Metal Badges


We manufacture most of our products on site, but due to the recent economic changes we have had our cast and punched metal badges and lapel pins manufactured overseas to our precise specifications. Therefore we can offer very competitive pricing. Most artwork and design is carried out here at Signs Plus. The normal wait is 15 working days from artwork approval. We can supply a large range of designs and finishes, small lapel pins to large cast medals.Finishesinclude 15 different metal platings, colour fills, resin doming and more. Pricing varies with design, number of colours, finish etc. Please email us with your requirements, logo etc. We supply metal badges all over Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and everywhere in between.

Metal ID Tags

Improve the safety and efficiency at your workplace or facility by using Metal ID Tags to properly identify items. With Metal ID Tags, the guesswork and confusion at valves, machines, equipment, pipes, and tools is eliminated. Metal ID Tags provide immediate identification that increases safety and efficiency at your workplace or facility.

Metal ID Tags are ideal for marking a wide range of applications with sequential numbers, barcodes, stamped letters and numbers or soft-foiled. Whether youre looking for an economic solution or virtually indestructible Metal ID Tags, multiple sizes, shapes, and styles are designed to fit your specific needs.

Steel Hand Stamps Combination Letter and Number Set

Blank Stainless Steel ID Tags Square

Blank Stainless Steel Identification Tags

Perma-Black™ Stainless Steel Numbered Tags

Custom Perma-Black™ Stainless Steel Tags

Custom Aluminum ID Tags- Mark Various Applications

Valve Identification Numbered Brass Tags

Dont settle for just any old sign when it comes to workplace safety and compliance. Create a custom OSHA & ANSI safety sign with the exact message you need, when you need it.

Ensure all workers understand the safety messages posted around your jobsite or inside the workplace with custom bilingual safety signs. Customize your message here!

Need something a little different and dont want to meet specific regulations? Make a statement with your own customized no header signs. Create a unique sign and message here!

Make your safety message your own dont blend in, stand out! Grab the attention of your workers with custom header signs. Easily create the exact sign you need right here!

Making Site Tags has never been easier with our custom predesigned site tag builder! Simply upload your workers image, name, and department, and select material and quantity.

We value you and your safety! Thats why we have the most comprehensive catalog line packed with over 750 pages of products.

These items will not only help you stay in compliance, but come with added benefits such as documented cost-savings, tools to create standardization across your enterprise, and products designed to promote your unique corporate branding and messaging.

Were the one-stop-shop for your compliance solutions! Our OSHA identification products keep you compliant and withconsistently posted regulatory information you become a compliance expert.

Save anywhere from 30 to 65% compared to direct mail catalogs and local sign shops. With Accuform, we dont charge for set-up fees, and you never have to compromise on the quality of your safety sign.

Standardization Across the Enterprise

Creating messages with a common look-and-feel has been proven to effectively increase safety, productivity, and efficiency across the enterprise. Reduce sign confusion with a standardized message.

Reinforcement of Corporate Branding/Messaging

Give corporate branding the attention it deserves by carrying it throughout the front gate to the back dock of your facility. Corporate brand awareness adds value to all messages you communicate.

OSHA Enforcement has not trailed off like some say especially for silica violations with 116 citations in the construction since October 2017! Avoid hefty fines and get compliant now!

With nearly 252,000 construction sites across the nation and 6.5 million people working on them, electrical hazards are plentiful. Learn top OSHA safety tips here.

More falls take place during the summer months, thats why its critical to learn fall protection safety tips to keep construction workers, especially roofers, safe!

Construction Contractor Preferred Signs

Contractor Preferred Corrugated Plastic Signs

Accu-Detect Metal-Detectable Pipe Markers

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The more promotions gifts areCustom Silicone Wristbands,Silicone Bracelets in UK,custom bracelets Ca

Metal doming block

4mm female hex to 1/4 male hex screwdriver bit

Angle grinder pigtail for polishing

Bench power supply 240Vac ~ 35Vdc @ 1A

Breadboard Patch-leads & Peripherals

Casio fx-991ES Plus calculator Keymap

CBT 250 counter shaft bearing housing mod

Custom Cocobolo scales for my straight razor

Dewalt DW872 tct metal chop saw mods

Die grinder spindle for 125mm discs

Font path listing bash script for nf

Ford Transit 17mm Propshaft Bearing Spanner

Ford transit mt75 gearbox quickchange

Garage / workshop doors with Stainless steel hardware

Leather pouch for modded bevel edge chisels

Lexmark E120N mono laser printer psu fix

Linux & Microchips Low pin count demo board

Linux, my most used terminal commands

Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000 USB telescope webcam

Nogging master for arched wood roofs

Not boschs HSS twist drill bits for plastic

Not Snap-ons non-ratcheting screwdriver handles

one-hand temporary earthed bench power outlet

Planer / thicknesser blade honing jig

Regulated BENCH POWER SUPPLY 240Vac ~ 24Vdc

Single bevel edge fishtail carving skew

Wallpaper cheat sheet Microchip PIC

Wooden retro rocket plant pot stand

Stuff Ive made and other bits (click knoba to see more)

Roughing out a differential cover (Ford type 51a axle in 430 Stainless steel).

Thor Thorex Super Plastic Mallet (Pear Shape)

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Doming plate for producing identical convex ends for tubing (block made with angle grinder)

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Taggedangle grinder,dapping,dishing,doming,Doming block,hammering,Metal doming block,metalworking,Sinking,stretching

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Tectonic Settings of Metal Deposits

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late tectonics, like crustal evolution, provides a basis for understanding the distribution and origin of mineral and energy deposits. The relationship of plate tectonics and mineral deposits is significant on three counts:

Geological processes operating due to energy released at plate boundaries control the process of mineral deposition.

Mineral deposits form in particular tectonic settings which are governed by plate tectonics.

Reconstruction of fragmented continents can provide a useful basis for exploration of new mineral deposits.

everal requirements must be fulfilled in any tectonic setting for the production and accumulation of minerals. A number of tectonic settings meet these requirements:


Hydrothermal activity at the ridges gives rise to a) Sulfide deposits and b) Metalliferous sediments on the flanks of ridges. Important metallic deposits formed are Fe, Zn, Cu, Pb, Au and Ag. In the Red Sea metalliferous sediments containing Fe, Zn and Cu are being deposited.

Mn oxide deposits are important at some ridges Eg the TAG Hydrothermal field on the Atlantic Ridge.

Ultramafic rocks in ophiolites containing asbestos, chromite and nickel ores. These are generally accessible in Phanerozoic orogenic belts to which sites they have been transported due to plate movement.

Podiform chromite deposits associated with serpentinized ultramafic rocks.

Cyprus Type massive sulfide deposits (Cu-Fe rich) are also associated with ophiolites and represent hydrothermal deposits formed at ocean ridges.


etallic deposits are commonly found at both continental and arc convergent plate margins. Along the Circum-Pacific Belt major metallic deposits occur in western North and South America, Japan, Philippines, New Zealand and Indonesia. More than half of the worlds supply of copper comes from the Porphyry Copper Deposits of this region. Important deposits associated with present and former convergent margins are:

Other metals (Sn, W, Sb, Hg). (Red Bed uranium deposits are also associated with convergent boundaries Eg SW United States).

oning of mineral deposits forming at convergent margins is apparent Eg in the Andes, going from west to east, the various zones encountered are:

a) contact metasomatic Fe- deposits;

d) Pb-Zn-Ag veins and contact metasomatic deposits; and

e) Sn deposits.These zones are caused due to progressive liberation of metals from the descending slab, with Sn coming from a depth of 300 Km. The metals are derived from some combination of the descending slab and the overlying mantle wedge. They move upwards in magmas or fluids and are concentrated in late hydrothermal and magmatic fluids.Petroleum occurs in the back-arc basins in arc convergent margins where organic matter is trapped and there is a lack of free circulation so that its oxidation is prevented. Geothermal heat facilitates conversion of organic matter to petroleum, and accompanying deformation forms traps for accumulation of petroleum.Potential geothermal fields also occur along convergent margins.


variety of local tectonic settings exist along collision plate margins. Most of the deposits that occur here have formed in diverse tectonic settings and have been transported to the collision zones. Consequently, a variety of metallic deposits are abundant here:

Deposits generally related with oceanic ridges (ophiolites).

Those associated with convergent plate margins.

Mineral deposits associated with cratonic assemblages.

Deposits associated with continental rifts.

Deposits genetically related to collision zones are hydrocarbons which may accumulate in foreland basins associated with such zones, Eg the Persian Gulf SW of the Zagros Suture in Iran.


Regional uplift and doming usually result when a continent comes to rest over a hotspot and huge volumes of magma rise to the surface. Extensional failure of the lithopheric crust may occur with continued doming, triggering the development of a triple junction a three armed continental rift system. Typically, one arm of the rift fails remaining a fissure in the crust known as an aulacogen, while the remaining two arms open to form an oceanic basin. The prevalence of three armed rifts is revealed by reassembling the continents surrounding the Atlantic Ocean to their positions before Pangea split up. In most cases two of the arms were incorporated into the Atlantic, while the third remained as a blind rift extending into the continent.

ifting follows crustal doming in response to hot-spot activity in the mantle.

Granites intruded at this stage have associated Sn and fluorite deposits.

Evaporites accumulate in the rifts during the more advanced stages, with Pb-Zn-Ag deposits in limestones forming during the early and middle stages of rifting. These are followed by oceanic metalliferous deposits.

Aulacogens are characterized by the presence of fluorite, barite, carbonatites (with Nb, P, REE, U, Th etc) and Sn-bearing granites.

Geothermal fields occur along the rifts due to the upwelling of the asthenosphere.

arbonatites (unusual igneous rock rich in calcite and other carbonate minerals which are considered to be mantle derived), kimberlites, and alkaline granites within or adjacent to rifts provide a major source of metallic and other minerals.

arginal and intracontinental cratonic basins provide a favourable setting for accumulation of organic matter. During the opening of a cratonic rift, seawater moves into the basin and evaporation exceeds inflow, giving rise to the formation of evaporites. The environment is characterized by restricted circulation and hence organic matter is preserved leading to the accumulation of petroleum. With continued rifting, circulation becomes unrestricted and deposition of evaporites and organic matter ceases.

igh geothermal gradients beneath the opening rift and increase in pressure due to burial by sediments facilitates the conversion of organic matter to petroleum. In the final stages of the opening of the basin, the salt beds may begin to rise as salt domes forming traps for oil and gas. Oil and gas may also be trapped in structural and stratigraphic traps as they move up due to increasing temperature and pressure, Eg the Red Sea.

his speculation is lent support by the fact that around the Atlantic there is a close geographic and geologic relationship between hydrocarbons and salt accumulations.

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