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How to Control Web Cookies and Boost Online Privacy

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How to Control Web Cookies and Boost Online Privacy

Dont like being tracked on the web? The right browser settings can help.

We respect yourprivacy. All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story.

Odds are that your computers browser is full of cookies, tiny files left behind as you go from website to website. Mine is. My personal machine has close to 5,000 cookies.

Some of the web cookies on your machine are used by big advertising companies looking to gather and store information about youwhat you shop for, which sites you visit, and so on. That can feel like a violation of your privacy and make you think you should dive in and delete them all.

But other cookies contain important information that makes your web experiences smoother. Which is why you really shouldntdive in and delete them all.

Privacy experts have been talking about cookies for years, but the subject remains confusing. It doesnt have to be. Managing cookies is a privacy maintenance task that everyone should understand, the digital equivalent of regularly changing your smoke detector batteries.

And Dec. 4, National Cookie Daywhich celebrates the baked kind, not the digital onesis a great time to take care of business. Its as easy as baking some Toll House chocolate chip treats, pouring yourself a glass of milk, and opening your browser preferences.

Note that managing cookies is just one component of protecting your privacy.

Companies may use non-cookie technologies to track you across websites, and clearingcookieswont address that, says Justin Brookman, privacy director for Consumers Union, the policy and mobilization division ofConsumer Reports. Butcookiesare still the most common way companies track you on the web.

Use the right settings and you can enhance your privacy while making sure websites still work the way they should.

A cookie is a little bit of data stored on your computer by a website thats related to your activity on the site, explains Selena Deckelmann, a director of engineering for the Firefox browser at Mozilla.

Cookies are simple files, notprograms, and they dont contain malware or anything that can damage your computer. Theyre also tinymany are just 3 to 10 kilobytesso theyre not occupying a significant amount of space on your hard drive.

Theyre small but powerful.Deckelmann was shopping for a sink recently. She went to a hardware retailers website, browsed various models, and then left to visit more sites. And she immediately started seeing ads for faucets, vanities, and other sink-related items.

Cookies help explain how that happened. A company can drop cookies across the web and get a decent sample of your browsing activity, says Casey Oppenheim, co-founder of the web security firm Disconnect.

When Deckelmann visited the retailers website, it deposited a number of cookies on her computer, in a location determined by her browser. Some of those cookiescalled first-party cookiescame from the domain that she saw in the URL at the top of the browser window, such as or m. (Well discuss third-party cookies below.)

The first-party cookies left by the retailer carried information such as an indication that she had logged in successfully. They may have recorded her location (to help the website display the right language and currency) and what she placed in her shopping cart.

But how does the website use that information?

Each time you go to a webpage, your browser sends out a request for the files needed to display the page. And along with that request goes a copy of every cookie that originated with that domain. The browser sends the cookies left by, while gets the cookies left by, and so on.

Lots of those cookies expire when you close the browser, but not all of them.

When Deckelmann came back to the site the next day or the next week, the browser sent back copies of the remaining cookies. Thats how the site seemed to know who she was, and what shed done during her last visit.

Without first-party cookies, websites would seem a lot stupider.

Weve only been talking about first-party cookies. But during Deckelmanns visit to the retail website, other companies may have deposited their own, third-party cookies.

How did that happen? Well, a webpage is made up of many files and little bits of code. Many of those bits and pieces come from the retailer itself. But other elements, such as ads and social media buttons, come from other companies.

A huge percentage of all the ads you see online are handled by DoubleClick, which is owned by Google, so lets use that company as an example. When you see an ad embedded in a webpage, theres a good chance its coming from the domain . And the advertisement may carry cookies along for the ride.

Next time you go to any site with elements originating on, your browser sends DoubleClick a copy of all its cookies. If you visit many websites that contain chunks of DoubleClick content, your browser supplies the company with a steady stream of cookies.

And remember, is just one example of the many domains that supply elements to webpages and leave cookies on users machines.

Thats why the entire internet seemed to know instantly that Deckelmann had been shopping for sinks.

As Oppenheim says, From a consumer perspective, theres a big difference between first-party cookies and third-party cookies.

One way to do that is by browsing in Private mode (for Safari or Firefox) or Incognito (for Chrome). Browsing this way doesnt keep your internet service provider or a web server from knowing what youre doing online, but it does keep cookies from working. And that can be illuminating.

Its showing you what its like to live in a world without cookies, Deckelmann says.

For instance, if you normally stay logged into Facebook, youll have to log in again if you visit using a Private window.

If I clear my cookies, it screws up my workflow, says Oppenheim. Having to sign in every time is a hassle.

Full disclosure: uses cookies, though the site doesnt accept advertising. You can learn more in theConsumer Reportsprivacy policy.

You may not mind third-party cookies. After all, you might like seeing ads for items youve been shopping for.

But, if you want to, you can block just third-party cookies and let through first-party cookies.That will reduce the number of companies collecting and storing information about you.

Deckelmann has a three-pronged plan for accomplishing this, just by using your browser settings. (Ad-blocking web extensionsalso accomplish this, along with other tasks; thats a discussion for another day.)

The first step is to make sure you have a record of all the passwords for sites that require a login. (Apassword managercan help with that.) Once youve done that, Deckelmann suggests going ahead and clearing all your cookies, as outlined below. Trying to delete cookies one at a time would take forever, and even experts cant tell with any certainty what each individual cookie does.

Its like your purse, Deckelmann says. Periodically you need to dump that thing out and start fresh.

The trade-off: Your web surfing experience will be a little choppy for the next few days as you re-enter passwords and update other settings.

Heres how to clear cookies in three popular browsers.

Chrome:Under the Chrome tab at the top left of your screen, click Clear browsing data. Check the box: Cookies and other site data. Then click the bar at the bottom right of the window that says Clear browsing data.

Firefox:Under the Firefox tab at the upper left of your screen, go to Preferences Privacy & Security Show Cookies Remove All.

Safari:Under the Safari tab at the upper right of your screen, go to Preferences Privacy Manage Website Data Remove All.

The final step is to instruct your browser to allow first-party cookies while blocking third-party cookies.

Chrome:Go to Preferences Privacy Content settings. Open the Cookies tab and select Block third-party cookies.

Firefox:Go to Preferences Privacy History. The default setting is Remember history. Change it to Use custom settings for history to reveal your cookies options.

For third-party cookies, you have three options: Always, Never, and From visited.

Safari:Apples browser features the same cookie compromiseAllow [cookies] from websites I visitwhich can be found at Preferences Privacy.

We respect yourprivacy. All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story.

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I believe that technology has the power to change our livesfor better or for worse. Thats why Ive spent my life reporting and writing about it for outlets of all sorts, from newspapers (such as the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times) to magazines (Popular Mechanics and Rolling Stone) and even my own books (Newtons Football and Claptons Guitar). For me, theres no better way to spend a day than talking to a bunch of experts about an important subject and then writing a story thatll help others be smarter and better informed.

US Legal Forms vs LegalZoom Which Online ServiceSite IBetter?

Best Credit Cards for Average Credit

Best Credit Cards to Rebuild Credit

US Legal Forms vs LegalZoom: Which Online Legal Services Site Is Better?

So, you need to file some legal paperwork, but are not sure which site to use. Were here to help. BothUS Legal FormsandLegalZoomhave excellent options and qualities, but each stands out in its own way. Weve broken out the most important aspects of each site and compared them side-by-side to help you make a more informed decision when choosing between US Legal Forms and LegalZoom.

1. Number of legal forms:No one in the online legal services space can hold a candle toUS Legal Forms vast library of legal forms. They even have a form if you need to file a complaint for misrepresentation of a Dairy Herd Feeding System, which is a pretty obscure form to need. Not to say thatLegalZoomdoesnt have a healthy amount of forms to choose from, but its nothing compared to US Legal Forms.

2. Usability:If you have no legal background whatsoever, usingLegalZoomis probably the way you want to go. They have a simple, easy-to-use interface that is especially helpful for those that dont have any experience with legal documents. Plus, LegalZoom will file most forms for you. For most documents,US Legal Formsonly allows you to download the forms and then fill them out and file them yourself, which can be confusing for those of us without a law degree.

3. Price:Its a little difficult to compare the pricing of the two sites because they offer such different things. Most of the forms onUS Legal Formsare fairly cheap, but thats because you dont get any support in filling out the forms like you do on LegalZoom. US Legal Forms does help you fill out forms for incorporating your business, and those prices are much higher thanLegalZoom. So, if you are just looking for forms, US Legal Forms is cheaper. If you need help with incorporation or filling out other forms, LegalZoom is cheaper.

3. Customer service:Both have superior customer service.LegalZoomhas a more extensive help page and more options for help, but their phone number can be confusing as it initially directs you to a paid Legal Formshas a smaller help page, but their phone number directs you straight to a human who helps you with your issues, which is a big plus in our books.

The bottom line is that if you need help filling out your forms, then you should pickLegalZoomfor all your legal needs. If you know which forms you need and how to fill them out, then you should go withUS Legal Forms, especially if the form you need is obscure or hard to find. To read our reviews of both services and compare them and other online legal services side-by-side, check out ourcompare page here.

How Do I File for Bankruptcy Online?

Online Legal Services vs. Online Legal Advice: What&…

Common Misconceptions About Online Legal Services

Id stick with US Legal Forms, theyre more affordable and still just as reliable as LegalZoom. Seems to me LegalZoom is just getting so big and well-known they can charge these fees, however there are so many other online legal services out there that can do just the same, for half the price.

Jeff Hindenach started his career as a journalist for the San Jose Mercury News and the San Francisco Examiner. He is currently the Director of Content for NextAdvisor and oversees the content and community efforts of the site.

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Xbox One online safety and privacy settings

Xbox One has age-appropriate controls and settings that you can adjust to suit your familys needs. Access these settings from either or an Xbox One consolethough you can only change content and app settings from the console.

If youve forgotten your account email address or password, see theLost Account Solutionor theLost Password Solution.

Due to the secure nature of these settings, you may be asked to enter a security code that well send to the alternate phone number or email address previously saved to your account.

Select the account you want to look at.

Review the settings currently in place and update those you want to change.

Save your changes on each tab before moving on to the next.

Change privacy and safety settings for you or a child

Sign in to your Xbox. (If youre changing the settings for a child, sign in using an adults account.)

Choose a default, or customize your settings by selecting

Enter your password or passkey, and then select the account you want to update.

, and then choose the default settings, or customize by selecting

When you download apps from Microsoft Store, each app requires permission to access data from your console.

Settings Privacy & online safety App privacy

Choose from the list what youd like to give permission for by selecting the check boxes.

If youre signed in with a child account, youll need your parent to sign in and give permission for apps to access your data.

Select the child account youd like to manage, and go to

Privacy & online safety App privacy

If multiple gamers are signed in, apps can only access data everyone has given permission for.

When you give apps permission on a console, its only saved on that console. If you use multiple consoles, make sure you give your apps permission on all your consoles.

For specific info about changing the privacy settings for the camera, location, and speech on your Xbox One, see:

If youre having issues changing the online safety or privacy settings, seeTroubleshoot changing online safety or privacy settings on Xbox One.

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25 Online Jobs for Teenagers Scam Free WayKidCan MakMoney

(This post may contain affiliate links.)

A few years back, it was easier than ever for teenagers to make money online.

However, the emerging realm of internet commerce gets more and more well developed by the year, and all of the fledgling opportunities that used to exist forkids to earn moneyhave been replaced, somewhat.

In reality, the opportunities have just shifted a little. Any teenager with an open eye can find plenty of places tomake money onlinethese days.

In fact, there may be more places for that today than there has even been.

Join InboxDollars for free. InboxDollars pays you to watch videos, search, shop, take surveys, and more. They have paid out$57 Millionso far!

The real difficulty now is weeding out the scammers and tricksters from the legitimate opportunities.

Decades ago, any teenager who wanted to make some money could walk down to their corner store and find a job pretty easily.

But our evolving economy is going through growing pains that make it quite difficult for teenagers to find work in the way that they used to.

For some teens, whos parents have been hit hard by the slumping economy, the strain might really be a lot to bear. Of course, the result is that most of the positions that traditionally were filled by teens are now being populated by adults.

Once, it was adults working the full time jobs and students working part time, but now the whole job market is turned on its head. As full-time jobs got crunched, adults took the students work. But now, what dostudentsdo for work?

Competition entering the work force has become more intense for all involved, and the least prepared of all, teenagers, also have the most difficult uphill struggle.

There is one shining light, though, and its something that most teenagers know quite well: the internet.

And thats where they can shine. Thats where they can make money much easier than most adults ever could.

With that said, here are some of the best and easiest work at home opportunities that are specially great for teens:

I decided to put this one first for a couple reasons.

The first and most obvious reason is that, plenty of teenagers actually are making a living doing this!

The second reasons is that teenagers are well aware of the situation with partners and content creators on YouTube, so theyre probably the best candidates for succeeding here.

If youve got the will, you should try to really pump your creative juices into a project that you can host on YouTube.

It might be a song, a prank video, a how to apply make up video

Regardless of what it is, its worth uploading it to YouTube.

YouTube is kind of like a fame and money jackpot, after all, many try, few succeed, but when you succeed, its significant.

For example, the most famous YouTuber,PewDiePie, was once just a Swedish man who uploaded footage of himself playing video games.

Now he is an internationally famous millionaire, parodied on South Park, whose opinions are sought after by an entire market of video game developers.

How is THAT for just a little bit of effort?

Now obviously not every YouTuber can be a superstar and live off the ad revenue alone.

Luckily, there are other ways to monetize your YouTube channel.

Recently, more and more YouTube channels are making money with more traditional promotions to their channel that is to say, being advertised to endorse a product as part of their videos.

This can make your YouTube channel successful with a lower subscriber count, if your goal is monetization.

YouTubers who are creatively-focused, like musicians, might have a harder time with this option.

With all this in mind, however, YouTube is an ideal place for a young person to begin making money.

In fact, you dont even have to be a teenager; even a computer-savvy9 year oldcould monetize their videos.

Its best to manage this on the side in the beginning. It could take a while before your YouTube channel becomes really profitable.

How to become a YouTube entrepreneur Telegraph

Young YouTube Partners: Finding Success as Entrepreneurs and Internet Stars Huffingtonpost

While were at it, lets address another thing that many teenagers are familiar with: video games.

And especially online games at that.

Though it sounds like a fantasy, there are actually ways to make money by playing online games.

The first, and easiest way, to do get paid playing games is to go through survey and game sites.

Sites likeSwagbuckswill allow you to earn their currency points for playing games on the site.

Not only that, but some sites will pay you to play test games as well. If youd like to learn more about this way of making money, Ive recently written anarticle about it here.

You want to make a living playing games?

Well, surprisingly, that is possible.

One of the methods of doing this ties into the YouTube idea.

One of the most popular (in fact, the most popular, by average) forms of video on the internet right now are Lets Plays, videos of people playing video games with commentary.

Well, not only are many of YouTubes most popular channels Lets Plays the game streaming siteTwitchwas purchased by Amazon for $970 million dollars.

If that doesnt indicate the seriousness of this new entertainment, nothing does.

If you cant build a YouTube channel with your Lets Plays, you may still be able to make small amounts of money by attracting people to your Twitch stream and receiving donations. There is a built-in tip system for this very purpose.

Another way to make money playing video games is byplaying very popular MMORPG games(World of Warcraft, Diablo 3, Runescape) and power-leveling characters.

This means no socializing, no fun quests you stick straight to the math for getting characters to max level.

Once you get the character finished, there are places online where you can sell the characters for large sums of cash thousands of dollars, in some cases.

You can look up guides for doing this, but youll have to be quite good to bring in the big sums.

Some gamers are able to earn money by winning money at video game tournaments. There are a number of people who do this, and a variety of game types; fighting games and Real Time Strategy games are popular candidates.

The final way to make money playing online is by being a legitimate professional gamer.

This is no joke. In fact, there are multiple professional teams for the popular online game League of Legends, and theyre legitimate athletes by many standards.

Serious company endorsements, 10-hour practice days, and commentated broadcasts watched by millions.

Your chances of turning a profit like this are about as good as becoming a physical athlete, but that doesnt mean you cant try.

11 Sites That Pay to Play Games MoneyPantry

2 Ways to Make Money Playing Computer Games MoneyPantry

This Guy Makes Millions Playing Video Games on YouTube TheAtlantic

Since I mentioned Swagbucks up above, this is a good time to talk about GPT sites.

While its true that you can do surveys on these sites, its not quite the same as the type of survey well be talking about below.

There are many things that you can do on a GPT site, whether it is playing the games or doing the surveys we mentioned, it might watching videos or clicking on ads. There is plenty that someone can do on a GPT site, and you dont have to put anything into it but a mild effort, so its an attractive option to many.

Teenagers are perhaps the ones who would most benefit from this, since the earning amount is usually pretty small and requires so little.

Generally, earnings are given in the form of gift cards, which can be useful for teens to save additional money on the side. The larger sites, likeSwagbucks, will allow payout to PayPal, which teens can transfer into their bank account (if they have one.)

As computers rise in eminence in the modern world, so too does the need for people to hire programmers.

Programming, or coding, is a lucrative skill that is capable of being done online or offline, which is perfect for those of us on the go. Teens at school with downtime between classes could even do some programming without searching for WiFi.

Theres no other way to slice it: programming is valuable. So valuable, that if you start learning in your teens and keep your knowledge up-to-date, you can make a full-time career out of it. It helps to know multiple program languages. But if you know multiple, the things you can make are endless. It might be a website, an app, or a video game; all of these things are possible with program knowledge.

This list is no place to get into the languages but suffice it to say that there are a few very important ones, and the ones that you learn will be dependent on what exactly youre trying to code. Look up a list somewhere and decide what you want to learn, or perhaps, go learn basic C++ to familiarize yourself with the process of coding.

If youd like to learn, just Google learn to code. Youll get many helpful results immediately!

Once you have some considerable coding skills (and perhaps a completed project or two, as proof of ability) you can start hunting out projects for yourself.

If you want to attract clients, there are two major things Id recommend to do:

To begin looking on a site like eLance or oDesk. These are sites where clients come to find people for various tasks, and programming is one of the most popular ones.

Build yourself a website, and direct clients to there to see your portfolio. For a designer/programmer especially, its going to be important that you bill yourself like a real business.

It might take some serious practice, but if you take naturally to it and you land some good clients, you could be making thousands and thousands of dollars As a student!

Learn to Code: The Full Beginners Guide Lifehacker

Best Programming Languages Beginners Should Learn BusinessInsider

How to Become a Web Developer

Teenagers are some of the most creatively inspired people around, especially those who have been into their craft for a while. Whether theyre happy, or sad, teenagers are at an ideal place in their life to express themselves externally, and oftentimes this means making art of some kind.

I know what youre thinking: But wait! I thought it was illegal for someone under 18 to run a store!

Well, youd be right, my well-informed reader. But heres the trick, online storefronts like Etsy are exempt from that rule. Its easy to set up, and its easy to run just place the items in your storefront with a picture and a description, and ship the stuff when your customers order it.

If youre well-organized and you can pump out a lot of merchandise, this can be a great way to make money. In fact, the higher-end creators of Etsy are making a very tidy living doing what they do.

You can choose to accept payment in a variety of ways, the usual PayPal is applicable, but you have other options too, including even money orders and physically mailed cash!

This one is kind of the partner to 5. Whereas a visual artist sells their work/crafts in order to make a profit, a writer is being paid for something a little more intangible.

At a basic level, youre still selling your art, though you probably wont be writing from your muse with a lot of the writing jobs you can get.

Ever since the explosion of blogs in the 2000s, the need for written content is growing all the time.

If you are reading this and your second language is English, there is money to be made writing in your native language (and even better, there is money to be money translating between the two!)

This one is also kind of like the programming step; it might just be easy money for now, but if you really buckle down and concentrate on getting the work, it could easily end up becoming your career. Theres not enough time to explain it all here, but well hit on some basic points.

You can find writing jobs on eLance or oDesk.

Furthermore, you might be able to find writing gigs around town. The art of Copywriting, or writing for the purposes of advertising, is useful to businesses big and small. You might offer to say, write copy for the local bakerys website. Well now that section of the bakerys website goes on your portfolio, and you can use it to help you nab your next gig!

Like anything freelance-related, youre only going to become more successful as you fill your portfolio up with quality work samples.

At the very least, your writing jobs should be capable of making you something like $3 for a 500 word article, but you might easily make $5 (or 1/word.)

If you cant make that wage for any given job, dont worry; there are lots of people in need of writers and the price can fluctuate a lot. However, as you progress, you might be able to make exponentially greater amounts.

Top-tier writers (I mean the ones writing at the highest level of corporations) are easily making $1 or $2 Per word! Thats serious income, and its the result of those writers applying themselves at business writing for a long time.

It would probably be unwise to hope to make that kind of money, freelancing as a teen. But with a sharp skill and a good portfolio, you should be able to make even more. If youre still a student, especially one in high school, this could be much better money than your peers are making!

Another surprisingly easy way to make money for teens is by writing product reviews. There are a couple ways to go about this.

The first way you can go about writing product reviews is by taking tasks in that category from a writing site like PeoplePerHour or iWriter. These are sites that you can already frequent as part of 6s way of making money, and the product reviews are a more specific form of that. These are usually product reviews that youre supposed to write positively, so its basically a form of advertising. The good news is that this will give you experience in Copywriting!

Another way you can go about doing product reviews and getting paid for it is by reviewing many products in the same field via s Vine program. If youve left say, 100 or so highly-rated reviews on similar products (like photography equipment) you may be eligible to become an endorsed product reviewer for Amazon. Theyll mail you products and you review them. Theres no pressure to force a positive review, and you get to keep the product afterwards. If youre reviewing expensive products, you can probably make some good money reselling these!

The last way that Im going to go over is by becoming a panelist for marketing research firms that run product evaluation studies.

A couple good ones are Pinecone Research and MindsPay; both of these sites offer legitimate product reviews and a variety of compensation options.

Additionally, you can get paid to do beta reviews for sites, apps, and websites, through a website called Erli Bird. If youd like to know more about early bird, Ive already written an article about ithere.

If you were wondering if you can do product reviews on your own, well yes, you can! Well get into that on 8.

Pinecone Research Offers paid product testing opportunities as well as paid surveys.

MindsPay Offers paid product testing opportunities.

PeoplePerHour Find product review writing gigs.

iWriter Find product review writing gigs.

This one is kind of the partner entry for 6.

So, youve been writing, but you want to take it to the next level?

Well if youre prepared to really sink in and put time towards a project, you might want to consider starting your own blog.

Its no secret that running a blog can make you money, but most people are discouraged by the prospect of making a website, targeting a niche, building an audience, and keeping the whole thing going. And thats a pretty legitimate concern, since it can take you quite a while to really build an audience for your blog. However, the payoff can also be quite good.

Running and monetizing a blog has been easier with time since the advent of services like WordPress, which will help you create your blog and enable monetizing as well. That doesnt mean that you cant write your HTML from scratch, of course, but you certainly dont have to!

After you get your website all designed, theres a great deal of things you should be doing to keep it in the game. Unfortunately, there are maybe too many things for us to go over here, so Ill summarize the main points:

You need to target a niche:Unless you are a lucky one-in-a-million blogger, you wont be able to make money by just blogging your opinions on everything. Unfortunately. Otherwise, wed have all found a way to monetize our Facebook profiles years ago! You might think a major blogger like Perez Hilton gets to skirt this rule, but youd be wrong it just so happens that his niche, Celebrity Gossip and Commentary, is a very popular one.

But what if youve been running your blog for a long time, and only managed to secure a small and dedicated following?

Well, dont worry, because that can be lucrative, too. This train of thought might be seeming similar to what I was saying back in the YouTube entry, and for good reason: it operates on exactly the same principle.

The idea is that if you have a small and dedicated following, you cant exactly live on the mass traffic for ad revenue. Instead, you can sign up to become an affiliate and drop links to your partners in your blog. This might be something explicit, like a blog post about why Coke Zero Cherry is the best drink in the world, or something more subtle, like an unbiased product review with a discreet link at the bottom. How you approach the affiliate links wont affect the basic idea, which is to earn money through a commission of sorts.

When it comes to blogs, the sky is the limit. Theyre an open platform for any type of content you want to talk about, and your blog can even serve as the front of the house for your other projects. If you are a programmer, you can have links to your portfolio on the same domain as the blog. This can work really well, but beware: some clients are turned off by the idea of hiring a jack of all trades instead of a specialist.

How to Start a Blog for Free MoneyPantry

The Free Beginners Guide to Blogging FirstSiteGuide This is an incredible PDF which was made possible with contribution from more than 20 top bloggers of all time.

As much as tutoring is a classic job for teens, its no wonder that you can also make money doing it online.

Unfortunately, certain sites wont even let you register to tutor unless youre a post-graduate student with a degree, but luckily, thats not all of them. There are certainly places to be a tutor online where you can get paid.

A somewhat more abstract way to make money is with a site like Skimatalk. Skimatalk allows you to connect with people from around the world, and in turn you tutor them on their English.

Youll need a video camera and a mic, but if you have those things, Skimatalk is a serious way to make money. In fact, users at Skimatalk make an advertised $15/hour. Thats no small sum!

If youre under 18, youll need parental supervision. Or at least, so they say in the fine print!

Online surveys are the gateway for most people when it comes to making money online. For some, it starts with surveys, but it ends with a full-time career working online! You arent going to have a career in survey taking, but it can be a nice way to test the waters when it comes to making money online. Plus, consistent effort will net you pretty good results for how easy it is.

Now when we say surveys, were talking about something a little different than the surveys we mentioned when we were talking about Swagbucks and GPT sites up above. In this case, were talking about companies whose sole business is market research. You might consider them a little more serious than a GPT site.

There are a lot of survey sites out there, and that works in your favor. The more survey sites you sign up for, the more surveys you can be invited to! So its best to register with as many panels as you can find that seem reputable.

One of the best things about survey sites is that they are generally very relaxed about their age requirements. In some cases, there are panels hiring people who are 6 years old and up! Chances are that if you found this article, youre older than that, but it doesnt hurt to keep that kind of knowledge on hand.

Teens, who are famously tech-savvy, should have no problem using these sites to make money, as well as using forums to learn and make the most out of the survey sites. There are plenty of them out there, so if there is advice that you need one-on-one feedback for, definitely go and join a forum about it.

When you sign up for a survey site, its going to be important that you are accurate when you describe yourself on your personal profile. These surveys are going to be given to you based on your demographic, so that means that your age, gender, incoming bracket, general location should all be accurate information. Otherwise, you might end up being asked to take surveys for products or services that you never would have even been interested in!

The final thing to remember when it comes to surveys is speed, speed, speed. The main obstacle when it comes to making money from doing surveys online is taking too long to do each survey. After all, what good is a $2 if you just took an hour to do?

As you do surveys, make sure youre building your speed up so that you can do them quicker in the future. That doesnt mean spamming (answering questions inaccurately because its faster,) but it does mean learning to skim and click faster.

10 Best Survey Sites for Teens SurveySatrap

Top 30 Paid Survey Sites MoneyPantry

20 International Survey Sites MoneyPantry

Believe it or not, reading things over and finding problem areas, replacing bad phrases with better ones, etc, is a full time job. More than that, for many, it is a career.

It might be a little surprising to think about getting paid for that. After all, it is essentially money in return for being judgmental of someones work! Thats certainly an easy thing to pull off, so all you need to do is learn to do it in a way that is constructive, i.e., offering suggestions as well as grammar corrections along with your edits.

You should be able to find editing jobs on the sites we mentioned earlier like eLance and oDesk. But if you cant find it there, consider perhaps offering an editing service to people your same age for schoolwork.

Its probably a little unethical to offer it to your own classmates, but it doesnt mean that you cant potentially help students from another school with their work. Now, this doesnt mean to explicitly write the persons paper for them But theres nothing wrong with a little bit of informed advising!

Now, Ill be the first to come out and say that Craigslist has a pretty bad reputation when it comes to people meeting up, so its perfectly understandable if you dont want to get involved with it. But it also wouldnt be fair not to mention it when it is a perfectly legitimate avenue for making sales. If you are in doubt, remember the few golden rules of Craigslist: Meet in public, dont give out your address, and bring another person with you.

But if you want to circumnavigate the mysterious entity that is Craigslist, you can easily go the route of selling things on eBay. One of the most glorious things about eBay is that you can make money by selling just about anything. Somewhat famously, the first item ever sold on eBay was a broken laser pointer, sold to a man who owned a collection of broken laser pointers.

Of course, you will always do better selling something new on eBay. Some people will go out and spend thousands on Black Friday just so they can resell those items at a markup on eBay. If you dont want to get that crazy with it, at least consider selling some of your old stuff that is in good shape. You never know what people might be willing to pay for it.

Also consider the things you own that may have aged into becoming collectibles. That Atari 2600 you had when you were a toddler? Yeah, thats worth big bucks now. After all, they havent been manufactured in almost 30 years!

If you were to check right now, youd see that very console being sold for anything from $5 to $200. eBay is just that kind of place.

Remember: set your prices reasonably and deal with your customers well. It will be the best for you, your business, and your reputation on the site.

13 Best Places to Sell Your Used Items Online & Offline MoneyPantry

Keys to starting a Successful eBay Sales Business

A Realistic & Simple Way to Make $500 a Week with Craigslist MoneyPantry

So theres our list of 12 Whats that you say? You want a few more options?

Aw, sure! Below are a few more informal, unsorted ways you can make extra money under the age of 18.

Thats right! Getting paid to tweet is a reality.

Now you probably cant hide the fact that youre advertising from your followers, so you might want to build a separate twitter following for this.

Little is known about this mysterious website, so Im afraid I cant do much more than recommend it to you. They advertise the ability to set your own rate, sell content, give advice

But it seems to be invite only, and the website gives out very little information!

If you are interested, feel free to look around the web. I couldnt find any definitive answers, unfortunately!

Ibotta is something of a rewards program that will reward you for making certain purchases.

You can use Ibotta to check and see if theyre sponsoring any purchases that you were planning on making anyway.

This is a good app to keep around and refer back to occasionally.

This browser extension basically provides its own ad space when youre searching on a search engine.

It works very simply: it displays the ads, and you get paid if you click on them.

Your Qmee account clearly displays how much money youve earned, and the site offers instant payout with no minimum.

This is an excellent option for teens especially, since theyre likely on the internet quite often.

Slice the Pie, or STP, is a website where you give reviews, feedback, and ratings on 90-second music clips.

This is a service that enables fresh bands to get a feel for how people like their music, and what parts of their tracks they need to work on.

The great thing about STP is that you can earn an increasing amount of money the more you review. Sometimes the price will fluctuate on its own, and at other times, it will reward your tenure.

Either way, you can expect to make around 10/post here.

This is a pretty unique option, in function. Like many other services, it allows you to earn money in return for watching videos, or providing feedback, or various other tasks they may provide.

In addition to this, you can sign up at any age 13 or above!

Theyll ask that you have a Facebook, a cell phone, and be in the US (sorry international readers!)

But here comes the interesting part Jingit will issue you a debit card exclusive to the Jingit service, and this is where all of the money you earn will go. Think of it like an exclusive bank account thats limited only to your card. As soon as your earn money, it goes straight to this.

These guys who previously ran are expanding into creating the Instagrid Network, which is an expanded platform for monetizing your Instagram.

Once they get back up and going, you can expect to use this to earn money in return for your posts!

So if youre a heavy Instagram user, keep your eyes peeled. This is a great option for you.

I wont speak too much about Fiverr here, because Ive very recently put up a post about what Fiverr is and how to do well there.

However, for those who are unaware: Fiverr is a website where you post a task that you are willing to do, and you say youll do it for $5. It can be anything, but obviously you want to offer something that you can get done quickly. You dont want to make $5 for doing something that takes you 2 hours.

I know what youre thinking. But Satrap! You just did a whole entry on writing!

Well, this section is just a little bit different. The writing I was talking about up above was mostly content creation, which basically means that youre writing, giving away the rights to your work, and getting paid.

Shared revenue writing isnt quite the same, it carries a little bit more identity with it. Long story short, it means that you will be getting paid for how much traffic it generates over time instead of making a flat fee all at once.

If youre interested, check out my list of20 sites that pay you to write.

Another mysterious site. Ive heard whispers on the internet that this site is a place that will pay you in return for sorting phone calls into categories, but it doesnt seem like they are accepting applications currently!

But you can bookmark the site and check back often as they do open the doors from time to time.

Somewhere between the entry about surveys and the entry abo

The 7 Best Places To Advertise Your Busins Online

As a small business owner, do you feel like youre constantly wasting your marketing dollars?

Although print advertising, direct mail, tv and radio still have some relevance for some industries, for many,its a giant waste of time and money.  Consumer attention span is getting shorter, coupled with an ever increasing amount of advertising, you can see why people go about their day with blinders on.

One area of marketing that is growing though is online advertising.  According to a study by Zenith Optimedia, the current global display advertising market is predicted to reach $25.27 billion this year(2012), with a 36% growth to $34.4 billion in 2013.

If you arent advertising online yet, or are looking for new avenues to pursue,below are 7 places you can market your small business online.  While Im a huge proponent ofoptimizing your websiteso you canget found in the search engine results for free (SEO), the reality is that it takes alot of time, patience and persistence to rank high in the search engines.   While youre slowly and methodically building up your organic search rankings, why not spend your advertising dollars more efficiently online right now?

Note:  Many of the programs below offer a free credit for new advertisers.  If you dont have one or see one on their website, do a quick Google search online to see if you can find an offer code you can use.  If not, I would call them directly and ask for one, competition is fierce for advertising dollars and most will give you a credit for trying them out.

The grand daddy of online advertising.  Since Google owns the lions share of the search engine market, it makes their advertising platform Adwords the biggest platform for Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing.  Adwords lets you create text, image or video based advertisements targeting people who search for specific keywords (you bid on keywords in an auction type market) and terms in the Google search box or through demographic and behavioral targeting via their Display Network.  You can also get very specific in when your ad displays, making your marketing dollars very efficient.  Setting up a campaign can be a bit complicated for beginners, luckily Google offers an easy way for small businesses to get started withGoogle Adwords Express.

Some options available to you via Google Adwords:

Search Ads These are traditional ads you see when you perform a Google search.  There are usually 2-3 ads above the organic results as well as several ads to the right of the organic search results.  Here you target specific keywords people are typing in as they search and compete in an online auction with competitors for top placements.

Display Network These are ad placements outside of the traditional Google search.  Google owns dozens of properties such as Gmail and YouTube where you can place text, image and video ads across all of their networks.  They also partner with thousands of 3rd party websites giving Google Display Network the biggest reach out of any online advertising platform.

Remarketing With a remarketing campaign, after someone has been to your website, you have the ability to advertise to that individual person as they surf the internet.  Between Googles own properties and their 3rd party network, you have the ability to reach that person almost anywhere on the internet.  Remarketing is available for both Search and Display Network campaigns.

Similar to Google Adwords, Microsoft uses its Bing search engine to serve ads in its search engine results as well as partner networks.  The Bing search engine has a much smaller audience than Google, but this typically makes bidding on keywords less expensive and could save you money as it extends your marketing dollars a bit further.

Over the past few years Bing Ads has made great strides in improving their ad network as well as making it easy for business owners to run their own campaigns.  Bing Ads offers free advertising credits but they can be hard to come by.  If you go to the link below and submit your site to their search engine, they will offer you an advertising credit for trying it out.

A smaller player in the paid search industry, 7 Search uses smaller, niche search engines to display your Pay Per Click (PPC) ads.  They claim a better ROI than their bigger competitors and bidding on keywords is cheaper than both Google Adwords and Bing Ads.

I have had limited experience with 7 Search so far but their customer support has been really good and their Cost Per Clicks are definitely cheaper, though you wont get the same click volume as Adwords or Bing Ads.

Advertising on Facebook can be a gold mine for small businesses and their ad platform has come a long way the past few years, both in effectiveness and ease of use.

Facebook ads work similar to traditional Pay Per Click advertising (pay only when someone clicks on your ad), but the great thing with Facebook is that you can add an image or video along with your text.  Even if people dont click on your ad, youre still getting lots of great exposure to a targeted audience for free.

While platforms like Adwords and Bing Ads typically target user behavior (searching for a product or service), Facebook lets you target according to demographic makeups and user interests.  Their platform is unmatched in this respect and if you know exactly who your target market it, can be a powerful advertising platform.  Their video ad platform seeks to rival even YouTube and they seem to be pushing out new advertising features every week.

While Twitter has allowed advertising for quite some time with promoted tweets and trends, it has been way out of the budget for small business owners (unless you had a min of 10k to spend a day!).  Twitter since launched a small business advertising program that will make it much more affordable for businesses to advertise on Twitter.

While I do not know anyone currently using it that is getting a good ROI with Twitter Advertising, it still has many possibilities as they are still trying to figure out how to make advertising work on the platform.  Some interesting features that have come out areTwitter Cardsas well experiments with e-commerce, where users can buy items without having to leave Twitter.

Still relatively unknown to most people, Stumbleupon is a neat social service people use to discover (stumble on) new websites they never knew existed, related to their interests.  Its simple to use, create a profile, select your interests and start stumbling!  Stumbleupon has an advertising platform called Paid Discovery where you pay between .05 cents and .25 cents for every person that stumbles on your site.  You can select the interests you want your website to be included in and pay according to how targeted you want your stumbles to be.  There are no advertisements here, the website page you select becomes your ad for visitors.  They also have a traditional advertising platform with paid placement opportunities.

While I love Stumbleupon, I would only consider using it if you have a product or service that has general appeal as its not nearly as targeted as PPC or Facebook advertising.  I also wouldnt use it to drive sales, but to get content you have created out in front of people fast.

If youre in the BtoB or professional services industry, LinkedIn Ads may be exactly what youre looking for.  Linkedin can serve highly targeted ads to other professionals and businesses on Linkedin.  The Cost Per Click (CPC) is higher than pretty much any other platform listed here, but you can target your ads to very specific people.

I would recommend this if you are BtoB or offering professional services and you are looking to acquire high value clients.  The advertising platform is pretty easy to use and with so many highly detailed user profiles, offers incredibly detailed targeting choices.

Pinterest is a very interesting platform, driving more traffic and sales for many businesses than other social ad platforms.  Pinterest an advertising tool called Promoted Pins.

.  If you have a business that targets women and you can create visually appealing graphics, Pinterest can be a a top performing ad platform for you.  They also offer social analytics to measure the success of your ad campaigns.

Ever since they purchased Instagram, Facebook has been trying to figure out a way to monetize the platform.  They have been experimenting with different ad formats and will be opening advertising to everyone in the near future.  Advertising was originally reserved for big brands but has since opened up to everyone via a self-serve platform.

You can also create and run your Instagram ad campaigns directly inside the Facebook Ad manager, where one of your targeting options is now Instagram.  The great part about it is that you do not actually need an Instagram account to target Instagram users via the Facebook Ad platform, though I suggest you do.

Relative to traditional advertising like newspaper ads and direct mail, paid online advertising is very efficient.  The thing I like best about advertising online is that you can see exactly where your money is going and if its generating an ROI that makes sense for you.  I also like that fact that its usually a pay for performance scenario, where you only pay when someone actually clicks on your ad and visits your website.  Image if you only paid for your newspaper ad if someone called or walked through your front door?  The newspapers would go bankrupt!

Final note, paid advertising should coincide with your organic marketing efforts (Search Engine Optimization), you should really be doing both as the two of them working together can bring awesome results for you business.  Have questions about paid advertising online and how to get started?Contact me hereto learn more about how we can help.

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The 7 Best Places To Advertise Your Business Online 3Bug Media

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Gary Shouldis is the founder of 3Bug Media, a web marketing company that helps businesses create 360 Marketing Strategies to dominate their market. His blog is read by over 20 thousand small business owners a month and has been featured in the N.Y. Times Small Business, Business Insider and Yahoo Small Business.

How To Create An Operations Manual For Your Business

20 Minute Google Adwords Account Audit Checklist

How To Dominate The Local Search Results in Google

The 7 Best Places To Advertise Your Business Online

Thank you for an excellent article! I actually signed up for Stumbleupon from your page.

Thanks for taking the time to read it Kadupol.glad it was helpful!

When I do this and get a lot of contacts, what free CRM, or low cost non-cloud CRM do you recommend?

Great article on 7 best places to advertise. No matter where a business places ads, there are 2 NEW things EVERY business should include in ALL ads that can dramatically improve traffic and sales. Details are in the newsletter at:

ZOHO crm is a good choice, if youre looking for a free option. Also Insightly if you use Google Apps. Also consider Highrise from 37 signals if your looking for an easy to use, lightweight crm.

Keep them coming, love the comments. I have to totally agree with you!

Yes, these are great places to advertise, although I got burned in Google Adwords, as I did not know what I was doing, 3,000 later, I learned a hard lesson.

Hey Jeoff, Adwords can be a goldmine or a money pit, depends on how the account is set up and how much experience you have with it. If youre not familiar on best practices when it comes to Adwords, its best to have a professional set it up for you. Its always good to set a low monthly cap if you do it yourself so you can see where you need to make changes without it getting too expensive.

Hello, thanks for the list. As a new business owner I will definitely check out most if not all of these advertisers. I have recently signed up for an Ad-words account and it doubled my traffic which was nice. Once again I appreciate the list.

I appreciate your thoughts here some of the best resources you have made available under a roof 🙂 local business directory specified to area is also a good option.Cheers

I use twitter and to advertise my business, they have given me a free platform to push my products to a larger audience. Thank you for this article, it gave me a few more places to explore while growing my business.

This is a great article and in a world of small margins of nutritional supplements, I have found that CPC companies want to charge the most for them. I have tried most and have found that their is very little ROI. Can you recommend a company that only charges per sale, if you enter back end code to track sales amounts?

Low margin items are tough in the world of PPC. Especially with Adwords. You may want to try less competitive platforms like Bing and 7 Search and test your luck. You also really need to know what your doing when it comes to PPC advertising, especially when you dont have a lot of wiggle room. As for pay per sale, possibly look into affiliate marketing if youre usung a custom brand.

When was this article electronically published?

I really found the info usefull for my school reaserch paper on how to most efficiently advertise a business online.

Do a little advertising each and everyday and you will get more clients. If you dont advertise, you wont be know Advertising is the core foundation to any strong business So if you need help with any branding / logo design / Album covers etc, please contact me and thank you for this valuable information on advertising your business.

I am the owner of I found the information on this webpage very helpful. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge about online advertising. I have been successfully building my lunarscooter brand with the help of many of the sites and tools you listed above. I am curiouse about your company 3Bug media and how we could potentially work together to help build one anothers business. Check out learn more about what my company offers.

Just checked out your website, awesome! Wish I had that when I lived in NYC. Feel free to message me, and we can chat. Im glad you found the article useful for you and your business, cheers

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When you dont have a limited time offer, you may still create urgency by including an expression like, now or right now or today. A well picked up information for starters : In the book the details about web marketing is discussing in few words. If its not the case, move on, there are thousands of other people that would die to join your opportunity.

Great Article i am applying these techniques to get more customers to my T SHIRT PRINTING & T SHIRT DESIGNER site.. Thanks

Thanks so much for these ideas! I am marketing my business on a small budget and I found two new places to try from your article :-).

Good luck Debbie, if youre just starting out with online advertising, Google Adwords Express is a pretty easy way to start. If you want to use the regular Adwords platform and not hire an online web agency, if you call Google, they will hep set up the campaign for you for free.

Thanks again Gary for this great information. I can use all the advice and insights you have to offer and I appreciate your help :-).

BTW, I did sign up for stumbleupon thru your post but Im completely baffled by it, lol. I will learn how to use it though!

am selling gold bar and gold dust of 70kg and 30kg respectively.someone advise me where to advertise this product so i can get a genuine and serious buyer. your views are welcomed.

Great piece! I agree with many of the advertising alternatives you suggest. If you want to explore more advertising options, check out , they actually have a mix of traditional and online ad spaces.

I plan on dropping $125 on Google Adwords ($25+$100 credit). Glad to see it 1 on your list.

My site, Huzup is an online directory of websites. Here users can submit their website to different categories and subcategories. The speciality of my site in there will a button similar to like button for every site. Sites having higher number of likes will be on top in that category

Our intelligent search can tell you which website is the best according to the given keyword. For example if you input ebay it will list similar sites like flipkart, snapdeal etc and tell you which one is the best.

If you want to increase your sales help you with that.

Thank you for this article. I am the owner of While my site is SEO optimized for some keywords I have a long way to go to get my traffic where I would like it to be. I am very new to the online world and your article has been very helpful. I am anxious to try some of the sites and techniques you have recommended and that I have seen in the comments. You bet I have bookmarked your site and it will become a regular read for me!

Hello Gary, I am surely going to use some of the advertisers for my website: for this informative post 🙂

[] Online Advertising []

[] Online Advertising []

[] The difficulty is trying to evaluate them. You may not know if they are capable of doing what they advertise, so you will have to rely upon the information that you can find online. This could be in the form []

[] posted a good article that outlines some of the top places to advertise your business online. Heres who made the []

[] The Small Business Playbook. (2012) The 7 Best Places To Advertise Your Business Online . Retrieved from

[] The 7 Best Places To Advertise Your Business Online Small you arent advertising online yet, or are looking for new avenues to pursue, below are 8 places you can market your small business online. While Im a huge   []

[] you never want to stop marketing for new customers, take a look at the 5 suggestions below on how you can increase your bottom line with the customers []

[] Its about interaction and engagement so be sociable and friendly, not formal and cold. This does not mean that you can never advertise but you dont want a page full of ads and links to your companys website. You want to provide []

[] Per Click (PPC)  A paid form of SEM.  With PPC, a business will create advertisements that will show up alongside the search engine results when []

[]  If youre not sure where to start, I wrote an article on several platforms where you can get started with paid search.  In the meantime, check out this infographic from WordStream that build a pretty good argument []

[] h&1077&406&1088 &1091&959&965r business. Gary Shouldis lists th&1077 best places t&959 advertise &1091&959&965r business []

[] your photos. Jim Smith says Yelp can help your business. Gary Shouldis lists the best places to advertise your business []

[] your photos. Jim Smith says Yelp can help your business. Gary Shouldis lists the best places to advertise your business []

[] your photos. Jim Smith says Yelp can help your business. Gary Shouldis lists the best places to advertise your business []

You must belogged into post a comment.

Online privacy fears are real

A 20-year-old woman stalked through the Internet and killed. Thousands of e-commerce customers watching as their credit card numbers are sold online for $1 apiece. Internet chat rooms where identities are bought, sold and traded like options on the Chicago Board of Trade. These are the horror stories dredged up by privacy advocates who say the Nets threat to personal privacy cant be dismissed as mere paranoia. And, they say, weve only seen the tip of the iceberg.

INTERNET PRIVACY is a murky, complicated issue full of conflicting interests, misinformation, innuendo and technology snafus. On the face of it, e-commerce companies and privacy advocates are locked in stalemate. Web sites want to know all they can about you; consumers generally want to share as little as possible.

Complicating matters further are criminals who break into Web sites, steal the information and use it for personal gain.

Advertising firms, who stand to gain as much as any from personal data collection, have absorbed the brunt of complaints from privacy critics. But Rick Jackson, once a marketer and now CEO of privacy technology firm Privada Inc., thinks ad firms like DoubleClick are serving as an unwitting smokescreen for the real privacy problems.

There are a lot more people tracking you than you think, Jackson said. The data world is a very powerful and lucrative marketplace with a lot of players involved. For evidence, he points to a Washington Post story that revealed that 11 pharmaceutical companies – including Pfizer Inc., SmithKline Beecham PLC, Glaxo Wellcome PLC – had formed an alliance and were tracking every click consumers made across their sites, then comparing notes. Consumers were never told.

Everybody points to advertising. Thats just the tip of the iceberg, Jackson said. We as consumers dont have any knowledge of what really goes on out there.

At its heart, the Internet privacy problem is a paradox.

The Net was born as an open research tool, and thus was never designed to allow privacy or security. But at the same time, the Net seems to offer perfect anonymity, and most users behave as if they cannot be seen. Who hasnt said or done something online which we wouldnt do in the real world?

Warnings about revealing personal information online may sound obvious, but they often go unheeded – warnings such as Dont post notes in newsgroups or chatrooms you wouldnt want your future boss – or spouse – to read. Still, spend two minutes and youll find notes from Internet users in health support groups who are shocked to discover their supposedly private discussions about prostate cancer are now full-text searchable from a Web site.

In fact, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, 36 percent of Net users have sought online support for health, family and mental health issues, and 24 percent of those have signed in with their real name and e-mail address. Every question theyve asked and every statement theyve made is now stored on a hard drive somewhere.

Even the experts dont have control. Jackson was a victim of identity theft earlier this year. He recouped all his financial losses, but said it was a big emotional issue for me. Somebodys out there ruining my reputation. Super cyber-sleuth Richard Smith, now chief technical officer at the non-profit Privacy Foundation, had someone run up credit card bills under his name recently, too.

They used my FAX number as the home phone number in the application and I started getting all these calls, When are you going to pay your bills? Smith said.

Most of the horror stories from the online privacy realm stem from criminals. The most dramatic involves a 20-year-old Nashua, N.H. woman named Amy Boyer who was stalked with help from the Internet and then murdered Oct. 15, 1999. The killer, who committed suicide immediately, had purchased Boyers social security number for $45 from an online information firm, according a Web site authored by Boyers step-father detailing the murder. Congressional lawmakers are now considering legislation which would make sale of social security numbers illegal, which has been dubbed Amy Boyer law.

But there are plenty of other scary tales from the world of Internet privacy. Earlier this year, a hacker posted tens of thousands of credit card numbers stolen from CD Universe on a Web site; he offered to share more for $1 apiece. Later, an MSNBC investigation revealed dozens of Internet Relay Chat rooms where stolen personal profiles – names, addresses, phone numbers, and credit card numbers – are bought, sold and traded out in the open.

But privacy concerns dont always arise from criminal activity. Privacy advocate and well-known spam fighter Ian Oxman was surprised earlier this year how easily he was able to track down the former owner of a used car he had just purchased. Oxman discovered some concealed damage to the car and wanted to learn if it had been in an accident. Armed with the cars Vehicle Identification Number, he was able to look up the original title owner through an online database on the state of Illinois Web site.

I called her up and said You dont know who I am but Im driving the car you sold. She talked to me, but at the end said, How did you find me? Oxman recalls.

Increasingly, Internet users find themselves asking someone How did you find me? The experience can change the privacy topic from a government policy issue into a highly personal problem.

A lot of people think about privacy but dont really care until something happens to them personally, said Beth Givens, director of the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse. Its like freedom. You dont appreciate it until its gone. If you are a victim of identity theft, you experience a change of world view, you realize how little control you have over your world.

While most of the drama of Net privacy comes from crime, almost all the public debate has centered around Web companies collecting data for marketing purposes. Stories of companies abusing this information are actually hard to come by; most of the complaints center on what happen if the Web company were careless or ill-intentioned.

Still, even the hint that data is being collected surreptitiously can create a firestorm of bad publicity for a technology company. Both heavyweights Microsoft and Intel have been forced to turn off features which would have allowed either company to track its customers across the Internet. RealNetworks, maker of popular video software, was twice accused of surreptitiously telling its programs to phone home and tattle on users surfing habits to the firm. Mattel Interactive had to admit it embedded phone home software called Broadcast in its Reader Rabbit software. Surf Monkey, which prevents children from accessing inappropriate sites, also transmits data like user IP addresses back to its maker.

DoubleClick Inc., an advertising network which tracks users anonymously as they move around the Internet, is really the lightning rod for such criticism. It was sued earlier this year after it revealed plans to match a real-world mass mailing marketing list with its anonymous database of Internet users, which would have revealed the Web users identities. It has since backed off the plans.

And Doubleclick is hardly the only firm to land in court over privacy issues. The Federal Trade Commission sued now-bankrupt after it planned to liquidate its customer database to the highest bidder. And the Missouri state attorney general sued online drugstore m when one of his staff members was solicited by a third-party contact lens seller after registering at the Web site. More.coms privacy policy at the time said it did not share private information with third parties, a particular sticking point for privacy advocates.

This battle between consumers and e-commerce sites wages on, and at least according to one independent analyst, consumers are losing the tug of war. Economist Simon Smelt, who runs survey firm , says most privacy policies on many Web sites are slipping, meaning offering consumers less protection. In a June survey, most of the top 90 sites surveyed had polices indicating personal information would not be shipped to third parties. A follow-up survey in November revealed that most site policies now indicate firms retain the right to sell the information to outside parties, leaving the burden on consumers to opt out. In fact, only 30 percent of the 90 sites surveyed guarantee they wont sell information – and m was one of those. Smelt suggested that increasing financial pressure are leading e-commerce sites to see personal data as a resource itself.

The sense of unease consumers have about privacy online is in a sense justified, Smelt said. At the end of a day a privacy policy is really about a guarantee … and theres fewer guarantees to go around now.

While Web companies argue they need personal information to offer individualized service, privacy advocates point to surveys which show the perceived privacy invasion actually hurts business.

The National Fraud Information Center recently completed a study in which one quarter of all respondents said they hadnt purchased anything on-line in the past year because they were afraid their personal information would be misused in some way. Another study by the group shows Web users are more concerned about privacy than health care, crime, and even taxes.

But not everyone agrees the digital, online world is so fraught with peril. In fact, some argue that Internet privacy discussions are rarely placed in proper context – and that personal information is no more at risk online than offline.

Theres far less information available about people on the Net than there is about anybody who uses a credit card, said Russ Cooper, security expert. He think privacy advocates sometimes create unnecessary fear about the Internet. The guy with the database has the same access to your information whether the data is sent through Amazon online or Barnes & Noble in the physical world.

What are we afraid of when we do the same kind of stuff in the real world? We give away an awful lot of privacy in the real world on a regular basis, why is this hyped up when we talk about the Net?

But Givens, from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, disagrees, saying the problem from cyber-criminals is hardly 21st-century hype, since stealing digital information is so much easier than tapping phone calls or grabbing letters from a mail box. Its also much more thorough.

If you have the technical know-how youre able to capture a lot more of an individuals personal communication than you can with a wire tap or through stealing [regular] mail, Givens said. Thats why the FBIs Carnivore system, which allows agents to trap and read e-mails intended for a suspect, raises so much ire among privacy advocates.

Meanwhile, the technological Pandoras box opened by Web marketing firms also creates a series of problems unique to the digital age, Givens says.

How would you feel if you were in the mall and someone followed you around with a camera, noting every item you looked at, Givens said. Im amazed that theres this set of values out there in these companies that thinks its Okay to capture data about ones meanderings on the Web and attempt to make money off them without consent.

There is little debate that receiving uninvited communications is one of the consequences of connecting all the worlds people online. Another consequence: having your name placed in an ever-increasing number of databases that can be accessed by an ever increasing number of companies – and hackers.

But Jackson hopes companies such as Privada, which he now heads, will find a way to strike a balance between targeted sales and invasion of privacy. Privada acts as a third party which allows Web surfers to receive accurately targeted advertising pitches, while preserving the anonymity of the consumer.

But he holds no illusions that the effort to preserve privacy is easy, or sure to succeed.

Weve completely lost control over our information. Weve got to quickly do something different, he said. Do I have to worry about the fact that my 8 year old is growing up in this digital world and his life is being tracked more than any generation? If he goes for a job will they find something that happened in his teen-age years, or in his health background, and then take that job away from him? He has about 10 years to find out. The rest of us might not have quite so long.

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