have a compact privacy policy. This tells you that you are allowing cookies that have a privacy policy, so they have some organization and are more trustworthy because theyve made the effort to have a privacy policy. If a cookie has no privacy policy then the cookie can be used for anything and your information could be sold and shared without your knowledge. This also says that they block first-party cookies that save information that can be used to contact you without your implicit consent. This means, if a cookie saves information about you and they want to contact you, they will have to ask you. If you do not select this and all cookies are allowed, people can contact you without your consent and you can receive emails from advertisers and start to get more spam. Having a Medium-High, or even High blockage would work to your advantage.

Find the setting thats good for you

Test it out on Medium, go back and try the website. If you find it doesnt work for you then change it and see how you feel. Once youve selected the setting you want go down and click Apply.

Now click OK and you can exit the menu

This has been a video showing you how to alter the Cookies setting in Internet Explorer 11 using Windows 7

It is good to understand the importance of cookies and what they actually represent, so that youre aware of what youre doing on the internet and how much of your information is being monitored and recorded. If you have any comments or questions please leave them in the section below. Youve been watching VisiHow.

Video: Manage and Delete Cookies in Internet Explorer 11

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